Tied up


Thank you to Blackwing for spellchecking this and whatnot. Enjoy.


'Dad?' Alexis called out, hearing the sounds of her father struggling against something, 'Is everything o...Kay!'

The 21 year old woman stared at the scene before her in shock. Laying naked as a jay bird and highly aroused was her father, his hands and feet handcuffed to the bedposts and a scarf tied around his mouth.

'Daddy?' Alexis gawped, her eyes roaming over Rick's body before locking on his hard cock, 'Kate left you like this?'

A vein on her father's head pulsed as he nodded once. His eyes widened when Alexis slowly approached the bed, the young woman's expression causing his Adam's apple to jerk sharply.

'Oh my God,' Alexis giggled, 'You're a sub! Subbing to his sexy wife, I like it. Does she taunt you, tease you with her sexy little body? Rick nodded, 'Make you watch her pleasure herself just out of reach?' Another nod, 'Did she do that just now? Get herself off just out of reach and then leave you tied up and hard?' Rick gulped and nodded.

Kneeling on the bed, Alexis could feel the tension flowing off her father, 'You must want some relief, don't you?'

Rick hissed and nodded.

'I bet you're close to not caring who gets you off,' Alexis trailed a finger along Rick's thigh and over his hip bone, the guttural groan that answered her bringing a dirty smirk to her face. Wrapping her hand around his cock, Alexis giggled when Rick jerked and grunted harshly.

'You are coiled so fucking tight dad,' Alexis hummed, her fingers stroking his cock tantalizingly slowly, 'Let me help daddy.' Rick's chest heaved as Alexis reached between his thighs and fondled his balls.

'Do you want to cum daddy?' Rick gulped as Alexis' ice blue eyes stared intently at him, nodding once he gulped when Alexis shifted over his thigh and kneeling between his legs. Pulling a hair clip out her pocket, Alexis tied her long red hair out her face and curled her fingers around the base of Rick's throbbing cock.

Ducking her head, Alexis' tongue darted out, a loud moan muffled by the gag as the tip swirled over Rick's head. Keeping her eyes locked on her father's, Alexis pressed her bright red lips against her father's cock in a gentle kiss before she opened her jaw and took him inside her mouth.

Humming deeply, Alexis rolled her tongue on the underside of Rick's cock, her father tensing tighter than a vicar's collar in a whorehouse.

'Fuck me daddy,' Alexis gasped, her fist pumping firmly, 'You taste great. I'm going to let you cum now,' Alexis clamped her lips around Rick's shaft, dropping as far down him as she could, her fist squeezing as she jerked him off.

She saw the flash over his face a split second before his cock started spurting. Gulping down her father's cum, Alexis moaned hotly, her throat bobbing with each gulp.

'Fucking hell daddy!' Alexis eventually pulled her mouth of Rick, wiping at her chin, 'Are your balls a mini TARDIS? How the fuck can you hold so much cum?' Alexis licked her fingers as her father shrugged.

'Seeing as I have you like this,' Alexis grinned, 'Maybe I can strike off part of my bucket list.' Rick's forehead creased as he sent his daughter a confused look, 'have sex with my big handsome daddy.'

Rick's eyes widened when Alexis peeled off her t-shirt, revealing her pale breasts encased in a deep green lacy bra.

'Do you like my boobs?' Alexis cooed, pulling the lace off her and smirking at the audible gasp from her father. Pinching a nipple, she groaned, 'Pi loved my boobs. Couldn't get enough of them. He loved it when I wrapped them around his cock. He would cover my face in cum.'

'I used to pretend he was you,' Alexis giggled, slipping off the end of the bed, her hands opening her jeans, 'call him daddy as he stretched me open.'

Rick gave a strangled choke, his eyes following Alexis' jeans down her leg.

'Does Kate ever pretend to be me?' The jeans were kicked across the room, Alexis glaring when Rick followed them onto the floor, 'Answer me, has Kate pretended to be me when you've fucked?'

Rick gulped and nodded once. His breath fled his body when Alexis shimmied out of her panties, Rick's wide eyes locked on her glistening crotch. Hearing his name he blinked.

'Yes dad,' Alexis smirked, 'That's my pussy. You'll be in there in a minute if you behave. Does Kate wear my old school uniforms?' Rick nodded, 'Kinky... Bend her over the desk and pound her pussy? Rick paused and nodded, but grimaced.

'Have you fucked her in my bed?' Alexis giggled when Rick gulped and nodded, 'pounded her pussy as she begs daddy to fuck her harder?' Alexis slinked back between her father's thighs, 'Do you cry out my name?'

Rick nodded.

'Naughty daddy,' Alexis giggled lustily, 'You want to fuck me don't you?' The redhead cupped a breast and mewled, 'You wanna touch me, caress me and make me scream.'

'Well, today is you lucky day,' Alexis leered, climbing onto the bed, 'I'm going to remove that gag for a few minutes and you are going to use that tongue to get me off. Misbehave and I'll find Kate's box of toys and get myself off over there and you'll miss out on having me. Maybe I'll find a nice buttplug?' the moan that left Rick's lips when the gag was removed rumbled through him, his mouth hanging open as he gulped in air, 'Feel better?'

'Thank you mistress,' Rick panted, his eyes locking on Alexis' pussy as she moved to place her feet either side of his head, 'like the view?'

'Beautiful Mistress,' Rick growled.

Alexis coughed at the awe in her father's voice, 'Stick out your tongue,' Alexis gulped when she saw just how long and wide it was, 'I bet Kate loves it when you lick her pussy?'

'She does Mistress,' Rick nodded. Alexis scooted closer, smirking when she saw the moment the scent of her arousal reached him.

'Pi could make me cum hard with his tongue,' Alexis taunted, 'God, he'd leave me boneless on the floor with that tongue, or his fingers. Pussy and ass, he'd fuck me good.'

'Does Kate do Anal daddy?' Alexis grinned when Rick nodded, 'Pi loved anal. Almost filled his shorts when he caught me fingering my butt. It wasn't surprising when he asked me to stick my dildo in his.'

Alexis smirked, knowing that she was torturing her father by staying sat on his chest, 'Does Kate dildo you?' Alexis laughed when Rick nodded.

'I found a nice guy for Pi to fuck,' Alexis growled, 'so fucking hot watching his long cock filling Pi's ass. Have you done that for Kate daddy? Let a hot, sexy man make you his bitch?'

'No mistress,' Rick shook his head.

'Why the hell not?' Alexis was surprised, Rick gulped and found himself lost for words momentarily.

'Kate doesn't want anyone else in there Mistress,' Rick slowly replied, 'She says my ass is hers alone.'

'Then that's something I'll be taking up with her later,' Alexis sighed, 'have I tortured you enough Daddy?'

'Yes Mistress,' Rick moaned, 'Please may I lick your pussy?'

'If you ask nicely,' Alexis grinned. Shifting forward, the redhead crouched over her father's face, the pose exposing her completely bald pussy to him, 'Like what you see?'

'I do mistress,' Rick's eyes darted between her pussy and butt.

'Naughty boy,' Alexis tutted and slowly lowered herself onto her father's face 'Leave my butt alooooone! Ooh...!' Rick immediately started eating her pussy, his tongue working overdrive across Alexis' soaked folds. The redhead released a groin tingling moan when Rick sucked her lips between his teeth, his tongue burying itself inside her core.

'Oh fuck, oh fuck!' Alexis ground her hips down, her face scrunched in pleasure as her hand gripped the headboard like a vice, 'Oh holy mother fucking hell dad!'

Rick groaned, his daughter reaching down to open her folds, allowing him deeper access. The redhead squealed loudly when Rick started rolling his tongue inside her, a shriek leaving her when he hit her spot. Chuckling huskily, Rick turned his tongue against that spot, Alexis squirming violently.

'Fuuuuuck!' Alexis threw her head back and screamed out the curse, Rick's tastebuds erupting into lava as she gushed over his tongue. He felt and watched her quiver and twitch, her face rolling through the intense pleasure he created in her.

'God...' Alexis gasped, shifting her crotch off her fathers face. For a few moments father and daughter panted, their eyes locked on each others, 'I don't think anyone's licked my pussy that well before.'

'I aim to pleasure mistress,' Rick smiled warmly.

'You definitely pleasured me,' Alexis' chest heaved, 'Envious of Kate more now.' the redhead glanced over her shoulder and grinned, 'Goodie, you're ready.'

Rick grunted harshly when Alexis rolled off him, moving down the bed and straddling his thighs, the heat from her crotch seeping into him. His daughter released her long red hair and grinned, a slight nervousness in her eyes.

'Never had a cock as big daddy,' Alexis saw the worry on his face. Father and daughter moaned together when the latter moved up her father, pressing her core against his cock, 'fuck, I'm so wet,' Rick grunted, his daughter's arousal coating his shaft.'

'Daddy?' the redhead asked quietly, Rick realizing the game was paused for a moment by the look in her eyes, 'Can I do this, please?'

'Condom,' Rick smiled warmly, 'Please let me wear a condom.'

'Love you daddy,' Alexis leaned down and pressed her lips to his, pulling away almost instantly and replacing the gag.

'Your request is accepted,' Alexis smirked when she leaned over to the bedside table, rick grunting as her nipples scraped over him. Grabbing the packet, Alexis ripped it open and quickly covered Rick's cock.

'Time to strike a line in my bucket list,' Alexis rose up, her hands reaching between her legs. One hand spread her lips open while the other gripped her father's cock.

'Fuck!' Alexis gasped, lowering herself over Rick's head and feeling her pussy stretch, 'Oh god!'*

Rick hissed, his eyes darting between Alexis' Face and the sight of his cock entering her.

'Daddy!' Alexis squealed, 'You're big.... Oh god you're big.' Leaning forward, she braced herself on his chest and thrust her hips down, impaling herself completely in one movement, 'AAAAIIIIEEEE!'

Rick squirmed as he watched Alexis release a piercing scream, filled with both pleasure and pain. The young woman laid herself on Rick's chest, panting loudly.*

'I feel so fucking full,' Alexis kissed her father's chest, 'Better than I imagined daddy!' sitting up, Alexis felt Rick jolt inside her, his cock reacting to her naked body on his.

Biting her lip, Alexis moaned and started rocking her hips. Rising up, she squealed as her folds gripped him when she slid down him.

'Fuck!' Alexis' fingers curled on Rick's chest, her nails digging into his skin, 'You feel so fuck good daddy... Ooh... You're big fat cock feels fucking amazing in me.'

Leaning back, Alexis arched her body by grabbing his knees, giving Rick an explicit view of her lips around his cock. Seeing his eyebrow twitch, she knew he was itching to be released from the cuffs.

'No daddy,' Alexis threw her head back and moaned, 'Fuuuuck... No... Touching. Not today. Today... FUCK... Today you watch me ride your beautiful cock.' bringing her hand up, the redhead cupped a breast, squeezing her pale skin between her deep red fingernails.

Alexis rolled her hips on Rick's cock, her blue eyes dripping with arousal, 'Wonder what Kate would say if she caught us like this? Would she freak out, or would she touch me?' Alexis' hand ran over her body, 'Feel me? Kiss me?'

'Maybe I'd let her daddy,' Alexis hissed, 'let your wife lick my pussy while I eat hers...' Alexis trailed off as she saw the familiar flash on her father's face. Leaning forward, she held her face over his, thrusting her hips onto him with more vigor.

'You like the sound of that don't you?' Alexis gasped, panting with each thrust, 'Your wife and daughter fucking each other. I bet she tastes amazing daddy.' She felt Rick twitch in her, 'you kinky daddy, about to cum from the idea of my tongue entering Kate's pussy, tasting her, making her cry out my name.'

Rick grunted as his body moved beyond his control. Alexis' moan echoing through the loft as she felt him spurt inside her.

'Shiiiiit!' Alexis cried out, 'You're gonna make me cum daddy, oh shit, you're gonna make me cum...'

Rick gasped when Alexis turned a determined expression at him, a devilish grin on her face as she shifted forward, 'My turn to cum!' The sturdy bed started to squeak and shift, Alexis hammering herself down onto Rick's hips.**

'Fucking hell dad,' Alexis sobbed in need, her body moving against her father's, 'Fuck I need to cum... Make me cum daddy... Please let me cum!'

Pushing his hips up, Rick grunted, the sight of Alexis reaching her orgasmic limit keeping him hard. He felt and watched her start to shiver, her eyes scrunching shut as she started to wail. Her hips pounded down onto him hard and fast, the redhead oblivious to anything but the pressure building in her pussy.

'Daddy!' If Rick hadn't just cum, he knew he would have exploded when Alexis whimpered, her hips slamming down onto him, her pussy squeezing him tight. He watched Alexis' eyes shoot opened and lock onto his, every sensation in her body pouring out of her. Rick gulped when he saw the precise moment his daughter tumbled over her edge, the redhead gasping and slamming her face into to crook of his neck. The wail that she gave as her orgasm thundered though her was long, loud and intense.*

Rick gasped behind his gag, Alexis twitching around and over him, the wail cracking off into soft moans. He didn't know or care how long she lay on him, but he eventually felt her body melt over his.

'I... I finally know why I hear Kate scream so much,' Alexis gasped, 'Holy fucking God Dad!' The exhausted woman reached up and tugged the gag off her father.

'Pumpkin...'Rick panted.

'Thank you,' Alexis' smile was blinding, 'You just blew my mind.'

'Are you alright Alexis?' Rick was itching to curl his arms around his daughter.

'I am going to hurt later,' Alexis giggled softly, 'But in the best fucking way possible,' hissing, she sat up and braced her hand on Rick's chest, 'I'm fine daddy. I've wanted this for a while now, so to be able to fulfill a bucket list item like this... God I love you daddy!'

'Seeing as I'm all tied up and helpless,' Rick grinned, 'Any other buckets we can visit?'

'As much as I want to,' Alexis sighed contentedly, 'You're too big for my ass right now.' Alexis giggled when she felt Rick twitch inside her. Leaning down, she hovered her lips over his and growled, 'Oh, if you knew the things I want you and Kate to do to me daddy. Maybe next time you can tie me up?'

Rick squeaked when Alexis slanted her lips over his. He deepened the clinch and was pressing his tongue against her lips when Kate's voice bellowed.


Alexis sighed and giggled, turning to her utterly shocked stepmother, 'You left my father tied up and painfully aroused Kate,' Alexis lifted her leg, allowing Kate to see Rick sliding out of her as she dismounted, 'my handsome, big cock wielding daddy.'

Alexis swayed her hips as she rounded the bed, grabbing her clothes as she went, 'Plus you left him playing the sub,' Alexis slid her panties on and turned to Kate, 'Maybe next time you tie him up for some fun, you don't abandon him if you don't want me fucking him hard?'

'Alexis...' Kate stammered.

'Of course,' The redhead ran her eyes over Kate's clothed body appreciatively, 'You could call me to help you.' Alexis smirked at the shocked look on Kate's face. Stepping past the brunette, Alexis passed in the doorway, 'oh, and Kate?'

'Y-yeah?' Kate turned to look at the pale back and ass of her stepdaughter.

'Next time you want to borrow my clothes so you can pretend to be me,' Alexis sniggered, 'let me choose the outfit and please make sure all the cum stains are properly washed out.'

Alexis grinned at the embarrassed stares being sent her way before she left the bedroom and slipped up to her own.

'Is she gone?' Rick whispered at Kate, his wife peeking around the door frame. Turning, Kate's shocked face was replaced by a smirk, 'Good. Holy fuck Kate, did the webcam extension cable work? Were you watching?'

'Every second,' Kate pushed the door shut and started pulling her clothes off, 'That girl is an animal!'

'I thought I'd finally sent you mad when you suggested this ruse Kate!' Rick laughed, 'But, oh my God!'

'I think i flooded your desk chair from how wet she got me,' Kate peeled her soaked panties off, 'Fingered myself stupid and almost rushed in here four times.'

Rick tugged at his cuffs, 'wanna release me Kate?'

'Nah,' the brunette shrugged, throwing her leg over his hips, 'my turn.'

Rick groaned as he felt himself enveloped by the wet heat he loved so much.

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