Tim's Odyssey


The closest I ever saw him come to being "emotional" was when he told me what he thought of Amber. He adored her and was adamant that I not "fuck up" and let this one get away.

That advice kept me on the straight and narrow for my entire married life.

I took a job with the Deston Conglomerate in their trailer leasing firm after college, while I decided what sort of business I would get into on my own. Amber joined a very well respected law firm, Kallen and Associates located near my work.

About seven months later there was a "hostile" takeover bid from a rival corporation and like everyone else that worked at Deston, I started to worry about losing my job.

True to Charlie's credo however, I never let it show.

In the midst of that action we received word from his brother that Charlie had died.

Amber went with me to the funeral.

At the wake, Alan told me that he and Charlie were joint owners of the family home, that it was too big for just he and his wife now that Charlie was gone and that they wanted to sell. He already had a cash offer of $450,000 for the property which had no mortgage.

He wanted to know if that was O.K. with me.

Seeing my confusion at being asked, he guessed that Charlie had neglected to tell me that I was his sole heir and that Alan needed my permission to sell. Not only that, but Charlie had also invested his half of the proceeds from the sale of the house where we had lived together. That too was to be mine.

Over the next few days as I went through Charlie's records I made another interesting discovery. In spite of the fact that Edith had betrayed Charlie and he had literally thrown her out over it, the financial records showed numerous payments made to keep her rent up to date and to keep her grocery, utility and medical bills paid.

He would never take her back but he continued to take care of her anyway.

All told, Charlie had left me about $360,000 in liquid funds and combined with the value of the portfolio he had given me when he moved to New Mexico, I had a net worth of almost a half million dollars . . . in cash!


Three weeks after Charlie's funeral, I was an active participant, along with my wife, in the bidding war for Deston's stock, to circumvent the hostile takeover bid. I was guided by Sam Wasterman, the General Manager of the firm whom I had come to admire and respect during my first 7 months there.

In the deal I made with him, in return for my voting support with our stock, combined with others who were supporting him, he agreed to hire Kallen and Associates, (a local corporate law firm who just happened to have a relatively new associate named Amber Backford, my wife), and to take me on as his administrative assistant.

Over the next three years we built the Company into international status and our net worth (Amber's and mine) increased to close to a million dollars. Amber was made a Junior Partner in her law firm based on her excellent work during the takeover bid in spite of the fact that she had taken a leave 18 months after she began there, to give birth to our son Charlie.

She took another leave 2 years later to have Karen, our daughter, who has been the "apple of daddy's eye" ever since.

Over all, I would say that our lives from that point were "privileged".

After 22 years of marriage, Amber was a senior partner in her firm, we were majority owners of Deston Corporation, a company now worth about $20,000,000, (nearly half of it ours), I was President and C.E.O. and our kids were both off to college, Charlie studying medicine in New York and Karen studying law in California.

We were on our own once again.

We were much like every other couple through those times. We had our ups and downs, more ups, I think. We had some quarrels but they never lasted very long and neither of us could remember what they were about. Our sex lives did the normal things as the kids came along but for the most part it was very good.

When the kids were first gone, it got better.

We were both able to cut back on our schedules. I moved "up" to Chairman of the Board and we promoted a senior staff member to C.E.O., we traveled more and we spent more time together playing both tennis and golf and all that contributed to a much more active sex life between us.

There was one remarkable time in the fall a while back when we went to a Halloween party at the club. Amber's costume included a wig which she found irritating to her skin. Rather than switch costumes, she approached the C.E.O. of a company for whom she had done some corporate work and that woman gave her a sample of one of the "high end" wigs they manufactured.

It was remarkable as it completely changed Amber's appearance from her rather short natural blonde to a shoulder length brunette. With a little make up to darken the eyebrows, she was a different person.

At the party she had a great time because, whenever we were not together, people didn't recognize her. We both enjoyed it when she was able to start and carry on a conversation with someone who didn't realize who she was and was wondering how this "stranger" knew what she did.

We laughed all the way home.

That night she came to bed wearing only the wig and some make up!

She began by having me on my back while she lay beside me passionately kissing me. After a while she began to stroke my cock while we were kissing. After I was as hard as I would ever get, she sat up, straddled my head facing my feet and planted her very wet pussy on my face.

I ate her like there was no tomorrow.

Through that, right up to an almost violent orgasm, she continued to stroke my cock. When she came down from that orgasmic high, she turned around and straddled me again, this time sitting down on my cock. She took my hands and pulled them to her breasts and I kneaded them while she rode me. Her nipples became as hard as rocks and after only a few minutes it was obvious she would cum again.

When she did, I was carried along with her and I spilled as much into her as I ever had before.

We kissed tenderly and as I was just settling in to that post orgasmic bliss we so often shared, I was shocked when she pushed up and turned, taking me into her mouth again.

Even with my age working against us, she still got me hard again, then, laid back urging me to "fuck" her. I don't recall in all our years together hearing her talk like that while we were making love.

I did fuck her, and having just cum, it lasted long enough for her to cum twice before I finally came again.

We hadn't pulled off something like that since we first began having sex!

Next morning my wife was once again blonde and still her wonderful self.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" she asked with a huge smile on her face.

"I most certainly did!"

"By the way," she continued, "who was that brunette you left the party with? She looked pretty hot!"

Getting into the joke I replied, "Damn, she was! It was as good a night as I've ever had."

"Was she the best you've ever had?"

Joking or not, this was headed in a direction that could be trouble and the look on her face reflected something that I could not interpret as amusement, so I replied, "No. She was really hot, but I much prefer my wife.", a reply which netted me a huge smile, a kiss and a hug.

Later she did ask me, "Did you get off on fucking a strange woman last night?"

"It was exciting for me mostly because I felt you were particularly excited. Was I wrong?"

"No, you weren't! It was just a fantasy of course but for a moment it was like I was someone else and I could do what I want with impunity because no one knew who I was." She answered, then she blushed as she said, "I would normally not be as aggressive as I was last night except that I had the feeling you thought I was someone else and it seems to have worked for you too!"

I took her in my arms and kissed her gently and said, "I find that someone else to be very exciting and it's best of all when she turns out to be you."

The rest of that week took on a kind of "honeymoon" theme but without the wig.


Although relatively rare, Amber did occasionally travel on business.

Just before Thanksgiving that year she had to go to Miami to meet with a client. She was supposed to be gone about three days but she called shortly after arriving there to say that two of the people she was to meet with had been out to dinner the night before and both had some sort of food poisoning and would not be available to meet in the foreseeable future . She had arranged a flight back home to Kansas City the following morning but she would arrive later in the day as the only flight she could get at such short notice had a long stopover in Atlanta.

We talked again that evening and once more the following afternoon while she was in Atlanta. That was unusual but not so much so that I was in any way suspicious. I enjoyed talking with her!

In retrospect, I realize that she was especially affectionate when she arrived home late that afternoon giving me a great big kiss and hug as soon as she emerged from the limo that picked her up at the airport.

That spilled over into a late evening, candlelit dinner complete with our favorite wine and we ended up eating each other for dessert.

She had worn an ankle length skirt to dinner and after a lengthy, suggestive conversation, she sat on the sofa in our living room, hoisted up the skirt to show that she was not wearing panties and had me eat her to orgasm.

When she recovered from that, she stripped off the rest of her clothes and asked me to follow her to our bedroom where she sucked me almost to orgasm then mounted and fucked me until I came.

She remained in that affectionate mode for the rest of the week and on the following Wednesday we drove together to the airport to pick up our daughter Karen who, along with her brother, was coming home for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We took Karen out for a late lunch in the City on the Missouri side then returned to the airport to pick up Charlie, then returned home.

Usually Amber is so caught up in the kids being home that there is little sexual intimacy between us, but not that weekend. With the exception of me eating her in the living room, we continued to behave as she had upon her return from Miami.

It was great! We enjoyed having the kids home and we enjoyed each other.

Her trip to Miami was rescheduled for early December. I had been putting off a trip to New York and decided I would be away when Amber was. We had the same departure and return days but my flight was much later than hers. We went to the airport in the same limo but arranged separate ones to return home.

As my flight left last, I walked her to her gate then, after she left, I went to mine.


The trip to New York was uneventful except for a very nice dinner with our son Charlie. I spoke with Amber each night. Up till then we hadn't been in the habit of daily phone calls when apart, but lately Amber had taken to calling me and often asking me to call her in the evenings and I enjoyed all my interaction with her.

I finally finished my business and headed home on the scheduled flight

There was a very short delay which was explained to us as we taxied to the runway at Kennedy International. Apparently there was a bad storm in Kansas City but they had decided it may have abated by the time we arrived, so the flight was released.

Later in the flight we were told that the storm had stalled in the Kansas City area and that we were being diverted to St. Louis until alternate arrangements could be made to get us to our destination. By the time we landed we were told that there would be an estimated 4 – 5 hour layover before we could resume our flight home. There were two other Kansas City bound flights that had arrived hours ahead of us and we would get out right after them.

I tried to reach Amber both at home and on her cell phone as she was to get there before me and when I couldn't, it occurred to me that Amber might also be here in St. Louis as her flight was before mine. I began looking for her in the terminal. I was momentarily distracted as a photographer was taking apparently random pictures of the unusually large number of people in the terminal and one of them included me as I searched through it.

In any case, I didn't see her so I returned to the very crowded waiting area by my gate. Quite some time later, the second "one in a million chance" event occurred in my life.

Just before the first flight was released to Kansas City, I became aware of a young man who seemed to be arguing with the woman beside him. She was seated and facing away from me but he was seated beside her and had turned to face her.

He was apparently trying to convince her to return to their hotel and she was refusing and trying desperately to get him to be quiet. It was amusing but certainly none of my business so I went back to the novel I was reading.

Later I looked up as they both stood and began to walk away, him still trying to convince her to stay. I turned back to my book before my mind processed all that I had seen, but when it did, I jumped to my feet and followed them.

It had taken a few moments for me to realize that the brunette he had been arguing with looked all too familiar, particularly when she stood and walked away. Although I could not imagine why she would, it made me think of Amber, wearing the wig she got for Halloween.

After a search of the gates in that direction I didn't see her but I did see the guy who had been with her pass through a gate for a plane to Boston.

On the way back to my gate I passed the photographer I had seen before and on a whim asked if he would mind showing me the pictures he had taken in the last few minutes as I thought I had seen an old girlfriend go down this way and I wondered if he might have caught her in one of his pictures.

He agreed and after examining 6 of his digital pictures, we came across one that I was positive was Amber wearing the wig.

I gave the photographer $20 and ripped a fifty in half promising him the other half if he would make a copy and send it to me. He said he could do better than that and offered to download it to my laptop right there and then.

An hour and a half later I was on my way home with a picture on my computer of my wife in the St. Louis airport wearing the wig.

My mind and my heart were in a turmoil all the way home. I ranged from, perhaps this was some sort of foolish prank, to a full fledged, she is doing something she shouldn't.

Perhaps cheating!

I took the limo home to find another candlelit dinner ready and waiting for me, my wife wearing a blouse tied at the waist with no bra and a knee length skirt under which I later learned she was not wearing panties.

It took only a millisecond for her to realize I was upset!

She asked what was wrong and I started up my laptop, loaded her picture and asked her point blank, "This is you wearing the wig isn't it?"

She blanched but regained control and asked, "Yes, it looks like it is. Where did you get that?"

"In St. Louis!"

She completely lost her composure and fell into the chair behind her putting her face in her hands, now crying.

"Oh my God Tim, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

Her bawling made it impossible for me to get all she was saying and it took me a while to make out her repeating over and over, "This can't be happening to me! It can't!"

In my fear and confusion I latched on to the only advice I can ever remember getting that would help me handle whatever this was.

"Don't let them see how you are feeling. If you do, you lose!"

I put on my best "poker" face and waited patiently for Amber to calm down wanting desperately to hold her and comfort her, but this was not the time, so I waited.

It seemed to take forever before she settled down long enough for me to ask, "Who was the guy?"

That started another round of bawling that delayed an answer. As soon as the opportunity came, I asked again, "Who was the guy Amber?"

I couldn't make out the answer because she still had her face buried in her hands. When she finally looked up her face was wet and I remember being struck by the size of the tears running down her cheeks. They were huge.

I finally made out that she said, "I don't know. A guy named Jerry from Boston. I've never met him before."

"Why were you wearing the wig and what was all that about?" I asked, fearing I knew the answer.

"Tim, I love you. I always have and I always will."

"Why the wig? What's going on?" I asked again. In spite of my determination not to show how I was feeling, I was beginning to get angry.

"Please let me go to the bathroom and get myself together and I'll answer." She sobbed.

About 5 minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, poured herself a brandy then sat down beside me and began to explain. She was still sobbing but had enough control to be heard and understood.

"When we were first married, I worried about how our sex life would be. I had virtually no experience and what little I did have was bad. I wondered if I could keep you happy. That all faded pretty fast as I loved what we did together and I was, still am, convinced you were happy too.

After the Halloween party when we made love with me still wearing the wig and pretending you were having sex with some other woman, started me wondering again what it would be like to have sex with another man.

I knew I would never do it because I couldn't bear to see you hurt . . ." She stopped and looked at me, her face a mask of pain, ". . . like you are now." she finished as more huge tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I began by fantasizing that I could try it and not have anyone, not even the guy I did it with, know who I was. No one would know and you would not be hurt. I thought that if I picked someone up far from home, looking much different, there would be no chance anyone would know."

"How many men have you been with?" I asked far more calmly than I felt.

"He was the only one and he is the last and would have been the last even if you had not found out."

As I started to exclaim what a remarkable co-incidence that was, she quickly added, "I tried it in Atlanta on my way home from Miami last time. With the long layover, I left the airport and went to a nearby hotel where I put on the wig. I met a guy in the bar that I liked but at the last minute I chickened out and went back to the terminal to wait for the flight.

This time I put the wig on in Miami. The girl who checked my picture I.D. when I went through security didn't even notice the change in appearance from my passport. I met Jerry at the gate in Miami and I liked him. He was hitting on me a little, not too aggressively and I thought about it but chickened out again and stayed at the airport and later boarded the plane, still wearing the wig.

We ended up sitting together as he had his seat changed and when we were diverted to St. Louis he told me he would not be going on to Kansas City and had rebooked back to Boston. It seemed like the perfect opportunity. I would fuck him, find out once and for all what it was like and never have to see him again nor let you find out.

As soon as I did it, I would burn the wig and that would be the end of it!

I tried to rationalize it by thinking it would help me make our sex life better but that isn't true. It was a selfish act and I'm sorry I did it. Not only has it hurt you but it wasn't even exciting. I was so upset with myself and what I was doing that it turned out to be an ordeal and I had no idea how to stop what I had started without causing a fuss and maybe being found out. I convinced myself that it would get better when I relaxed but I didn't and it didn't.

On the way back to the terminal from the hotel he tried to convince me to stay the night. When I wouldn't do it, he asked for a number where he could call me and I refused. He actually followed me to the gate trying to convince me to let him come to Miami and meet me again."

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