tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 02

Ting Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Tommy & Lauren, Bill and Wendy

It had been a little more than a month since Ting, Lauren, Tommy and I had enjoyed each other's company on their king-sized bed. More delightful evenings had followed, only increasing the closeness among the four of us.

"I guess I just didn't realize how exciting it would be," Ting admitted one night shortly after our first experience. "I thought that having one cock available any time I wanted it was enough, but Tommy and Lauren sure showed me that it was fun to enjoy ourselves with others.

"Me too," I told her as we cuddled. "Even as often as I had told you that I would like to see another man fuck you, I never dreamed that it would make our own love making so intense. Watching him screw you was absolutely delightful, and I just had to fuck you myself when he finished.

"And Lauren too?" she teased.

"Yes, her too. But what really turned me on was watching her feed you Tommy's cock and seeing you swallow his cum like that. That really got me hot!"

"I could tell," she said softly, "just like it's doing both of us right now."

Still, I was a little surprised when one day at my office, Wendy, a long-time friend of ours, visited with her husband, Bill. They needed some financial advice and turned to me since they knew my reputation as a financial adviser as well as being a good friend. It took a little more than an hour for us to complete the arrangements they had requested. It probably wouldn't have taken that long if Wendy hadn't spent so much time in my line of vision.

Let me explain that. Wendy and Bill have been friends of ours for almost as long as we have been married. We often party at their house, just as we do with other friends. Our circle of friends has become much more interesting since Tommy, Lauren, Ting and I have found that the strict moralistic codes that hampered the closeness of our friendships for years could be stretched to include more risqué behavior. Some puritans might even call it salacious, but they are the ones who aren't having the fun we were. Ting had become much more open in her relationships with our other friends, and I could see that she was interested in more than just in passing. Who or what had started it, I'm not really sure, but I can assure you we were having much more fun than we had been having before. Not only were we enjoying our new relationship with Tommy and Lauren, but also it was spilling over into our relations with other friends.

Bill and Wendy are a good example. Bill is one of those 'hale and hearty' guys who has never met a stranger. At a little over six feet tall, he towers over Ting by at least as much as his own wife. He also delights in lifting the ladies he meets socially off their feet with one of his famous hugs, which usually leaves their husbands smiling and the wife squealing with surprise. It's hard for them to stay miffed at him though; he is as handsome as he is tall, with a rugged physique most men admire and over which women drool.

He had met his match in Wendy though. Wendy had been a professional martial arts instructor for more than three years before meeting Bill. Who would have thought that the five foot, brown haired, angelic looking doll would throw Bill three times in a demonstration of her proficiency. Bill had not only laughed off the skill exhibited, but made it his life's work to marry that cute little filly.

It had taken him three years more to convince her to marry him, but once that happened it was as though they were made for each other. Bill knew that with her beauty, there would be times when he would probably worry about his wife, but it never happened. Wendy had never exhibited any tendency to stray. She was also as skilled verbally as physically and could disarm most men without more than a cautionary word.

She had often told female friends that she had no reason to stray, saying that Bill was as adept in the bedroom as he was in his business, but this had changed gradually and it began to appear both were ready for a little adventure. I hoped that was so, because I had a serious case of 'love to' over Wendy. More than a few times recently, she had been my dance partner and a real juicy morsel to have in my arms. At first she had just given me a quizzical look when my hands wandered, but since our experience with Tommy and Lauren that had changed to a much more permissive aura. I wondered who, if anyone, had told Wendy about our newfound recreation.

I know that Bill felt the same way about Ting. She had told me often before about Bill's wandering hands, even more so than Tommy. Actually it had been Bill who had made me wonder if in fact Ting was ready to think about the comfort of another man's body on her own. When I asked her if I should mention it to Bill, she had given me that inscrutable oriental smile and said it wouldn't be necessary.

So, I wasn't surprised when Wendy had mentioned, as I escorted her and Bill out to the parking garage, that both had suggested joining them at a local bistro noted for it's slow dance music and cozy, dimly lighted interior. When I mentioned that Tommy and Lauren had already suggested the same thing that night, Wendy gave her husband a quick smile and nod of her head. We decided to increase the party to a group of six.

To this day I don't know if Lauren had spilled the beans to Wendy and she, in turn had told Bill the coast was clear, but it certainly appeared that way when we were nearing the end of the night's festivities. Bill sat at the end of our semi-circular booth next to Lauren. I was in the middle between Lauren and Wendy, while Tommy was at the other end of the booth next to Ting. The drinks had been flowing freely and the dancing had gotten progressively more 'interesting.' At least twice I had been on the floor with Wendy or Lauren and had seen Bill checking for the presence of a bra on Ting, with no apparent objection from her.

Now as I watched Ting and Tommy explore each other surreptitiously, I decided to spend a set with Wendy while Bill's big hands did the same with Lauren. Wendy had changed before the party and now wore an almost flesh colored diaphanous blouse with a matching low-cut bra that showed a considerable amount of her small, but very pert breasts. Added to a full but short tan skirt, she looked downright edible. I couldn't help but glue my eyes to the cavern between her breasts.

She caught me. "They're 34B," she announced, causing me to blush furiously and be thankful for the almost non-existent lighting. She laughed. "I just thought I might as well tell you before you began checking - and no, I don't wear panty hose, see?" With that remark, she took my hand which had I thought had been cleverly working its way lower and lower and put it beneath her skirt. Instead of the curse of mankind - panty hose - I felt the edge of a garter belt and warm, soft flesh. If my cock had been less than fully aroused before, it certainly put on a burst of growth now as my hand slid toward the juncture of her thighs and felt nothing but more soft, warm flesh. She gasped and closed the distance between us immediately as my fingers found the cleft of engorged and damp labia.

"Keep that up, and you'll get yourself fucked right here on the dance floor," she whispered softly. "And I really wouldn't like that. I'd much prefer doing it at home, in bed."

"Wouldn't Bill be a little upset by that?" I asked, desperately hoping for a negative answer.

"Look at him and Ting," she suggested. I turned my head, but in the darkness I was only able to make out general shapes. I twirled the two of us closer to where I thought they were and found out that Bill had left Ting in favor of Lauren. As the swap of partners had obviously occurred, I gave Wendy a questioning glance.

"No matter," she said quickly. "He told me he's going to fuck both of them tonight."

"What brought this on?" I asked, already guessing the answer. I couldn't look at her, absorbed instead by the sight of Bill's big hand squeezing one of Lauren's breasts as the moved slowly only a foot or two away from us. It was at that point that Tommy caught my attention and nodded toward the door. I recognized it as a signal he intended to leave with Ting and, before I could nod an affirmative, I saw them disappear through the rear entrance of the club into the parking lot.

Wendy was already moving in the same direction, leaving me to wonder if Bill would follow with Lauren. We were barely out the door before I saw his big frame, one arm wrapped around Lauren's chest, following us to the van I had used to bring all of us to the party. Tommy and Ting were already inside, on the cushioned floor in the rear of the van before I could hand Wendy into the seat next to me. Bill and Lauren barely had the door closed before I heard Lauren tittering, protesting that she didn't want to get her blouse ruined by his haste. I got a brief glance at them as I got in the driver's seat and felt Wendy slide close. Lauren's blouse was pulled off one shoulder and her breast was in Bill's mouth. I couldn't see Ting and Tommy on the floor in the back, but the moan of pleasure I heard was definitely proof she was enjoying her self.

The fifteen minute trip to our house took entirely too long as far as I was concerned. Wendy's head was in my lap, bobbing up and down on my cock, which I desperately was trying to prevent from cumming. One of my own hands was busy between her thighs, fingering that warm juicy gash. Bill had Lauren's right leg over the back of our front seats and her left over the seat on which she lay. Bill's energetic fucking was literally causing the van to bounce up and down on its springs as we traveled the short distance. I wondered about Ting, but heard nothing except a chorus of male and female groans from the far end of the van. I have to admit it was certainly hard to concentrate on driving with Wendy's attentions to my own rigid problem.

We barely made it inside the front door before articles of clothing began flying about the living room. Fortunately, we had just had the living room carpet replaced by a thick pad and lush carpet that made it easier for all of us to get busy without concern for a bed.

Ting was almost invisible beneath Bill's sturdy frame, but her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. Lauren sat against the sofa, a wide smile on her face, still recovering from the hard pounding Bill had given her on the way over. Tommy sat beside her, his arm over her shoulders, cupping one breast, as they looked on shamelessly at what Ting was now absorbing from Bill.

I have to admit I wasn't watching what was going on as closely as I should have been had I been concerned about what Bill's plunging cock was doing to my wife. Instead I found my own reward between Wendy's thighs. My feeble efforts on the way home had left her pussy slightly open and heavily coated with the juices I had pumped out of her with my fingers while she sucked my cock. Now it was my turn!

Working my way down that lovely body, I soon found my head over the tiny growth of muff covering Wendy's hot pussy. At first she seemed hesitant, looking toward Bill and Ting, but as my warm breath disclosed my mouth's proximity, I saw the engorged lips open just enough to view tiny pearls of her nectar. She was obviously as aroused as I. The aroma rising from her crotch was enchanting. There is nothing more delightful than the scent of an aroused woman, especially when one is that close to her. I opened my mouth wide and covered her sweet clam-shaped lips from top to bottom, earning a slow moan from her as my tongue searched that delightful valley. My hands, still on her breasts, felt the growing vertical development of her nipples until their length protruded above my fingers.

I felt my hands pushed aside as both Lauren and Bill crawled from their position near the couch to get closer to the action. Looking up Wendy's concave little belly, I saw both of them descend on a full breast each, their cheeks hollowed by the suction of their mouths. Ting was now on the couch, with Tommy fucking her hard. Wendy shivered at all the sudden attention, then spread her thighs further apart as I wormed my tongue deeper into that warm gulf. I could see Lauren's middle finger rubbing slow circles around the now exposed nubbin of Wendy's clit. Wendy's calves worked their way over my back and I felt the pressure of her warm legs pulling me deeper into her now juicy cunt.

I knew it wouldn't take long for Wendy to cum. Her arousal was too intense. And I was right. Before more than a few minutes of lingual stimulation of her sexual core, her legs tightened behind my head and I tasted the almost syrupy elixir of her orgasm flow over my tongue. Her crotch was straining upwards as she tried to force my tongue deeper, but with a few final thrusts of her hips, I realized that her orgasm was ending. It was just in time. My cock, which had until now been forced to bury itself only in the soft fibers of our rug, was demanding more. I worked my way up Wendy's body this time. Lauren and Bill had little choice but to retreat as my mouth closed over one breast and my hand began gently kneading the other.

Lying with my head on Wendy's chest, leisurely lapping one nipple while toying with the other, I saw my lovely wife on her hands and knees, with Bill's cock in her mouth and Tommy's lengthy cock pumping into her juicy core. Each thrust of Tommy's cum covered cock forced Ting's face tighter into Bill's crotch, but he didn't seem to mind. Lauren lay beneath Ting, using both hands around her breast to pull it closer to her open mouth. Even with a pillow beneath her head it was a difficult stretch, but the shiny saliva covering an engorged nipple showed she had already been successful.

That was enough for me and, without thought of how beautiful this scene was, I turned my body and let Wendy's hands lead my cock to its own paradise.

"Oh, that's just what I want," I heard her hiss, "but I want it in bed."

That was all the encouragement I needed. It took very little effort to life her from the floor and start toward the bedrooms. The others may have gotten the idea at the same time. Ting was on the couch with Tommy's head between her thighs and his hands kneading her breasts. I knew from the rigid nipples that she wouldn't be needing me for hours yet. Ting had told me the first time that Tommy had fucked her how he loved eating pussy and how good he felt when that long tongue was causing her body to float from one orgasm to another.

Since this was to be my first time with Wendy, I wanted her to be comfortable. I heard Lauren's voice behind me and turned, with Wendy in my arms, to see her being carried into the guest bedroom by Bill. Wendy saw it too. She turned her head just enough that Bill could see her smile and suggested that Bill 'sock it to her'. Bill's answering smile suggested he intended to do just that.

"This is perfect," Wendy said as I laid her on my side of our king-size mattress. I started to climb over her prostrate form, but she had a surprise for me yet. "I want some more of this before you fuck me," she said softly. "I love sucking cock and I don't want you to cum too soon when you're in my pussy". With that, one hand curled around my balls and the other pulled my cock toward her smile. It was heaven! Just as it had been in the van. Wendy is an accomplished cocksucker. I almost blew my load as I felt her lips open just wide enough to accept the head of my dick, but it was nothing compared to the delight I felt when that muscular tongue of hers began circling my cock as she looked up at me. I couldn't resist. Bending down slightly, I took her head in both my hands and pressed my cock deep into that hot mouth. In my limited experience, very few women know how to suck a man off. Most just let the man fuck her mouth, but not Wendy. Bill had obviously taught her a great deal, and now I was benefiting from his tutelage (or at least someone's, because I didn't believe anyone could get that good just from experimenting with her husband.)

Wendy knew just how much pressure to put on the shaft with her teeth as I dragged it slowly from her mouth, then pressed it deep inside once again. I felt her throat close over the head and the muscles in the back of her throat clamping around it as she literally tried to swallow it. Her cheeks were concave with the suction of her efforts.

She set a new record for making me cum. Even Ting's skills didn't surpass Wendy's, and I always thought she was the best I had ever had. Maybe it was the novelty of fondling her pussy with one hand as I guided her head back and forth with the other, but within five minutes she had my cum blasting its way straight down her throat. That's where many women lose their enthusiasm for sucking a man off, but not Wendy. She was gulping my hot seed down as though it was a warm, sweet custard. My hips were jerking back and forth wildly. Pummeling her chin with my balls, and still she kept sucking until I could stand it no longer. She looked in my eyes as she slowly used her tongue to clean the remnants of my cum from the still hard length of my rod.

"Now we can get down to business," she sighed as she pulled me over her body. "I've been wanting to fuck you from day one", she sold me as she directed my cock to her wet juncture. "I've just been waiting to see if Ting might share."

"Apparently Bill has too." I commented as I felt the tip of my shaft touch the warmth of her outer lips. I felt her legs open wider, allowing the head of my cock to creep into that warm vault and feeling the muscles of her vagina close around my swollen head, earning a sigh of pleasure from her.

"Yes," she said with a sibilant sigh. "He's been so good about this ever since I told him that I wanted to fuck you. He told me he intends to screw her all night the first time that we get a chance to be together in a foursome."

"I'd like to see that myself," I said as I eased deeper into that tight sheath. "I think Bill would be good for her." My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Wendy's nylon-clad legs crossing behind my thighs as she pulled me deeper into that snug harbor. I retreated slightly to spread my pre-cum over her inner walls and then pressed into her once again.

"Ah," she hissed, "that's what I like. Now, all the way, honey, let me feel you fill me to the brim."

I felt my balls tighten against her crotch as I penetrated that last half inch or so. I could have sworn I felt her cervix open as the head of my cock found itself imbedded deeply in her cunt. I certainly hoped that she was on the pill with my sperm this close to her channel, but it was a little late to be worrying about that now, especially given the delightful sensations the ribbed lining of her cunt was giving my cock.

"That's it, that's it," she whispered breathlessly as I began slowly fucking her. "This feels so good, just the way I expected. You have such a beautiful cock. I'm going to need it often."

"I certainly would like to give it to you every day," I replied as I worked my ass in a circle, trying to press even deeper into my lover's quim. She was thrusting up with her crotch to meet me on each down stroke.

"Bill might object," she giggled, "but if you offered Ting to him each time you fucked me, I'm sure he wouldn't object too much if at all."

"That's a thought. I wonder if Bill would like to swap you for Ting for a two or three day trip sometime?"

"Oh, now you're being b-a-d," she giggled once again as my pumping action began picking up speed, "but what an interesting thought!"

It certainly was for me too. With both hands gripping those lovely tits, feeling the tight little nipples trying to push through my palms, I was in hog heaven! Wendy had one of those 'buttery cunts' that seemed to melt around my cock. Combined with the tight muscles squeezing my swollen shaft, it was pure pleasure. Only Ting had ever given me this much pleasure and I knew that sooner or later I would have to spend more time on this lovely lady's belly.

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