To Love a Stray Ch. 16


The TV is turned to the sports channel and there is wrestling on. The entire lounge room full of guys erupt into cheers as one wrestler takes a much larger opponent down and almost pins him for the required three count. I notice Sam is seated away from the others and is nursing a can of beer.

I watch Rosy take the borrowed jacket off and toss it over the back of a chair before I stand behind her and slip my arms around her to rest one hand on the swell of her stomach.

"Mute the TV for a few moments," I tell the guys.

"There'll be ads in a few minutes," several of the toms protest as no attempt to mute the TV is made.

"Mute it," I order tightly. Dwayne, Sam and Mikkarl look our way but turn back to the TV after a few moments, leaving only Wade who is still at the quarters looking at us. Wade watches Rosy for a few seconds before lifting his gaze so he can look me in the face. He clears his throat and opens his mouth as if to speak but I beat him to it.

"Television, off now," I order abruptly and loudly. Slowly the noise from the toms dies down and Dwayne turns the TV off using the remote control. Everyone including Wade and Doc turn towards us making Rosy fidget nervously as several of the toms glance at her as if expecting there to be trouble.

"Steven, third weekend coming. What have you got planned?" I ask in a firm tone.

"There's a footy match in town. If I'm not working I was thinking of going. Why?" Steven asks.

"Would you be interested in being best man for me instead?" I ask levelly as I keep my face straight.

It seems to take several seconds for what I said to sink in and then everyone is on their feet at once, laughing and shouting ribald comments. Wade comes around the lounge to shake my hand, hesitates a moment and pulls me close for a quick hug and a slap on the back.

"I'm glad to see you somehow managed to talk Rosy into getting married. Third weekend from now you say? Saturday or Sunday?" Wade asks with a smile for Rosy.

"We still got to work out the exact timing but it'll be that weekend," I say with huge grin. I reach a hand towards Rosy and she lets me pull her back into my arms to encircle her waist as I cuddle her against my side.

"Now if you won't think me rude for leaving so soon after such a huge announcement, I think I'll go home and tell my wife we will be welcoming a daughter-in-law into our family in the near future," Wade says with a wide grin.

Shouldn't he find a moment to apologize if he is truly repentant or truly grateful for Rosy's care of Donovan?

"Marissa might like to let Jazzy know tonight so she doesn't miss out knowing straight away," Rosy says shyly. Wade gives me another smile before heading for the door. Steven immediately takes his place and throws several fake punches at my head and ribs.

"You might be the groom but don't forget I'll be the best man on the day," Steven says with a laugh and a wink at Rosy. Mitchell gives him a push from behind and laughs when Steven stumbles, not expecting the push.

"Move so I can give my sister a hug," Mitchell orders with a grin. He sweeps Rosy up in a huge hug; spinning her around before letting her feet touch the ground once again.

"This is what you want? You're not getting bullied into it or feel you have no other choice?" Sam asks seriously as he comes to stand beside Mitchell, positioning himself between Rosy and me as if he intends to keep me away if that was what she wants.

"This is what I want," Rosy tells him softly.

"You sure? You're not just going along because you feel you have no choice or anything like that?" Sam asks.

"Leave Rosy alone! She might be your sister but she's going to be my sister as well now! And she never shut up about Micah when we talked to each other when we were locked in that room," Donovan declares as he pushes between Sam and Rosy.

Donovan grins at Rosy and takes hold of her arm as he goes to kiss her on the cheek, she gasps and flinches away from his hold. Donovan frowns and carefully lifts the edge of her sleeve high enough so he can see a forming bruise encircling her arm.

"Your arm! How did you get? ..." Donovan's voice trails off as he realises where the bruise came from and he turns on Sam angrily.

"Did you see what you did to Rosy?" Donovan demands angrily and before anyone has a chance to say anything, he delivers a hard punch to Sam's mouth.

"Stop it," Rosy yells but I grab her from behind and pull her clear of where Donovan is unleashing a torrent of punches on Sam while Sam just stands there doing nothing to protect himself.

I hold Rosy against my chest, both my arms around her as I hold her close forcing her face against my shoulder. She tries to push out of my arms but I have a firm hold so she is unable to escape. I leave her no choice but to stand there and listen to the sound of meaty thuds as fists meet flesh.

"Donny, enough," I say firmly before warning, "Donovan!" after Donny hits Sam again.

I reluctantly release my hold on Rosy and she turns around slowly. Donovan is standing glaring at Sam who is dabbing at the corner of his mouth with the back of one hand while a thin trickle of blood comes from his nose and one eye shows signs of forming a shiner.

"You got a mean right hook there Donny," Sam tells him. "Who taught you to throw a punch like that? I didn't see half of those coming."

"Rosy told me a few things she'd noticed watching strays fight and you guys sparing," Donovan says glancing at me before turning back to Sam. "She told me she's rather run away than fight but she had learnt how to fight in case she ever got cornered. She said I needed to be able to fight to help her."

Everyone glances at Rosy and I notice the way she ducks her head but not before I see the uneasy look on her face.

"She-kitts aren't meant to fight to defend themselves. Most don't have the faintest idea how to," Dwayne tells Donovan quietly. "We're just lucky that Rosy thought enough of you to be prepared to defend you even though it would have been ... it would have been very hard for her."

"Rosy told me she needed me to keep her sane because being locked up in that dark room nearly drove her crazy. It's ... it's like being unable to breathe, unable to see ... it's like dying on the inside," Donovan finishes on a breathy sigh as he looks at Rosy with a mixture of misery and guilt.

"I'm tired Micah," Rosy says softly with an uneasy glance my way.

I know she hates talking about what happened while the strays had them so I don't push her - instead I give a slight nod. "You probably tired yourself out going for that walk. Do you want to curl up here or in our room?" I ask in concern.

"Your room?" Rosy queries uncertainly

"All right then," I tell her with a smile, "I'll be in in a little while."

I watch her head towards the door out to the sunroom but I find myself surrounded by the toms and I can only leave Rosy to make her way to the bedroom by herself.

* * * * *


I am nearly asleep when Micah comes into the room silently. Sensing his presence, I turn my head to search for him and spot him just inside the doorway.


"You're still awake?" He asks softly as he approaches the bed.

"I been waiting for you," I say as I stretch lazily.

"I thought you might have been," Micah murmurs and I watch as he pulls his shirt off over his head. A tingle of excitement starts low in my stomach as I watch him unfasten the waistband of his jeans before taking them off then turning the covers back and climbing into bed beside me. He rolls onto his side facing me and another spark of excitement flares to life making my nipples bead tightly against the t-shirt I wear.

"Any time you start to feel uncomfortable you let me know and I'll stop," Micah says softly as he draws me close.

Our bodies touch from chest to knee. His hand rests on the curve of my hip and he kisses me lightly on the lips. I press closer as I kiss him back but he keeps the kiss light and casual before moving to press light kisses to my eyelids and across my cheekbone to just below my ear. I turn my head to allow better access and he breathes warmly in my ear making me shiver in anticipation before biting my earlobe gently. His lips claim mine as I gasp gently in surprise and this time his kiss is seeking as he explores my mouth taking his time to discover what makes me moan in enjoyment as his mouth moves against mine.

"You like that?" Micah asks softly, his breath tickling my ear as his lips skim my neck. His hand is beneath the t-shirt and he is tracing circles on my thigh as he gradually works his way higher easing the hem of the shirt up as he goes.

"Mmm," I murmur and smile as his hand stills when he fails to find my nickers on my hip.

"Rosy," Micah murmurs breathlessly, "I'm going to show you what happens to she-kitts who don't wear underwear to bed."

His fingers find the curls between my thighs and I lift my upper leg bending my knee until my foot rests on my other knee and his hand has access to where I am slick with moisture. I gasp as his fingers dance lightly over the sensitive flesh there touching and teasing but never quite touching where I need to be touched. I gasp and jerk as his fingers find spots I never knew were sensitive and I turn my face towards his as his lips brush my cheek.

I roll onto my back opening my legs wide and I arch into his mouth as it finds my breast. His hands and mouth are gentle as he explores my body bringing soft moans of pleasure from me as he finds places that had once been bruised or scraped and replaces those painful memories with that of his tender touch. I see the wonder on his face as he runs gentle fingers over my swollen stomach before pressing a tender kiss to the skin just below my navel.

"Our baby," his voice is soft and awe filled, "sleep while Daddy loves Mummy."

His shoulders are broad and dark against the faint light from the doorway as he leans over me and memories rush back threatening to spin me out of control as I tense beneath his heavy body.

"It's alright Rosy. It's me, Micah," he tells me softly as he nuzzles against the side of my neck. He seems to know when memories start to crowd me and murmurs softly to me, always tempting and teasing my body urging it towards the pleasure I know awaits in his arms. This isn't about wild sensations and physical contact. It's the gentle soothing of our souls, reclaiming what was stolen from both of us. Each touch heals a wound I hadn't been aware of. Each caress erases the memory of a blow until only our softly panting breaths and seeking touches remain.

When Micah finally pushes past the tight muscles at my entrance, I gasp and whimper as he fills my passage. I tensed up when he went to enter me. I had become used to expecting pain but I move eagerly beneath him as he brings me only pleasure.

"You alright? ... Alright with this?" Micah asks breathlessly as he holds his body still. I nod against his shoulder and press a kiss to the skin there. I smile as I realise he wouldn't have seen my nod.

"I need this..." I tell him as I rock my hips against his. "I need you."

I press my next kiss against the corner of his mouth and he turns his head to kiss me gently. He is propped up on his elbows holding most of his weight off my body and I am able to explore his body freely with my hands as we kiss and nuzzle against each other. I run one hand down the length of his spine and he presses his hips into mine making me gasp and nip at his shoulder.

Pleasure winds tightly low in my stomach and I moan softly as I feel Micah slowly increase the pace of his thrusts into my body. His chest brushes against my overly sensitive nipples and I whimper as I turn my face away and bite my lower lip. His breath is hot and moist against my ear and neck. I turn my face back into it as I search for his lips with mine. I grasp his hips and urge him faster as I pull my feet higher to hook them behind his thighs and whimper against his lips. Sparks of excitement tingle where Micah moves inside me and shafts of pleasure dart from there to my nipples and pull tight until it all unwinds in a flash of pleasure. The wave of pleasure rolls over me making me gasp and tense against his body as he pushes against me and shudders.

Micah holds me in the aftermath and I close my eyes as my breathing slowly returns to normal and I listen to his heartbeat beneath my ear. His hand rests in the small of my back and his fingers continue to move long after his heartbeat has returned to normal. I lay on my side facing him with one leg thrown over his thighs, normally I would roll onto my side with my back to him but strangely I want to keep the connection that seems to linger between us.

I sigh softly and rub my face against Micah's shoulder and I feel him tense beneath me, his breath catching in his throat slightly.

"It's okay Rosy, I'm here. Micah's here... everything is going to be alright," he murmurs softly.

"Mmm," I murmur quietly, "you smell good,"

"I smell like sex and you," Micah tells me with a soft laugh, "awake are you?"

"Yeah, just about." I admit and lift my head to sniff where his neck joins his shoulder. I can smell my own scent intermingled with his and I smile as I give his skin a quick lick before sniffing my way down to his navel, where I plant several quick kisses as I gather my courage before sniffing lower. Finally I feel a sense of satisfaction and move back up to rest my head on his chest once more.

"Satisfied?" Micah asks with a soft chuckle.

"Yeah all of you smells like me," I tell him with a happy smile.

"You going to get all possessive are you?" Micah asks me with a smile in his voice.

"No it's just nice to know you smell like me if any other she was to come near you." I tell him as I trace circles on his chest.

"Now you know why I scent mark you," Micah whispers before nibbling just below my ear. I close my eyes as I arch into his body and he rubs his cheek against the top of my head.

"You worried about some she coming near me?" I tease.

"No. Toms," Micah says with a soft chuckle. His hand finds the back of my neck and he massages gently. I moan softly with pleasure and stretch my neck one way and then the other, enjoying his touch.

"Make yourself comfortable with the pillows and I'll give you a back massage," Micah orders softly as he reaches for several discarded pillows on the floor. I am soon stretched out on my stomach using pillows to keep my weight off my stomach. Micah sits on the bed beside me and begins to massage up high on my neck. His fingers seek out each muscle as he works his way down my neck, his touch leaves me feeling relaxed and enervated and I smile to myself as his fingers trace out along my shoulders.

"Rosy still awake?" Dwayne asks quietly from the doorway.

"You want something?" Micah asks with a hint of a challenge. I lay without moving beneath his touch, even though I am totally naked I still feel secure with Micah by my side.

"No, just about to use the toilet," Dwayne answers quietly as he moves away from the door.

"Use it," Micah says firmly and I hear Dwayne move away. "You're safe Rosy. Dwayne wouldn't try to touch you," Micah tries to reassure me.

When Dwayne comes back past the doorway I feel Micah move off the bed and pull a blanket over me, I turn my head to look his way but he is already walking towards the doorway.

"Yeah?" Dwayne asks warily and I realise he has moved past the doorway and down the outer room.

"Get the others to keep away from this end of the quarters. Anyone wanting to use the toilet can go outside for once," Micah tells him quietly.

"Rosy had a bad nightmare?" Dwayne asks quietly and I can hear the concern thick in his voice.

"No, Rosy and I are just having some quiet time together," Micah tells him.

"Micah," I call out to him and hear his sharp intake of breath before the slight noise of him returning to me.

"It's okay Rosy, Dwayne is going back out to the lounge room," Micah soothes as he approaches the bed. I sit up using the blanket to cover my body as I glance nervously past him knowing Dwayne still lurks near the door probably only wanting to reassure himself I am okay.

"Are you going to finish giving me my back-rub?" I ask hopefully.

"You were enjoying it weren't you?" I can hear the smile in Micah's voice.

"I still got my clothes off," I whisper and feel my face burn with embarrassment. I know that Dwayne will take this piece of information straight out to the others. My refusal to get naked around any of them even Micah has been a source of concern to them all.

"Lay down and I'll get back to work, boss," Micah tells me playfully and I giggle at him as I release the blanket and quickly resettle myself on the pillows. His fingers find the tense spots in my back and I close my eyes as he sets to work gently easing the tightness from my muscles.

I am very relaxed and nearly asleep when Micah finishes working on my back, he has been talking softly to me the entire time and when he urges me to move off my stomach it takes me nearly a minute before I stir enough to do as he urges. I roll onto my side cuddling the blanket close and blink sleepily several times as Micah tucks the covers around me closely. I don't protest as he slips beneath the blanket I hold close curving his naked body against my back, I tense momentarily before relaxing and fold my arms over his as he places his arm over my blanket.

Faint sounds of movement wake me and I open my eyes reluctantly. It is still dark and I look around without moving. Soon I make out a shadowy form by Steven's bed and realise he is in the room about to go to bed. I close my eyes and roll towards Micah to bury my nose against his neck.

"I didn't wake her did I?" Steven whispers very quietly.

"I don't think so," Micah answers just as quietly.

"So you finally found the guts to ask her to marry you. What took you so long? I lost fifty bucks to Pete. Bet him you'd be asking her within six months of meeting her at his place," Steven whispers. "And, that was before we learnt she was a cat."

"If you haven't noticed, she's more than a bit wary of males," Micah whispers dryly.

"She didn't exactly have a fair start until Sam and his team found her," Steven admits quietly.

"So what, you got to see her naked did you?" Steven asks, "I bet she looks real beautiful." His voice is almost a sensual purr.

"The light stayed off but I did get to give her a back massage," Micah murmurs sounding very pleased with himself and Steven gives a groan as if he's in pain.

"It smells like you got to give her a hell of a lot more than a back rub," Steven groans after several minutes and I feel Micah's chest vibrate as he gives a faint growl. I'm unable to stop myself tensing and I feel Micah's arm tighten slightly.

"Shhh, it's okay sweetheart," Micah murmurs faintly. I snuggle closer and bury my face against his neck as I make myself comfortable as I hook my leg over both of his thighs again.

"You woke me up," I tell him faintly.

"We didn't mean to," Micah says gently and presses a kiss against the side of my head.

"You stop sniffing Steven, it's rude." I tell him and as I expect he chuckles.

"I'm a cat Rosy. It's what we do," he tells me and after a few seconds pause adds, "And we like to sleep in piles. The cat equivalent of cuddling."

I pull my head back a bit and glance over my shoulder towards him before returning to my spot, tonight I feel very vulnerable being naked and I snuggle the blanket closer around me. Finally I give in to my instinct to search for the t-shirt I had been wearing. Micah passes it to me and I manage to wriggle into it without exposing myself to the cool night air, I snuggle in close to Micah. I hesitate a moment then reach behind myself to pat the top of the blankets audibly.

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