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Tickling Mommy


***This is a story which earlier this year I had submitted to another website made specifically for such stories. However, I have revised the ending of the tale from its original state to something which I am much happier with. I have been a reader of Literotica.com for some months now, and have for a long time wanted to start sharing stories and fantasies of my own, and so I decided to share this one first.

The following work is purely fiction, all characters being over the age of 18. Hope that everyone enjoys, please feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions for future stories you might like to read.***

I had just gotten home from work when I saw mom by the pool. It was the middle of the afternoon and I had just finished up with my summer job doing yard work, and after spending all day outside, I needed a shower. As I walked to the back door of the house, I noticed that mom was laying by our backyard pool, drying off in the sun, and when I saw her I nearly froze up.

She was siting upright and leaning back a little, her arms behind her balancing her. Her one leg was straight out in front of her on the patio, the other bent up at the knee. Her shoulder-length dark red hair was shining in the sunlight, and I could see that her legs were wet and glistening.

She was also wearing my favorite swimsuit of hers: the yellow one with the pink floral pattern. My mother is an incredibly beautiful and well-figured woman, especially for a woman in her mid 40's, her body is wonderful, and that particular swimsuit definitely showed that. It was cut low in the front, allowing a fantastic view of cleavage, and was open all the way down the back right to the very top of her ass. It hugged her body in all the right places.

I had always had a secret desire to grab my mother and tickle her like crazy and playfully feel my hands all over her wonderful body. It had just always seemed like it would be something fun to do. I remembered back to when I was a little kid, how I would sit in my mom's lap, and when it was just the two of us, I would tickle her neck and make her giggle. I always got a kick out of making my mom giggle from tickling when I was little, and very soon I found the perfect technique of tickling her neck so that she giggled like crazy! As I grew up, this game slowly stopped, but my desire to tickle my mother did not. Also, as I got older, I had desires to tickle her not just on the neck, but to rub my fingers around her belly button and her legs, to see how much I could get her giggling that way.

Of course, I never confessed this desire to her or to anyone else. But seeing her sitting by the pool that afternoon, looking like a goddess with her shimmering hair and her glistening legs, that tickle-perfect body snug in a swimsuit, I knew that this was the day. my dad worked late nights during the summer, he wouldn't be home until 10:30 at the earliest, and I don't have any siblings to worry about. Conditions were perfect. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to make my mother my tickle prisoner!

Quickly, I ran upstairs and got in the shower. I had to be fast, since I knew that my mom would be done sunning herself soon and would be inside to change out of her swimsuit, and that wouldn't do for my plan. I quickly showered and then waited for the signal. I didn't have to wait long; mom was soon inside the house. As soon as I heard her open the backdoor to come in, I shut off the water and shot out of the shower, putting my bathrobe on as I heard my mom walking up the stairs. Right after she passed the bathroom door, I opened it up and stepped out, walking calmly toward my room. My mom was heading to hers, but she turned around when she heard me get out of the bathroom.

She made with the usual conversation after I got home from work; asking how my day was, if everything had been alright, blah blah blah...

"Well sweetie, I'm just going to change out of this, and then I'll get dinner started, ok?"

"Ok" I said, and made to look like I was heading back to my room. But as soon as i saw my mom get inside the doorway to her room, I quickly turned around and ran back the hallway and stepped into her room behind her, and closed the door.

"Honey what are yo.." is all she got out before i had my hand over her mouth.

She started to make "MMmmpphh"-ing sounds, and she seemed like she was becoming panicked. She was just surprised at first, but in just a matter of seconds began to squirm around and tried to scream louder from under my hand. I realized that I had her frightened pretty bad, so i realized that I needed to show her that i was just having some innocent fun and that she wasn't in danger. with my one hand around her mouth, my other arm looped around her waist and began to prod her ribs. The tickling had begun!

Almost at once, she forgot about being panicked and began to laugh hysterically beneath my hand gag. I removed my hand covering her mouth so that i could hear her screams of delight. I moved this hand down to her sides as well, and began prodding her body around her ribs and tummy.

"OOHHH...ohh....Tyler! Stophaaaaahahaha...HAHAHATYLER!!!...STO..OOPPP!!! HEEHEEHAHAHA"

This was great! I then moved my hands back, to the back of her swimsuit she was still wearing, and began to tickle along the edge of the fabric along her naked back. I got my fingers underneath the material about and inch and began tickling her bare skin. Then I moved my hands back to her sides and, holding her around the waist, I pulled her onto my lap as I sat down on her bed. With one hand, I prodded and circled around her bellybutton, and with the other, I lightly began running my fingers up and down her thigh. My mom exploded into hysterics, she could barely say anything, she was laughing so hard. She kept trying to tell my to stop, please stop, but it was obvious that she was actually rather enjoying the whole experience and that saying such was merely instinctive.

It was then that i remembered again my experience with tickling her as a child, and I decided that now was the time to unleash it again. holding her tight in my lap, tickling her tummy and legs, I moved my lips to the back of her neck as i did when I was younger and wanted my mommy to giggle. she must have known what I had in mind, because she mustered enough strength to yell, "OH, no no no nononono.." but it was too late! I didn't kiss the back of her neck; instead, with my lips ever so slightly parted, i began making little popping noises on her neck. i remembered that this had used to driver her crazy, and apparently it still did.


soon after, I finally stopped tickling, and mom collapsed on the bed next to me. she was still giggling slightly, and she had a huge grin on her face. She said that dinner was going to be a little late, she needed to cool down for a while. Mom laid down on her bed facing the TV in her room, and started flipping through channels. I got up to leave, but she said "You can stay her if you want honey. I really enjoyed that. That was a lot fun!" I laid down on the bad next to her, and wrapped an arm around her again. "Does that mean we can do this again tomorrow mom? I really enjoyed it too" I said. My mom thought for a minute, but quickly made up her mind when my other hand began to run across her bare legs again. "yes..YES!! hehehe....yes sweetie, you can tickle me again tomorrow after I get out of the pool if you really want to."

"Good" I replied "because I want to" we laid on bed like that for another hour, and then mom got up, shooed me out of the room so she could change her clothes, and then made dinner. We never told dad any of what happened.

This game became an everyday part of life that summer. For the rest of that week, every day I would come home from work and shower, and after I got dressed, i would go to my mom's room where she would be waiting for me in that same swimsuit ( I had told her that it was my favorite and was the reason I had decided to begin tickling her). I would then proceed to to probe her body with my tickling fingers, kissing her neck like before, touching her legs and running my fingers over them like little scuttling spiders. After our tickle session for the day, we would lay in bed, mom still in her swimsuit, my arm wrapped around her, still caressing her legs and kissing her neck, and would watch a movie before mom got dinner ready.

The next Monday, after two whole days that weekend without tickling my mother, i couldn't wait to start again. But i was bored with her swimsuit. I needed her to wear something different now, to keep the game interesting. So, after getting home and showered that day, I walked into mom's room to see her once again dressed in her yellow swimsuit. I told her that I love tickling her, I loved it more than anything, but i wondered if maybe she could wear something different today? Something just as good, but just so that it was different to keep out tickling adventures fun and fresh.

"Sure sweetie, no problem. I think I have just the thing...". I left the room to let her change clothes, I couldn't wait to see what she had in mind. Soon, she said I could come back. I opened the door and my jaw just about hit hit the floor!

"Now Tyler, you can still tickle me all you want, just don;t go trying anything inappropriate, understand?" My head was barely able to nod. I had expected her put on a different swimsuit, but instead she was dressed in a shimmering light-blue nightie! It was also my favorite one, and I had fantasized many times about tickling her in this particular outfit. It consisted of two parts.

The first was a shirt-like piece. It was held up by thin shoulder straps and hung very low in the front. it came down to just past her belly button. The second piece was the skirt that went with it. This had an elastic waistband to keep it on, and it just barely, BARELY, covered her ass! I could see why she said she didn't want me doing anything inappropriate during today's tickle game. I had to say, I practiced marvelous self-control.

I tickled her just like before, kissing the back of her neck in that special way to make her giggle, running my fingers up and down her legs, never going past the hem of her nightie's skirt of course. I hoped that if i behaved my self as instructed, I might be allowed more intense tickling games later on down the road. I mean, look at what she was wearing while i played with her today! The most adventurous I got during that game was lifting the shirt-piece up a little bit so that I could tickle her bare tummy.

Afterwards, we laid down as usual and watched TV. While running my fingers over her legs, I got just a little more adventurous, and lifted her shirt piece a little again, leaned over and started kissing her bellybutton. It was great! Mom didn't reprimand me at all, and actually had a very satisfied smile on her face while my lips gently caressed her tummy.

My patience and good behavior payed off! The next day, after my shower when i got home, I walked into her bedroom and, instead of being dressed in a swimsuit or another nightie, mom just had her bathrobe on. "Tyler", she said "Since we're having so much fun together with these ticking games, and since you behaved yourself so well yesterday, I'm letting you personally pick out what I wear today for our game. " She left and waited in the hallway so I could pick something out for her. I couldn't believe it! I looked through her closet at some of her dresses and skirts, but they didn't really do it for me. I checked her drawer full of swimsuits, but none could compare to the yellow one, and I didn't want to waste this special opportunity on that one again.

Then i got the drawer where she kept her nighties, and it was there i found it!


"Mom! Here, I found something!" She came back into the room all smiles, saw the nightie i had found, and became a little nervous. "Oh, Tyler sweetie, i don't know...that one's...don't you think it's a little,,uhhh..."

"Mom, you said i could pick what you wore today. C'mon, it's not so bad. I bet you look really awesome in this one! PLeeeeaaaase!"

Mom agreed, as I had been promised the opportunity to pick what she wore today. The nightie i had picked put was a silky red one. It was cut extremely low in front, giving ample view of cleavage, the bottom coming just an inch below her ass, with a slit on one side that ran all the way up to the top of her thigh. This was the only piece to this nightie, as opposed to the one the day before, and the whole thing was held up by two spaghetti straps as thick as a spider's web. This would be fun.

I waited in anticipation in the hallway for my mother to finish changing into this incredibly hot nightie so that i could continue out tickling game. I didn't have to wait long. I walked into her room and found her already sitting on the bed. The nightie looked even better on her than i had expected. "Oooh wow mom! You look great!" "really? you think so?" "Yeah! you look awesome! i can't wait to play with you today, dressed like that!"

"Well you just make sure you behave yourself, mister. I love these games as much as you do, but you do anything inappropriate, and you won't have anymore tickle games with mom. Understand?"

"yeah, yeah whatever you say mom! I sure don't want this to stop!"

I moved over to the bed next to her and as usual, wrapped my one around her waist and began probing my fingers all around her belly button and lower tummy. Mom once again started to giggle and smile, my other hand making their fingers scuttle over my mom's legs. she leaned back a little, and i moved my head behind hers and placed my lips on her neck to support her. As I kissed her neck that day, I would dart my tongue out quickly every now and then and gently lick the back of her neck while I kissed it. my fingers stayed below the hem of the nightie again, but I once again got adventurous. my hand moved up her legs and joined the other around mom's waist. Still tonguing and sucking gently on the back of my mom's neck, I picked her up by her waist and set her on my lap. This caused her nightie to ride up o good deal, but she didn't seem to notice, she was giggling and squirming with delight too much! And if she did notice, she didn't say anything to me. I could now clearly see the small pair of black panties she had on underneath the nightie, and my hand had free range of her entire legs. I began running my fingers all up and down her thighs. With my other hand, I reached up under the hem of her nightie and probed the bare skin of her lower tummy. Mom screamed and giggled in delight as I did this, tossing her head back in delight. As soon as she did, I moved my lips from the back of her neck towards the front. I was gently necking mom while my fingers crawled all over her legs and belly. I could tell from her delighted laughter that she was greatly enjoying this experience, and we were both in heaven! When finished, she collapsed on the bed next to me like usual, pulling the bottom hem down so that it would cover her ass again, and my arms wrapped gently around her while we settled down to watch another movie before dinner. However, this was just too much. Mom looked so good in this nightie, and we had already done so much just from tickling games, there was one more thing I had to try.

About 30 min. into the movie, right as mom was finally settling down, I made my move. Her eyes were slightly closed, she was exhausted from the intense tickling session we had just had. I gently rolled her over from on her side onto her back. Her eyes fluttered, and she woke up a little. She realized that I had moved her. "Tyler sweetie, what are you doing?"

"Nothing mom. Just thought you might be more comfy this way" I was leaning semi-upright in bed next to her, my right arm draped over her midsection. "Well thats very nice of you baby, but i can't really see the TV this way, can i?"

"Of course you can mom". I leaned forward more, resting my head on her tummy, my hands lightly probing at her belly button again.

"Haha, no I really can't see it well from this angle sweetie" Mom made to roll aver back onto her side, but my hands grasped her waist again, and held her in place. "Well, you can see it well enough". I leaned my head up and grasped the bottom of mom's nightie, and started to pull it up.

"TYLER! what are!..."

"Mom, it's ok. I'm not gonna do anything. i just want a look at your tummy mom. that's all. i just want to kiss and tickle your bare tummy a little"

"Well, alright Tyler. As long as that's all you do!"

I lifted mom's nightie up over her tummy, revealing her panties again. I pulled it up right yo where it covered the bottoms of her tits, which were bare underneath this nightie. True to my word, I only revealed her tummy, stopping before her tits were uncovered (all the way. I still saw the bottoms of the globes). the nightie lay bunched up in a heap around mom's neck, and i kissed her all over her tummy. My lips started on her bellybutton, and moved all over, gently and softly kissing her skin, my tongue once again darting out now and again, adding to the tickling sensation I could tell my mother was once again feeling. My hands moved up mom's sides and worked their way under the bunched up cloth and found her armpits, a very ticklish spot indeed! Mom cried out and squealed in delight, and after about 15 minutes of this, I finally stopped and used my mom's bare tummy as a pillow while we took a nap together on her bed before dinner.

The next day after i got home, she wore the same outfit for me and let me pull it up to tickle her bare tummy again. After out nap that day, mom went downstairs to make dinner without changing out of the red nightie. She said that she was just too exhausted to worry about changing clothes right then. i came downstairs to watch mom move around the kitchen dressed as she was, enjoying the show as she moved around the kitchen in that short, shimmering piece of of cloth. I even walked up behind her and helped her, gingerly necking with her again and probing the flesh around her ribs while she tried to stir something on the stove. She could feel my erection pressing against her ass, and she let out a little surprised gasp, then just smiled slily to herself and went back to what she was doing while I continued to fondle her through her thin nightie.

After we ate dinner, Mom snuggled up with me on the couch while we watched another movie together. Instead of letting Mom focus on the movie though, I kept pulling at the hem of her little nightgown while she playfully batted my hands away from the tiny piece of clothing that she wore. Each time, I managed to get her nightie pulled up just a little bit higher until it once again lay bunched up around her waist and I had full access to a full view of her shapely legs and her crotch, clad in only a pair of extremely itty bitty black panties. I kept necking with mom while she lay in my arms on the couch, my one hand gently fondling her tits, my other hand rubbing at the front of her panties. Mom began to become aroused by all the attention I was giving her, and began to grind against my hand that was working in between her legs.

Mom was dry humping my hand faster and faster now, and I could feel her panties becoming more and more soaked with her juices! I playfully tweaked her nipples through the thin material of her nightie, and soon after I felt her shudder in orgasm as she came right in her little black panties, and I could feel the explosion of her juices against my hand through the fabric. Mom was sweating a little bit after the excitement, and was close to passing out. Being the good son that I am, I scooped her up in my arms after turning off the TV and carried her up the stairs to her room, laying her onto her bed. I quickly climbed under the covers with her and held her with my arms wrapped tightly around her.

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