tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 01

To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 01


Her Royal Highness Princess Teona Felicite of the Kingdom of Violeth, Mistress of Branstwick and Defender of the Sweetline kissed the tip of the old man's cock with an ambivalent shudder.

Of course Teona didn't use her titles anymore despite her lavish upbringing as the youngest daughter of the Archvizier of Violeth.

She had left that life seven years ago when it was discovered that she had the glimmerings of the Craft within her. Neither her country nor indeed her father was the most trusting of the paranormal and she'd been bundled off without much ceremony almost as soon as she'd begun to exhibit her magical tendencies.

Since then, she had lived in the Citadel of Fanu Bataru, home of the legendary sorceresses known as the Craftswomen, learning to supernaturally manipulate the mundane world. The deep joy she'd found in using the Craft meant that she didn't miss her erstwhile life one bit.

However one thing to which she had never really become fully accustomed was exactly how a Craftswoman fuelled her sorcery. When it had been explained that to power the Craft to her full potential, she would have to swallow semen fresh from its source, she simply hadn't believed it and had indeed refused to take the opportunity to do so when offered.

It was only when her new roommate, Katryn Fenceley, had fellated her friend, Garth, right in front of Teona's face that she had really begun to appreciate the reality of a Craftswoman's existence. And it had been several days before she had been able muster the courage to join Katryn in sucking Garth's large member herself.

However as soon as she had felt the first spurts of Garth's tasty spunk shooting into the back of her throat and the extraordinary sympathetic pleasure it had driven in her, much like a deeply satisfying orgasm, she found that she had never been able to resist swallowing cum again, despite its insalubrious source.

Teona was aware of the mechanics of sex but had never had any erotic encounters herself. This was because of her protected upbringing rather than her not being attractive. In fact she was a beautiful young woman with long black hair, dark enigmatic eyes, a strong nose and a wide flexible mouth with her best feature possibly being her glorious figure, tall and leggy with an exceptionally substantial chest.

Katryn, the daughter of a minor noble, had been extremely generous in allowing Teona access to Garth's big cock on several occasions as she had familiarized herself with the art of fellatio in a controlled way. Garth had travelled with Katryn from Fenceley and it was obvious the two of them were profoundly in love.

In fact Garth was training to be a Guardian, both a warrior to protect a Craftswoman in a situation where magic wouldn't be suitable but also source of rich energy-providing spunk. As a potential Guardian's cock was sucked over time by a Craftswoman so his cum strengthened, allowing both the Craftswoman and Guardian to develop together over their formative years.

It was always understood that Katryn and Garth would become a partners when their training was over but Teona herself had never settled on one Guardian with whom to work, sucking the dicks of whichever Guardians were suitable and conveniently available during her schooling.

Which is now how she found herself on her first mission after becoming a fully-fledged Craftswoman, licking the hoary erection of a man she still barely knew.

When she had been assigned Beef Rampart as her Guardian for her very first assignment, at the tender age of twenty- five, she had been pleased that such an experienced man was available to support her.

But Beef was as taciturn as he was old and she'd struggled to really connect with him emotionally and so had been resigned to a quiet banterless journey as they fulfilled their investigatory mission.

Beef was whip-thin and grizzled with permanent silver stubble on his face and head as well as a squint, certainly not the kind of man Teona found attractive in any way. But she had dutifully knelt down in front of him on the morning of their departure, knowing that she would be giving him head twice a day from then onwards to keep herself battle-ready for any situation that came their way.

And, as she'd expected, as soon as she'd tasted his tremendously powerful jism, she could feel her energy levels rising until she was bursting with the Craft after just one wonderfully satisfying ejaculation.

Now, several weeks into their journey, Teona was licking around the bulbous head of his cock, delaying the imminent gratification she would receive when he spunked copiously in her mouth, her eagerness for a taste of his spunk balanced with a virtually visceral distaste for the man himself.

Knowing that they were very close to reaching their final destination, Teona abandoned her diffidence and, making her lips into a tight wet ring around his thick erection, slid her mouth tightly up and down his veiny aged shaft, causing Beef to grunt in satisfaction.

In all, it took a good half an hour of frantic head-bobbing before he heaved a huge sigh and unloaded his precious spunk into her sweet willing mouth.

"Hmmmm," she sighed in contentment, as she swirled his thick salty semen around her tongue, savouring its sharp taste and glutinous texture as if it were a rare vintage wine. Squeezing out the final few drops, she swallowed them, shuddering blissfully.

"You suck cock well, girl," Beef said to her as she buttoned up her chemise over her enormous bosom, which she'd exposed to allow him to grope her dark-nippled fat tits to speed his orgasm.

Teona paused, wide-eyed in astonishment at what, for Beef, was virtually a speech.

"Er, well, thank you," she replied uncertainly. "But please, I'm not a girl! I'm a Craftswoman," she said firmly.

"We'll see today," Beef growled, fastening his trousers and going to saddle the horses, referring to their imminent arrival at their goal.

Several reports had been received at the Citadel of bizarre goings-on at the southern tip of the Pinkoge peninsula, including talk of unidentified monsters, an apparently magical cave and mad orgies sweeping through the local population. Enough accounts had reached the Craftswomen that they had felt the need to send out a scouting party, giving Teona her first opportunity to prove her mettle now that she was a full sister.

Her orders though had been to observe and investigate and not to engage with anything that might be dangerous, a prohibition which she fully expected to observe.

However, over the last few days, as they had approached the end of the headland, they had heard more and more detailed stories of peculiar happenings including corroborated tales of how a sect of ascetic nuns had broken into a prison to forcibly offer their anal virginity to the predominantly male inmates and of the entire population of a village taking part in a spontaneous mass orgy for a full day.

They'd also spoken to a man who had pinpointed the exact location of the cave near which the monsters had been seen and which they were now very close to reaching. Indeed they had only paused for Teona to give herself a final energy boost via the medium of Beef's gnarled penis and full heavy testicles, before making their ultimate approach.

Teona suspected that there would turn out to be a mundane explanation for the reported monsters, such as a newly-weaned clutch of trolls, but she still felt nervous as they rode into the valley in which the cave had been pinpointed.

Reaching a thick copse, Beef dismounted and signalled her that he would scout ahead and slipped away soundlessly.

Teona waited nervously with the horses for twenty minutes until Beef returned.

"Found it," he said tersely before leading her forward.

Keeping under what cover they could find, they followed a stream down the vale until they reached a gorge.

To the left a large cave stood facing the rushing water; even from their concealed position behind a bushy deodar, Teona could clearly discern a silver lambent skin stretched across its mouth.

"What in the name of the goddess is that?" she murmured, fascinated by the enigmatic shadows swirling across the opaque surface.

Before Beef could answer, Teona gasped as a man approached from the other end of the dale, leading his horse along the narrow path. As he turned a corner he stopped dead, staring intently at the peculiar cave-mouth.

Absent-mindedly the man dropped the reins to his mount and approached the cave until he was standing a few feet away.

"Oh, no, he has no idea what he's doing. He'll hurt himself if we don't stop him," Teona said contemptuously, preparing to reveal herself.

"No. Wait," Beef ordered holding onto her arm.

Teona, her dark eyes flashing irately, was about to tell Beef in no uncertain terms that she was in charge of their expedition when the stranger did something extraordinary.

The hairs on the back of her neck rose and she felt her nipples stiffen involuntary under her chemise as the man reached behind himself to deftly catch a sword which had come magically flying to him out of a scabbard attached to his saddle.

"Fucking fuckety fuck," she heard Beef murmur as he himself drew his sword.

The strange man was a Mannish Reaper!

The Mannish Reapers were a sect of male martial sorcerers who used a different kind of magic to the Craft. Almost inevitably the Reapers and the Craftswomen had become bitter enemies.

Teona felt her breathing shorten anxiously as she watched the Reaper poke at the cave mouth with his sword, causing ripples across the silver membrane. She had heard several stories of how cruel and evil the Reapers wore. In fact her friend Katryn had been captured and raped by several when they had tried to enslave her before she had come to the Citadel.

And here she was coming up against a Reaper in person on her very first mission! This was supposed to be a routine investigation not a full blown confrontation. But she knew what she had to do.

"We have to stop him," she said, determinedly swallowing her fear. Beef nodded and stepped out from behind the tree, stealthily approaching the stranger. Teona followed apprehensively.

The Reaper was intently studying the cave and didn't notice them approaching him until it was almost too late for him. Unluckily though some intangible sense warned him just as Beef was lifting his sword to attack.

Teona's first thought when he turned to face them in astonishment was that he was just a boy, a gangly youth of just over average height with russet hair, enormous ears, an unsightly asymmetrical face and acne.

However very quickly her battle training took over and she raised her hands, preparing to throw a ball of fire at the enemy. Before she could release it though, Beef had reached him and attempted to engage in combat.

The Reaper may have been young and he may have been stunned to find himself being attacked but he reacted rapidly lifting his sword defensively to ward off Beef's blow before making a jerky gesture with his other hand.

Teona once more felt her body responding strangely to the Reaper magic as Beef collapsed in a heap as if struck by a blow. She ignored her aching nipples and the sudden slick heat between her legs and allowed the Craft to flow out of her, releasing it as a ball of blue fire which she flung at the Reaper.

Almost immediately she could tell that she had aimed too far left though, a potentially deadly error.

However, to her surprise, he didn't counter-attack her; instead he tackled the ball of fire even though it was clear it would pass by him and hit the cave mouth, shooting a lance of green energy to obliterate it completely.

Teona didn't know why he'd made such a stupid mistake but she was determined to take advantage of his misjudgement. She ran towards him, determined not to miss this time.

"No! Stop! You don't understand!" the Reaper screamed, leaping towards her as she threw another fireball, releasing every bit of energy she could muster.

The Reaper, running towards her, tripped over Beef's outstretched arm, causing the fireball to clip his head rather than hitting him full on. His momentum however meant that he tumbled into her legs, the two of them falling together into an ungainly heap.

Slightly dazed but ecstatic that she'd incapacitated her enemy, Teona looked up to see the vast majority of the fireball hit the strange silver membrane across the cave. There was a sudden flash and the curious low thump of an explosion and she felt herself being pulled towards the cave-mouth by a sudden powerful force before she passed out.

When Teona woke she felt utterly drained. Even before she had opened her eyes, she could sense not only her physical exhaustion but also her complete lack of magical resources, as if she'd been through a mangle and squeezed dry of her power.

She opened her eyes gingerly; gradually a misshapen rocky roof came into focus above her. So she had somehow been sucked into the cave.

With much effort she lifted her head to look around briefly. Someone was lying between her and the cave-mouth. She hoped to goodness that it was Beef. She desperately needed some spunk.

Slowly, unsteadily, she crawled over to him, grunting with the exertion. She groaned in frustration when she realised it wasn't Beef lying there but rather the young unconscious Reaper.

She sat up, fighting a wave of dizziness, and looked around.

The light coming into the cave-mouth looked unusually red, not the warm red of a sunset; it seemed different, colder somehow. Teona shook her head not knowing what to make of it and then immediately moaned as pain clouded her vision momentarily.

Once she had recovered she looked around further. There was no sign of Beef anywhere.

She looked down at the Reaper. He looked just as young up close, a lanky spotty beardless youth and an ugly one at that. There was no sign of his sword but, of course, he would still be dangerous without it.

She shook him firmly but he didn't stir.

Well needs must, she thought.

It took a while to untie his breeches as her fingers felt tired and uncoordinated but eventually she extracted his limp penis and wrinkled balls, covered in a fuzz of red hair.

As she tossed him firmly, her head gradually cleared and she tried to work out what had just happened.

It was apparent that her fireball striking the odd silver membrane across the cave mouth had caused an explosion, or perhaps an implosion, which had somehow sucked both the Reaper and her into the cave. And, judging from the crimson dusty plain she could see out of the cave, wherever she was, it was not now the Pinkoge peninsula.

She had heard tales of magical gates between worlds but had never given any credence to them. Maybe she would have to recalibrate her view of reality.

The boy was still unconscious although moaning softly now as his unimpressive penis hardened under her persistent touch.

Teona frowned, remembering the efforts he had made to stop the fireballs she had been throwing at him hitting the cave. It was almost as if he had known what might happen. Definitely worthy of further investigation when he woke.

He might be a Reaper but his cock was just like any other man's and by now was as hard as a steel rod.

Sighing at the need, she bent her head down and licked the head of his erection, grimacing slightly at the taste. Beef's penis had been generally clean, if only because she'd sucked him off so regularly. The reaper had obviously been on the road a while and had been lax with his personal hygiene.

Ignoring his unpleasant smell, Teona got to work, sliding her mouth down over the reaper's ugly dick and sucking him forcefully.

As she slid her lips back up him, she looked up and was startled to see him awake, staring down at her in astonishment, and perhaps alarm, as she fellated him expertly. However, when he didn't object, she bent back to her task of emptying his testicles of their precious cargo, her lithe tongue working skilfully over his angry red cock.

It was no real surprise when, in very little time, he groaned loudly and began to ejaculate heartily into her hungry mouth. He certainly didn't have the look of a man inured to the ways of sex, oral or otherwise.

His spunk was delicious, thick and creamy, as satisfying as Beef's and even more plentiful, although Teona had no idea when he'd last come. As she shuddered blissfully, she thanked the goddess that it had turned out that reaper cum was as full of energy as that of the most experienced guardian.

She gently lapped him completely clean, ensuring no drop was overlooked, desperately feeling the energy coursing through her body as her powers regenerated.

Smacking her lips contentedly, she sat back on her haunches, stifling a smile at the comically bewildered expression on the Reaper's face, as he fastened his breeches and slowly sat up.

"Hello," she ventured tentatively after a pause.

"Have you just sucked out my soul, witch?" he replied squeakily, his eyes wide in consternation.

"Um, no," Teona replied, puzzled by his question and more than a little annoyed by the appellation he'd used. "Just your sperm."

The Reaper nodded uncertainly. "Yes, I suppose that makes sense. I don't feel as if my life-force has been stolen. And it felt so good. Better than I'd ever dreamed. Did you steal my semen for energy?"

"Yes," Teona nodded, slightly surprised by his knowledge.

"Are you sure you're not a soul-sucking vampire? We were taught that Craftswomen are evil parasites who suck Reapers dry of their beings until they are useless husks, if they get half the chance. You are a Craftswoman, aren't you?"

"No I'm not a vampire and yes, I am a Craftswoman," she affirmed, slightly amused. Before she could continue he interrupted.

"I thought so although you seem really young," he said.

"Young? Me? I'm twenty-five! How old are you exactly, Reaper?"

The Reaper blushed. "Oh, sorry, I'm not a full Mannish Reaper, I'm just an apprentice. I'm eighteen; I won't become a full reaper for years yet." Suddenly, he groaned in pain and clasped the side of his head where Teona's fireball had buffeted him.

Instinctively, Teona reached out to touch his wound. He flinched back in fear, his breath short and eyes panic-filled.

Teona sat back slowly. "I'm not going to hurt you," she said as reassuringly as she could.

He looked at her as if she were mad. "You tried to kill me!" he gasped, pointing a finger at her accusingly, obviously piecing together events before the explosion.

Teona glanced out of the cave at the unfamiliar and unnerving landscape before trying again. "Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have attacked you. I panicked when I saw that you were a Reaper. If you want I can heal you. I think we might need to work together."

The boy sighed. "I'm so confused. One minute you throw a fireball at me and the next you give me the most amazing and pleasurable experience of my life!"

Despite herself, Teona felt her cheeks redden in embarrassment. Although she was an experienced cock-sucker, she felt flustered that she'd just fellated a complete stranger without asking. Even worse he was a youth, barely old enough to have reached the age of majority.

Slightly brusquely she said, "I sucked you because I needed energy. And because I now have energy I can heal you, if you want. Well, do you want me to?"

When he didn't say anything she leant forward and stroked her hand over his head, focusing power into the wound. As she caressed his scalp, the red rawness of the injury disappeared.

"There," she said content with her work.

The boy lifted his hand to his head in wonder. "That's amazing!" he exclaimed. "Reaper healing is a lot cruder than that. I can't tell I was hurt at all!"

Teona, feeling strangely satisfied at his gratitude, smiled at him. Immediately, he blushed.

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