tagFetishTinkle Bell Ch. 09

Tinkle Bell Ch. 09

byMany Feathers©

It felt like a dream. Right up until the time I began climaxing. Suddenly my eyes popped open, the rush of ecstasy already escaping my cock. I looked down in the twilight of the night, eyes still not yet focused. Bella now standing, and like a wraith, a Succubus come to take my life's energy from me, she had. She turned, her voice a whisper almost like a distant memory.

"See you in the morning," she said adding, "Sweet nasty dreams."

I'd been having one. Now I knew why. I glanced at the clock. "Bloody hell!" It was 3:20 a.m.!

As quickly as I had woken up however, I was asleep again. The pure pleasure of my unexpected release sapping all energy from me. I remember thinking just before I fell asleep again, "Maybe she really was an Alien!"


I woke having slept in far longer than I'd intended, even on a day where I didn't have to attend classes until early afternoon. Of course I knew why. Woken up in the middle of the night, finding my cock being sucked had something to do with it.

"Doesn't she fucking sleep?" I asked myself as I rolled out of bed heading towards the bathroom. Once again, I was starting to wonder about her. Throwing on a robe, as I still needed to shower yet before getting dressed, I stepped out into the hallway on my way to fetch a much needed cup of coffee. Thankfully, Irene kept a pot going until eleven. It was just after ten now, so I knew there would still be some remaining for me.

The moment I did however, the door to Bella's room just down the hall similarly opened. Except it wasn't Bella who stepped out. It was Doreen! I might not have thought anything about it if it wasn't for the fact that she looked a bit disheveled. One more button than usual undone on her short shift, which she was even then still trying to do up as she came out of the room. Her hair looked like she'd just woken up, in need of a good brushing. And the moment she looked at me, her face went beet red.

"Ah...good, ah...good morning," she smiled and then hurried off, no doubt worried about having gotten off to a late start herself, though perhaps in Bella's case, a very early one.

I was still tired from everything we'd done the night before, not to mention Bella's nocturnal meandering into my bedroom at O'dark thirty in the morning! I now wandered past her bedroom door, not fully closed, as Doreen hadn't pulled it shut all the way. I thought briefly about stopping, knocking, looking in on her. And then thought better of it. If I did that, chances were, I'd be too late for coffee! I crept past her bedroom door instead, heading down stairs where the sound of my mom singing to herself in the kitchen alerted me she was in a particularly good mood.

"Morning sleepyhead," she said as I dragged my ass into the kitchen sitting down at the table. Thankful as mom poured me a cup of coffee, handing it to me. "I was just about to come and wake you myself," she said with a lilt in her tone of voice. Like I said, two things stood out as being totally "not mom!" One of which, had been her singing. I honestly don't recall a single day when I'd actually heard her doing that. Maybe humming once in a while, but never flat out singing. Secondly...the way she was currently dressed. That one even more so. Mom was usually pretty reserved in her attire, even around the house. Not today. Today she was wearing a fairly tight, and short pair of white shorts, totally uncharacteristic for mom. In addition to that however, she was also wearing a tight red and white stripped tee shirt, that looked good on her, though again, something she wouldn't normally wear, except perhaps out to the beach, and only then...years ago. Not now. And yet, here she was, doing just that. She was wearing a bra though, not yet perhaps so daring as to go without one, though she easily could have.

She simply looked great. And quite naturally I had to ask.

"You look sensational mom, but I am curious...how come?" I know how that must have sounded, though she laughed, blushing a little.

"You like then?" She asked turning around so I could see her entirely as she did that.

"Very much so...but what made you suddenly decide to dress like that anyway? And I noticed you were singing earlier too, you never do that!"

"I don't?" She said suddenly humming to herself as she pondered the reason perhaps, but then merely grinned, walked over, ruffled my hair and poured herself a cup of coffee sitting down. That was the third thing. She very rarely drank coffee, and usually then only with half of it being cream. She was drinking it black.

I sat patiently waiting, still drinking her in. Like I said, she looked fucking hot. "What did dad say?"

Now she did blush. "Wasn't so much what he said, as to what he did," she giggled just like a teenage girl. "Which reminds me. Your father's taking me out to dinner tonight, and then dancing afterwards. He's also booking us a room at a nice hotel for afterwards so we don't have to drive home late tonight."

"In the middle of the week? Or rather should I say, on a Monday?"

"I know," she grinned again. "Kind of fun thinking about it, good way to start off the workweek," she said with the biggest smile on her face that I'd seen in a long time. "Anyway...I have Bella to thank for the clothing. She caught me in the hallway early this morning, shortly after I got up. She told me to try these on, see how I looked, and to especially see what your dad thought about them when he saw me after taking his shower. Needless to say...he was running a bit late himself this morning!"

The fact that they seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, and obviously not even trying to hide the fact that they were spoke volumes. But hearing mom even mention it the way that she had was again uncharacteristic for her. Admitting to me, that the two of them had had an early morning romp again, and especially after having obviously done so the night before was beyond my imagination. Especially for my own parents.

"Bella again," I thought. "How the hell does she do it anyway?" And I again thought back to the 'finger' thing she and mom had so briefly shared. I made a mental note to ask her about that, though I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if she didn't tell me the reason behind it.

"Anyway, already gave Irene the night off, so you and Bella will need to fend for yourselves this evening. Not that I'm sure you'll mind terribly. Plus, it will give the two of you a chance to have some alone time as well, without your dad or I crimping your style...or hers," she giggled again. She then stood suddenly. "Well, I'm off for a day of pampering thanks to your dad. A manicure, pedicure, facial and bikini wax," she said off handedly as though sharing something like that with me was the most natural thing in the world to be doing. And once again, I was reminded by another haunting remark.

"By the way, did you know your mother shaves her pussy?"

Once again I was shaking my head with the image of that, and with the now added image of mom and dad sitting there on the stone bench in the middle of the maze...stark naked, fucking one another.

"What was this world coming to anyway?" I asked myself, and then realized simultaneously everything I'd done lately and gotten involved in myself. There was only one word for it...Bella.

And then as though I'd summoned her with just a mere thought, she came walking into the kitchen.

She was wearing an almost identical outfit to the one mom had on. A similar pair of white, almost too short shorts...a blue and white striped blouse in a slightly different style, and no bra...which was painfully obvious. She also looked as though she'd gotten twelve hours of sleep looking as refreshed and as invigorated as I did whenever I had been lucky enough to have slept that long.

They kissed one another good morning too. Not on the cheeks either, but on the lips.

"Told you," Bella said eyeing her, winking. "And was funny hearing Harold whistling as he left for work this morning too," she then added.

"Your honor? The prosecution rests. We've determined that this woman who calls herself Bella Rossi, truly is an Alien from another world, and that either she, or someone of her kind has taken over, and thus inhabited the bodies of these two individuals."

"David? You ok? You have a funny look on your face," mom questioned.

"Oh, no...I'm fine, I was just thinking about something, have a quiz at school this afternoon I've been a little worried about is all," I lied.

I had to admit though. Even if she was an Alien, or a Succubus, or some other form of life form, I was all for it. In the short time she had been with us, I had seen my normally fairly straight-laced parents truly come out of their respective shells, with smiles on their faces. It was actually nice seeing them truly enjoying themselves once again. If Bella was the reason behind that, no matter how small, she truly deserved all the credit for it.

Mom then came over and kissed me good-bye, likewise full on the lips, not just a peck on the cheek, once again reminding us they wouldn't be home this evening. She then picked up her purse and keys and headed out the door. Singing to herself when she did.

Bella poured herself a cup of coffee now, also black and sat down across from me.

"I need some cream for my coffee," she said.

"I thought you took it black," I said though pushing over the creamer towards her as I knew dad certainly still drank his that way, Bella or no Bella.

"That's not the kind of cream I was talking about," she grinned evilly at me. "Show me your cock!"


"I think you already drained me last night...remember?"

"That was last night," she said simply. "Today's...today. And besides, I need to clean your pipes out, get you all prepped for this evening."

"This evening?"

"Yeah, this evening! Or did you forget already? We're getting together with Doreen and Andy later. I thought it might be nice for them if they had a much nicer place to fool around in with us, which is why I thought the downstairs rec room would be the perfect place. We can step out and use the Jacuzzi, or just spread out on the floor or couch, maybe even throw something a little naughty as background into the DVD player to catch a glimpse of from time to time, keep the ole' juices flowing so to speak. And don't tell me you don't have any naughty DVD's, I know you better than that."

Of course I did...though I hoped to hell my mom didn't know that. Though now after all this, I wouldn't be half surprised to discover my dad did, or that they occasionally watched one together.

"Yeah, I'm sure I've got something, but you were really serious about this? And they were?"

Bella laughed. "Oh hell yes, it was all Doreen and I could talk about this morning when she came into my room. They're both looking forward to it, and I don't mind telling you David, Doreen's very...very...anxious to ride that thick fat cock of yours!"

"She is?"

"Fuck yes! You should have heard how hard she came when I got her off this morning, just teasing her with the imagery of that, licking her pussy, while you fuck her. Oh yeah...she came damn hard, twice...and then made me cum pretty hard too mashing her pussy against mine. So yeah...we're both very much looking forward to a nice, horny hot time tonight. Another reason to take advantage of the fact that your parents will be out for the evening, so the two of them don't feel too awkward about fooling around with us inside the main house."

Just imagining actually fucking Doreen was getting me pretty hard, and pretty aroused and especially with Bella there watching us. Though she too would of course be doing a bit of that herself...with Andy. And the thought of that still got to me a little. That almost hypocritical possessive double standard of mine I was still struggling with. There was nothing of course by way of any sort of commitment, or even emotional admissions between us. And yet...I found myself suddenly entertaining feelings and emotions that I knew better than to be allowing myself.

But regardless, I now had a hard on. A big one. A very horny one. And with Bella sitting there lifting her blue and white stripped blouse up and over her tits while I sat there, it now became a very desperate one.

"Right here baby. Put it right on these. Come on now...jerk it off for me, so I can watch you, let me see you squirt all over these babies. Want to see your cum dripping, sliding right off my tits...nice thick creamy gobs of goo clinging to them everywhere!"

I stood before her, wanking my prick, staring at her tits, my cock straining, throbbing, the sensation of tingling orgasm already starting to boil somewhere deep within my balls. I felt the first precious surge of my spunk suddenly racing up my shaft, knowing that in seconds I would indeed be bathing these twin peaks with lots and lots of white sticky soy sauce.

"Sorry...forgot my..." Mom stood there in the doorway just as the first jettison of my cream leapt out of my cock, saturating Bella's left tit. "Wallet," she said staring at my still spurting prick.


Personally, I didn't find it all that funny. Embarrassed almost to tears, I had fled the room. I sat inside my bedroom, still shaking, trying to recover. The fact my own mother had stood there and watched me squirt my prick juice all over Bella's tits was bad enough. But I wondered now how I could even face her again. Thank god, I'd at least have the night in order to recover from this, though I still wasn't sure how the hell I was going to actually face her without turning inside out when I did.

It was Bella of course who came upstairs a short time later, certainly after mom had gotten her wallet and left again.

She was laughing.

"It's not funny."

"Well, it sort of was," she giggled still. "You should have seen the look on your face, it was priceless!" She continued giggling. "There you are, eyes bugged open about as wide as they possibly could be, your cock lurching, spewing, spitting a fountain of cum-cream all over my tits. And then you turning, running bare-ass naked up the stairs. Thought I was gonna die!"

"I damn near did!" I said in exasperation. "What did mom say? Do?" I asked worriedly.

"No worries. Your mom is a lot cooler than you're giving her credit for David. Maybe she was just a little embarrassed herself, more surprised though I think. But she smiled at me after you ran off. Said that maybe after she had gone that I should come up here and let you know everything was fine, and that it was...well, she said "No big deal," but then she realized what that might have sounded like though we were both laughing by now, and then she said, "A bigger deal than your fathers for sure, still laughing and that you had nothing to be ashamed of."

"She said that?"

"Sure did!" And she even stared at my breasts for a minute longer before she left too."

"Oh my god! And my cum..."

"Dripping all over them yes. Pretty damn sexy if you ask me, and probably your mom too by the look in her eyes."

"Don't go there Bella," I begged. "I'm still not sure I'll be able to face her again without blushing."

"Baby? After all that, I'm pretty damn sure you've got no reason to be embarrassed...trust me."

"And why do you say that?"

"Because. I told your mom you'd probably be feeling like this, ashamed and miserable...most likely all day, unless she did something for me that might at least make you feel a little better about all of this."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" I said unable to imagine anything. "What could you possibly come up with that would make me feel any better about any of this!"

"Well...for one, I told her to call your dad, which she did."

"What the hell for?" I said almost shrieking it.

"I told her, to tell him...she was dropping by his office really quick on her way over to her spa date. And after I told her why, she agreed....and then called him."

"And told him what?"

Bella had been standing there with one hand behind her back. She now brought it around in front of her, holding onto what appeared to be mom's bra.

"Let's just say your dad was very excited by what she had to tell him, and said that she'd be waiting for him down by his car in the garage, if he was interested. Also thought...with you knowing that, that maybe you wouldn't be as freaked out about what happened when you learned what she was heading off to do."

I stood staring at her. "You mean to tell me...that, seeing that...turned mom on into doing it for dad?"

"Surprise!" Bella laughed tossing mom's bra down onto my bed. "Now come on, you need to shower, and so do I. And besides...I need to pee something fierce again now too!"


It was amazing what Bella could do to me, if not to my entire family, let alone everyone and anyone else we even got close too. Only minutes ago I was mortified. And now, after hearing about all this...I was at least partially recovered, if not more than still slightly confused by the turn of events. Especially with the image now of mom driving over towards dad's office, sans bra. Add that to the list of "never done that before either".

"Lay down baby," Bella told me as I did so, laying down in the shower looking up at her as she stood above me looking down.

"Now, where were we. Oh yes...wanking your cock for me wasn't it?"

"Are you forgetting? I already came, even if I don't quite remember it, I do know I did that. I seriously doubt I can do it again, especially now.

Bella stood over me, frigging her clit, exposing it, pulling on it. And then she began to pee. I saw...felt, and watched the trickle of her warm pungently erotic aroma as she began bathing my rapidly stiffening cock. She merely smiled, continuing to frig herself, suddenly climaxing while still pissing on me.

When I felt the sudden tightness in my balls, followed by the unexpected release, I looked down at myself.

"Well I'll be go to hell!" I said, as the first spurt of what was obviously still in there shot up, splashing against the final stuttering piss stream still coming out of Bella's pussy.

"See, told you..." she grinned. "Now...lets finish washing up and get ready to head to school. Still want you to show me around a bit, and I want to sit in with you during your classes today. And then afterwards of course, we have tonight to look forward to. And since you've now had a few nice little orgasms, that should keep you from blowing the roof off too early tonight. Especially with brand-new, never tried pussy. So come on stud-muffin, time to get dressed and get ready for the day!"

"Just one thing," I asked her as I hurriedly began dressing.

"Sure baby...just name it."

"Would you mind taking mom's bra back to her room?"

Bella snatched it off my bed, and then sashayed out into the hall with it, twirling it around her finger. She was singing the same song mom had been singing earlier in the day.

I sighed. And then smiled.

To be continued...

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