tagNovels and NovellasTo Be Frank Ch. 03

To Be Frank Ch. 03

byKatie T©

The usual disclaimer – this is (mainly!) fiction, the characters' names are disguised, and it's better to start reading about Frank at Chapter One. Thanks to all of you who've provided feedback and suggestions, all of which have been gratefully received, even if I've not replied personally (sorry!)

Next morning we awoke at sunrise, anxious to get an early start for the serious hill walking we were about to undertake – from nearly sea level to 750m (it doesn't sound much but remember it's Britain) over rough rocky terrain shaped by millions of years of exposure to mother nature. I hit the shower block with my girl friend Nessie and we took adjoining stalls, stripping easily in front of each other. I've always admired Nessie's fuller figure, especially her D cup breasts, which put mine to shame, and I made a mental note to myself to one day explore her further. We chatted about our day ahead as we cleaned up. I knew Nessie had to wash up after her session with Paul the previous night, but she had no idea that Tim and I had also indulged, culminating in him flooding my love tunnel with his ejaculate.

"So, hard climb ahead" she half-shouted, over the shower noise.

"Not half as hard as tomorrow night" I replied, smiling to myself as I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair.

"Ahh Kate, you're soooo crude!" Nessie responded. "Crude but fair" she added, after a half-pause for comic effect. We both giggled a little.

We chatted for a while as we washed. As I soaped up my front, feeling my nipples harden in the early morning rush that the body gives you to let you know it's good to be alive, I toyed briefly with the idea of teasing my clitoris to a quick orgasm, but then realised that it's hard to focus on sexual relief when the girl next door is trying to hold a conversation with you, and reluctantly left my hot button alone, figuring that Tim could attend to it later.

After showering we dried off and dressed. As we knew the day would be both hot and long the two of us had opted for light clothes Nessie was in cotton undies, jean shorts and white cotton shirt and I'd ended up choosing to wear my little blue polka-dot bikini (it was the eighties!) under green cotton shorts and a sleeveless green t-shirt that didn't do much to hide my svelte teen figure from the world at large. I was very aware of my petite breasts and tight little bum being shown off by my choice, but also knew that, given we were hiking into the wilds of North Wales, the only male audience would be the man I intended sleeping with that evening, and Paul, who I knew was so wrapped up in Nessie that he wouldn't notice if I hiked nude.

We quickly struck our tents and distributed the canvas and poles amongst our packs. The guys were suitably gentlemanly in taking the lion's share of the weight allowing us girls an easier walk under lighter loads.

It was still early as we set off from our campsite, stopping (oh how good we were!) to leave a route plan and e.t.a. for our return under the door of the campsite owner in case of difficulties.

Our walk across and over the Rhinog mountains was odd in that we were walking South to North, where most people went the other way, for the simple reason the boulder field and scree slopes were easier to go across that way round. As we'd left early we figured that we'd have the worst rock scrambling out of the way before lunch and before the day really warmed up, and so it proved. The dry weather meant the mountain bogs were drier and easier to navigate than after rain, and the rock scrambling was much simpler than it would have been had the rocks got a good soaking while were there. With only a couple of short snack stops and comfort breaks we were lunching by the small lake on the Eastern flank of Rhinog Fach, the smaller of the two giant brothers.

"We've made good time" said Paul, checking the map and his watch. Choice ahead: do we laze over lunch or get on with it, conquer 'Fach and hit our campsite early?"

"Where's the advantage in that?" said Tim. He stole a sidelong glance at me, as he'd been doing all morning. "We could have a swim here, cool off and then get going"

"Swim at our campsite" said Nessie. "There's a lake there too, isn't there Paul?"

Paul confirmed Nessie's expectations, and we all agreed we'd push on to get to destination as soon as we could, much to Tim's chagrin.

"Easy, tiger", I told him as we put our packs back on to move off. I squeezed his hand in mine, letting him know my interest matched his. "Wait till later!"

"I know, Frank. It's just that, well, I've had to look at your butt while we've been walking all morning and I figured that rather than walk we could, you know..." his voice trailed off.

"Know what?" I teased. I didn't wait for his response, as his face flushed. I turned him to face me, and, as Paul and Nessie helped each other with their packs, tilted my head up to his to kiss him, briefly, full on the lips. "Later" I emphasised, raising an eyebrow and smiling at the expression on his face – all hope, fear, frustration and expectation. He still took the chance to cop a quick feel of my arse before I smacked his hand away!

Our final ascent up Rhinog Fach was steep, sweaty and breath-stopping. We had little energy for anything other than a quick cheer as we hit the summit, sun beating down on us and no shelter in sight. The view out across the Barmouth Bay was spectacular, and we could see for miles.

"I can see all the way to future" I breathed. Nessie cocked a quizzical eyebrow at me. "Where the sun sets," I explained. "By the time it's going down over there it's already night here, so I've always looked at sunset over the ocean as being in the future."

She lifted her water bottle to me in a mock toast. "Here's to your future" she said, a little smile playing across her face. Having set Tim & I up for the weekend, she was milking it for all it was worth!

"What goes on tour stays on tour" I responded, echoing the age-old mantra of weekenders across the whole country, be they sporting, dirty or sci-fi convention-goers.

"Hear, hear" came the reply of the other three, as we all raised our water bottles in one of the more sober toasts ever delivered.

We set off down the steep slope to the glacial lake on the West side, taking our time over the steep, rocky descent to save our joints and energy, and arriving shortly after three in the afternoon, a good two hours ahead of when we expected to be making camp. We'd seen not a soul apart from each other all day, and had the lake to ourselves. Llyn Hywel was at the same time blue, green and grey, depending on the angle of the sun and how you looked at it, and was dammed at the one end by glacial waste, with a small remainder hillock off to one side in the middle of the flat alpine meadow area we intended to pitch our tents in.

"No disrespect", said Nessie, "but Paul and I are going to pitch here, and there's a good flat spot just the other side of the hillock here where you ought to find the ground easy enough to get your tent pegs in!"

"None taken", I murmured as I checked the look of expectation on Tim's face.

We tramped the hundred metres or so round the base of the small mound that Nessie had chosen as a barrier between us, and dropped our packs. As she'd promised, the ground was reasonably easy, not too stony, and promised a bit of give under our sleep mats to help us relax that night.

"I don't know about you, but I could do with cooling off in that lake" I said, deliberately facing Tim as I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. My boots came off, my shorts were quickly unbuttoned and they joined my top on the grass, leaving me in just my bikini.

Tim swiftly divested himself of his shorts and shirt, leaving himself in a pair of blue cotton boxer shorts, which he quickly adjusted as I copped a sneak peek of his knob, semi-hard, trying to make its way out in appreciation of me!

I walked to the lake, amused to see Nessie & Paul, both clad in only their undies, heading the same way just up the shoreline. I waved to them, and slowly immersed myself in the chill waters as Tim followed me. We swam slowly, lazily for a few minutes before Tim came up to me, standing up in the shoulder-deep water.

"Frank" he started. "I don't know how to start this, but please forgive me if it comes out wrong"

"Carry on", I encouraged, standing to match him. "We know each other well enough by now for that." By way of reinforcement I put my arms round his shoulders and hugged him quickly, leaving my hands resting on his back as we pulled apart just a little. Again, I let my lips brush his, lightly.

"Frank" he started again. "I'm in a bit of a mess. There's you, there's me, there's Karl. Much as I dislike him, and despite last night, I don't know what I'm supposed to do about you, as he's your boyfriend."

Nice passion-killer, I thought briefly, then squashed the thought as being uncharitable, as Tim was being brutally honest.

"Tim", I replied. "I love you dearly. We've been through a lot together, and we'll no doubt go through a lot more. I know Karl's a problem to you, but, please, take it from me, it's running it's course, and what you do to me just being around is making me more sure every day that I've got to do something about the whole situation. Meantime, I can't give myself just to you, but will you take this little piece you have, just the two of us, just now?"

I looked into his blue, blue eyes, watching for his response. He gave it to me physically, enfolding me in his arms and initiating the kiss.

Our tongues entwined, and arms around each other, we lost ourselves in that moment, french-kissing for a full five minutes before I broke the embrace, acutely aware of the chill in the water.

"I'm suffering from a depression", I stated. Tim looked blank briefly, before he got the meteorological in-joke. "Ah, he replied. "A bit of a cold front?"

I smiled, nodded, and taking him the hand led him back to dry land. We quickly got to work putting our tent up, but left our sleep mats outside, next to each other, sleeping bags on top, Nothing was spoken, it was just a tacit agreement that we'd not be going into the tent for some time.

We quickly boiled some water and ate the freeze-dried meal we had for tea, washed down with a coffee, fortified with a nip of brandy from Tim's handy hip flask.

I stretched out on my sleep mat, feeling the early evening sun beat down on my already tanned body, and Tim lay down to join me. He lay on his side, and reached one arm under me to pull me close as his lips once more sought mine. We kissed again, eyes closed, virtually alone under the sun, and slowly his hand came up across my stomach to grasp my left breast, hardening my nipples instantly. He slowly caressed my tit, his fingertips lingering around my aureole as he alternated between cupping the breast and squeezing my nipple through the cloth. The feeling was fantastic, as only the first conscious touch can ever be between lovers, and I was briefly disappointed as his hand left its duties.

He moved his hand round to my back, seeking the ties that held the brief triangles of fabric between my chest and nakedness, and slowly pulled the string loose, repeating the procedure at my neck, then pulling my bikini top off and dropping it next to me. My breasts were exposed to him, and he broke off his exquisite kiss to prop himself up on an elbow and survey my 34b chest.

"You don't know how often I've dreamed of this, Frank" he breathed, as he leant forward and kissed my tits. His tongue danced across me, and sent shivers down my spine. Every few moments he'd grasp one of my little brown acorn nipples and nibble it with his teeth, stopping to lick circles round my aureoles.

I moaned my pleasure into his neck, and my hand crept down his chest, across his stomach and onto his boxers. His cock was rigid, pulsing with the energy stored within for me, and my hand encircled it through his boxers. I left it, pulling instead on the waistband, intent on releasing him from his cloth prison.

Tim raised his hips, allowing me to pull down on his underwear, slowly taking it past his knees, where with some wriggling of his legs he managed to get free and lie naked next to me. As he continued to use his mouth on my breasts I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly began to wank him off, tugging on his shaft in long, easy up-and-down motions.

We continued this for some time, enjoying the feelings generated as we pleasured each other, until I reluctantly moved his head off my breasts and kissed my way down him to his shaft.

Up close, his uncircumcised cock looked as thick as I remembered it feeling inside me the previous night. I gently kissed the tip, being rewarded with the twitch that guys can't ever stop when a girl gets close enough to promise oral satisfaction. I wrapped my lips round him, quickly bobbing down and back to give him a taste of my blowjob technique.

I settled into a routine, swirling my tongue around the tip, then taking him deep into my mouth, dragging my teeth on the underside of his cock on the way up to repeat the process, whilst one hand cupped his balls, hot and heavy in my grip.

It was all too soon when his warning grunt told me that he was about to come. After all Karl's ejaculations across my face, chest and butt I wasn't about to let this go to waste, so I held him in my mouth as I squeezed his full balls, encouraging him to let go as I speeded up my sucking. Within a few quick moments his come was filling me, with three, then four, then five generous spurts of his liquid hitting the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. He tasted tangy, salty, musky, sweet, all at the same time, and it wasn't unpleasant at all, as I licked him clean and swallowed his semen down.

I rested my head on his stomach, looking up, licking my lips.

"Good?" I asked, knowing instantly what a dumb question that was.

"More than" Tim replied. "More than." He pulled me up, surprising me by kissing me fully, the way most guys avoid after they've just spunked in their girlfriend's mouth, then setting me down again on my sleep mat. "My turn" he said, kissing me on the mouth, the neck, my breasts and my flat stomach. He arrived at the tip of my bikini, and lifted my hips as he removed my bikini bottom, leaving me naked in front of him.

"Wow, full shave" he noted with smile. It was rare back in the eighties, with most girls thinking it was a bit sluttish, a bit porn star. I'd decided a couple of years previously that being shaven was much more fun than having pubic hairs trapped in your pantie line in class, and my friends in my school year had, after the initial teasing, almost all played follow the leader, much to the delight of their respective partners.

He lay between my legs, lifting them over his shoulders and burying his face fully in my pussy with a big kiss, trying to fit it all in his mouth, tongue playing all up and down my slit. I held my legs above him as his arms came up so his hands could once more play with my breasts.

He kissed my slit, driving his tongue up my cunt before running it up and down my labia, then flicking it lightly across my clitoris before diving back down to play with the opening to my hole. As he'd done to my nipples, he'd occasionally grip my clitoris in his teeth before playing his tongue across it, and it was this strangely gentle, yet somehow aggressive play that set me loose as I cried out my pleasure to the afternoon sky.

"Oooooooh, TIM! Aaaaaaaah." My breath was short, as were my cries, as he expertly brought me to orgasm with his mouth and hands as I clamped him with my leg, trying to draw him deeper into my sex. "Oh wow!" I echoed, as I came down from the high.

Tim lifted himself up and drew up so our faces were level, and kissed me again. I could taste my own familiar musky scent on his lips and tongue.

"Ready?" he said, the subject of his question being made obvious by the feel of his, once more erect, penis at the opening to my well-lubricated vagina.

"Please Tim, put it in me" I replied, again using my legs as an urgent signal, clasped around his back to pull his cock into me.

He thrust, all at once, no finesse, to bury himself inside and set our pubic bones together, drawing a startled gasp from me as he filled my pussy with his hard, fat cock, then just as suddenly withdrew, leaving just his head inside me and an empty feeling up my tunnel.

He thrust again, more slowly as I buried my head in his neck, then set up a series of slow steady fully-in, almost out strokes, each time stretching my cunt and tweaking my G-spot with his cock. The ecstasy was total, only minutes in and I knew it was the best fuck I'd had ever. Tim's rhythm was everything, and he slowly speeded up his fucking, taking me along with him to another orgasm as his penis, a perfect fit in my limited experience, brought out the sexy woman within me.

I pressed gently against his chest. "I want to go on top" I whispered. "Let me fuck you back, please?"

Awkwardly we rolled, to retain his dick in me and waste none of the wonderful sensation, and eventually I was astride him, hands on his chest as his reached upward to once again cup my firm little titties as he thrust upward into me. I used my thigh muscles to pull myself upward, repeating the agony of leaving just his head inside me, before relaxing to engulf him once more inside me, savouring the rush as I set the pace, fast as he had, slowing down to a languid, sensual slow dance, before once more sprinting toward another climax. Tim's breathing became more rapid, and his hands squeezed my nipples harder as he met me thrust for thrust, before gasping as his cock disgorged another load of his cum inside my stretched cunt.

I collapsed on top of him, seeking his mouth and kissing him deeply, sharing the experience we'd just had as he slowly softened inside me. Rolling off, I lay beside him as he cradled me in his arms, and we both looked Westwards, across the sea, to the future.

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