tagInterracial LoveTiffany's Deception Ch. 03

Tiffany's Deception Ch. 03


Daniel's first text came the very next day. It was early and simply contained a question... "Are you up?" A smiling devil emoji flanked the message.

I was at my desk. It was early but I was always at my desk early. So I just texted back "Up for what?"

Daniel replied, with "The show. Find you a spot in the parking lot, by the mulberry tree. Make sure you can't be seen. You got 10 minutes." I put my phone in my pocket, grabbed the camera and locked the door on the way out. I left the building through the access door behind the docks. I followed the line of shrubs that bordered the parking lot. The mulberry tree stood at three quarters of the length of the lot. I stood behind a low bush and checked the camera. But, I had hardly enough time to turn it on when two parallel beams of light illuminated the far end of the empty parking lot. Those lights curved and stopped just five feet to my left and on the other side of the hedge. It was Daniel. I was tempted to walk over to his window so I could know exactly what was going to happen, but before I could move, a second set of headlights illuminated the parking lot. These pulled beneath the mulberry tree and were nearly right in front of me. I crouched, down on my haunches and quickly got behind the camera.

Daniel flung open his door and marched around Tiffany's BMW. He opened her door and Tiffany swiveled, put both feet onto the blacktop. She was wearing clear shoes.

"Damn girl, you went and got yourself some more stripper shoes." Daniel said with a beaming smile.

Tiffany stood. She smiled at Daniel as she said, "Daniel, I couldn't wear the same shoes every day. I hope these are OK. I bought a couple other pairs too."

"That's great. These are OK, but you show me the shoes before you buy them. No sense in wasting your money." Daniel replied through a wolfish grin.

Tiffany nodded then reached back into the car. She pulled out her computer bag and purse. Daniel stepped up to her, took the bags out of her hand and closed the car door. He then held her tight and kissed her hard. Tiffany's hand came up to push Daniel away but Daniel leaned into her. He kept her trapped, helpless between him and her expensive German automobile.

"Let's go inside. It'll be better there." Tiffany said in throaty whisper.

Daniel kept his groin pressed against Tiffany as he looked skyward and let loose with a quick, hearty laugh. When he lowered his head and stared into Tiffany's eyes Daniel wasn't laughing. He was still smiling but there was no humor in it. He stepped back, put Tiffany's bags on the ground and then with a widening grin told her to turn around and bend over her expensive ass car. Tiffany licked her lips, turned around and then leaned down so her perfect, soft ass was jutting up in the air. Then Daniel said, "Ok, now bitch, pull that tight dress up over that beautiful ass of yours."

Tiffany spread her legs farther apart. The movement made the bottom of her clingy dress ride up even more. Then she rested her huge tits on the hood of the car and reached behind with both hands, hooked her thumbs around the hem of the dress and slowly peeled it away from her naked ass. I checked the camera. On the display I didn't see Tiffany, I saw a randy bitch enticing her dark mate to fuck.

Daniel appeared to be unaffected by Tiffany's display. He stood with his hands on his hips appraising her as if she were a problem he had to solve. He nodded his head approvingly and gestured down toward her naked white ass, so I panned the camera back to Tiffany. She was slowly rotating her hips. Her face was lost behind a mask of lust. I focused the camera on her sex and then I saw the cause of Daniel's approval. Tiffany had snuck her right hand down between her legs and was pleasuring herself.

"Yeah baby, get it. Enjoy yourself." Daniel said as he once again approached Tiffany and unfastened his pants.

Daniel put his right hand under Tiffany's abdomen and drew her to his exposed cock. With his left hand he put his manhood between her thighs and rubbed her naked sex with it. Daniel flashed a wicked smile as he withdrew his glistening cock and brandished it for the camera. Tiffany backed up her soft shapely ass as if to chase his retreating phallus. "Ah come on. Fuck me." Tiffany said then added in a petulant voice, "You know I want it."

Daniel bent his knees and Tiffany spread her legs even farther as she arched her back for him. Then Daniel drove upward as if he meant to lift Tiffany clear off the ground and fuck her on the hood of her car. Tiffany squealed at the sudden thrust, but quickly quieted and put a hand on her ass. It was obvious she was trying to make it harder for Daniel's brutal thrusts to go so deep. "Oh God Daniel, I'll never challenge you again. Please be easy, just a little. Oh my God please..." Tiffany pleaded.

"Fuck Tiff, this ain't the first time you pushed me. And you'll do it again. Oh yeah, you really will do it again." Daniel said as he savagely thrust up into Tiffany. His muscles were knotted and taut. With her fully impaled on his black pole he then continued with, "cause you love it rough, don't you baby?" Then Daniel relaxed and Tiffany sighed like a woman stepping into a warm bath.

I checked the camera, through the view finder I saw Tiffany move her little, soft, white hand from her buttock where it had helped shield her from Daniel's frantic fucking to Daniel's black ass. You could see that she was pulling his pelvis into her. Her face was a mask of unresolved need. Tiffany was matching Daniel's thrusts and arching her back. "Give me that black cock. Come on and fuck me with that big thing. Please give me it to me." Tiffany pleaded.

"What do you want? Tiffany." Daniel spat through a vicious snarl.

"I want you to cum." Tiffany replied.

"Baby, I'm going to cum. I'm going to bust a big ole nut right inside your pussy. Right where those babies are made. Is that where you want me to put it? Daniel asked.

"Where ever you want. I'm yours." Tiffany responded, hoarsely.

Just then Daniel went rigid, grunted and pushed upward so that Tiffany was standing on just her toes. Tiffany purred as she said softly, "Oh thank you baby. Thank you. I love it. Thank you."

When Daniel finished filling Tiffany with seminal fluid, he lowered his groin so that his manhood was naked in the cool morning air. The slimy fluids made it glisten and it was dotted here and there with white gelatinous clumps. It was proof he had seeded Tiffany's pussy. "Damn look at this" Daniel said pointing to his still turgid cock.

Tiffany immediately turned around and dropped to her knees. Daniel stepped back and made a quick motion with his finger. Tiffany quickly stood up, and then shrugged off her dress. Then, once she was naked, wearing only her clear stripper heels, Tiffany got back on her haunches. Daniel gave the near perfect lady a wry smile as she diligently licked up and down his cock. Tiffany didn't seem to care that her bare knees were on the blacktop or at any time an employee could pull up and catch her naked, licking white globs of semen off Daniel's enormous cock. Tiffany was in her own world. She dipped her head and licked Daniel's black nuts until they too glistened wetly under the parking lamps.

With his right hand Daniel took the tip of his cock and held it out in front of himself and with his left behind Tiffany's head he pulled her close. "Oh God baby. You're still hard. You're still so hard. You made me cum, now cum for me, please, please bless me with more. I want your semen right here. I need it now. Please favor me, make me whole" Tiffany said. She said as a supplicant before an altar.

Daniel held Tiffany's head against his thigh and began to pump his cock over her face. Tiffany beamed and encouraged her black lover as he masturbated. Daniel was gritting his teeth and staring balefully down at the naked, red haired executive as she urged him on saying, "Give it to me. Please Daniel. Please sir, give me your love." Tiffany's soft, white hand was rubbing Daniel's thigh as she spoke.

"You've filled my pussy. Oh, God, you gave me your seed. You filled me so good. I'll have your nut in me all day. In all of my meetings and when I go home." Tiffany said like an addict pleading for another hit.

"Yeah, that's it baby, you're a slut and your mine aren't you?" Daniel said through clenched bared teeth.

"No one else's", replied Tiffany.

"But you take anyone's nut. Anyone I tell you and you'll do it right." Daniel commanded.

"Yes, baby. Oh yes", Tiffany answered through a moan. Her eyes flitted closed. Once again her hand had found its way between her thighs. Tiffany leaned forward and licked Daniel's loose, wrinkled, black scrotum.

Daniel replied, "Oh yeah baby. Lick my nuts. Get on up in there and make them feel good. High class bitch like you on your knees licking my black nuts. You love licking black nuts bitch?"

Tiffany's face was barely visible beneath Daniel's enormous sack. Her jaw was working back and forth as she licked Daniel's perineum. Leaning back, she looked up at her black master and said "I love making you happy. I'll do anything for you."

"Then make me happy and swallow this you nasty bitch." Daniel said as he suddenly palmed Tiffany's head and forced his cock into her mouth.

Daniel slowly fucked Tiffany's mouth. He held her head between his big black hands and she stared up at her black master. Daniel began to speak in a slow even cadence. "Oh baby. You make me happy when you do what I say. I'm going to come see you again today and you're going to take my nut. You're going to take my nut every time we are together. Do you have a problem with that?"

Tiffany kept the huge back cock in her mouth as she nodded her acceptance. But Daniel shook his head and let go of Tiffany's head. She pulled her loving mouth from his phallus but still pumped it with her tiny white hand as she said, "No, I love fucking you natural." Daniel cleared his throat and as if on cue Tiffany added, "Because no black man should ever wear a rubber... ever."

Daniel nodded down at the naked white woman who was trying so hard to please him. She was some one's mother and some one's daughter and she was even some one's soulmate, but to Daniel she was a destination for his seed. Finally the muscular black man went rigid and the camera caught Tiffany gulping his essence. Tiffany didn't just accept his seed when the first jet escaped from his meatus, she became a woman obsessed. Tiffany forced the black rod into her throat and her hands went immediately to Daniel's thick ass cheeks and she immediately pulled him into her. She was gulping down Daniel's semen as if it were cool water to her vast desert. After a few moments, Daniel relaxed and Tiffany switched from gulping his sweet semen to licking and caressing Daniel's manhood.

"Ok, Tiff get your ass inside, you have work to do" Daniel said as he stepped back away from Tiffany. For a moment, Tiffany tottered then settled back on the tall heels of her shoes. Daniel quickly bent down and reached out to steady his whore.

After helping Tiffany onto her feet they briefly stared at each other as if neither was sure what to say. Tiffany broke the gravid pause with a light taunt. She said, "I love how you bring out the woman in me." Tiffany then reached out and ran her fingers along Daniel's arm. She lowered her head and gently kissed Daniel's hand. It was so erotic to see Tiffany, naked in the parking lot bending over kissing the black hand of the dock manager. Tiffany straightened, then bent at the knees so she could collect her clothes from the parking lot. When she stood, she shot Daniel a wicked grin and then stepped lightly toward the building. Each step Tiffany made in those high heels made her huge tits jiggle and sway like an experienced stripper. I followed her with the camera until the hedgerow got in the way.

I turned off the camera and then turned to check on Daniel. He was stepping lightly over the landscaping even as he was tucking his shirt into his pants. He was all smiles as he said "Did you see that? Did you see that? Did you get it all? Damn, that bitch is hot. Fuck, she's so hot did you see her suck cock? Damn. I mean Damn...she's needing my nut."

I was so shaken and aroused by what I had seen that I couldn't speak, hell, I could barely breathe. Daniel slapped me on the shoulder, "you alright man?" he asked. I nodded my head then was about to speak but Daniel added, "I'm gonna have to tap that again before the day's over. Sex with that slut is like a potato chip - you can't have just one."

Suddenly I found my voice. "What's all that shit about her not being on birth control? Isn't that dangerous?" The question came out of me like air from a popped balloon. Daniel's expression fell and immediately I regretted saying it, after all I had just witnessed one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen.

Daniel looked down and finished fastening his pants and buckling his belt. When he looked up, his expression was more sober, he let out a long exhale, bit his lip and shook his head slightly. He then said, "It's something that really gets her motor running. My God, I hope that bitch understands that she ain't coming back on me for any support. Fuck, you got to understand as soon that as that shit comes up she gets wetter and hotter than a summer swamp. Hmmm, Damn and she'll do anything when her motor's running. I already said I'm going to tap that again today, didn't I?"

I nodded my head and then asked where the tryst was going to happen. "I'll text you like I did for this one. I'm going to keep pushing her" Daniel replied.

"What do you mean?" I asked honestly not having a clue, my overheated mind couldn't grasp and keep up with anything let alone Daniel's convoluted plans.

"Come on man, I'm laying it all out for you. Didn't you see it?" Daniel said with a look of bewilderment.

Still feeling out of sorts I replied, "Yeah, I saw everything. I mean I had to because of the camera. I had to make sure it was in focus and centered. I had to see what was going on."

Daniel put his hands up and waved them back and forth for a moment. Then he conspicuously looked up and down the hedgerow and quietly said, "Calm down. Of course you saw everything, the only way you could have missed that is if you were blind. What good is a blind cameraman? Fuck, don't be so nervous. All I meant is that I'm pushing her to see just how nasty she will get. I mean she just fucked me in the parking lot. That's cool but it's so fucking early in the morning no one is going catch us except maybe a cop but how many times have you seen the sheriff come driving up here behind the building? Never is how many for me. So I'm sure she thought it was pretty safe. I've got her wearing short dresses and some nice clear stripper shoes. Damn, she's always been hot, but now in these new clothes she is plain smoking. And you know, she likes playing it close to the line. I've been listening to what the others been saying. They all think, the guys anyway, all think she's looking great. They'd say more if she weren't their boss. And you know what?"

"What?" I croaked

Daniel smiled and then turned away for a moment. I knew he was laughing at me. I mean, hell, I was so turned on I couldn't even achieve an erection. In fact I'm sure that if I had so much as brushed my hand across the front of my Dockers I would soiled my underwear.

When Daniel faced me again he looked as if he had made a decision. He flattened his lips and nodded to himself and then told me to get a flash drive and put the movies on it. Make sure the camera is clean. It can't have anything on it except what we are recording at the time we are recording it. Keep the flash drive safe. I know you're going to make a copy just don't ruin all of this by uploading it to the internet or some other stupid shit."

I nodded and told Daniel I'd never do that. He said that he trusted me but it was something he had to say. Then he started spinning his plans. "I'm going to tap that again, hot damn I'm going fucking tap that shit again..." Daniel looked away and said with finality "today!"

Daniel continued to talk, and as he did his plans slowly took shape. "First we got to get her accustomed to all of the attention, that's already happening. All the men in this company are checking her out. As soon as any guy hears that click clack of her heels they stop working and find some reason to look out into the hall. She likes the attention. She's definitely warming up to it. The first meeting I was in with her, she seemed very uncomfortable in her seat. Not now, hell she's strutting her stuff..."

I brought Daniel out of his free association with a quick rap on the shoulder. He looked at me as if surprised by my presence. My overcooked mind was awash with questions. So I started off with, "Dude, what's going on? This isn't just some hot middle class MILF's obsession with sex. You're planning something, what is it?" I paused for a moment then continued with, "I can't get involved in some kind of nefarious shit." The words came faster than I expected and they were harder than I wanted. But, all the same, what I said was true. Daniel looked surprised and even a little hurt at my assumption. I was sure Daniel didn't know that I saw him fuck Tiffany after the party and that I knew he and John had this agreement. Daniel was the good employee and was keeping secret that John was the one behind Tiffany's debauchery. But I pushed him. I wanted to be on the inside of this plan and not some unwitting tool. After all, I knew the original plan but I didn't know how it might have evolved.

Daniel grinned at me, then opened his mouth as if he was about to speak but instead he gave me a dismissive wave and a quick chuckle. I pressed again by saying that they must have been having sex for a long time. He countered, "No, I ain't been anywhere near that bitch but recently. Something you need to know, she moved on me. Nothing nefarious, just a nice looking white woman wanting black cock on the side."

"Oh give me a break, you ain't pulling the race card on me. I'm not implying something sinister just because you're black and she's white. What I am implying is that you should not talk to yourself because you're not the only one listening. Just now, you sounded like you were trying to indoctrinate Tiffany into something." I said with increasing confidence.

"Yeah, she's being indoctrinated into the benefits of fucking me and my black cock. Daniel replied. He had smug look on his face that turned into a wry smile as he continued, "Fuck, she's seeing the good side of fucking black. That's it, I'm indoctrinating her into black cock. Ah hell, I'll tell you everything. I mean what harm can it do?" Daniel said. He looked like he was still trying to convince himself that taking me into his full confidence was a good idea.

I asked, "What are you going to tell me?"

Daniel then told me the whole story. He started with the party at John's house and then he continued until that morning in the parking lot with Tiffany on her knees. "So, what you're telling me is that Tiffany is really nothing more than a paid whore, I mean, at least until her numbers come up." I said.

"Yeah, I suppose you could say that but then again, you can't just turn this shit on and off like a light. You saw her, does she look like I'm forcing her? She didn't look like she wanted to be somewhere else. She was caught and John called her out on her deceit. Then something got triggered. Something in her head is running amuck with this situation. I kid you not, man, she's the one that started with that pregnancy risk shit. It really gets her going and if it gets her going then damn it's going to get me going too. I mean who the fuck am I to argue. My dick doesn't care if she gets knocked up or not." Daniel said.

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