tagIncest/TabooTo Save The Farm

To Save The Farm


My brother hovered over me, a strange and feral look on his face.

"At long last you submit to me," he said quietly, leaning down and brushing his lips across mine.

I shut my eyes. "Just do it already," I snap, more from nerves than anything else.

"I want you to watch me as I fuck you for the first time. I want to see those blue eyes of yours..."

I gulp and open my eyes.

He slowly rubs his cock up and down my slit, gathering enough moisture.

"You like this, don't you?" he asks, his eyes hooded with pleasure.

"I know you do," I accuse him.

He smiles. "Yes. I do. But it shouldn't have come to this. You should have come to me willingly like all the others do."

"I'm not one of your fucking fans. I don't care how famous you are. You're just a giant prick of an older brother who is too perverted for words."

He pushes himself inside of me in response, straining to get his cock all the way in. He grunts and his eyes roll back in obvious pleasure.

"If you weren't such a little bitch I wouldn't want you so much. It's that fucking dirty mouth of yours..." he confides as he pulls out and pushes back inside of me.

How did it come to this? I can't believe I've finally let him fuck me. He's been trying to get his dick inside of me for years. He's always been perverted, and he's always had a thing for me. And when I was younger I trusted him a lot more than I do now. His "games" weren't really appropriate between a brother and sister, not that I knew better.

We lived on a hundred acres of land in the Midwest. My father grew corn and my mother took care of the animals. They are honest, hardworking people. And us kids were raised to be just like them. But my older brother Justus was never like the rest of us. He was a spitfire, always in trouble, never doing chores or completing tasks that were assigned to him. He was full of himself, and he was lazy. And now, he's famous, living in Hollywood with his own TV show – and I am the last of the kids who live at home. Everyone else couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. But I stayed behind to take care of our parents, and I run the farm all on my own. It's hard work, and I'm exhausted most days.

And financially, in this economy, we aren't doing well, even with government subsidies. And Justus knows it. And he also knows I would do anything to save that farm.

So right now, I'm lying in his opulent bed, my body trapped between his satin sheets and Justus himself, rutting into my body. I grit my teeth and bear it as he sucks on my breast and plows into me like a deranged animal.

If he wasn't my brother, and if I didn't hate him so much for making me do this, it wouldn't be all that bad. He's famous for a reason – mostly his looks. His body is perfect and well-defined, his chest and shoulders broad and strong, his waist narrow, his legs long and lean. He has perfect, chestnut brown hair, and he wears it a bit long so that pieces fall into his deep blue eyes. He has a wide, sensual mouth, and a straight and somewhat aristocratic nose. His skin is lightly bronzed, and I don't know if he got it from a can or a tanning bed – but I know he didn't get his the way I got mine – with a good honest day's work outside.

If not for the age difference, people would think we were twins. I have the same chestnut hair, but mine falls to my waist and I usually just braid it so it stays out of the way. We have the same deep blue eyes, straight nose, and mouth, but I'm not nearly as tall as he is. I'm a bit on the petite side at 5'4. I'm as lean as he is other than my chest. I've never been comfortable with it – it's always gotten me much more attention than I wanted.

Like right now – Justus has his eyes glued to my breasts. I don't know that he'd really want to fuck me so badly if not for them.

"You're so fucking hot Mandy," he says as his body closes the few inches separating us. His chest is pressed up against my breasts and he kisses me hard and deep, his tongue and mine battling for dominance. But he doesn't stop fucking me, he's pushing himself as hard inside of me as he can, and my body is slowly being pushed up to the headboard.

"Justus," I gasp as I pull my lips from his, "if you don't stop I'm going to hit my head."

"That can be fixed," he says breathlessly as he rolls over onto his back. "Ride me, girl."

"I don't want to," I say snottily. "Just finish yourself off."

"Oh no, baby girl. You're not getting off that easy. I want you to ride me like you did Adam Lemmings in the barn."

I sit straight up. "What? How the hell do you know about that?"

"I knew you had a crush on him, my own best friend. I told him I'd pay him $50 if he could get you naked – a $100 bill if he could get you to fuck. Best money I ever spent – til now."

"You sick mother fucker! How could you do that to me? You bribed him to have sex with me?"

"Oh – he wanted to fuck you before I ever offered him the money. The cash was so I could watch. Come on sis, don't be so naive. Every one of my friends lusted after you. The farmhands did too. I bet just about any man who met you would take years off of his life to have a go at that body."

I slid off the bed. "You're a disgusting pig and the deal is off."

He stayed on the bed and slid his hand up and down his cock, never taking his eyes off of me as I hurriedly tried to dress.

"Just come over and suck me off – and I'll still give you the money for the farm. You don't have to stay the next few days, all right?"

I was burning, in anger and humiliation. But the cold hard truth was that I'd let him fuck me. Was I really just going to walk away with nothing?

"I hate you," I said, turning towards him.

"That's what I love about you," he said huskily. "Take off your jeans and come over here."

I shimmied out of the jeans and walked over to the bed, determined. I was going to get him off as fast as possible and then get the hell out of this place.

"Crawl up the bed," he demanded.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth but did as he asked. I crawled up the bed as sexily as I could, swaying my breasts deliberately.

"Fuck baby, you look so hot," he murmured.

I didn't waste any time answering him but took his dick into my mouth. I began sucking and slurping, running my tongue against the underside of his cock, trying to block out the noises of pure pleasure that he was making. I even let him pull hard on my hair as he guided my mouth up and down.

"Fuck me, please. I'm so close," he begged.

I stopped sucking, and didn't even think about it as I straddled him and sank my pussy onto his slick cock. I began riding him hard, wanting him to come. The faster he came, the faster I could leave.

I alternated riding straight up and down and angling my pussy brushing my tits against his chest. It was a steady rhythm and I closed my eyes, just letting myself go. There really was no reason I couldn't privately enjoy this. It was a nice thick cock that was piercing my pussy over and over and I hadn't really fucked anyone in awhile. It felt damn good, but wasn't quite perfect. I reached down and began rubbing my clit in circles as I bounced. I felt pressure building inside of me, and then I felt hands squeezing my breasts. It was the perfect trifecta, and it didn't fucking matter that it was Justus, it felt too fucking good. A few more seconds...

I screamed my release as I ground my pussy hard against him, nearly weeping with the relief of orgasm. Justus spilled his seed in me moments later and I rolled off of him, his sticky cum on the inside of my thighs. My heart was hammering and my muscles were still clenching.

Justus rolled over onto his side, and looked down at me with wonder. He brushed my hair to the side and kissed me gently. I was perfectly relaxed and I didn't mind when his tongue entered my mouth. We kissed for several minutes, and I let him knead my breasts. Without thought he was on top of me again, slowly fucking me. I let my hands run down his arms and pulled my hips up so I could wrap my legs around his hips. This time it was slow, and it was different. I was just letting myself go and I didn't really understand why.

With unspoken gestures, he pulled out of me and arranged me so that I was on my hands and knees. I felt his cock enter me from behind and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. He gripped my hips and fucked me slowly, pulling me back onto his cock. Soon I was the one controlling the speed and he held himself still while I moved back and forth, fucking myself on his cock. It felt so incredible. I finally couldn't keep my moaning to myself. It spilled out of my mouth and soon his grunting joined in. I began to speed up, feeling the need to release, but I couldn't quite fuck him hard enough.

"Fuck me harder," I begged shamelessly.

He gripped my hips and began to plow into me so hard I had trouble keeping my stance. The only sound in the room was the wet slapping sound of our sinful fucking. I was so close, so very close that it was maddening, when I felt him reach around and stroke my clit, rubbing it between his fingers. I cried out as pleasure exploded through me and I was dazed as he continued to shove his swelling cock into my cunt. Moments later he came for a second time.

I didn't wait around for round three. I was sore, and I was strangely out of sorts. I got off the bed and walked naked into his en suite bathroom. I closed the door and stared at myself in the mirror. It wasn't the same girl I'd looked at this morning. This new girl screamed sex with her tangled and mussed hair, her pouty reddened lips and allover flushed appearance. This girl had willingly fucked her brother, an incestuously dirty act.

And the insane thing was – she was probably going to do it again.

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