tagRomanceTo My Beloved - A Dream, A Fantasy

To My Beloved - A Dream, A Fantasy


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I am still with Kate and the Pres, but I've taken a break to write two things for someone special.

This is for ADM

We have been doing this dance of email and text and telephone calls for six months now and have been wanting and frustrated. Now it is time you decide and you ask me my schedule. I tell you and you send me a plane ticket to meet you in Paris, the city of lights. I am excited beyond belief. Five days before I see you my beloved. Five days before I am at last in your arms.

You tell me to pack a small bag with what I need for two days. You and I will shop for clothes once I get there. I argue, you tell me I will do what you want. I thank you. You say that's better. You are mine remember that. I am yours.

A car arrives to pick me up and take me to the Airport. I am beyond excited. I am leaving my life behind for a little while to finally meet you face to face. I know you. I've been talking to you for six months. I've been waiting for this day. I've shared with you my hopes, my dreams, my secrets, my fears, my life More than I have shared with others. You have done the same. We are countries apart, lives apart, worlds apart, but we have by some miracle, by the power of the almighty, by fate and chance we have found each other and I am on my way.

You text me. "Are you on the plane yet?" I am just getting on and I let you know. I am seated in first class and given a glass of champagne. I drink it and text you to let you know I'm on my way. For six hours we will not be speaking. I need the time to be calm. I can't wait.

When I arrive, I see you and my excitement is palpable. We have shared photos, we have spoken on the phone and I as I go through customs I am within reach of you. When we are finally face-to-face, you gently kiss my cheek. I want to wrap my arms around you, but I must wait. You take my bag and lead me to the car where the driver takes us to our hotel, our love nest for the next week. I am dressed in a flowing skirt with stockings and no panties as you instructed. All during the ride to the hotel, you play with me between my legs. You stroke me and tease me, but you refuse to kiss me. You want our first kiss to be memorable.

I am in heat, in need and in want of you, but you won't let me touch you. We reach our room and as you drop my bag, you push me against the wall. You capture my lips with yours and pull up my skirt touching my sex while you thrust your tongue into my mouth.

Our tongues dance the dance and I am soaking wet. I keep kissing you and my hands are in your curly hair. I want you here and now. I feel your erection. You want me too. You squeeze my breasts through my clothes and I want you licking my breasts, but then you still. You release me. "I want you to feed." You say. I am breathless. I manage to put myself together. I put the clothes away as you order food. We eat and talk of nothing and everything, the flight, how happy we are to see each other, but we can both feel our want and need.

After food, you inform me we are going shopping because we will be going out for dinner. We spend part of the day shopping for things you want me to wear. I want to shower with you, but you will not let me, not now but later. I shower and dress in a slinky dress that you have chosen for me with heels.

Around my neck you put a necklace; a small gift. You say to me, "You are mine. I claim you now and always. You are mine." Gently you kiss my neck. Taking my hand, we leave. We have dinner at the hotel. The food is good and we talk. You rub my leg and kiss my hand. We are in Paris, we are in love, we are together.

When dinner and dessert is done you say to me, 'It is time" and we return to our suite. In the bedroom, you undress me. I blush when I am naked with only the necklace on and you are staring at my body. You tell me to close my eyes and get on my knees. I do. "Open my love." I open my mouth and I hear you unzip your pants. "Keep your eyes closed my love. If you open them I will punish you."

I obey. I am trembling as you place yourself into my mouth. You move back and forth into my mouth. I reach up to touch you, you take my hands. "No my love, just your mouth. No touching yet." You take my hair in your hands and thrust into my mouth feeding me more and more of you. I am dripping. My eyes are closed but I want to see you. It is torture, It is heaven, It is you. "Open your eyes, my love and look at me." I continue to suck and slowly open my eyes and look at you standing above me. You watch as I suck and lick. You are large in my mouth; I love you in my mouth.

When you are at your peak, you stop my tongue and remove yourself from my lips. You reveal yourself to me and I am in awe of your penis. You help me up and to the bed and I lie down. My body is yours and you start by capturing my nipple into your mouth, and teasing it with your tongue while pulling on the other one. I am in need. I whisper to you, "Please Sir, please." You know I want you inside of me. You know this, but you deny me just yet as you trail kisses down my body sucking and licking until you reach my thighs. You open my legs and then I feel your tongue on me.

I almost come, but you still me. "You will come in my mouth and I will drink you. I will make you come again, then I will fuck you. You are mine." You tell me and you take my clit and lick it. I am so close, I want you. You keep up your attack and thrust a finger in me. I put my legs on your back, I am almost there. You take my clit and lick it bringing me to my climax. I scream your name and thrust forward.

I am spent but you continue. It's been a long time for me so you want to give me pleasure. You reach up and play with my breasts as you continue to lick me. I want you inside me and I beg, but you keep licking and sucking. I am thrusting into your face and you grab my buttocks and pull me into your mouth. I am clawing at the sheets and you keep up your relentless attack until I come again.

Quickly you climb on top of me, your erection feels like an iron bar between my legs and I know it is time. I welcome you as you thrust all the way inside me. I gasp and claw at your back. Your lips press themselves to mine and you suck my tongue. You bite my lower lip gently and you whisper in my ear, "This is all I've ever wanted. It is you. I love you. I own you, you are mine, all mine." You keep thrusting inside of me and I am again close.

"You will not come until I tell you." You whisper and again capture my mouth. You bend down your head and suck my nipple. "I love you" I whisper. You smile at me and then I know you are ready. "Come for me my love." And I do meeting you thrust for thrust and feeling you come inside me. I am drained, I am spent.

Your forehead presses against mine we are both drained and then you kiss my lips and roll away from me leaving me feeling empty.

From a side table you take out a ring, it is a promise ring. You place it on my finger and say to me, "Logistics mean nothing. We will make it happen. I will make sure you are safe and protected. You are mine. Our life together has begun. I am yours, I am here, I am home.

Our week together flies by and when I am on the plane returning home I stare at the ring and touch the necklace around my neck. I am yours, completely and utterly yours and you, my beloved are mine.

For my beloved.

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