tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Take a Wife Ch. 03

To Take a Wife Ch. 03


Beth lay in a daze. She had never felt such intense pleasure in her life. Was it like this with all men? Somehow she doubted it. Her friends had described messy, unsatisfying encounters that were over too quickly and while their stories had always been funny to hear, they'd done nothing to encourage her to try it. Had she been missing out?

The way he had held her, kissed her, pushed her to unimaginable levels of bliss. Was it possible that she had feelings for him? After everything he had done to her? She had to get a grip. This man was holding her against her will and had forced himself on her. Whether she had enjoyed it or not was beside the point.

Her body felt like jelly but she had to move. When was she going to get another opportunity? Sliding out from under his arms, she scoured the room for some clothes to wear. She found her jeans, boots and bra before pulling on one of Jack's shirts. Being as quiet as possible, she closed a restraint around Jack's ankle before tiptoeing out of the room.

Guilt. Why on earth was that emotion swamping her stomach? A shiver ran down her spine -- he was winning and she could feel it. He was awakening something within her that generations of women had fought against. She would not give in and become the property of a man no matter what she felt for him.

Taking a deep breath, she found the keys to the ute in the kitchen and ran outside. This was so much easier than she'd anticipated. Jumping into the driver's seat, she turned the key and revved. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. Panic began to rise. He must have disconnected something and she had no idea when it came to cars. She gave it one more futile attempt as the tears began to fall.

"Beth?!" Jack's angry shout came from the bedroom.


Leaping out of the ute, Beth ran. Thoughts of water, food, maps and shelter fell out of her head as she panicked. She had to get as much distance between him as possible as quickly as possible.

Jack was furious. He'd heard the door of the ute slam and the empty ticking of the engine. He couldn't believe that she wanted to leave after the afternoon they'd just shared. His pretty wife was clearly far from tame and she was due another session with the paddle. He unscrewed the bed frame and released the restraint before going to get the key. He rubbed his ankle as it fell loose, realizing just how uncomfortable it was having them on.

He took his time getting dressed -- she wouldn't get far. It also gave him a chance to cool down and think rationally. He was silly if he thought he'd cracked her in less than a day. Of course she'd try to run. She had to at least try and she'd soon see that there was no point. Better she gets it out of her system now and accepts the inevitable.

Jack collected some rope from the drawer. Wandering out to the ute, he scanned the landscape. He could see a small cloud of dust caused by Beth's footfalls in the distance. He popped the hood and made some adjustments before starting the engine and driving after her.

Beth heard the truck start. He'd managed to get free a lot sooner than she'd expected and there was nowhere for her to hide. She slowed to a walk and held the stitch in her side. Shielding her eyes from the strong sun, she peered into the distance hoping to see a house, a car, a horse, anything, but she was once again disappointed. She knew she was in for another beating and felt the now familiar contracting of her stomach muscles. She walked on regardless and tried not to cry.

Jack pulled the ute alongside her and matched his speed to her pace. She refused to look at him.

"Where are you going Beth?" No answer.

"You know you won't get far in this heat -- not that I'd let you try. You're my property now sweetheart and I look after my things." Still no response.

"Question is, are you gonna get in the ute by yourself or do I have to make you?"

"Look Jack, I know you've won this round and I know I can't get away. I'll get in the ute myself in a minute and do whatever you say but not until you've listened to me." Beth knew she was on thin ice. There was nothing to stop him forcing her into the truck without another word but she hoped her offer to give in and submit by herself was enough to delay him.

"Why would a husband have to abduct and then train a wife? Why aren't women taught to submit to men from birth? If women are chattel to be sold or stolen, why don't their father's keep them locked up? - because it's not true Jack. It doesn't make sense..."

"Beth..." Jack's threatening tone almost stopped her but Beth knew she was in trouble anyway so she may as well carry on.

"Women are free to choose what they want to do with their lives. They can choose whether to get married or not, whether to have children or not, which job they'd like, how late they stay out, which friends they have. We aren't owned by anyone. We aren't slaves or property. If we get married it's because we're in love with someone and husbands have to listen to their wife's views and opinions. If a husband is mean to his wife, she leaves him and gets a divorce. I'm sorry Jack but somehow you've been taught all the wrong things. I ..."

"Enough!" Jack already knew Beth well enough to know when she was lying. This time it was different. She seemed so sincere but how could it possibly be true? A niggling doubt had crept into Jack's brain and it scared him.

"Jack your Dad has been..."

"I SAID ENOUGH!" Jack had stopped the ute now and in the blink of an eye he had her against the side of the truck while he bound her hands behind her back. Sweeping her off her feet, he secured her ankles together before running the rope up to her wrists. Her knees were bent up and her back was arched backwards in a hog tie as he threw her, none too gently, into the bed of the truck. He slammed the door and restarted the engine before heading for home.

The wind had been knocked out of her when she landed and Beth tried to suck in air as she sobbed. She knew she had made things worse for herself but at least she had made him think. As Jack made a sharp U turn, something slid into her leg. Looking down, Beth saw her bags from yesterday full of new clothes, money, keys and, most importantly, her mobile phone. There was no hope of reaching it in her current position but it raised a glimmer of hope for her.

All too soon they were back at the homestead and Jack was roughly pulling her from the ute. He carried her into the living room and dumped her on the floor as he sat in his chair. He was red in the face and breathing heavily. Beth wisely decided to keep quiet.

"I don't want to hear any more on that subject Beth. Do you understand?" Beth nodded.

"I'm sick of it. You're MY wife and I'll train you in any way I see fit. In the last hour you've left the room without permission, put on clothes which you were forbidden to do, tried to restrain me, attempted to steal the ute, ran away and lied yet again. There are plenty of men out there who'd take a whip to you for much less. Perhaps that's what I should do." Beth whimpered and visibly recoiled at his feet causing Jack to pause.

"How could you run away from me Beth?" Jack said in a softer voice. His heart ached. All he wanted to do was love her. He hadn't realized quite how hard he'd find it to break her in. The thought of punishing her again made him feel sick but he'd been taught that that's what a real man and a good husband should do whether they want to or not. He could feel himself welling up with tears.

"Don't you know I love you? Don't you know how worried I'd be? What would I have done if anything had happened to you? I'd be left here by myself missing you all the time. You mean everything to me but you'd rather die than be here? We could be so happy together Beth if you'd just let me take care of you. I'm trying to be a good husband to you. I'm trying to show you how it could be but you keep pushing me away. I don't want to have to keep punishing you -- I hate it. I just want to see the pleasure I saw on your face this afternoon. Why won't you let me?" Beth was crying now. She'd had her head on the carpet but now she wriggled until her forehead rested on the top of his foot. She knew it was a submissive gesture but she needed to feel close to him.

"Well? What have you got to say for yourself? And be very careful what you say Beth." Jack warned.

Beth believed him. She believed that he was upset she'd left, that he'd been worried for her safety, that he'd miss her if she were gone and even that he loved her. Jack was doing exactly what he'd been raised to do which was to claim a woman and make her his - but he'd involved his heart in it now. He'd involved hers too.

"I'm sorry." she sobbed. And she meant it. Jack was almost as innocent in all this as she was. She'd hurt him badly by trying to leave and that had never been her intention.

"I'm so sorry Jack. I don't want to hurt your feelings or make you worry. I know you're only trying to protect me and be the husband you think you should be but I can't stay here. I've got to go home. Please at least let me talk to my family and let them know I'm safe. Please Jack, please." Beth raised her head and tried to look in his eyes as she talked. He reached down and brushed her fringe back in his familiar, tender way. She could see that he was fighting back tears and she put her head back down onto his foot.

Jack saw the pain etched on his wife's face. This was so hard for her. She missed her parents, her friends and her freedom. This must be such a huge adjustment to make. She had said she was sorry and he hated seeing her cry like this. He wanted to comfort her and tell her everything would be alright -- her training could wait for a minute.

"I still have to punish you." Jack concluded. Beth nodded and stayed quiet. Jack undid the ropes and helped her up until she was sitting in his lap. She pressed her face into his neck and sobbed quietly while he rocked her.

"Ssssshhh Beth. It's ok. Ssssshhh. What am I gonna do with you? Hmmm? Sssshhh."

They stayed like that for what seemed an eternity until Beth finally had her breathing under control and Jack had kissed her lips until they were cherry red. Then he lifted her to her feet and took her hand leading her to the bedroom. She knew what was coming. She knew she didn't deserve it. She knew it was unavoidable.

"Take your clothes off Beth." he ordered softly and she complied. He lay her on the bed face down and stuffed a couple of pillows under her hips to raise her bottom up. He fastened the wrist and ankle cuffs so that she was stretched out and then reached for the paddle.

"70 - and you will count every one. 1 I will not run away, 2 I will not run away, 3 I will not run away. Understand?" Beth nodded and the first one crashed down.

At 40 Jack took a break and got Beth some water. He spoke soothing words to her and said how proud he was of the way she was taking it. He hoped this would be the last time she would get anything this severe and she nodded in agreement. Jack wiped the tears from her eyes and made sure she was as comfortable as possible before picking up the paddle and resuming the punishment. By the end of it Beth had lost her voice entirely. She slept after he had rubbed arnica cream into her backside and he decided to leave her in the restraints for now in case she tried to roll over in her fitful dreams.

Tiredly Jack got himself something quick to eat before climbing into bed next to her, snuggling into her soft hair and kissing her nose. So much for day 1, maybe day 2 would be better.

The roar of the propellers woke them the following morning. Jack had fallen asleep in his clothes so all he needed to do was pull his boots on. Beth had raised her head, wide eyed and tried to speak but her throat was still too sore. Jack kissed her and ran his hand through her hair.

"It's just the mail run sweetheart. I'll be back in a minute."

Jack strolled out into the early morning sunshine and clasped hands with Dave.

"Jack my old mate! I see you finally got the place finished! It looks great." said Dave with a warm smile. He'd been Jack's postman for years going all the way back to when his Grandfather was still alive. Nice family, kept themselves to themselves but never caused any bother.

"How are you Dave? How's the wife?"

"Oh you know, same old same old. When're you gonna finally settle down? I met your Dad's new wife the other day. Mellissa is it? -- she's a looker!"

"Yeah -- she's gonna make him really happy I think. As for me, I got married day before yesterday as it happens." said Jack proudly.

"Get out! Where's the lucky lady then? Let's meet her!" said Dave taking a step towards the homestead expectantly.

"She's tied up at the moment Dave -- she'll meet you next time."

A grin spread across Dave's face. "Got her tied to the kitchen sink have ya? Start as you mean to go on I say! Well done lad."

Jack was about to explain that she was actually tied to the bed following a punishment when Dave continued -

"I've got some mail here from your Dad and a few other bits and bobs. Anything to go out?"

"Yeah, hang on a minute and I'll go and get it." said Jack running back into the house. He grabbed the letters off the side table and ran back out to him.

"Here you go Dave. I'd invite you in for a cuppa but I've really gotta go and see to the mrs."

Dave laughed loudly and clapped Jack on the shoulder. "Yeah -- give her a good seeing to for me while you're at it Jack!"

Jack's expression darkened. "That's my wife you're talking about Dave. Watch what you say thanks."

"Aw, sorry mate. Didn't mean to cause offence. I really hope you'll both be very happy together." said Dave still giggling at his own joke as he hastily retreated back to his plane.

"See you next month Jack!" he called closing the cockpit door and taking off into the cloudless sky. He thought it was odd that Jack was being quite so defensive but then, he reasoned, he was still in the honeymoon period. It wouldn't be long before he'd be making his own crude jokes about his wife.

Jack grumbled to himself as he walked back inside. He'd never been short with Dave before and he knew that the old man was harmless but he couldn't stand the thought of anyone insulting Beth like that.

He went straight to Beth and kissed her as he released her restraints.

"Why don't you go and have a nice long shower while I cook breakfast sweetheart? You must be starving?" he said as he rubbed her aching shoulders. Beth nodded and closed the door behind her. Switching the shower on, Beth sank to the floor and wrapped her arms around her body. She'd tried to shout and scream for help when she heard Jack talking to someone outside but her voice had gone completely and it was useless.

She let the hot water wash away her tears as she contemplated the mess she'd gotten herself into.

She tried to organize her thoughts into cold facts:- What Jack was doing was wrong. Jack didn't understand that. He had hurt her and would hurt her again. He loved her and wanted to keep her safe. People would be worried about her. She didn't want to leave him. She needed to see her family. She liked him? Loved him? She was afraid of him. She didn't want to hurt him again. She had to get away.

How could she possibly fix this so that there was a happy ending for everyone? She knew she'd have plenty of time to think about it as she hastily finished showering and dried herself ready for breakfast.

Jack was just putting the plates on the table when she walked in. It had crossed his mind that she might try to run again and he'd been listening intently to her every move. He breathed a sigh of relief as she entered. Scrambled eggs on toast was just what she needed and he'd made a fresh pot of tea which would soothe her throat. He pulled out her chair for her and kissed the top of her head as she sat.

"Mmmm you smell lovely sweetheart." he said burrowing his nose further into her still damp hair. "Hope you like eggs? I can make something else if you don't?" Beth smiled and shook her head as she picked up her fork.

"I got a letter from my Dad. He assumes by now I have found a wife and sends his congratulations to us both. He wants to visit soon but Mellissa needs a bit more training before he'd be happy to travel. He says Mellissa has settled in really well and has taken to her new life like a duck to water. He talks about the cattle station a bit, nothing you'd be interested in I don't think and says he's looking forward to meeting his first grandchild when the time comes!" he glanced up at her and was pleased to see her listening to his every word as she ate.

"I was thinking, if you're good, maybe you could write a letter to your family to let them know you're ok. Would you like that sweetheart?"

"Yes." Beth mouthed soundlessly.

"It's unusual. Women don't normally have any contact with their families after they've been taken but if it makes you happy..." Jack couldn't help but smile at his wife who's eyes had lit up with hope.

"OK Beth. The mail plane will be back next month so you can put a letter in then." The light died a bit when he mentioned how long it would be till the next visit but she continued smiling and went back to her eggs.

After breakfast Jack watched as Beth washed up the plates and cleaned the work surfaces. She was so graceful. He loved the way she moved -- so unaware of how beautiful she was. It felt so right to watch her taking care of the housework, like she was born to do it, and in that moment Jack promised himself that he would never let her go no matter how many times she tried to escape.

Jack gently wrapped his arms around her from behind as she stood at the sink. Kissing her neck, he moved his hands up to cup her breasts. It never failed to amaze him how soft, warm and smooth she felt to touch. He ran his fingers over her nipples until they stood to attention all the while whispering in her ear.

"Look at you sweetheart. You're so beautiful. Good girl. Do you like it when I touch you here? Hmmm? Oh, you like that don't you. I'm gonna make you feel so good Beth. I'm gonna make you want more..."

Beth's head had fallen back onto his shoulder and her breathing had become heavier. He was so good with his hands! She willed herself to fight him off but her brain reminded her of the paddle and her body reminded her of the pleasure she'd felt the last time he'd touched her this way. His hands slid lower. They travelled slowly down her sides making her shiver with anticipation.

Curling his left arm around her body to hold her still, Jack worked his right hand to her tingling clit. He barely brushed against it with the pad of his finger and she jumped. So sensitive. Working lower, he separated her lips and explored her folds. Beth writhed in his embrace and formed silent sounds with her mouth. His middle finger slipped into her wetness and she gasped at the feeling of fullness. In and out it slid, tapping her G spot as it moved.

Beth's hands moved of their own accord. They reached backwards to Jack's hips and grasped at his jeans. She needed to anchor her hands somewhere so they wouldn't get in his way or try to stop him so she fisted the blue material of his pockets and clung on as he increased his pace.

Jack positioned his thumb over her clit and rubbed harshly as his finger continued to plunge into her body. He watched her reactions carefully -- she was moving her hips in time with him, her breathing was much heavier now and a red flush covered her body but there was one sign in particular that he was looking for.

The pressure built and built. Beth's absent voice didn't seem to stop her trying to make noises but the pain in her throat didn't even register as she gasped and sighed. Jack became rougher with her, increasing his strength and Beth couldn't take it any more. Her lower lip began to tremble and...

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