TLC Pt. 03

byadam applebiter©

Chapter 10 – The Prospect of Sleeping Alone

A man walks into a bar...

Nothing unusual in that. He's walked into this particular bar practically every night. Tonight though, there's a difference. Sabine is away.

She has a modelling assignment in Manchester. Not a very glamorous assignment, it should be said, just catalogue work but it pays the bills. This will be their first night apart in – how long have they been together? Ten weeks is seventy nights, plus two 'coz it's Wednesday. This would have been their seventy second night together.

"Hi Dan. Why the long face?" Ernesto's by the door, doing the meet and greet bit as usual.

"Evening Ernie. Sabine's out of town for three days. Remember?"

Ernesto should remember. He's given her the time off.

"What you need my friend, is beer. The world of the single man always looks better through green glass." Ernesto accompanies Daniel to the bar. "Gail." He calls over one of the bar staff, a very cute, very petite and very outspoken South African faux redhead. "Gail. Give Dan his usual. Someone's stolen his favourite toy." With a pat on the back for our hero, Ernesto leaves him to it.

"Missing her already? Man! You must have it bad." Gail knows all about Sabine's absence. Two other girls are away on the same job. "Heineken. Right?"

"Cheers." He watches the bottle in front of him, the wisp of vapour in the neck, the ice water trickling down the sodden label.

A striped drinking straw pops into the neck of the bottle, bobbing up and down. It snaps him out of his reverie.

"You didn't pick it up so I thought perhaps your hands weren't working again." Gail grins at him. It's hard to be down when pretty girls are teasing you. Daniel finds his spirits lifting.

"Sarcastic wench." He picks the straw out of his beer, flicking it at her. "I actually only came in for dinner. Can I order a steak sandwich and some of those baby baker things?"

"Sure Honey. Barbeque sauce, sour cream and chive or salsa?"

Daniel looks at her blankly.

"Dip? With your BBs."

"Oh. Barbeque I guess."

"And how d'you take your steak?"


"That's one steakwich, still bleeding, a side order of BBs and barby sauce, coming right up."

Gail disappears for a moment to pass his food order through to the kitchen. Daniel catches himself checking her out. Nice wiggle. He looks quickly back at his beer and, at last, picks up the bottle and drinks.

"So Honey." Gail's back. "What time is she calling you?"

"She texted me earlier to say she'll ring sometime after nine." There's no point being coy about it.

"Ok, well this is how it works: If you sit there for two hours contemplating your beer, people will begin to think this isn't a fun place to be. Seeing as how Ernesto bought you the beer, the very least you can do is look cheerful so as not to scare off his paying customers. Deal?"

"Deal." Daniel manages a wistful smile. And pushes an empty bottle across the bar. "More beer please."

"There you go" Cold Heineken materializes in front of him. One of the waitresses – She's new. He doesn't know her name – puts his sandwich on the end of the counter. Gail brings it over. "Eat, drink and try to be merry." She nicks one of his baby bakers, popping it past her pearly teeth, winks and leaves him to his own devices.

"Honey, I don't want to be a ball-breaker, 'coz I know you're trying but Ernesto hires eye candy for a reason and all you've looked at for ten minutes is your plate." Gail has come to collect his empty plate and, blatantly contradicting herself, break his balls.

"Are you and Sabine related? You sound just like her, apart from the German accent. Anyway, I did check you out when you went to the kitchen."

"And I thought I was losing my touch. Another Heineken?"

"Why not. One for the road."

Daniel did make it his last too, before settling his bill and heading on home with an hour to spare.

Sabine's day had been tiring. There's nowhere near as much glamour in the modelling business as people think and this was about as unglamorous as it got. She'd spent the afternoon having the middle two feet of her body photographed in about a hundred different pairs of panties. And what had she to look forward to tomorrow? Bra and brief sets and a couple of basques that, but for the fact she was being paid, she wouldn't wear in a month of Sundays.

There'd been about a dozen girls on the shoot, all different sizes. Afterwards, a couple of the dressers had offered to show them what nightlife Manchester had to offer midweek. Sabine stuck with the group as far as a restaurant with a half decent salad bar but headed back to the hotel after dinner, more interested in calling Daniel than crawling bars.

Chapter 11 – Phone calls and interruptions

"Hi Liebchen, how was your day?" One ring. That's all the phone managed before Daniel got to it.

"Guten abend, Liebling. Modelling is langweillig. I want to come home."

"Langweillig? – Oh! Boring."

"Yah. Boring. So I can come home. Yah?"

"Liebchen, you can come home any time you want. God knows I miss you. But I thought you needed the money."

"Yah. I need the money. So I must stay and be bored."

He can practically hear the corners of Sabine's mouth turning downward.

"What's the hotel like?"

"Ok I think. But I must share a room. The agency only paid for two rooms for four girls." She doesn't sound overly happy about this either.

"Who are you sharing with? Anyone I know?"

"No. Jules und Teresia are in the other room. I am with Karen. She does not work in Southside. I think you will not know her."

" I had dinner in Southside tonight. Gail was giving me a hard time for being down in the mouth."

"Down in the ...?"

"Glum, unhappy. I wasn't very cheerful because you're so far away."

"So. Did she show you her tattoo?"


"Tomorrow you must ask her to show you. It will cheer you up."

"Ok. I'll ask her tomorrow night. Tell me what you did today that was so boring."

"I had to wear one hundred different panties while the photographer took pictures of them." She exaggerates a little, but not much.

"A nice job for the photographer, getting paid to look at your crotch all afternoon. Were they sexy panties?"

"Some were sexy I think. The strings. But most were plain und big. The photographer is not nice. He asked two of us if we would stay behind und earn some extra money."

"And what did you say?" Daniel can kind of understand why the guy would ask.

"I said no. The clothes are for the catalogue. What it inside is for my boyfriend only."

"Not true."

"Why not?"

"You play with it as much as I do."

"Yah. This is so." She giggles on the other end of the line.

"Makes me hard just thinking about it." Daniel strokes his crotch, noting that, inside his jeans, his penis is at least half awake.


"Well almost hard."

"How was work for you?" Sabine changes the subject.

"Nothing special. You can read it all in the morning. Now stop trying to change the subject. We were discussing my almost-hard-on."

"Ok Leibling. I have to go to the bathroom. Eine moment." There are muffled noises of someone moving around a room, a door closing, the phone being put down and picked up again. Then there's the familiar tinkle of water on water. Sabine is holding her mobile phone close to her fotze while she pees. Daniel is struggling to open the buttons on his Levi's with one hand, against the tension of his rapidly rising cock. He succeeds just as he hears the toilet flush. "It is hard now. Yah?" Sabine's voice comes back on the line.

"Hell yeah! Where exactly are you?"

"In my room."


"Yah. Alone. Karen went out with the other girls. I think she will not be back soon."

"What are you wearing?"

"Your pink shirt und a black string." The shirt in question has been a favourite of hers since their first morning together. Daniel isn't surprised it caught the same train as her.

"Touch it for me. I can't reach from here." Daniel's hand slowly pumps his cock as he visualizes her on a hotel bed in her underwear.

"Yah. It is so soft, so warm, so..." Her voice trails off as her fingers roam over the tight black cotton of her thong. She can clearly see the outline of her labia under the clinging fabric. One finger runs up and down the fissure between them, accentuating the groove. "Are you very har-"

"Oh! Sorry!" Sabine's roommate walks in. "Sorry. I...I...didn't mean to disturb...sorry." After a few seconds embarrassed stammering, she beats a hasty retreat, closing the door behind her.

"What was that?" Daniel heard a second voice but doesn't know whose.

"That was Karen. She is upset I think. I will call you back. Ksse." Sabine hangs up, hops off the bed and opens the door. Fortunately, Karen is the only person in the corridor and the lift hasn't arrived. Sabine hurries barefoot - and practically bare-assed, though the shirttails provide some cover – to intercept her roommate.

"Karen. What is wrong?" Sabine's tone and expression radiates concern.

"I...I...didn't mean to interrupt. I should have knocked first."

"Nein. It is your room too. I was calling my boyfriend. That is all."

Karen lowers her eyes. Oblivious to the fact Sabine has manoeuvred her halfway back to the room. She's just walked in on a stranger masturbating and she's more than a little shaken by it. They've reached the room. Sabine closes the door and flops down on her bed.

"It is the first night we have not been together." Sabine offers an explanation but gets only a puzzled, slightly bunny-in-the-headlights look in response. "My boyfriend and I." She elaborates. "We have been together for ten weeks."

"Listen. If you want to call him back, I can go down to the bar for a drink." Karen's already had quite a bit though, which is probably why everything needs explaining twice. Still, it's a thoughtful suggestion.

"I do not mind if you stay. Daniel will like it, I think."

"Sabine, you do know I don't do girls?" Karen gets the crazy notion she's being hit on. Wonder where she got that idea?

"So. But you are not curious?"

Karen can't meet Sabine's gaze. She had fled in confusion and embarrassment but, at the lift, she'd felt more than a little excited. She can rationalize it any way she likes but her nips are like diamonds and, yes, she's curious. She's had a few lesbian fantasies, but nothing more than daydreams and never had the courage to act on them.

Sabine interprets silence as consent and picks up her phone to call Daniel back.

Daniel was taken aback. Things were just getting sexy when Sabine gabbled something about some other girl and hung up. Oh well, at least he now had time to undress properly. He got naked, and stretched out on the bed – it still smelled of Sabine, hints of cinnamon and musk – stretched out on the bed to nurse his erection and wait for her to call. He didn't have long to wait.

"Hi Liebchen What was all that about?"

"My roommate came in. She was embarrassed but we have talked und she is ok now I think."

"So she's there?" Daniel's heart sinks at the prospect of not being able to finish what they'd started.

"Yah. Karen is here. I think maybe she will stay. Are you still hard?"

"Hell yes. But I guess I'll just have to jerk off later, seeing as you have company."

"Now is good. I am still wet. You do not mind that Karen watches me. Yah?"

"Are you kidding? My cock's twitching just thinking about it. Are you touching yourself now?"

"Only my string. It is very damp."

"Put your hand inside your panties. Touch it properly." Daniel massages his cock with slow, long strokes.

"Yah. That feels good." Sabine's hand burrows past the black cotton until her palm is pressed over her clit and her fingers can curl down between the tops of her thighs. She spreads her legs wide enough to allow four fingers side by side.

Karen is silent. She can't take her eyes off Sabine's crotch. Not that she has a particularly good view: the beds are adjacent so she can't actually see between Sabine's legs. She can smell the sex in the air though and, in a pervy way, its really hot.

"Are you wet enough to get your fingers in?" Daniel's mental image of the action in the hotel room is building up nicely.

"Yah. I am very wet." Sabine slips two fingers past her labia easily. She really is soaking. "I have two already." She works them in and out with increasing speed. She can hear them squelching. She hopes Karen can hear it too.

"Let me hear you lick your fingers."

"Yah." Sabine extracts her sticky fingers and sucks on them noisily. Karen's eyes follow them, unblinking. "Mmm. Liebling. It tastes like your cock."

"That's because my cock has usually been where your fingers were. How's your audience?"

"I think she likes to watch me." Sabine glances at Karen to make sure she's ok with all this. Karen won't meet her eyes but looks back at Sabine's panties instead.

"Take off your panties. Be naked for me. Be naked in front of her." Daniel's cock has started weeping seminal fluid. He paces his hand, not wanting to come until Sabine is ready too.

"Yah Liebling." She pushes the moist thong down her thighs, wiggling her legs to work it down past her knees, her calves, her ankles. She kicks it aside and spreads her legs as wide as possible. "I shall take your shirt off too. Yah?"

"Yes." Daniel's voice is husky with pent up lust.

Sabine slowly unbuttons the shirt, sits up to slip it off her shoulders and discards it. She lies back, this time across the bed so, as her thighs part wide then wider, she is completely exposed to Karen. She closes her eyes, laying her head back on the bedspread. Karen can watch or not. It doesn't matter. "I am naked now." She wants Daniel to tell her exactly what to do, as if he were here to do it himself.

"Your fingers."

"All of them. Yah?" Four fingers isn't a problem for her as long as they're her own. She has quite small hands. With Daniel's fingers she can only comfortably manage three straight off.

"All of them. Yes." His cock is aching he is so hard for her. "Let me hear you fuck yourself with them."

Sabine reaches for her fotze. Two fingers sheath themselves as easily as before, two knuckles deep between her tender, coral pink petals. A few deep plunges into herself then a third finger, then a fourth. She pumps them in and out furiously, her head thrashing to and fro as she loses herself in her own pleasure.

Daniel wanks harder and faster, spurred on by the sighs, the moans, the guttural, non-vocal sounds of his lover. He can tell she's close to coming. A few strokes of her clit and she'll be screaming. He races to catch up with her.

Karen watches, eyes wide and mouth open. She can't believe what's going on. She's so not comfortable with this but the fascination is undeniable. The stink of sex fills her nostrils; the sound of Sabine's fingers slurping in and out is obscene. The shamelessness is overwhelming. She can feel her own sex moistening, but she's really not ready to do anything about it.

"Your clit." Daniel gasps, pounding his fist. "Rub your clit. Come for me. Make me come."

Sabine happily complies, leaving her gaping hole empty, filled only by Karen's burning gaze, to lash her clitoris, riding white water on a river of ecstasy until she crashes over the roaring falls of climax, screaming all the way down into the engulfing deep, surfacing from near oblivion exhausted, clutching at ragged breaths.

Daniel grunts as Sabine's screams precipitate his own orgasm. Semen erupts from his iron hard cock, boiling over his clenched fist, spattering his stomach and his thighs and trickling down his length to soak his heavy balls.

"Swallow it for me. Liebling." Sabine heard him come too. Now she listens to the faint sound of Daniel slurping his come off his fingers. He's being as noisy about it as possible. "Vielen dank, mein liebe herr."

"Thank you Liebchen. Is Karen still with us?"

Sabine opens her eyes, looking down between her breasts and spread knees. Yes, Karen is still there but she turns her face away as soon as Sabine's look breaks the spell.

"Yah. She is here still. She enjoyed very much the show I think."

"I'll bet. I can only think of a few things more enjoyable than watching you fuck yourself."

"A few things?"

"Just a few. Like fucking you myself. Like feeling you squeeze my fingers inside you. Like licking my come out of your pussy."

"I will be home on Friday night. We will do all this together then. Yah?"

"And more. Much more. I'm a mess." Daniel looks at the sticky semen drying on his abdomen and matting his pubes together. "I need a shower."

"Yah. I must shower too. Gute nacht, Liebling. Ksse"

"Good night Liebchen. Sweet dreams."

Karen was conspicuously silent as Sabine got off the bed and headed for their little en suite bathroom. She showered quickly and returned to the bedroom wrapped in a big towel. Karen was still fully dressed, still sat on the edge of her bed, but wait, she must have moved. Sabine's sopping wet thong is balled up in her hand. Sabine sits down opposite her.

"Thank you." Sabine says, startling the life back into Karen.

"Oh! Sorry. I..." Misunderstanding her, Karen reaches out to hand the soggy scrap of cloth back. She struggles for an excuse for having it. Sabine ignores the hand.

"Nein. Thank you for staying. It was good. Yah?"

"It... It was very sexy. Did your boyfriend enjoy himself?" The ice seems to be broken.

"Yah. We both had good orgasms. It excited him that you were here."

"It excited me too." Karen glances down coyly. She surprises herself that she can admit to being turned on by another woman. Sabine leans forward and puts a reassuring hand on her knee but Karen flinches away from her touch.

"It is ok. I will not do anything you do not want."

"Sorry Sabine. I really don't do girls."

"So. We will drink wine instead und talk about boys." Sabine takes a bottle of hock out of her bag.

"You're on." Karen brightens up, realizing she's not about to be seduced by a rampant dyke. Sabine is rummaging for a corkscrew. Karen drops the soggy thong back on the floor and nips into the bathroom to retrieve two glasses.

After his shower, Daniel heads for bed. It's early but there's nothing on TV worth watching and an early night will do him no harm. When half an hour of tossing and turning doesn't result in peaceful slumber, he gives up on the idea and gets up again.

He's never written Sabine a love letter. They've never been apart long enough to make it relevant until now. Pen and paper turn out to be in short supply. Although Daniel writes for a living, it's usually on a computer so, unromantic though it is, he boots up his PC and opens a new document.


Fate is conspiring against me. There doesn't appear to be a working pen in the flat. Nor can I find a pencil except my carpenter's pencil and I can hardly write to you with that. Well, perhaps I could, if I were a carpenter and you were a lady...

I suspect you know exactly where I could put my hand on a biro but since you tidied up my life... Anyway, phoning you to ask where they are would spoil the surprise so I've typed this instead.

So, my Dream Girl, snuggle close awhile. I have a secret to whisper to you. Something I've been meaning to say for a long time.

I love you.

Too quiet? OK I'll whisper just a little louder then.

I love you.

Still too quiet? I'm scared to say it louder because then everyone will hear it. And, if it's not a secret anymore then everyone will want you for themselves, so they can be as happy as me. I want to hide you inside my heart, away from the prying eyes of a jealous world.

It's getting hard to form a mental image of you with clothes on. Perhaps because so much of the time we've spent together in the past 10 weeks has involved a conspicuous lack of clothes. The most enduring image is that of your lovely, pale body, supine on cool white sheets first thing in the morning. Perhaps my little flat is the perfect nest for us; a place where we can hide from everyone else and spend whole days wrapped in each other's limbs and a giant white duvet, making love and babies.

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