tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrozen in Time Ch. 01

Frozen in Time Ch. 01


Chapter 1

The Passing of Power

-All characters and events are fictional and not based on real people-


It was a normal day like any other, or at least at first. I'm Joshua Gutierrez, but everyone calls me Josh. I'm about 5'8, Hispanic, short dark hair and light hazel eyes. Turning 28, I've been working in retail for 3 years or so, though I can't really complain since I really enjoy it.

Though I've had girlfriends before, I was currently single and too busy with work to really look for someone new. Some of my friends have had flings and such but I've always preferred to be in an actual relationship.

There's not to say there aren't a few girls I fantasized about just having my way with for the hell of it.

One of them is a redhead cashier named Tamara, but we all call her Tammy. 29 years old and having a bit of a country accent, she was the hottest employee there with long fiery hair and big adorable blue eyes. Her body was as amazing as she was cute, a bit thick but still in great shape.

With her tight set of 30DDs, that her red short-sleeved uniform would proudly display, and long toned legs, her jeans only accentuated her figure.

The main attraction though was her ass, nice tight and so very round, the back of her jeans hugged her cheeks perfectly. Everyone, and I mean everyone knew she had a fine ass and the way it bulged from her pants was always a sight to behold.

There was also a younger co-worked named Jacklyn, but we call her Jackie. Early 20's and working to pay her way through college, she was a cute black girl with a nice round ass to boot. Shorter than me, she didn't have much in the chest department, but her sweet ass in her tight pair of dickies more than made up for it.

While she was a cashier as well, I was usually paired up with her a lot more often, so I knew her better than Tammy. Even though we joked and teased, I knew I wasn't her type.

Those were the two main girls under my lustful radar, aside from the number of random nameless attractive female customers of all shapes and sizes that would come in. It was a large store so we hardly had many repeat customers. At least not anyone I'd remember.

Either way, it was time for me to head home. It was a sunny afternoon so it was a nice day for a walk. I was still in my uniform, my red shirt, as well as some casual blue slacks, but I figured I'd change when I get home. If I was lucky I might run into another girl I admire.

I didn't know her name, but she was this cute college girl I would sometimes run into whenever our schedules crossed due to our random hours. I've seen her maybe 4 times since I started taking this route home but I'd always remember how hot she was.

She was Hispanic as well with cute glasses and long wavy dark hair going past her shoulders. She had a dark blue vest on this time, barely covering up her tight set of 32Cs bouncing in her white tee. Her tight black jeans showed her round ass perfectly this time. I'm glad she wore one of those small bookbags so it wouldn't cover the view.

Whoever this girl was, I always turned as she walked past me to check out that sweet ass, and man did I ever want to sink my fingers into those sexy cheeks. I figured someone like her would never show any interest in me since to her I'd probably seem way older and not 'cool' enough for her even though I wasn't that much older. And then... it happened.

It was surreal and very bizzare. Everything stopped moving. And I mean... everything. Cars were stuck in the middle of the road. People were stuck in mid-step. Even the college girl was frozen in place. I looked around and everything had just come to a complete stop. I thought it was a joke. Maybe I was getting PUNK'D.

"Um... hello...?" I would call out helplessly as I started to panic. "Can someone... say something???" Time has frozen, except for me.

I reached out to the college girl hoping she'd respond when a voice from behind me called out "I wouldn't do that!"

I turned and saw another man that was a few feet away from me. He was around my age, but a bit taller and huskier. Wearing a black cap, sports jacket, white shirt and dark jeans, he walked towards me. "Wouldn't wanna wake her up during all this. It would get kinda crazy. You have to get them ready before you do that."

I was confused, "Who are you....? Did you do this?"

The man circled around the frozen college girl, obviously checking out her ass and her chest, "Yeah. I can freeze time, but it only lasts for a limited time. This is the last one for me. After today I won't be able to do it anymore... and I decided for my last go to fuck this little cutie I had my eye on for a while." I was totally confused and demanded answers.

"What do you mean? How can you freeze time? Who the hell are you?"

The man looked at me, now standing between me and the girl, "The name's Rob. And I don't know myself how it works. I was just in the right place at the right time. Whoever started this whole thing can only do it ten times. Once they froze time the tenth time, they pass it on to someone else."

"Someone else?" I asked him.

Rob replied, "Yeah.... A month ago, everything around me stopped. Some girl came to me and told me she did it, and she used that ability to have her way with her college mates and co-workers. She was the shy church-going type. Virgin til marriage. That whole deal. So she would never be brave enough to ask a guy out normally. She gave me the power since that was her last time and I never saw her again."

This whole conversation was getting weird, but it was too real to be some sort of dream. "So what's your name?" he asked me as he turned his gaze onto the girl.

"Um... Josh."

"Well Josh this is the second time I caught you staring at this lil cutie's ass. I bet you want some of this, huh?"

He then directed his attention to her. "Lean over." I was surprised as the girl suddenly leaned over, as if looking at something on the ground in front of her. I couldn't help but stare at her sexy ass when she did that. I really wanted to reach out and grab it.

"How did you do that?"

Rob stares at her ass while he answers me, "They do whatever you want. But I don't like it this way. Kinda creepy. I like it when they're awake. It's kinda like hypnosis. Check it out."

He talked to the girl again, "Alright cutie. You can stand up straight now. Turn and look at me." The girl did so, now looking at us. It was weird. She was still frozen in time but her eyes were fixated directly at us.

Rob looked at her, "Alright, you're going to act the way you would normally, but you're going to focus all of your attention to us. You won't notice or care that everything else is frozen. You'll answer all my questions truthfully and do whatever I say. As soon as I say now."

I looked at both Rob and the girl and wondered what would happen next. Rob raised a voice as he said, "NOW."

The girl's eyes widened as she woke up and stopped in her tracks. As far as she knew she was walking home and now suddenly two guys were in front of her. Before she could do anything, Rob asked her, "What's your name?"

She replied, "Lorena."

Rob smiled and asked,"Where are you going?"

She replied, "I'm on my way home from college."

"How old are you Lorena?"

She replied, "I'm 20. Um... do I know you from somewhere?"

Rob said, "Nope. Never saw you before. But I can't help but notice how cute you are."

Lorena backed off a little, "Um... ok?"

"And I really like your ass. You really have such a nice, round, perfect ass in those jeans Lorena."

Lorena said, "...thanks...? Um.. I should be going now..."

I was just mesmerized by this whole situation but by now Rob has completely ignored me and was only focusing on the sexy girl in front of him. "Your ass gets me so hard. I want you to suck my cock Lorena."

Lorena was disgusted and got angry, "What the fuck? Hell no you sick asshole."

Rob stayed calm and said "Take off your backpack and your vest and get on your knees."

Lorena was confused but she did as told, "What the hell... why am I doing this?" She soon got on her knees in front of Rob and looked up at him. "Asshole!" she would blurt out.

Rob asked her, "Do you have a boyfriend?" She would reply "No."

"But you've had boyfriends before right? Have you sucked cock before?"

Lorena truthfully replied, "Yeah... but I mean.. we never went that far...."

Rob then asked her, "So you're still a virgin?"

Lorena said, "Yes." I suddenly asked, "How are you doing this man?"

Rob said, "She has to tell the honest truth no matter what I ask. Sometimes there's truths you hide from yourself. Check this out."

He would unzip his pants and unleash his hard cock right in front of her face. It was pretty thick and I had to admit it was a bit bigger than mine. Lorena gasped and looked away, even though she found herself unable to get off her knees.

"What the hell!! I don't wanna see your stinkin cock, I don't even know you!"

Rob instructed her, "Look at it. Is this the first cock you ever seen up close and personal?"

Lorena turned back and gazed at his hard cock, blushing heavily. "Yes...."

"Do you like it?"

She gasped and said, "Yeah... oh my god.. it's so hard..."

Rob looked at me, "See what I mean? She has to answer with the honest truth. She might hate me, but she likes what I'm packin' here. It's like my boss. I can't stand the bitch, but if you ask me if I'd wanna do her, I can't lie and say no."

All of this just so weird. I was wondering if he'd really make her suck it. It was wrong, but my cock was already bulging from my pants and begging to be the one in Lorena's mouth instead.

"Do you wanna suck it?" he'd boldly ask, and surprisingly Lorena responded, "yeah...."

"Alright Lorena, suck my cock as if I was your loving boyfriend. Suck it the way you've always wanted to."

Lorena quickly leaned in closer and took hold of Rob's throbbing cock. She moved in and wrapped her lips around the head, slowly bobbing her head up and down based on what she's heard. She seemed a bit nervous at first, unsure on if she was doing it right. She slowly gained confidence and started going at a faster pace, letting her hidden desires take over.

Rob looked down at her and moaned a little, "oh fuck..... you really like my cock don't you..." She'd look up at him and say "Yes... oh god I love it... so fucking big and hard..." She would quickly resume sucking it, trying her best to take more into her mouth. She tried to deep throat him, but she gagged and decided to continue sucking him instead.

I was amazed by this scene as my cock was aching to fuck the hell out of her. Rob explained, "See...? This is what she always wanted. Deep into the back of her mind, or her fantasies or whatever, she's been wanting to suck cock like this. I don't know, maybe she's savin' it for marriage, or maybe she's the only one of her friends who hasn't gotten laid yet. Whatever the reason, part of her wants to fuck badly. Hell, I tried this on a girl once and she just wouldn't do it no matter what I'd say cause I found out she was a lesbian and had no desire for it."

I kept staring as Lorena continued to suck him off. Her right hand grabbed Rob's length, stroking it curiously and lustfully as he continued to bob her head on it. She even looked up at him and asked, "Is this how you like it baby?"

"Yeah.. keep going Lorena.. you're amazing.." She happily complied and started sucking harder, rolling her tongue around the head. All the rumors she heard from her friends that have given head before were put into use as she was more than eager to try them all out now.

Rob took hold of the back of her head and started to pump into her, basically fucking her mouth. Lorena let out a surprised gasp, but she let it happen, trying her hardest to keep up. I could tell now that she was getting wet and was eager to make her man cum.

I felt eager to fuck her as well but was too shy to jump in. It was awkward being witness to a guy I never met fuck the lustful mouth of a college girl I only seen passing by once or twice. I could only watch and seeing Lorena, a girl I lusted for, taking a hard cock down her throat was making my head spin with desire.

Rob went faster and harder, pumping his cock into her mouth as he felt himself ready to explode, "Oh fuck... don't stop now baby... I'm gonna cum.."

Lorena wrapped her arms around his hips and kept sucking and slurping, trying to match his pace. She seemed so passionate and intense, wanting her first mouthful of cum. Rob let out a groan as he shot a load into the college girl's mouth.

Lorena tried to pull back, but Rob kept fucking her mouth until a second smaller load would jet out as well. The girl gagged and had to swallow the first, but Rob let her go and she would cough and spit out the rest. "That was great baby. I bet you loved that."

Lorena coughed as she was breathing hard and trying to regain her senses. "What the hell.... How did you make me suck your cock..."

Rob asked her, "Do you want more? Do you want my cock inside you?"

Lorena couldn't deny the desires of her soaking wet pussy, which was burning to finally have a man inside her. She was putting off sex til after college so an accidental pregnancy wouldn't ruin her academic career, but there were times that she wanted it so bad, especially after her friends would brag about their experiences.

"Yes...." she would reply.

"OK... get up and tell me where you live."

Lorena got back up and brushed herself off as Rob would re-zip his pants, "Three blocks down that way." She would point in the direction she was originally walking towards.

"Alright, is there anybody home now?" "No. Mom is at a friend's house and Dad doesn't get home from work until 8. My brother and sister are still in school."

Rob said, "Well, that doesn't matter. The point is, there's no one at home right now, right?" Lorena would reply, "No."

Rob said, "Alright. Then take us to your house and show us your bedroom."

Lorena said, "Alright. Follow me."

She started walking and Rob followed her. I didn't know what to do. "Um....?" Is all I could say.

Rob said, "C'mon man, don't you wanna fuck her?"

I blushed and said, "Well... yeah..." "This is your chance to actually see this fine girl naked. And fuck her. She can even be the one riding your cock if you want to."

Damn it. I REALLY wanted to fuck Lorena... right up her tight round ass. I couldn't fight my restrictions anymore. This was a once on a lifetime chance with a smokin' hot babe that normally wouldn't give me the time of day. I couldn't contain myself and started walking, following them to her house.

Everything was so weird as we just walked past other people frozen in the middle of what they were doing. And true enough to Rob's hypnotic suggestion, Lorena paid it no mind and was only focused on taking us to her bedroom.

We soon arrived and Lorena unlocked the door and set her stuff on the couch as she normally would every day coming home from college. It was a nice little house with two floors and a fireplace, large TV on the floor and other things I didn't have time to notice. She started walking upstairs and we followed.

There were several doors and the second one was hers. She opened the door and stepped inside, revealing her bedroom. It had some clothes lying around but she had a book self, her own TV on top of her dresser and posters of some musicians I never heard of.

Her bed was littered with books and some Cosmo mags, which she quickly knocked out of the way. She carefully removed her glasses and set them on the nearby desk and sat down on the bed. She turned to face us and asked, "So... what do you want me to do now, lover?"

Rob said, "See that? She sees me as her lover now and is treating me the way she always wanted to treat a man. Alright, you can start by taking off your clothes. Leave your underwear on."

My eyes widened as she started to take off her shirt without question. I saw her sexy silky black bar clinging onto her breasts, her breasts poking through the slightly transparent fabric. Her belt soon followed, and she wasted no time in unzipped her jeans and pulling them down.

She had matching silky black panties, just barely covering her intimacy. Rob started taking off his jacket and shirt as well and told me, "You might wanna wait outside." I shook my head. I wanted to her naked. My cock demanded that I see all of her.

Rob told her to kiss him the way she would her lover, and soon enough they were making out. Everything seemed to intense with those two as their tongues fought it out. Soon Rob undid the back of her bra and her breasts finally bounced her.

She moaned as Rob started to suck on her sweet little nipples, already hardened and begging to be teased. I could barely stand it and really wished I was in his place. Rob looked at me and said "You want some of this don't you? Let me get her to suck your cock."

Rob asked her, "Have you ever wanted to be on top, or are you the submissive type."

Lorena blushed and honestly answered, "I dreamed of riding my man's cock... I like control..." He smiled, "Alright... I'm gonna lay back and you're gonna ride me the way you always wanted." Lorena gave him a lustful look as she shoved Rob to his back and straddled him.

I watched as she violently yanked off Rob's belt and unzipped his pants. It looked like she was the one in charge now as she pulled his pants down. His cock was sticking straight up and she gazed upon it with wild desire. She mounted him and took off her panties, kicking them off her right foot.

She took hold of his cock and stroked it hard as she started getting herself into position. Rob just enjoyed the show, eager to finally take her.

Lorena carefully placed the head near her hot steamy pussy, which made Rob harden to his fullest.

The eager college girl slid downwards a little and felt as the thick hard rod spread her lips. She let out a gasping moan as she let his cock slide upwards into her. "ow..." she said quietly as she felt her virginity lost, but the pain didn't last long. With her hymen broken, nothing held her back as she started to raise and lower herself slowly, taking most of his cock inside her.

Her hands pinned him down, using them for support. She didn't want to take all of him just yet since she was worried about hurting herself. Rob moaned as he let the girl have her way with him, "oh yeah.... Ride it baby..." slowly thrusting upon her.

I couldn't take my off of them as Lorena continued to moan and ride her lover. "Ahhh.... It's so good.... So fuckin good..."

She finally sat on him now, taking him fully as she grinded herself against him. "Oh fuck!!! So deep!!!!" she's groan as she felt his full length crammed inside her tight wet cunt.

Rob breathed harder as he was overtaken by the girl's passion. He almost forgot about me but he suddenly called out, "Don't just stand there man.... Make her suck your cock. You know you want some of this."

"I don't know man...."

"Don't be a pussy and get over here. You know you want this."

I did want this, no matter how wrong it might have been. I walked over to her and didn't know what to say. She was completely ignoring me and was riding Rob like crazy. This girl I lusted for, right in front of me, naked and fucking like crazy. I finally said, "Um... hi."

Lorena suddenly stopped and looked at me, still panting hard from having that thick shaft buried deep inside her. "Who are you...? How the fuck did you get in my house? Don't you see I'm with my man here?"

I was confused. It seems she never realized I was around the whole time. All her attention was on Rob and I was ignored like all the other random people frozen in time. I froze up myself, and didn't know what to say. Rob spoke up, "Don't you know him Lorena? He's that guy you always wanted. The guy you always dreamed of but never had the guts to tell him to his face."

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