tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 06

Ting Ch. 06


"Honey, are you still awake?"

I barely heard my wife's question. I was very near that place where voices no longer register. What hadn't changed though was my lip lock around one lovely breast. Lying on my side, with the pillow bunched beneath my head, it was the perfect height for my adoration. It still showed the signs of other men's admiration in reddened blotches on that golden skin, but it was all mine, never to be denied me as long as I was married to this wonderful lady.

I released the stiff nipple long enough to acknowledge I was still among the living before going back to suckling that sweet, tender flesh. I knew I wouldn't be getting any sleep for at least a while yet, and I didn't intend to waste any of that time while awake - not with this lovely tit in my mouth. Ting's hand behind my head, drawing me closer, assured me that it was not a wasted effort.

"We haven't talked much about what we're doing with our friends now, and I don't want to lose touch with you about your feelings. Are you enjoying yourself as much as you thought you would"?

The question brought me to a state of concern. This was a serious matter. When we first entered this lifestyle, both of us had realized how important open and honest communication was. I had been the one who had prompted Ting to have sex with other men, and she had permitted me the same liberty. Both of us realized the potential dangers of such actions relative to our own marriage and had sworn to each other that we would discuss any concerns when it happened. Was Ting having second thoughts?

I straightened my legs, pushing myself higher in the bed until I was at my lovely wife's eye level and wondered once more at the beauty of her eyes. "Even more than I had guessed," I said slowly. I slipped my arm beneath her head and held her close. "I never dreamed that seeing other men fucking you, giving you the pleasure I know you feel, would be so arousing to me." I kissed her soft, warm lips in a way that was entirely different than the way I kissed her when our passions were ignited. She returned it in the same way.

"I am so glad," she said softly. "I doubted, when we started this, that it was a good idea and I've been looking for any signs that we're on rocky ground. It hasn't come," she nodded, "and I am so happy, but where are we going from here? We've done all our friends to the point we know exactly what they will do in a given situation, so, where to now?"

"I like to think that when and if sex becomes too predictable with others, that both of us will be willing to go outside the circle of our friends and find some more playmates. Let's face it, it's as much the thrill of the hunt, and finding a new experience as it is the novelty of doing it with someone else."

"I was hoping you would see it that way," Ting said softly, closing her eyes and pulling herself closer to me. I could feel the nipples of her breasts boring holes in my chest, and I loved it just as I loved sliding my cock into her pussy when it was full of the fresh, hot seed of the last man who fucked her. "Win and I were talking about it when they were here. She told me that although she gave up fucking GI's when she married her husband, it wasn't more than a few years before sex became just a routine and she missed the excitement of fucking someone new. Soong must be a very sensitive man because he noticed the change in their relationship and they discussed it. Of course he already knew that she had been a hostess in the clubs and she had admitted that she had fucked the guys for money, so they realized that it was the novelty that was missing, not their love for each other. Park was their first-born, they had their daughters. Win wanted no more children, so it was easy for her to have her tubes tied after they were delivered. That left it open for Win to enjoy sex without concern for becoming pregnant. Soong had become very influential in both his village and in local business and knew he couldn't afford to have gossip caused by him impregnating another woman, so he got himself clipped, just as you did."

"Yes, they make a lovely family. I felt a little strange fucking Win while one of her daughters was feeding me her pussy, but it certainly was a pleasant experience."

"Obviously," Ting chuckled. "You did it often enough, and they seemed to think it was worthwhile too."

"I'm always out to satisfy," I said smugly. "And speaking of satisfaction, I notice Park has been back almost as often as Art. They appreciate your talents as much as I do. Speaking of which....." My fingers had found their way to that mound of delight between Ting's thighs, and it was moist although I knew I had eaten it until nothing was left earlier."

"M-m-m, Yes, keep doing that." Ting murmured as her hips thrust toward my exploring hand. "I've been thinking of maybe trying something new."

"Oh? Something.... Or someone?"

"More someone I guess." I could almost see her smile in the darkness, but I didn't need to see the effect her thoughts were having, I could feel it. She was obviously ready, and I rolled her over on her back, letting my cock find it's way to her now seeping pussy.

She was cumming hard in just a few minutes. Our experiences had made Ting extremely orgasmic and just a few strokes at a time when she was aroused, as she was now, was adequate to send her up to the peak of pleasure. An hour of slowly lapping at that velvet core, driving my tongue deep into her warm wetness was enough to send her to the heights again.

"So, tell me, who is it going to be?" I asked, rolling from between her thighs and coming back up to eye level with her.

"How about the postman?" she asked.

"Fine with me, honey. You know I'll never object to you having fun with another man, especially if I get to watch. Has he given you any indications of being ready to play?"

"Not specifically, no. But this morning I was going to get the paper off the stoop and he was coming up the sidewalk to the house with a handful of mail for us. I wasn't exactly dressed to be at the door"

As I thought about that, I remembered. She had only a filmy negligee on, with nothing underneath to block the view. I felt myself getting hard as I realized the sight she must have presented to any man to any man, let alone one who was even slightly horny.

She continued. "It would have been impolite to slam the door in his face, don't you agree?"

By now I had the bedside lamp turned on. I wanted to see her reaction to her own tale.

"Certainly," I managed to choke out. My hand, on her breast was feeling the tightness of her nipple as she described how the postman had handed her the mail and stood there as entranced as any man would be at the view he had of my wife's lovely body through that diaphanous material. I felt her hand working its way down my belly and then on to my still wet cock. She knew only too well what an effect this was having on me. The only sights more pleasant to me than seeing another man ogling my wife, was to watch her suck his dick and swallowing his cum or fucking her until she reached orgasm with his cock filling her to the maximum. The thought intrigued me. Since only Art and Candy's home was the last house on the mailman's route, I didn't expect to have them complain about late delivery when Ting told Candy of her latest venture.

"When are you planning to fuck him?"

"Tomorrow seems about right," she replied before glancing at the clock and seeing it was already 'tomorrow'.

"Okay, I'll stay out of the way in my office until it gets interesting, then I'll join you in the bedroom."

"Not too soon," she groaned as I used my now hard dick to spread the lips of that sweet pussy. "I want to let him cum at least once before you join us. He wouldn't be worth anything if he's a single shot."

We were in total agreement before the chimed three times and both of us, exhausted, fell into a deep sleep.


"What do you think about this?" Ting asked, pirouetting enough to spread the mid-thigh skirt she wore sufficiently to show she wore no panties beneath it. It was topped with a blouse that would have been described as modest if it were worn under artificial light, but I knew that the afternoon sun beaming in through our open door would give the postman (whose name I learned, was Mel) a view of two tawny areolas.

"It makes you look good enough to eat,"

"That's what I was hoping for," she laughed, "and maybe a little more on the side if he's hung as well as he appears to be."

"So you've been scoping him out. You're turning into a shameless hussy." I joked.

"You should know, you're the one who's been so busy making sure I did," she said with a smile, coming toward me. I held out my arms and she fitted neatly between them, pressing those luscious breasts into my chest as I enfolded her and gave her a rewarding kiss. "Are you still sure about this?"

It was the same question that I knew formed in Ting's mind every time she had sex with another man. Her eyes were searching mine for any hint that my views had changed. Admittedly, Ting like the other ladies in our group, were not naturally promiscuous; but they wanted to please their husbands and were willing to do what they believed would keep us happy, even to the point of risking their reputations and marriages if they participated in the pleasures sex with others offered. I solved that with another more passionate kiss, while gently fondling her swollen breasts.

"Absolutely," I told her. "Even more so now than when we started. I can't begin to tell you how much I love making love to you now. It's been a sweet ride so far, and I don't see any reason to change it, do you?"

"Not if it's what you want, darling," she sighed. "It has been fun, and it just keeps getting better. I have to admit that I've learned a lot from this experience and it still gives me goose bumps to watch you making it with another woman, knowing that you're going to fuck me as soon as you finish with her - or them," she giggled. "Now, turn me loose and let me finish getting ready for Mel."

"How about taking a break for a cup of coffee?" I heard my wife ask the postman. "You've only got one more house to complete your route and you'll be going back to that dingy old post office."

"Gladly," I heard him reply. "There's not more mail to distribute, and I can't think of anything more delightful than sharing a cup of coffee with you."

I knew that she would be leading him over to the couch and pouring a cup of refreshment for him. What a view he would have as she bent over to fill the cup. The blouse she wore, in addition to being so thin, also had that scoop neckline that offered an even more tantalizing view of her tits right down to the nipple. If he wasn't hard from just seeing her tits at the doorway, he certainly would be by the time Ting finished serving him. I got hard myself as I thought of the possible ways Ting would tantalize him further.

The soft murmur of their voices and my attention faded as I continued working in my office, so I wasn't even aware that they had stopped until I heard footfalls in the hallway. I made sure that I remained noiseless as I heard their voices resume in our bedroom. That lasted for at least a half-hour before I heard the rhythmic squeaking of the headboard on our bed. I let it continue for period long enough to insure that Mel had put at least one full load of cum in my darling's pussy, then I moved slowly to the door of the bedroom.

Neither Ting nor Mel could see me, since my view was limited to the area just over their waists, but it gave me the perfect view of Mel's bare rear end pumping up and down. Ting was gasping out encouragement, her nails buried in the plumpness of Mel's buttocks and her legs pulled up high around his waist, as she matched each of his thrusts with her own. A pillow had been pulled down from the head of the bed and put beneath her hips to further Mel's efforts to drive his cock deeper into my wife. He was certainly succeeding in that! I watched with pleasure as his cock, glistening with their juices, retreated until only the head could possibly remain inside her cunt, then press slowly into her until its full length was again buried in her swollen pussy.

It was too much for me to bear. Slowly and as soundlessly as possible, I took off my clothing and moved silently toward the bed, preceded by my own throbbing cock. Ting didn't see me. Her eyes were tightly closed and the shudders of her body beneath Mel told me that she was enjoying at least one orgasm as Mel pressed his full length into her pussy and held it there while Ting gasped at the pleasure she was receiving.

I could probably have fired a cannon without interrupting what Mel was doing at that moment. I watched as he shot one load after another of hot cum into Ting's clenching pussy. Although nothing seemed to bother them, Mel still looked up with a startled expression when he felt my weight on the bed.

"No, no, keep on fucking her," I assured him as he started to pull out of Ting although she held him tightly to her body. "I just want to join you." Mel didn't appear to be too certain of what he had just heard, but I noticed that he no longer was trying to get out of Ting's enfolding arms and legs. To demonstrate I meant what I said I pulled myself up perpendicular to their bodies and began fondling Ting's breast closest to me. As soon as I was sure her nipple was as high and hard as it could get, I lowered my mouth to that sweet flesh and inhaled as much of it as I could get in my mouth. Ting sighed with pleasure and used one arm to pull me closer as her lover began slowly to recover his savoir-faire. Within short minutes he was able to resume pumping slowly into her as Ting encouraged us with soft whispers of "more, more."

I was somewhat amazed at Mel's ability to continue fucking her with what I saw was a fully engorged cock, despite the fact that he had just filled my wife's pussy with a now overflowing flood of hot cum. Thank goodness that he too, as were most of our friends, capable of short recovery and the ability to give the lady of his choice continued pleasure.

Still, even the best of males can't continue forever. So, it was I who had to bring Ting to her knees and enter her from behind as she sucked diligently on Mel's still semi-rigid member. I don't think the best of the poets could ever adequately describe the sensation of sliding one's cock deep into the seething cauldron of an aroused woman's pussy, especially one that already had enough cum in it to be constantly leaking semen as the hydraulic pressure of a cock pushed most of the plug deeper into her.

As I leaned over her back, caressing her lovely breasts, I saw that Ting had succeeded in bringing Mel's staff back to life and he was now using his hands behind her head to pump that swollen member back and forth. I released one breast long enough to slowly stroke her clit which by now stood like a lone soldier, stiffly at attention. It was then that the pleasure overtook me and I joined my wife and Mel in the joy of a mutual orgasm that left the three of us spread akimbo on the bed, gasping for breath.

"I think I'd better go," Mel said finally after a short recovery. His cock now hung down, drooping from its exertions. Neither of us commented on that as he started from the room, until Ting called out, "Come back soon," followed by his assurances that he would. We looked at each other and smiled. There was no doubt about that!

"So, did it go as easily as you planned?"

Ting giggled, "Almost exactly. He came inside, I poured a cup of coffee for him while we were at the dining room table, then sat down opposite him. You know how you're always telling me that the overhead light is too bright. Well, he didn't think so. He couldn't keep his eyes off my breasts, at least not until I slid down in my chair, letting my skirt ride up. You could have knocked his eyes off with a stick when he saw I wasn't wearing panties."

"Oh, that poor guy," I laughed. "All the goodies right there, on display, and he assumed he couldn't touch."

"He was really squirming, she continued, "so I told him we should go into the living room where it was more comfortable. Then I told him I would bring the coffeepot in to warm his up. He was all for that, although I could see he was disappointed about losing his view. So, I just smiled and got up motioning him toward the living room."

"When I got there, he was sitting on the couch, with his cup on the coffee table. It was about half full, so I made sure I took my time filling it to the top. Naturally, bending over like that, he had a good look at my breasts. I looked up without straightening up and caught him with his eyes on them and asked him if he liked the view. I thought he was going to choke, but he admitted that they looked perfect. After taking the coffeepot back into the kitchen, I went back into the living room and sat down next to him, making sure that each time I leaned forward, he had a good view. Finally he couldn't take it any more. He reached out and palmed one watching me for a reaction. When I just smiled at him, he put his hand beneath my blouse and began squeezing it. I think he must have been waiting for me to object, but by that time, I was ready for him to fuck me, so I just smiled and lifted my blouse so he could suck them."

"He's really cute, and very gentle. When he saw how hard my nipples were, he began sucking my left one, while he rolled the nipple of my right one between his fingers. You know how hot that makes me, so I just reached over and felt his cock. He's also pretty well built. Not all that long, but quite thick. He was sucking me hard by that time and then I felt his hand on my pussy. I wasn't sure he was ready yet until he got down on the floor in front of the couch and pulled my body around. I was quite wet by that time, and before I knew it, he had his head up beneath my skirt, licking my pussy. I encouraged him by pulling my skirt up around my waist and shifting forward on the couch so he could get his tongue deeper inside me. I was using both legs around his body and both hands on his head to pull him tighter. It felt so good that I came almost as soon as his tongue got inside me." "That really set him off. He unzipped his pants and took out this cock. It was already leaking, just like yours does when you're ready to fuck me. And he was just as ready. He began sucking on my tits again, then pushed his dick into me. Oh, that felt good! I let him shoot his first load inside me and then we went back to the bedroom. His cock had gone down a little, so I had to suck him up again. Just as he was going to shove it into me again, I told him that you were home and you would probably join us later. That shook him so badly that he lost his hard and I had to suck him again. It took a lot of talking to calm him down again. I could tell he was still pretty nervous, but he wanted more pussy and so I sucked him until he was hard and then had him come into me from behind."

"By the time he had his dick in me again, I don't think anything would have disturbed him. He had both my tits in his hands and was fucking me hard. I couldn't stop cumming. It felt so good! Then, before he could shoot another load into me, I rolled over and made him get on top. That's where we were when you came in."

"And a lovely sight it was too!" I admitted, kissing her. "I doubt if I'll ever get used to or tired of seeing another man fucking your sweet pussy, especially..." I slid down in the bed and put my head between Ting's thighs. Cum was leaking from the folds of her pussy down to her ass hole and onto the sheets. Mel had certainly given her a good load. The scent of her arousal was all it took. My tongue went over those velvet folds which were still gaping from the fucking she had received, then deep inside her. My wife groaned in pleasure and used both hands behind my head to pull me into that palace of pleasure. Ah, heaven is eating my wife's juices mixed with another man's cum!

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