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To Iraq with Love


November 20, 2005

Jamie My Love,

It is the week of our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds. But some how without you here it doesn't seem like the holidays at all. I just have to find a way to make myself understand that these are the cards life has dealt us and that I must find a way to get through this and wait patiently and hopefully here at home for you. It just all seemed to happen so quickly how could we have know that within a month of your enlisting they would ship you out to the hot, dry, deserts of Iraq.

I did as you suggested in your last letter and joined the wives' support group here on base, but there's only one other newlywed like me there. All of the other women have already survived at least one deployment of six months or more. So although they are trying to be helpful by telling me to steel myself and think of the homecoming and not the loss between the departure and then, they have only seemed to alienate me more at this point. But maybe I'll feel differently about it after a couple more meetings...at any point...I'm doing as you asked and trying to make some friends with women who have dealt with this before and are dealing with it now.

I think of you every second of every day and wonder what you might be doing, if you are thinking of me and missing me as much as I do you. I can hardly watch the news anymore, I check the highlights on CNN each day for the worst that is happening over there, but I have had to just ignore the rest of it all.

I got your letter last week, although it took about three weeks from when you sent it, I really enjoyed the silly pictures of the camel who ate your hat. And I was glad to see the pictures of you with the care package I sent. Hope you enjoyed every morsel of your favorite treats. I was glad to hear that they replaced your broken legged cot with a brand new one. They should. It is the least they can do. They owe all of you guys out there so much for being willing to leave so much behind.

The entire American public does. Even if they seem to forget it sometimes. The support for you guys has been good lately. People seem to think that our being there is the right thing.

You know me I always say whether you should or shouldn't be there is a moot point now. It is your job; your duty and the politics are not left to you. But you are one of our many strong young American men that have gone to keep our great nation safe and for that you deserve our utmost support and gratitude and none of the politics or the rest of it matters at all.

But that is enough wasting paper space over all of that; you know how I feel about it all. I am so very proud of you for being there keeping us all safe, but I so very badly wish you were back here with me. Maybe that sounds selfish but I can't help it. We were just beginning to get our start in life and now it has all been put on hold.

My thoughts go to you a hundred million times each day, but the nights, they are even worse. I think of the short time we spent here in our bed alone together as a married couple. I close my eyes and feel your arms wrapped around me. Feel your kisses on my lips—your hands on my hips and the warmth of you deep inside my body—God how I ache to feel you inside me again.

I think that the next time I write you I'll send you a letter sex letter (you know like a phone sex call, only by mail) would you like that? Would you lie in your bunk and read it at night and imagine all the sights and sounds of me and write me one back as well? We'll have to see. I guess I won't know until I get your response to this letter back. I hate to have to cut this letter short angel, but I'm going to be late for work if I don't and I want to have time to put this in the base post before I go in.

Remember that I am here, you are never forgotten and that you are always loved missed and desired. I cannot wait until you are back in my arms...and my bed again...until then I'll be having sweet dreams of you and I hope that you will be having them of me as well.

Forever my love...and never goodbye...


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