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Hi, my name is Timmy. I am 18 and live at home with my sister April and my mom Gemma. My aunt Kathryn is also in the neighbourhood. They are all the family I've got so they mean very much to me.

Let me describe each first. April is 20 and has very nice big tits. They are easily the first thing any guy notices about her.

My mom is 40 and an athletic woman of 5'4". She has real nice boobs and a very cute ass. A brunette and super sexy.

Aunt Kathryn is also very busty. A real beautiful face but her tits are A plus. She is 37.

You can see they are all well endowed. As for me, well I am 5'8" and quite athletic. However, like the ladies I am well endowed too. More of a rarity than them I must say because although they are very busty you see beautiful big titted women every day. On the other hand how often does a 12 inch cock come about.

It was my big dick that first got me laid and it is my cock that allows me to check off my to-do list one by one.

My to-do list is very important to me. When I first became sexually aware I was horny like any guy. As it became obvious to me that I had an exceptionally large dick I began to wonder just what I could accomplish sexually. And by accomplish I basically mean just who I might be able to fuck.

Horny as always one day I actually wrote down my sex goals. Up to that point i had only fucked a few girls from high school. They commented on the size of my cock but I wanted more women to moan with ecstasy at the sheer bohemoth sized man meat I was blessed with.

Here is a quick overview of my goals.

1. Fuck an older woman. 2. Fuck a girl in the ass. 3. Have two women at once.

These were the first goals and amazingly easy to accomplish. The first older woman I had was Connie. She worked with me at my part time job at a variety store. One day she was gawking at Playgirl magazine and I strolled up and asked her if she liked the big cock on the centrefold. She said she did and I unzipped then and there to put the guy in the picture to shame. She was quite a good fuck and reinforced my desire to fuck older women.

Goals 2 and 3 were taken care of the same day. Two girls in the neighbourhood were friends of friends. Laurie and Shelley were 23 or 24. Thay were out in bathing suits and as I had just reread my goals I confidently strolled up to talk to them. They were taken aback by my confidence and then things went pretty smooth. We fucked all afternoon and these two lovelies were my first anal sex partners.

Those were the simple, and not so strange goals. My next goals were a little farther out there.

Here are some and how and who got them taken care of.

4. Fuck a friends mom.

My good friend Joey had a real cute mom so I set my sights on her. Thank you Denise you were a treat.

5. Have a mother - daughter threesome.

A girl I knew from school named Danielle had been blowing me on the side occasionally. She was real anxious for me to fuck her but I had seen her mother so my to-do list was a priority for me. Marcia was her name. So I spent a few evenings at Danielle's place and kind of flirted with mom and daughter. I couldn't believe it when Marcia told me Danielle had mentioned how big my dick was. They were more open than I thought so I just went ahead and asked for the mother daughter threesome. Simple as that the goal was checked off. Three people with a nice memory.

6. Fuck a teacher.

Every kid has a few teachers they wouldn't mind banging. My geography teacher was big titted Mrs. Foster. Off and on in class I would sprout a boner and position myself hoping she would notice. She did. One day she came up behind me and rested her tits on my shoulder as she pretended to look over my work. Not many days after that I was walking home and she drove by and offered me a ride. Before we got too far I offered her a ride on my supersized cock. Another good fuck and another goal taken care of.

After those goals I really shot for the moon.

7. Fuck my sister April.

Amazingly we did this after mom got mad at us and the story is more clearly told in another story called Kids Get Revenge. Simply put we started to fuck off and on. Then we wanted to get back at mom for embarrassing us so we purposely got caught fucking. Thinking back to moms facial reaction when she saw me fucking April doggystyle and April moaning fuck me you big dicked stud is something forever in my mind.

8. Fuck my mom.

This was easy. April and I blackmailed her. She begged us to stop the incestuous fling. We told her we would if she fucked me. Bingo!! This coincided with number 9.

9. Fuck my mom and get it on video.

That was part of the deal April and I made with mom. Really awesome and I watch it regularly.

10. Fuck Aunt Kathryn.

Would not ever want to fuck everyone else and forget about her. Kathryn came over for coffee and saw that mom was acting strange around me. She might have even seen me grab moms tits. She asked me what was going on. I showed the video to her. She was not embarassed or upset. She stripped as soon as the video ended and said "I think you might want to add me to your collection of women Timmy." We fucked good and hard.

11. The latest and most precious. Fuck mom in front of another person other than April and Kathryn.

This is amazing. My sister and aunt are certainly no slouches in the sack. However something about fucking my own mom seems even more kinky than doing either of them.

I ended up running into Mrs. Foster and she begged me to fuck her again. I did of course. She then told me that she had told her husband about me. She said her husband wanted to watch a big cock fuck his wife. I obliged for a fee. After that she saw me with my mom at the mall. When I got her aside I asked her if her and her husband would like to see me fuck my own mother. The phone rang that night. For a thousand dollars me and mom helped them see a fantasy. Little did they know it was my fantasy too.

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