tagSci-Fi & FantasyTir'Veda: Prologue

Tir'Veda: Prologue

byMr. Green Genes©

The desire within me was unbearably strong. I had much work to do, and yet my mind was clouded by the cravings I felt, the need for fulfillment. As frequently as it occurred, I was still overwhelmed by the strength of my longing, the completeness of its’ mastery over my entire being; I needed satisfaction. I could not concentrate on my research any longer.

I looked up from the book I’d been pouring myself over, glancing around the small room. I had hoped that by sequestering myself in this tiny cubicle I would have been able to conduct my research without the distractions so typical of my condition, but I knew that hope to be in vain. I left the book open on the table, my mind and body nearly quivering with need. The pile of books I had pulled from the various shelves of the library lay untouched on the table as I left the room, hunger driving me. There was only one course of action left to me, and I left the workspace as fast as my legs would carry me to find my solution. I hoped that my search would not take long.

The fact that I could not repress these needs any longer infuriated me, but I knew my limitations. I knew my power over this body would begin to wane if I did not recharge, and there was only one way. Since my return to the mundane world, the limitation of my power lay in this one particular fixation: the constant need for sexual pleasure. This need was irresistible, and I had no control over it when it took me. As surely as my dire enemy brought me back to this world, he had cursed me with this weakness. I was ancient when this world was young, and yet I was now bound by the basest of human instincts. My own sexual desires had been ignored for centuries; my people rose above our sordid lusts to a level humans may never achieve. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I could normally repress my attraction and sexual drive, but control of the bodies I took was limited in this one area. My desires were bred in the body I inhabited and were not my own.

Cursing the urges as they drove me on, I continued my search. The library was practically deserted as I stalked the aisles, looking for that which I sought. A young boy, in his early teens from the look of it, scanned the shelves in the fiction section. An elderly librarian sorted books behind the massive desk. Nothing here would satiate my craving. I walked into the elevator when the doors slid open, and suddenly my target was right before my eyes.

She was young, no more than twenty if I guessed correctly, and I saw at once that she was the shy, quiet type. She would not meet my gaze and she held several books tightly against her body, obscuring her womanly form. She looked as if she could have been pretty, perhaps beautiful, but she concealed it well behind thick framed glasses and a complete lack of cosmetics. Her hair was pulled roughly back into a ponytail, and loose strands of it hung out in odd places, as if she had put it up without the aid of a mirror. She was dressed conservatively in a tan blazer and ankle length black skirt with very little jewelry. I glanced at her curiously, attempting to control the lust that threatened to overtake me.

The only blessing of my condition is pheromones. Somehow, when the lust takes me, I trigger a release of pheromones in my host body. This is the only thing that makes this existence bearable. When they are released, members of the opposite sex are aroused, drawn to me as iron to a magnet. I have other things to study, and am not certain how this works, only that it does. It started working on her immediately, cramped in the small elevator as we were.

The doors slid closed and she glanced furtively towards me. I could see her eyes taking in the body I inhabited, flickering uncomfortably between staring straight ahead at the elevator doors and roving over my body. Our eyes met briefly, and we smiled at each other. She blushed. I stared at her, wanting her to meet my eyes again. She did, and I held her gaze slightly longer than was comfortable. She was fidgeting with the books she held as if trying to regain her composure. Her fingers plucked at the edge of the pages of one book, and she shifted her weight, looking away again. I reached out and touched her, running one hand lightly up her neck and tracing my fingers around her ear. She tilted her head slowly, eyes closing, lips parting and the books she held fell to the floor with a thud.

I reached out my other hand and pressed the emergency stop button on the elevator. It came to a halt with a tremor and a slight grinding noise. I reached my other hand around her waist and turned her towards me, faster and harder than I would have if I were trying to seduce her, but the desire was so strong that I patience was beyond me. I pulled her close, letting my hard phallus press against her body. She took in a breath sharply and looked up at me, lips parted, ready, waiting. I kissed her hard.

As our tongues twisted together my hands slid down her body and wrenched up her skirt, pulling it up over her thighs. She unfastened my pants with trembling hands, our bodies pressing together, then moving apart. I reached up under her skirt and slid her panties down her shapely legs as she released me from my briefs. She wrapped one leg around me as I slid inside her. She was soaking wet and I slipped easily into her. I fucked her hard and fast, pushing her back against the wall of the elevator as she wrapped her other leg around me. Her breathing was shallow as I pumped into her, punctuated by low moans. I felt a pulling sensation in my loins and I knew I was going to come inside her, wanting the release, but knowing I had to wait. I tried desperately to hold back the impending explosion, fully aware that to come now would defeat the entire purpose of the act.

I needed her to climax. The act itself is fulfilling to me, and my desires are satiated briefly when I reach climax, but the power that feeds me is the release of my partner. The energy created when I reach the peak of pleasure is nothing compared to the energy that fills me when my partner orgasms. I slowed my pace, willing myself to withhold my own climax until she reached hers.

As my pace slowed and my strokes grew longer and deeper, she stared deep into my eyes, briefly gritting her teeth, then letting out soft “oohs” and “ahhs.” I continued moving slowly inside her, grinding against her. I unbuttoned her blazer and pulled it open, lowering my mouth to her breasts. I bit lightly on her nipples through the silk of her bra, sending her into frenzy. Her body writhed against mine and her breathing quickened, her moans of pleasure were almost non-stop, punctuated by gasps as I bit harder on her breasts, tugging at her hardened nipples with my teeth.

Suddenly she was bucking against me, her fingers gasping my buttocks tightly, screaming out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I could feel her climax as a wave of energy slamming into my brain, and I could hold back no longer. I pumped into her, releasing myself as I did. We bucked back and forth for a few more moments, our bodies quivering with the last few convulsions of orgasm. She let out a low moan, her breathing slowing from its’ rapid rate, and slid her legs from around my waist as I pulled out of her. We pulled our clothing back into place, buttoning back up and readjusting articles that had shifted and twisted. She was grinning wildly, and looking up at me in expectation.

It was at that moment that I felt my enemy’s presence. He was near; he had found me. A momentary panic caught at my nerves, my throat tightened and all my muscles tensed. If he had come searching for me, he thought he could destroy me. I had only one option available me as I quickly released the emergency stop button and we resumed our downward journey, only one way that he would lose my trail. I needed to swap bodies again.

The elevator came to a bumpy halt, the doors slid slowly open, and I stepped out into the lobby. The girl bent to pick up the books from the floor of the elevator as my eyes darted about the lobby. It was deserted. I panicked; I needed a new body. The confusion of the exchange would throw my enemy off track; he would be unable to see my energy in the slightly weakened state I would be in immediately following the switch. I would also be vulnerable, but if I could trade bodies quickly, I would have enough time to evade him. The girl moved close behind me, and I realized that she was the only alternative body available to me. I turned to see her smiling strangely at me.

“I’m Christine,” she said.

I reached out and took her hand, and the contact with her was all I needed to move into her mind. No, my dear. I am Christine, I thought as I pushed her consciousness aside.

There was a haze, a momentary blurring of reality as I pushed her mind aside and settled into her body. The male body I had recently inhabited stumbled back a few steps and fell to his knees, eyes vacant, hand pressed to his forehead. The world swirled in my vision, the sound of my own breathing grew louder then quieted as I adjusted myself to the senses of this body. My fingers twitched as her mind made an effort to regain control, but it was to no avail. Within seconds, I was in command. For the first time since returning to this world, I occupied a female body.

I strode quickly towards the exit, wanting to be away from my previous host before he regained his composure. I knew from previous experience that he would remember everything I had done as him: vivid details of sexual encounters, evading security guards after stealing a manuscript from a private collection, pouring over ancient texts that he would no longer be able to read without my mind occupying his body. All of it would slowly come to him as if it was a dream. But he would know it was real, although he would be unable to explain his actions to anyone, including himself.

Making my way outside, I strode towards the bus stop until, taking my mental inventory of critical information about the girl whose body I now inhabited, I realized she had a car parked nearby. I continued my exploration of her mind, trying to determine what else she may have of use to me as I pulled her car out of its’ parking spot and drove towards her apartment.

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