To Love a Stray Ch. 12


Micah tightens his arms around me as he joins in my laughter. After a few minutes he gently eases from my passage making me gasp and attempt to push back onto him but he holds my hips firmly as he slips free.

"Shit! I should have done this to you sooner," Micah mutters softly.

"You pair finished?" Sam calls from somewhere not too close but not too far away.

"You should have warned me that was going to happen," I hear Mitchell growl and Sam laughs at him.

"You pair of squeamish old goats can come back but be prepared: your sister hasn't managed to put her pants back on yet," Micah calls and I hurriedly reach for my jeans and underwear.

"I can't find my undies. I'm sure I left them in my jeans so they wouldn't get lost," I mutter.

"What?" Micah asks and I glance at him.

He frowns then his eyes go dark with annoyance. "Steven! I am going to pound some sense into your head," he yells as he gets to his feet and pulls his jeans up hurriedly before racing off after Steven who I can hear laughing in the distance.

I am pulling my jeans on while trying to ignore the cloudy fluid running down the inside of my legs causing my jeans to stick to them. Sam and Mitchell come out of the trees just the other side of the spring as I am doing the zipper up and I glance at them self-consciously.

"Gee, you look like you pissed your pants," Sam says and starts laughing.

"Um, don't you think you should tell the tom to use a condom before he mounts you, not once he has you?" Mitchell asks and starts laughing. I look at him slightly confused as I finally finish getting my jeans done up.

"As soon as you finished squealing when he mounted you, you yelled at him that you were supposed to be using a condom," Sam says and laughs even harder.

"Oh!" I say covering my face with my hands. "I thought I'd only thought that! No wonder he laughed at me afterwards!"

"What did you say to Micah to chase him off so fast?" Mitchell manages to ask between bouts of laughter, and I can't help noticing how happy they both seem.

"It looks like Steven stole my underwear and maybe even wiped them in ... well some smelly stuff," I mutter as I turn my face away in embarrassment and both my brothers start laughing.

"Steven couldn't pass up the chance to do Micah's boasting for him!" Mitchell says gasping for breath. "Micah assumed you had run off or climbed up where we couldn't get you down which was why I returned to get him. He was cussing a blue streak before he even left the quarters and now Steven is going to go and make sure everyone knows what you wanted Micah for! Micah will so get paid out by everyone for his mistake!"

"Oh my gosh," I say hiding my face in my hands. "Everything is going from bad to worse!"

"Why? Because all the toms will be stirring Micah about you finally trusting him enough to let him do what he's wanted from the start?" Sam laughs and shakes his head. "We were all starting to think maybe you wouldn't be able to let a tom do anything ... significant."

"What is it with all you cats being so interested in my love life, or lack there of?" I demand.

"Who else other than you and possibly Jazzy are going to have babies so we can look after them?" Sam asks.

"Go find yourselves a human woman if you want kids that bad," I mutter.

"And end up having half-breeds who can't change or end up going crazy if they do?" Mitchell demands. I stop walking as I remember how hard of a time I'd had with trying to adjust until the warriors rescued me from some strays.

"Sorry, bad idea. I didn't think that through before saying it," I admit.

"You are going to have more than one baby aren't you?" Sam asks.

"Not at once, I hope and besides it depends on what Micah ... if we're still together. If he wants more," I mumble suddenly unsure of how things would be for me from now on.

"It's safe to say he'll stick around. He has recently turned down several invitations from different she-kitts to visit while they are in heat, and he has remained interested in you all along, despite Edwin and the cage," Sam tells me. "You really need to try to have a good chat with him, see what he wants."

"Rosy there's one she-kitt. She and Micah were starting to build an understanding between them before we found you. But since then ..." Mitchell explains in a gentle voice but I stop abruptly and turn to face him with a frown.

"Has there any thing going on between them recently? Is he seeing her or something?" I demand tightly.

"No, he stopped seeing her not long after Alex died but before you ran away," Sam tells me.

"So it isn't an issue. She's part of the past," I snap as I start walking once again and pull gently on the chain Sam is carrying. Eventually I manage to have all of it in my hands and hang it over my shoulder to carry it. I don't want to think of the possibility there is someone out there Micah will realise he is more interested in then me and the kitt I carry.

"I think the idea is for one of us to keep hold of one end of the leash at all times so you don't try to run away," Sam tells me.

"Sam, I happen to be pregnant and I am realistic enough to know my best chance of not losing this kitt is to remain here where I can be protected by you guys," I say dryly.

"You want this kitt?" Mitchell asks sounding both hopeful and pleased.

"Yeah, I love the little jellybean already," I admit and frown as a shadow of worry touches my mind. "Everyone is so excited and wants to touch my belly whenever they get a chance, everyone except for Micah. He hasn't touched me once."

"You'll probably find it a very different case now. If he takes this as serious as I think he will, anyone wanting to touch your belly will have to get by him first," Sam tells me.

"Oh great, jealous boyfriend from hell," I mutter with sudden anxiety.

Both my brothers laugh and Sam lifts the chain from my shoulder to drape it over his own shoulder before we reach the tree line of the compound.

"Well you won't have to put up with being touched all the time except by Micah," Mitchell points out.

"I actually really enjoyed sharing the baby belly with everyone yesterday," I tell them seriously.

"You better believe we all were thrilled especially by the way you wanted us to be a part of it; that's how it's meant to be. The other time it was like letting us touch you was a form of torture for you," Sam tells me worriedly.

"Well then I'm sure you're glad to know I loved being touched yesterday and I think maybe I liked the whole thing more than you guys did, except for Micah not wanting to touch my belly," I say with a frown.

"You'll need to talk to him make it clear to him what you want from him," Sam informs me. "Oh and don't change your jeans or have a shower until everyone has had a chance to smell for themselves what's happened."

"Do you think it bothers him that it was Edwin in the cage with me? I had no say in it you know," I tell them. Instantly both of my brothers growl low in their throats and I can nearly feel the anger radiating from them.

"It took Baxter plus all of us to stop Micah going to the house, defying his Alpha and going into the cage to pull Edwin off you," Mitchell tells me. "Even Donovan knew Wade would have to kick Micah out of the pride for that and Micah needed to be here when you got out of the cage."

"Did you know Edwin would give me to Micah when I was allowed out?" I ask.

"No, but if Micah wasn't here he couldn't challenge Edwin for you," Sam tells me with a level look.

"Oh," Is all I can manage to say.

"Looks like they know we're back." Mitchell says and I glance towards the stone shed where he is looking. Toms are standing in the doorway watching us and I can see the shadowy forms of more of them behind those in front. One tom separates himself from the rest and I recognise Steven. He heads to the quarters at a jog and disappears inside not far ahead of us. Donovan is sitting alone in front of the tv playing a one player game when we walk into the lounge room, and he frowns when he sees us.

"You know it's not nice to run away when all we were trying to do is help you," Donovan snaps at me and I realise he isn't aware of what truly happened. I sit beside him and pick up the second controller. He scowls at me so I put it down and stretch out on my belly beside him.

"Don't lie on your belly! Micah will get mad when he sees and after him having to go catch you," Donovan says with an angry glance.

The expression is wiped from his face and he takes an experimental sniff. "What is that smell?" he asks wide-eyed. I can see he has a good idea of what it is and I give him a bit of a grin.

"I didn't run away but Micah sure did catch me," I tell him with a wink.

"You let Micah mount you? Oh wow! Wait until I tell the others!" Donovan exclaims excitedly as he drops the controller and jumps to his feet. He hesitates a moment then falls to his knees, grabs me in a hug and presses a kiss to my cheek before jumping up and racing for the door.

"Hey everyone! Hey!" Donovan yells as he runs outside leaving the screen door to bang noisily.

"Well you've certainly made Donny's day, especially letting him give you that cuddle," Micah says and I look towards the doorway startled. He is standing in the doorway leaning against the door jam with one shoulder watching me with a grin and I roll onto my side off my belly.

"It really doesn't hurt the kitt when I lie on my belly," I tell him.

"So Doc has told me," Micah says quietly. "I had a bit of a chat to him this morning while you went for your walk so that hopefully I don't go upsetting you over silly misunderstandings."

I watch as his gaze shifts from my face to my stomach and his face turns serious as he straightens and walks towards me. I roll onto my back and watch his eyes as he moves to stand over me. He settles on his knees beside me and slowly slips both his hands under the bottom of my t-shirt before unzipping my jeans and pushing them low to expose my belly. His hands skim light circles on my bare skin before his fingers interlace as he covers where the baby rests beneath my navel.

"Yesterday when you didn't touch my belly, I was so scared you didn't want me because of this kitt," I tell him softly as the tears well in my eyes.

"If I had touched your belly I would have done this," Micah moves his hands and presses a kiss where they had been resting. He lifts his head and moves lower to smell me through the fabric of my jeans before lifting his head to look at me. I gasp as he lifts my hips and pushes my jeans down in one easy motion. His eyes don't leave mine as he works my jeans lower and I gasp again as I realise exactly what he intends.

I open my legs wide when he slips the jeans off one of my legs and I watch as he moves to kneel between my thighs. I gasp as his mouth closes over my slit and then I lose all coherent thought as he sets about showing me exactly what he meant.

"You are going to have a lot of company in a minute," Sam warns and I start as I realise that both my brothers are over by the door standing guard as Micah has his way with me. Micah groans as he lifts his head and he meets my eyes. His eyes are dark with desire but he wipes the back of his hand over his mouth reluctantly before moving as if to stand up.

* * * * *

"Oh no you don't," Rosy protests. "They can wait a little longer."

"They won't, you know," I tell her with a smile.

"Yes they will. They wouldn't dare interrupt. Sam and Mitchell will make them wait outside," Rosy says and rolls onto her belly before getting onto her hands and knees.

I inhale sharply at the sight before me. Rosy's sex pouts from between her upper thighs. I can see the fluids from our earlier session showing wetly where her passage gapes slightly, telling me of her excitement. I can smell her rich spicy scent that betrays her arousal.

"Micah, I'm not finished with you yet." Rosy calls back over her shoulder to me with a smile as I reach for my zipper eagerly.

I see uncertainty and nervousness flit across her face as I free my cock from my jeans. Rosy makes no objection as I kneel behind her and take hold of her hips; I thrust back and forth slightly making the head of my cock rub against her clit and the slick entrance below it. Rosy gasps and tries to move but I hold her hips firmly as I continue to tease her. She tenses as the screen door opens squeakily but I push gently against her entrance claiming her full attention.

"You sure you're alright with this?" I ask as I stop moving.

"More so than I'd be if you stopped now," Rosy gasps as she attempts to push back against me. I move one hand down and grasp the shaft of my cock so I can guide myself into her passage smoothly. Her passage is tight as the head of my cock slowly disappears from view; then it is past the sphincter muscle and Rosy squeals as I slide smoothly in right up to my balls.

"Oh! Oh!" Rosy squeals as I begin moving deep inside her.

I know the others are just in the hallway but I don't stop as I begin moving in a steady rhythm. Rosy squeals again and pushes back hard against me as I move making me grasp her hips and guide her into a steady rhythmic movement. Rosy moans and I realise it is with pleasure as she buries her face against her forearms and begins whimpering.

I can feel her inner muscles clenching against me as if they are trying to hold me deep within her passage. I lean forward, reaching both hands beneath her to cup her breasts through the fabric of her clothing. I use both thumbs to brush her nipples into hard beads beneath her shirt before gliding one hand down over her stomach to that place between her legs.

Rosy gasps and squeals as I find her clit with two of my fingers. I tweak it gently and she tenses as she groans and pushes herself hard onto my cock. I feel a familiar pressure build in my balls then it pulses up into my shaft as ripples flow through the muscles of Rosy's cunny. More pressure swells almost to the point of pain from within; an incredible pulsing pleasure races from where I am lodged within Rosy's passage up into my body and fans out until even my fingers and toes tingle.

"Oh shit Micah," Rosy cries hoarsely as she presses back against me.

I groan as I grab her hips to hold her still as I realise I have allowed my knot to form inside her passage. I remember how she mentioned this has always caused her pain in the past, that it was often the end result of when she was taken against her will.

I close my eyes as I hope and pray I am mistaken over what has happened only to have another wave of pleasure roll over me as I feel myself throb inside of her.

"Oh God, Oh God," Rosy moans softly and I release her hips. I feel spasms run through her cunny she turns her head to look back over her shoulder at me in surprise.

"You all right?" I ask worriedly. "I'm not hurting you?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be alright after that?" Rosy asks with a huge smile. "You're not squashing me or anything."

Slowly her smile fades and her eyes go wide; she looks away as she pulls against our joined bodies.

"I think we might have a slight prob ..." I stop mid word and groan deeply as another wave of pleasure throbs through my shaft leaving me trembling.

Rosy squeals sharply and pushes back against me even as she twists her body and attempts to look behind her.

"You...?" I hear Baxter ask.

"Yeah I think so. Shit! What the hell do I do?" I mutter to myself.

I am starting to get an uneasy feeling that Rosy doesn't like what has happened and she attempts to pull away from me by curling her body away from my hips. I gasp as I feel a painless tug so I curve my body to hers and slip my arms around Rosy to hold her gently.

"It's alright Rosy, I promise it'll be alright," I murmur soothingly to her.

I kneel there with my eyes squeezed tightly closed, afraid to move as I think about what has happened. I wait for Rosy's panic to start but a few moments later I am shocked as pleasure throbs once again leaving me trembling as Rosy groans deeply then squeals with pleasure.

"I'm sorry Rosy, I'm sorry this wasn't meant to happen," I tell Rosy when I can talk again.

"You okay Rosy?" Baxter asks quietly close to my head.

I can't help it; I give a low deep growl and press my hips against Rosy more firmly.

I hear the slight sounds as Baxter moves away, and I turn my head so I can see him join the toms in the doorway.

"Someone has gone to get Marissa and Doc," Baxter says quietly.

Behind Baxter I can see Mitchell glaring at me over Sam's shoulder as Sam talks to him in a soft intense voice. Steven is watching from around the door jam with a large grin on his face as toms move behind him so all can take turns getting a glimpse into the room. Evidently most, if not all, of the toms have been able to see what has occurred and all of them seem to approve heartily.

"Micah, what have you done?" Marissa asks as she walks into the room slightly out of breath; it seems she has run from the main house.

"I didn't realise what was happening until I went to pull out when we were finished and couldn't." I tell her worriedly. "Is Rosy alright?"

"Steady there Micah," Wade says and I growl and jerk in reaction. I gasp in surprise but it doesn't really hurt when Rosy strains against the joining of our bodies.

"Take it easy son. Rosy seems okay, just more than a little overwhelmed by what has happened," Wade says softly.

I feel embarrassment hit me; both of my parents are here to witness my lack of control with Rosy. Here I am locked up inside her as if I had never been told what is and what isn't acceptable for a young she-kitt. I feel moisture ease the tightness of Rosy's grip on me and then another wave of throbbing pleasure leaves me trembling against her body.

"Looks like it'll be over in the next few minutes," Marissa says as Rosy shifts pulling one leg up shifting the position of her hips. The new position pulls against my knot and I grimace as Rosy tenses pushing against me where I am lodged within her body.

"Can someone grab a towel?" Rosy asks as I feel myself starting to become less hard and swollen. I listen to someone hurry to do as she has asked and I watch Rosy as she eases up off her forearms. I catch her eye as she glances back at me and I am relieved not to see fear or pain in her face.

"You alright?" I ask quietly and Rosy gives a slight smile as she blushes.

"Yeah, just ... it only feels ... it doesn't really hurt," Rosy says in little more than a whisper. I stroke the side of her face worriedly and watch as she closes her eyes.

"Mum? Is Rosy okay?" I call anxiously and Rosy opens her eye immediately. "Are you alright Rosy?" I ask once again.

"You mean other than having some big tom locked up inside me because he didn't know what he was doing?" Rosy asks and I grimace with shame. "Like I want to do this again sometime because it feels so bloody good!"

I have trouble believing I am hearing right, Rosy is getting as much pleasure as I am from this? I am not hurting her? I look away from Rosy as Wade and Marissa burst out laughing followed by several of the toms.

"It looks like Micah has some talents Rosy finds rather enjoyable," Doc says with a laugh.

"Where's that towel?" Rosy asks. Someone presses a towel into her hand and she looks at me once again.

"Pull back, you're going to slip it out of me." Rosy orders, "Now."

I pull back against my knot carefully; Rosy gives a cry of pain and I feel myself slip free of her passage. Strong hands grab both of my upper arms and I find myself dragged away from Rosy when all I want to do is comfort her.

"Let me go!" I yell at both Wade and Baxter who are still holding me by the upper arms. I look to Rosy; she is holding the towel between her thighs.

"Calm down Micah," Wade yells. "Rosy's okay. See, she's just fixing herself up at the moment."

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