Tied Up and Used


April then surprised me by hitting her shot, leaving just the eight ball remaining in a relatively easy position near one of the corner pockets. I swallowed hard as my girlfriend lined up her final shot. I glanced over at Tori, and began to wonder what it be like to have her for the night. I was one easy shot away.

The three of us held our breath as April slid the cue back and struck forward. The little white ball struck the black ball lightly on the side, sending it skitting off to the side as the cue ball proceeded onward, rolling with agonizing slowness towards the pocket. I then watched with my heart racing as it dropped directly into the little hole. April froze in the position as Will's face lit up with exuberance.

"Looks like you're all mine," he stated with a smug grin as he tossed the cue down onto the table.

I glanced over at Tori to gauge her reaction, but she seemed to be unbothered by the game's outcome. April stood up with a look of innocent disappointment, although I had a sneaking suspicion that she was merely attempting to withhold her excitement.

"Hmmm," Will murmured, as she walked towards my girlfriend as she stood sheepishly beside the table. "Now what shall I do with you?"

April's eyes remained cast downward as we walked around her, his eyes roaming her body with a lustful hunger as she stood motionless. Closing in on her, he pressed himself against her ass and pinned her against the table as he hissed into her ear.

"Maybe I should bend you over this table like last time, so everyone can watch while I fuck you up the ass."

My eyes widened with surprise at his lewd suggestion. Although, I knew that April would willingly fuck him, I wasn't sure she would do it with an audience. Before she could react however, he spoke again.

"Don't worry," he said calmly, reaching down to give her supple ass a playful squeeze through her little black panties. "I actually have a better idea."

With that, Will took my girlfriend's hand and began to lead her through the room as I watched them go. He paused for a moment at the doorway to an adjoining room and looked back at me with a cocky smirk before taking April inside. As the door closed behind them, I swallowed hard, remaining motionless as Tori walked over to me.

"You really don't mind this at all?" she asked with amazement.

I just turned to her and smiled.

By now the party was beginning to wind down as guests began a gradual procession from the house. I also noticed several people wandering through the door at the other side of the basement, where Will had taken my girlfriend. As my curiosity peaked, I began to make my way over as well. Before I could even reach the door however, my cell phone rang, vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out and answered.

"She's ready," Will's voice said quietly from the other end.

My heart began to race even faster as I closed my phone and proceeded on my way.

I opened the door and entered a narrow hallway where I noticed several guys milling around casually. At the other end was an open doorway, in which I could see more people standing around. I pushed my way through and entered the room, as my jaw dropped open with amazement.

In the middle of the room was a small table, over which my girlfriend was bent in a lewd but inviting fashion. Her arms were pulled out to each side, fastened to the table legs with black, leather straps, holding her torso flat against the surface. Her fishnet covered legs were trembling with anticipation as she waited in the exposed position, her bare ass peeking out from under the short skirt of her maid's outfit. April's eyes were covered with a black blindfold while her little black panties were rolled up and shoved neatly into her mouth as a makeshift gag. It was quite possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen.

Beside her, Will was standing in a proud pose as people continued to filter in to admire his handiwork. Before long, the walls were lined with spectators, all gawking lewdly at the obscene spectacle as I also watched in amazement, my cock swelling to rigidity within my pants.

"Who's first?" Will asked, holding a thin tube of lubricant in the air.

Mark was the first to step forward, reaching out his hand as Will tossed him the lube. I was about to ask April if she was okay the situation, but I decided to hold back, watching her face closely for any sign of objection. Her breathing rate seemed to be increased, her torso rising and falling with each anticipatory breath until she felt her tiny dress being pushed up. April held her breath for a brief moment as Mark eyed her supple, tanned ass with a look of hungry craving as he slathered this well-sized cock with lubricant. My girlfriend's ass looked exquisite in the dim light of the small room and my own dick ached with desire as I watched Mark pry her tight little cheeks apart and drop a small dollop of spit onto her winking hole. She let out a quiet moan as she began to realize what was about to happen.

I thought Mark might go for the pussy first, but to my surprised we went straight for her ass. His dick was larger than average, so I was slightly concerned about how my girlfriend would be able to handle it without any prior warming up. With his face appearing as a mask of utter concentration, he gripped his shaft firmly in his hand as her pressed his bulbous, shimmering head into the center of her enticing little star. April's subtle whimpering soon turned into a muffled moan as she felt her tight little asshole stretching to accommodate the girth of Mark's plunging cock.

Will smiled a devilish grin as he watched with enjoyment as his friend's dick slowly disappeared into my girlfriend's accepting anus. Along the wall, a few of the spectators had fished their cocks out of their pants and began stroking them as they enjoyed the show. I wasn't sure if they were doing it out of pleasure or out of preparation, hoping to be the next to enter April's sweet little inviting hole.

"Uggghhhh," she groaned as her body writhed atop the table, her cries of anguish absorbed by the pair off wet underwear jammed into her mouth.

Her apparent discomfort only seemed to arouse Mark further and he pushed his thick cock deeper into her tightly gripping ass. Will walked over and stoked her hair in a loving fashion in an attempt to calm her, although his expression showed only lustful elation as she squirmed under his hand.

"How's that ass feel?" he asked Mark. "As good as last time?"

"Better!" his friend answered, clenching his teeth as he began to draw his rigid pole back out with agonizing slowness. "It's so fucking tight!"

Will smiled and reached down to paw his own cock through his pants as he continued to watch as Mark plunged back into my girl's tiny asshole with a rapid, forceful descent. As his strokes progressed, he was soon fucking April's tiny butt with long, slow thrusts, driving deep inside her with each one.

"Uh...uh...uh...uh," April whimpered every time Mark's balls slapped her flushed pussy lips.

As he continued to violate my girlfriend's tender hole, his long, deep strokes turned to short, rapid thrusts as his body began to tense. His finger's gripped her taut little cheeks, peeling her ass open to admit his throbbing rod as the table shifted and squeaked under her. Mark then let out a low growl and he closed his eyes, tossing his bed back with orgasmic elation. April's gagged mouth produced a muffled squeal as she felt his hot jism jetting inside her, filling her tight little tunnel with a coating of hot cum.

Mark breathed a sigh of relief as drew his shimmering cock from my girlfriend's clenching hole, watching it snap shut, locking his juices inside its tight embraces. As he stepped away, another guy was quick to rush in and stake his claim to my April's exposed orifice. I had never met him before, although I knew his name was Alex. He was tall and thin with a cock that, fittingly enough, was long and skinny as well. He gave me one thankful glance before aiming his slender pole directly into my girlfriend's little pink rosebud. Not bothering to apply any lube, he just placed his tip to her opening and pushed.

As April moaned and wailed into the saliva drenched panties, Will became overwhelmed with arousal and pulled his dick out of his pants. As Alex was easing his way into her tiny, lubed asshole, Will removed the underwear from her mouth. April immediately gasped for air but she soon felt her lips wrapped around Will's dick as he thrust it forcefully inside. She coughed and gagged a bit as he pushed it into the back of her throat, grabbing her hair and holding her head in place. As he withdrew, I could see her saliva streaming down his shaft and soaking his balls before he pushed back into her mouth.

She moaned around the dick in her mouth as she felt her ass penetrated deeply by Alex's plunging cock. I noticed a sadistic glint flash across Will's eyes as his pleasure seemed to increase with my girlfriend's apparent discomfort. He even pulled his wet cock from her panting mouth and slapped it lewdly across her lips as she groaned, her asshole stretching tautly around Alex's prodding dick. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tori standing at the doorway, eyes wide with amazement. She cast me a stare as if to question April's treatment, but I just smiled and shrugged.

I looked back to Alex, whose eyes were locked on my girlfriend's backside as her tiny asshole hugged his slender cock. He was now stroking in and out with deeper, forceful thrusts as Will did the same to her face, snickering with every gag or cough his stabbing dick elicited. It was strange watching my girlfriend be thoroughly used in such an obscene manner, but it was definitely turning me on.

"Let's trade places," Will suggested, sliding his cock from April's spit splattered lips.

Alex seemed surprised but agreed nonetheless, withdrawing his long pole from her clutching asshole. The two switched places, with Will quickly stabbing his dick between April's firm little cheeks as she purred with approval.

"Fuck I love this ass," he exclaimed, as he pushed past her reamed orifice and slid deep inside as the table rocked forward under the force of the thrust.

April gasped from the startling thrust, her little pink lips opening into a pleasurable pant. Alex held his dick firmly by the base as he aimed it towards her open mouth. I could see his shaft glistening with lube as well as the remnants of Mark's cum, as he slipped it over her tongue. Her lips locked around the thin rod and she immediately began bobbing her head back and forth as she tasted the mixture of cum and lubricant, apparently unbothered by the fact that it had just come from her ass. Alex's mouth curled into a sinister smile as he watched his shaft sliding in between my girlfriend's lips, prompting her to take him deeper with a gentle hand to the back of her head.

Will, on the other hand, was not so gentle. Peeling her ass cheeks back in order to gain a more enticing visual, he spit down onto his half buried shaft before sinking deep into her tight little ass channel.

"You like this don't you slut?" he remarked, giving April a firm slap on the ass.

"Mmm, hmm," she moaned, her purring voice muffled my Alex's pulsing cock.

Her approval only provoked him further, and he stung her reddened cheek with another open handed strike.

"Come on," he urged Alex. "Grab her fucking hair and fuck her face!"

Complying with his friend's suggestion, he grabbed a handful of April's shimmering dirty blonde hair and wrapped his long fingers around a thick clump before pumping his hips into her. His hanging, saliva-covered balls slapped lewdly against her chin as he proceeded to use my girlfriend's mouth as his own personal jerk-off toy. As her lips tightened around his thrusting shaft, his deep gagging strokes shortened and he reached down to wrap a thumb and forefinger around his base. With his swollen head still buried in her mouth, he started to stroke his cock, his hand battering April's lips as it pumped back and forth.

"Fuck!" Alex blurted out as his face contorted into a comical scowl and his cock began to twitch in her mouth.

He gave three more short pumps, his quivering dick shooting cum into April's mouth. As he pulled away, her lips parted and a thin stream of white cream dribbled down her chin before Alex stopped it with his finger, wiped it up and pushed it back into her mouth as she sucked it down.

Will's face again lit up with excitement as his friend stepped away. He quickly unsheathed his dick from her abused asshole and moved around the table once again.

"Who's next?" he called out as she took her by the hair and grinned down into her flushed, panting face.

Without a word, another guest stepped forward, his cock already throbbing in his hand. I knew him as "Theo". He was a quiet, athletic guy that always struck me as a little creepy. His strange looking eyes reminded me of a vampire or serial killer, with a cold, empty quality.

He apparently wanted no part of my girlfriend's ass, instead opting for a shot at her exposed pussy. Planting his tip between her wet, pink folds, he wiggled his hips to get inside her before thrusting home with a single, forceful thrust.

Again April moaned with surprise as Will held her firmly by the hair and batted his glistening cock against her outstretched tongue. As Theo started to fuck her with a fury that far outmatched the previous men, Will shoved his dick back into her mouth.

"Yeah, suck that cock," he seethed, her cheeks bulging from his pumping member. "Suck it while he fucks your dirty little cunt."

As I watched with growing arousal, Tori made her way over to stand beside me.

"This is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen," she whispered to me, her eyes locked on the obscene spectacle. "Kind of makes me wish I had a dick."

I smiled in response as we continued to watch my girlfriend being fucked from both ends. Apparently April's tight little pussy was too much for Theo to handle, as his furious strokes soon culminated in a savage orgasm that almost tipped the entire table over. I could see her tanned ass cheeks quivering under the relentless force as Theo completed his series of hard, wet, thrusts and then pulled his leaking cock from her pussy. All three of April's holes had now received a load of cum, but there was no sign of stopping anytime soon.

"I want to fuck every hole on her body," Ryan exclaimed as he stepped forward to join the fray.

One of Will's best friends, I had met Ryan on numerous occasions, along with his girlfriend Sheena. I wondered what she would think about her boyfriend dipping his cock into April's various orifices. Ryan obviously cared little for what those thoughts might be as he as he wasted no time in filling my girlfriend's dripping wet pussy with his moderately sized cock.

No sooner had April's pussy been filled, than Will was forced to pull his dick of her gasping mouth. With his fingers still clutching her by the hair, his fist pumped furiously at his spit-covered cock, before shooting his long awaited load into her unsuspecting face.

The white stream splashed first against the blindfold, dripping down her cheek before Will aimed lower and sent the rest of his hot cum spattering across her lips and chin. As he squeezed out the last drop onto her face, he smiled with contentment and stepped back, eager to relinquish his place to the next person to step up.

Theo continued to pummel April's pussy from behind as Tori urged me forward to take Will's place. I decided to stay back however, preferring to watch my girlfriends holes continue to be used and abused. Instead, a guy named Joe stepped up to sample her mouth, unleashing his six-inch cock as his pants fell around his ankles and he staggered up to her face. Theo continued to fuck her pussy with slow, rhythmic thrusts, his hands caressing her body as Joe pushed his dick into her mouth.

A few minutes later, Ryan decided to switch holes, and pulled his wet cock out of April's well-fucked pussy, placing it at the entrance to her tiny, cum filled asshole. She purred in response, obviously anxious to get another dick inside her insatiable anus. After a few false starts, he managed to work his slippery head past the tight muscular ring before sliding in deep inside. My girlfriend's ass was relaxed enough by now, that Ryan was able to quicken the pace quite rapidly and slide in and out with relative ease. Just as he was building up a good rhythm however, Will ordered the two men to switch.

What then occurred, was a nasty, ass-to-mouth merry go round as Joe and Ryan continued to alternate between my girlfriend's two abused orifices as the remaining audience cheered the salacious spectacle. Minutes later, as Joe was serving his third tour of duty in April's ravaged asshole, he finally succumbed to the intolerable sensation, clutching her quivering cheeks as he spilled his jism inside her. As he yanked his spent cock out of her tiny hole, a rivulet of trickling cum followed, dripping down the back of her trembling thigh.

"Shoot another load in her ass!" Will cheered, urging Ryan to follow Joe's lead as he continued to direct the participants like some kind of sadistic, lust-driven ringmaster.

April gasped for breath as Joe slipped his hard cock from her tired mouth and moved around to her backside. Knowing what was coming, she braced herself and bit her lip as she felt her slutty little asshole filled for the umpteenth time that night. Joe closed his eyes and began to thrust away, his dick evoking a lewd slurping sound from her jizz-filled tunnel as he increased to an orgasmic crescendo and painted her insides with yet another load of warm, cum.

"I want to see you fuck her," Tori prompted, urging me forward as she whispered in my ear like some kind of mischievious little devil.

I finally agreed, and stepped forward as the rest of the guys gathered around. As I took out my dick, I began to wonder if my girlfriend would recognize my cock among the others. I stepped up, pausing for a moment to relish in the nasty sight before me, gazing up and down April's body from her fishnet stockings to her tiny, reddened asshole which was now leaking cum as it clenched and pulsed with every breath she took.

I first slipped my dick into her pussy, which now was impossibly wet. There was also a slimy contribution from Theo, which I tried my best not to think about as I started to fuck April's hole with smooth, gliding strokes. Tori approached with growing interest, a mischievious glint flashing across her sultry, dark eyes. She placed her hands on my girlfriend's ass cheeks and spread her open as she watched my cock plunging in and out with a sexy smile.

"Oooh," she said softly as she eyed April's glistening wet ass. "Look at that poor little hole."

As my hips butted into the back of my girlfriend's thighs, shaking her body with each thrust, Tori reached down and wiggled her middle finger into April's slippery little asshole.

"Oooo," she exclaimed, twisting her finger around as I watched with amazement. "There's a lot of cum in here."

She then pulled her skinny digit from the clenching orifice, glistening with the cum of three other guys. She held it up with admiration before reaching around and slipping it into April's mouth. Will cheered in response to the dirty manoeuvre, as my girlfriend moaned and sucked the mixture of cum from Tori's finger.

"Maybe you should sample some of that?" Will taunted as Tori let out a playful giggle.

"You think I won't," she shot back with child-like grin.

"I dare you," Will answered, pressing her further.

Tori shrugged her shoulders and shoved her fingers back into April's cum filled asshole, sliding them back and forth before pulling them free and sliding them into her mouth. Again the guys cheered as she flashed another smile and wiped a small white droplet from the corner of her mouth.

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