tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTied, Teased and Tortured

Tied, Teased and Tortured


Please do not read if 'rape' fantasy is not your thing.

This was the day I had been waiting for. The day when that little tart was going to be fucked in every hole, covered in come and tortured in every manner just to satisfy My fantasies. I had her here, helpless to do anything but hang there and suffer, never knowing if she would be let go, allowed an orgasm or relief from the mind blowing ordeal she was about to face. I was naked, but with a leather hood over My face. I hoped she would take it as a sign she would be let go, as I wouldn't let her see My face, thus not be able to identify Me. Not a chance.

I had drugged her beer at the club, claimed I was her brother and she was drunk to the bouncers so I could get her out, keeping My head low. I brought her to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, so no one could hear her screams, and tied her up. Her arms were stretched out at the sides, and a rope tied her wrists and elbows were tied to a beam I had set up. Her legs were spread as wide as I could pull them, and the ropes pulling her ankles apart were secured to hooks I drilled in the floor, making all her weight rest on her arms, and her face was about level with My chest when I stood up. She was naked, of course, her whole body had a nice tan, making her look like an Asian, and her tits were nice and small, about the size of a toilet roll, and firm. She began to come to. I sat on a chair, and waited for her to realise her predicament. It happened about 20 minutes later.


I stayed silent, wanting her to feel the fear, dreading whatever comes next.


I grinned from behind the mask and stood up. My cock was beginning to grow as I savoured the thought of what was ahead. I moved towards her, and ran a finger up her flat stomach and through the centre of her tits. I cupped her left tit in My hand, then gently pinched her nipple.


I smiled some more. Her voice was beginning to crack as I pinched her nipple harder. The look of fear in her eye was delicious as it really dawned on her just how vulnerable and helpless she really was.

'Please let me go. I promise I wont tell anyone if you let me go now.'

Her pleading was earlier than expected. I licked her tits anyway, My cock at full attention by now. I ran the head of My cock over her pussy lips, as a threat and promise of what was to come.

'Please no. Don't! I'll do anything, but please don't hurt me. Please don't rape me.'

I kept smiling and looked deep in her eyes as I slid a finger into her soaking cunt. I laughed as I felt her wetness, now knowing what I suspected. She loves to be treated like this. I walked behind her, laughing out loud as she strained to see where I went. I opened My box of toys, containing a whip, a cane, vibrating nipple/pussy/clit clamps, couple of vibrators, a blindfold, an inflating ass and pussy widener thing I saw advertised, and one of those mouth guards dentists use to keep the jaw open. I slid the blindfold on, and applied the clamps. She gasped when I put on the nipple and pussy lip clamps, and screamed when I ruthlessly clamped her clit. Poor bitch, she thought that was bad! The pain hadn't even started yet!

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' She shrieked. 'Please! Whatever it is you have planned, please don't do it! I'm begging you, PLEASE!'

The vibrating clamps all had a settings control, and the option for a timer. Really clever the way sexual torture devices had evolved. I approved. I set each control to go off every six seconds, lasting for three seconds each, perfectly timed so that only one set was active at any time. I had never used these clamps before, so needed to ensure the whore couldn't come, just be teased. I turned the sets on, and slipped out the door, quietly, so she didn't know I was gone. She also didn't know about the video recorder I had set up to tape her ordeal. The last I heard as I left was:

'Oh my GOD. Let me come. PLEASE LET ME COME.'

I grinned as I locked the door. Only one hour from waking up to begging for an orgasm. By the time I was finished, she would be delirious from agonising pleasure and torturous pain, unsure of what she wanted, and perfectly willing to do ANYTHING to make it stop. The only question is... will I let it stop?

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