tagFetishTinkle Bell Ch. 03

Tinkle Bell Ch. 03

byMany Feathers©

Bella looked fabulous in the short black dress she had picked out to wear for dinner. Mom and dad had taken us to a nice Italian restaurant. And though it was an Americanized version of Italian food, Bella quite enjoyed it, or at least, very much enjoyed being there.

Almost from the start she had begun teasing me...right there inside the restaurant! We had taken a semi-circular booth in order to watch some of the floorshow that went along with the meal. Skimpily clad women who danced, entertained, and performed wild flame spinning acts that defied description with baton's of fire. It was hard keeping focused on that though, Bella had my undivided attention elsewhere.

Having slid into the booth, I sat on one end, dad on the other with the two women comfortably placed between us. As I said, almost from the onset, Bella had her hand down in my lap, teasing me mercilessly. The dig of her fingernails along the outline of my shaft was only the beginning. The periodic squeeze of my rapidly hardening prick. Though it was the decadent teasing of my other senses that simply escalated all that. Bella of course hadn't worn any undergarments. No surprise there really. She'd have been hard pressed to wear a bra with the dress she'd selected anyway. Her breasts bulging just a bit in the low-cut squared opening. Something I had noticed my father early on enjoying...while trying not to. Even mom had commented on how nice she looked in her dress, wishing when she did that she had the breasts to pull that off. Personally I thought she still did, but her far more conservative attire was no match for the way Bella's body seemed to just scream out "I wanna be fucked". Something I was looking forward to doing later on that evening if I had my way.

Thank god I had taken her advice and worn dark slacks to dinner. I could feel the wetness of my own lubrication saturating my briefs. Another precaution, though I quickly learned with certainty the fact Bella hadn't. Twice she had hand fed me some appetizers, the unmistakable aroma of her pussy-slick fingers being wafted below my nose, and once even being directly smeared against my lips while mom and dad's attention were focused on the dancers. Bella was a tease of the first order, but I was definitely enjoying it far more than I could have ever realized.

At one point she had even taken her spoon, slipping that down between her legs very cautiously, and then bringing it back up as though it had something in it...which it did, but not what mom then thought it had when she'd fed it to me.

"Try this sauce," she had stated slipping the spoon into my mouth. I could taste her funky essence, the frothy slimy syrup of her cunt clinging to the spoon as I drew it into my mouth licking it off.

"It is tangy isn't it?" Mom said trying some herself, but certainly not from the same place Bella had procured it.

"Oh yes...very much so. Very delicious," I said keeping a straight face. "If we weren't here in a restaurant, I wouldn't mind burying my face in it and eating it all up that way!"

Mom laughed. Dad looked over. I honestly believe he had an inkling of what was really going on. After that, I noticed that he tended to keep more of a focus on the two of us than even the dancers out on the floor. And they were showing more skin than Bella was! Now aware of that perhaps, she went back to a bit more cock teasing beneath the table, though even then, I think the angle of her hand hinted at what sort of cock-tail play she was actually doing as she sat there sipping her drink. Dad's bemused smile told me that much.

Even on the drive home after dinner as the two of us sat in the backseat of the car didn't hinder her ongoing teasing of me. Twice she had opened her legs, spreading them, taking my hand placing it between them so I could feet just how wet and juicy she was. We'd almost gotten caught once in fact when mom turned in her seat, asking Bella a question. I'm not sure I got my hand back from between her legs when mom had turned, though she didn't seem to act any differently. The flush in my face however would have been a dead giveaway however, had it not been just dark enough perhaps in the back seat to hide the fact I had turned crimson.

But, as I said...I honestly think mom and dad were far more aware of things than either one of them were willing to admit. I mean after all...Bella was gorgeous, she obviously liked me, and she'd be living with us over the next six months. They'd have to have been blind to the obvious sexual electricity that seemed to be surrounding the two of us every time we were together.

"I'm looking forward to a late night swim," she soon announced as we pulled up into the circular drive.

"Dark enough, I think it would be perfectly permissible if the two of you just want to skinny dip," dad quipped.

"Harold!" Mom laughed, though she said nothing else, thus sanctioning perhaps this slightly against the rules scenario, though adding. "Well...I know you won't be skinny dipping anyway, I have other plans for you," she then added, which made Bella giggle. It seemed even having her around was having some sort of an effect on my own parents, which wasn't a bad thing. I enjoyed seeing the two of them having fun, acting like hot and horny teenage kids themselves again. It was nice not having prudish, straight-laced parents that tried to pretend they didn't have the same desires and urges that everyone else did. Especially when dad asked...

"You still have those old high school batons of yours?"

"Yes, but why would you ask that?" Mom questioned.

"I was thinking...perhaps we could wrap them with a bit of cloth, douse them in some lighter-fluid, and then you could give me a little performance," he snickered.

Mom giggled, blushed, which I could see her doing there in the front seat, though she leaned over whispering, making dad blush. She never was good at whispering quietly however when I heard her telling him. "The only fire you're going to see, is the fire between my legs baby," she said and then kissed him.

Bella held a smile, glanced at me, and then slid out behind me rather than waiting for me to come around and open her door for her.


"What's good?" I asked as we followed my parents into the house a short distance behind them.

"Good that they'll be plenty busy themselves from what I see...which means," she left off not really needing to add to that.

"Oh yeah. Very good!" I agreed as we both headed out back, not even bothering to head up stairs to change clothing.


It's truly hard to put into words just how sensual Bella could make the simplest of acts, the simplest of things become something so highly erotic. We had stepped out onto the dimly lit patio area, just beyond, the pool still lit up with the underwater lights. I had stopped at the outside bar preparing to fix us a couple of drinks before joining her. As I did, Bella continued on, first kicking off her high heels. I watched as she reached around behind her back, deftly and easily undoing the zipper on her dress, enough so, that she just seemed to shimmy out of it. The fact it was a brand new, fairly expensive dress didn't even register on me at the moment. She left it laying crumpled up in the damp grass as she continued on towards the pool without a look back towards me. Only the outline of her totally nude body as she suddenly leapt into the air, taking form, and then diving into the pool with a grace that was almost Olympian.

Mom was standing off to one side and behind me. She's seen this almost ethereal looking nude ghost shimmer into the air, and then into the pool just as I had.

"Thought you could use these," she said smiling handing me a couple of towels that she had grabbed off the shelf for us which we kept just inside the patio doors leading out. "Have fun," she then added, kissing me on the cheek, and then turned chuckling to herself as she headed back inside the house.

"More than you know," I said to myself, and then kicked off my own shoes and proceeded to head out towards the pool area.


I sat our drinks down on the small little table and then slipped out of the rest of my clothing. Though unlike Bella, I somewhat folded mine, taking the time to drape them over the back of my chair. I saw her splash, saw her feet come up briefly, and then she sunk beneath the surface of the water. I walked over looking in. Where before she'd looked like some sort of apparition, she now looked more like a mermaid. A very, very beautiful mermaid, her long dark hair flowing out in every direction at once, swimming below the water on her back, eyes open looking up at me as she did so. She had her hands down between her legs...she was masturbating. I was standing there mouth agape, watching a mermaid masturbating. I stood there looking down, watching her, feeling my cock stiffen even more than it already was. I couldn't help but wonder what I must have looked like standing there on the edge of the pool looking down at her as she did that. Finally she just seemed to float upwards, still stroking herself, breaking the surface.

"Nice trident there Poseidon," she teased me looking at my blood engorged shaft. "All the better to fuck me with," she then said, changing direction entirely...now reciting nursery rhymes.

"Is that what you'd like? After all...I did lose the bet," I reminded her. "Or bets rather," I added.

I had indeed finger-fucked her there in the front seat of the car in the middle of broad daylight right there in one of the parking stalls facing a small little bakery. I had done that, the two of us watching people run in and out of the store, the entire time, my fingers teasing and manipulating her clit, her sopping wet pussy as we'd sat there doing that. Though we had in fact received a number of curious looks from people passing by, or coming out of the store, no one had at least ventured over close enough to have seen what was actually going on. Even if they had, I seriously doubt Bella would have shoved my hand away. By then, she had already had one orgasm, and was well on her way towards another one when she suddenly cried out in ecstasy, startling a young kid on a bike who'd been unaware of us, until then anyway.

"Time to go," I'd said taking my still slick, slippery hand away.

"Whoa sport...not before you pay up on the other bet. Take your clothes off first."


"Yeah baby...right here," she said.

I just managed to remove my jeans and underwear easily enough without anyone taking a real notice of that. But when it came time to remove my tee shirt as well, I saw a woman standing there just inside the bakery looking at me as I finished removing it.

"Ah oh," I said looking straight back into the woman's face.

"Don't worry about it," Bella laughed. "Had it been me sitting here doing that, then she'd have every right to wonder. Guys drive around shirtless all the time, and there's no way she knows you're sitting here naked," she stated. Which would have been true perhaps, had she suddenly not tossed my briefs out the window as I backed the car out of the lot. "Now she's wondering..." Bella laughed as we pulled away, looking back through the mirror as the woman came out of the shop, wandered over and looked down as though confirming her suspicions.

"You're nuts!" I said half seriously. "What if she calls the cops or something?"

"I doubt that," Bella laughed openly, "she just waved."

I looked into the mirror, she was just then bringing her hand down. "She did? Really?"

"Oh yeah...she did. Now...let me see that cock of yours," she said reaching over to fondle it, which she had done the rest of the way home, including as we reached the property pulling up into the drive. Andy stood off to one side leaning on the shovel he'd been using, wiping his brown, acknowledging us as we passed by him. Though even he seemed to wonder curiously why I was driving with my shirt off. For one...I never did that. And secondly, I am also sure he was wondering where Bella was. She had taken that moment to lean over out of sight. Not that I minded...be we were now home.


I watched Bella swim over to the side of the pool lifting herself out of the water, and then running her hands down her naked form, wiping what water remained away from herself.


"No...thanks, I'll drip dry. Even at night, its still wonderfully warm here, feels good on my skin," she informed me.

I then told her about mom standing there with me for a moment just before she dived into the pool.

"I like your folks," she began. "You know, they're not as inhibited as they seem to try and make everyone believe."

"I'm beginning to think that myself," I agreed, taking my seat and immediately bringing up the subject again. "So...like I said, considering our bets..."

"About that," Bella cooed sitting down in her chair next to me, sipping on her drink first. "I sort of misled you," she started. "I actually lost the first bet."

It took me a moment to think about that. "Ah...you want to run that one past me one more time please?" Which is when she then told me the entire story about Doreen, and what she'd done while standing there watching the two of us. "You are pulling my leg here yes?"

"Well not yet...but I plan on doing just that here pretty soon, your middle leg anyway," she grinned. "But no David...for real, she was really there, and that really happened, and to be perfectly honest, I think if I'd encouraged her further, she would have joined us too."

"No shit."

"Nope...no stinky poop. For real. But like I also said regarding Stacy. Until I've had you all to myself the first time, not too inclined to invite anyone else into joining us...just yet. Which brings us to the next thing. Since I did honestly lose...what is it you'd like me to do this evening? Anything...anything at all."

I was still mulling over the fact that Doreen had stood staring at my bare ass, not to mention everything else when I realized that not only did I want to lose my virginity to this woman, but I also knew exactly where it was I wanted to lose it. As crazy as it sounded, for as far back as I could remember, the one place I had always thought of eventually doing it...and doing it when...was in the middle of my childhood maze. Maybe it wasn't the best choice, maybe my first time really should have been in a nice comfy bed, but this honestly for me had remained a fantasy and a desire of mine for as far back as I could remember.

"In that case...come on," I said standing offering her my hand, which she immediately took of course, and then we strolled out to the side green where the main gardens were, and headed towards the maze.

There wasn't a full moon, but it was close enough that we could still see by as we began making our way slowly through the maze. And since the grounds weren't lit, it made it even more romantic in a sense, adventurous, and extremely exciting for me knowing that all my parents had to do was look out the window of their bedroom, and they'd clearly be able to see us. I even told Bella that, figuring as I did, that might add a level of excitement to her own. Which it certainly did.

"Kind of sweet in a way, if your mom does see us," she told me as she continued to follow. Even with the maze being shorter than we were...at night, it could be very confusing. "Seeing her son losing his cherry for the very first time."

I wasn't too sure about that, glancing up towards the main bedroom window. Not too terribly surprised to see a faint light on inside. Obviously, they were still too busy themselves to be worrying about us. But it wasn't mom and dad I should have been thinking about as it turned out.

At the time, neither one of us saw Andy and Doreen duck into the small Orange grove as we came around the side of the house. We hadn't see them, but they had certainly seen us.

"Can't believe this is where you want your first time to be," she laughed as we reached the old stone bench. "Sure you'll be comfortable enough? And...how do you want me?" She likewise asked. I'd already envisioned this scenario more times than I could count, just not with whom yet. And now I knew who.

"I'll sit...you straddle me," I informed her. I could see by the look on her face that she liked the idea.

"Ok, but...I'm going to tease you a bit first, don't want you to know when it's coming before it does," she stated. "I want you even more aroused than you are now. I want to feel you squirt almost the moment you slip inside me. And then I want to fuck you until the juices are running out of us. And then of course...we're going to fuck again, anyway and every way you want to."

All I could do was sigh and shake my head pleasurably. I sat down, Bella placing herself over my lap facing me, her slick juicy pussy resting against my aching prick, though as she said, not yet slipping me inside her. I was so anxious, so excited, every hair on my entire body seemed to be standing up. An ocean of goose bumps suddenly appearing all over my body as I leaned forward taking one of her exquisite breasts into my mouth, gently sucking it. She reached up, cradling my head to her breast as I did, stroking me, and then gently began moving. Just enough that I could feel her pussy lips kissing and caressing my hard stiff cock.

"You keep doing that, you'll make me cum that way," I warned her, though I knew I still had plenty of control to keep from doing so quite yet.

"Well if you do...we'll sit here all night if we have to, until I've made you hard again then. Which judging by your previous performances, won't take very long anyway."

"True," I said rubbing back against her now, enjoying the sensation as my cock became more and more slippery, sluicing up and down that velvety pocket of hers, me teasing her...she teasing me, our genitals being introduced to one another for the first time, though not quite yet coupling. I switched breasts, now sucking and kissing the other, my hand coming up to play with the one I'd just left, taking delight in her rock-hard little nipple as I rolled it around and around between my fingers, gently pulling on it.

Like I said, every nerve ending in my entire body seemed to be alive, electrified...intensified. So when the moment came, so lost in what I was currently doing, enjoying...I wasn't at all prepared for it. She was right on another count too. I had no idea what it would feel like. And all it had really taken was one simple upward movement, a change of angle, and suddenly I was where I had never been before.

"Oh my God!"

And then I came.


I honestly think I passed out. Maybe only for a second or so. But I know that for a moment anyway, the entire world turned black on me. Just these swirls of stars going off inside my head, the sound of her voice sounding far off and distant.

"Yes baby...yes, fill me honey, give me all your hot creamy juice."

I was still holding onto her breast, perhaps even painfully, only then realizing it, letting go, looking up into her face, still seeing stars. Though I think they were reflections of what I was seeing in her own eyes.

"Pretty intense huh?" She said simply, and once again cradled my head against both breasts as we sat there rocking together back and forth, back and forth, still inside, but almost like a wet noodle now, just firm enough to remain so without slipping out. And then I felt the most exquisite sensation bathing me as I sat there. Without a word, a hint...anything, Bella just let go and began bathing my still throbbing cock in a shower of her heavenly warm piss. In seconds, I felt myself come alive again, my cock though not nearly full hard was even beginning to wake up a little as well, still in a state of shock perhaps at the unknown sensation of actually spurting off inside a woman's pussy for the first time.

"I had no idea..." I barely managed, still basking in this woman's warmth, as decadent and as vulgar to others as it might seem. It was the perfect way to share another intimate release with her as we sat there. Though once again, thank god the bench we were sitting on was made of stone.

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