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Tim My Neighbor


I was a bit surprised to find my neighbor Tim was such a sex hound. After he gave himself to me in the garage we got into sort of a pattern. He would come over and sit on the ottoman. I would get in front of him, drop my pants and he would suck me off. He was very good at it. Sometimes I would grab his head and shove my cock deep into his throat. Once in a while I would hold it there till he almost passed out. He liked it, and so did I. Then we would go to the garage and work on the car. He was a good mechanic and knew a lot about older cars. About once a week he would pull the lube out of his pocket, drop his pants, bend over the car and wait. I would take the lube, stick some up his ass and then slowly push my cock into his tight ass. Then I wasn't gentle with him. I fucked him hard! I was a bit afraid of hurting him, but he just begged for more.

About two months after we started having sex he asked if he could come to one of my parties. I belonged to a group of guys who would have "parties" once a month. We would rotate the party to all of the members homes, that way no one's neighbor would complain about the noise.

This parties were not just get togethers. We would have a pot luck dinner, then guys would pair off and have sex. Sometimes they would go into a bedroom, but most times they just started sucking and fucking right in the main room. Generally guys would have sex with more than one guy. Sometimes they would have two or three guys at the same time. Of course we all had a great time!

When he asked I almost told him no. I was a bit jealous, I mean when you have someone who has a great a butt and mouth as Tim, you don't want to share.

We talked about the party and what would happen. He said his wife would be out of town for the week starting on Friday morning. Our parties were on Friday nights so if people wanted to spend the weekend together they had time. We had several matches come from these parties.

Friday came, and I was nervous. I wasn't sure Tim was ready for this group. I knew once they found out he was a bitch they would use him like a fuck toy. Tim came over early to help me set up.

As people started coming in I introduced Tim to them. I don't know, maybe it's a smell or something, but many of them knew right away he was my bitch. Several of them even came up and asked permission to fuck him once things got going.

After dinner guys started pairing off and going to it. I was kind of standing back watching what Tim would do. There was a guy sitting in the corner of the couch. By this time everyone was naked, we were there to fuck and get fucked so there was no sense in wasting time. The guy was slowing jacking himself as he sat there watching others. Tim kneeled on the couch and started to suck him off. I got instantly hard! I knew what this guy was feeling. He sat there for a minute and then opened his eyes and looked at me. I just smiled. He closed his eyes and lay his head back on the couch. He had a smile on his face. I watched Tim slide his mouth around the cock and slowly pull his head back. Then I saw him slide his tongue up and down, he looked like he was working on a popsicle. As he was doing that someone came up from behind. They grabbed his hips and raised his ass in the air. Tim just kept sucking that cock like there was no tomorrow. I knew the guy who was going to fuck him. I was a bit worried because the guy was not gentle. He grabbed some lube, stuck a big glob up Tim's ass and then put some on his cock. He positioned himself behind Tim, with his cock just at the entrance to his hole. Then he bent over and said something, Tim stopped sucking the cock, turned looked the guy in the eyes and smiled. He said something back then went back to sucking the cock.

The guy grabbed Tim's hips and put the head of his cock in Tim's man pussy. Then very slowly, but with a steady movement he shoved his cock into his ass to the balls. Tim stopped for a minute and looked over his shoulder. then he went back to sucking. I could see the guy who was getting sucked was getting ready to blow his load. The guy who was fucking Tim started slowly then built up speed. I swear, I could hear his balls slapping Tim's ass every time he sank his cock in. He slowed down but started pushing harder. At one point I thought Tim was going to get pushed onto his face he was getting pounded so hard.

the guy Tim was sucking couldn't stand it anymore. He gritted his teeth, grabbed Tim's head and held it still. I could see his balls spasm and then he started shooting into Tim's mouth. There was so much Tim couldn't swallow fast enough and some came out of the edges of his mouth.

I was still worried about Tim. The guy in his ass was pounding hard. Tim looked at me and smiled, that was when I stopped worrying about him, he was enjoying himself.

I started looking for one of my favorite holes. I found him and we fucked! For the most part I lost sight of Tim. I did see him slide his ass on a very large cock, then as he bent forward another cock slid into his ass. He has two cocks up his ass at the same time and he was in ecstasy!

After the party I found him laying on the couch. He had cum in his hair and all over his body. He looked up at me and asked if I had a good time, because he sure did. I told him he should go take a shower to get the cum off. He smiled and said he liked it and wanted it to stay for awhile.

As he lay there he asked if he had to go home. I told him he could stay as long as he liked. He smiled at me and said he wanted to stay for a few days. He wanted me to fuck him hard and since he was my bitch he had better start doing his job. Then he sat up and started cleaning my cock with his mouth.

I don't know if Tim will ever go to another party, but I do know I have a bitch I can use whenever I like.

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