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Hannah felt herself floating, free and slow, drifting inside her own mind as a finger slid in and out of her mouth. She suckled without thought other than the pleasure it gave her. She tried to focus, to remember when this even started. Instead all that she saw were colors behind her eyes, the sounds of couples fucking in a fevered heat making her sweat in wanting. The probing finger slipped out, trailing down her body. Hannah shivered, a line of spittle trailing on her face. She wanted it to fill her once more and thrilled with again not knowing what orifice in her body it would invade like so many times before. She had no choice, no control, no preference. Here, twirling inside the blackness she existed to feel what THEY gave to her, nothing more.

The flyer had promised good pay to any student who signed up for the study. A student she was naturally always cash poor. She had registered, and then spent hours filling out endless sheaves of papers asking details of body size, weight, dietary habits, sexual history.

She had blushed at these, not sure how honest to be. They had reassured her over and over that all was confidential, nothing marked to show her true self, just a number. She was number 6. Feeling bold she decided to be as truthful, more than she had dared even with herself. Hannah described in details the fantasies that had crept into her head piece by piece, crowding her vision. She told them in delicate script of her wanting to assume a role of object, a warm flesh cipher. She would no longer decide her fate, but let the one using her have total control. Willingly, lovingly, with no preconceived background desires of her own to fulfill. She craved the experience above all.

Each part of her body known and marked down. Each line she put to paper of her need to feel unknown fingers in her anus, of nameless men fucking her mouth, women sliding instruments of their own making into her body, opening her in ways she wanted but trembled to even say in her own mind, she grew wetter. She squeezed her thighs together, hoping in vain to make the throbbing stop so she could finish. When she described her desire to feel her own urethra opened she came, sitting on a hardbacked chair, under sterile fluorescent light, sitting next to a freshman student of anthropology scribbling her own lines totally unaware of the teeth Hannah ground together to keep from screaming.

Three weeks go by and nothing, the study gone from her head. Then a simple note delivered to her door by courier. Hannah opened it and read that the Polidori Institute had accepted her. On Friday of that week she was to be picked up by staff car. She would need to bring nothing with her, all needs taken care of for the duration of the study. Her professors had been notified and all class work excused. The study requirements would suffice for now based on her current academic standing. She had no real idea what they wanted, what they studied, and she did not care in the least.

Hannah sat in the van looking at the others who were going with her. Each was about her age, five other girls, six men. She knew a few casually. They made idle chat as they were driven to the Institute. It loomed like a Gothic nightmare when they spilled out after an hour of sitting cramped. She almost giggled at the cold stereotype creepiness. Grinning she saw that she was not alone in her initial assessment. A tall woman dressed in a crisp grey suit arrived with a clipboard. She looked past each of them as they stood waiting for the next step.

"As I call out your last name please fall into a line. You will be handed a room card. Please do not speak to each other. This is a strictly controlled environment. You have agreed to a group psychological study and it has been running since you were picked up. From this moment on each second of your days will be monitored, each moment recorded and analyzed. You may leave if you wish at any time, but failure to stay for the full study will obviate us from any payments promised. Signing in is your agreement to the terms."

The roll call was brief, each student eager for the money. Hannah did not care about that, she wanted to KNOW why they had asked what they did, if the others had answered the same as her, and where this would lead.

Each subject was delivered to a room and shown how to use the door card. The furnishings were simple but to her surprise elegant and tasteful. Nothing inside seemed clinical. It had a feeling of warmth. They ate in silence separated by a distance of several feet that night, each one in a cubicle. Once Hannah had leaned her head out, the spoon to her soup still in hand. She wanted to sneak a look around at the others. A man dressed in orderly whites had simply stood behind her and pushed her head back inside. No words, no explanation. That night she undressed and looked around to see what she might wear to bed as the room had been chilled in her absence. Seeing nothing she started for the door when it opened and two Staff members entered, one holding a holding a silver tray.

"Relax 6, all has been planned for you. Sit on the bed and open your mouth please." The tall man asked her.

Hannah started to speak but her words were cut off by a lightning fast slap from the woman. Her cheeks burned, she wondered if maybe a tooth was loose?

"You were told OPEN, not speak…………. Obey 6, now…" Something in the woman's tone, or perhaps the burning in her cheek told her that this was no game. Hannah opened her mouth.

The tall man took a small clamp and pulled her tongue out forcefully. It stretched her, hurting slightly. Satisfied he went back to his tray. Sitting there in that frigid room naked with two strangers doing god knew what to her should have scared her. Instead Hannah felt her thighs slicking again, her core heating as she watched them putter for a few seconds. The woman stepped behind her, placing her hands on her shoulders gently at first, then harder. Hannah realized why when she saw the syringe and needle in his hand. Involuntarily she jerked in momentary panic. The hands were strong, insistent. She stayed put. With one hand pulling the clamp, the other inserted the thin needle into Hannah's tongue. In her mind she started to scream till she felt the warm fluid pumping into her. She relaxed at that moment, cares slipping away.

She sat watching him withdraw the needle and realized that she no longer needed to be held. She tried to move her arms. Nothing. Legs?...nothing. She realized that she was completely paralyzed and totally conscious. They laid her on her bed on her back. Hannah could feel everything that went on, but no longer had any voluntary muscle control. Her breathing went on, her eyelids blinked. But nothing that she normally controlled responded. They left the room. She lay there wondering what was next when the door opened again, this time two new orderlies picking her up and placing her stiff body on a gurney. She could only watch the ceiling scroll by as they laughed and talked, wheeling her down endless corridors. They stopped in a gloomy half lit room. She felt their fingers touching her, squeezing her breasts, her nipples. The rough hands glided over her flawless skin that she works so hard to keep supple.

"This one is nice….very nice. I wonder what He has in store for her?"

Hannah knew they were talking about her. It drove her mad to be spoken of in this way.

"Roll her over, I wanna taste this one"

Hannah felt her body being moved. As she was turned she saw three others from the van were in the same room. All were naked like she was, all on gurneys. One girl had her ass propped up by something under her stomach, a tube connected to a bottle sticking out from her rectum. Hannah's legs were opened wide. She felt the tongue sticking into her anus, slicking her. She could hear him humming a nameless tune as this stranger feasted on her body, used her for his own pleasure. She heard rustling sounds, realized that both men were disrobing.

"6, you are very very pretty. I'm gonna fuck this ass though, and there ain't nothing you can say or do pretty girl…..and 6…one more thing. I'm all outta lube. But seein' as how you can't move it won't really matter will it?" He hissed in her ear, she could feel his weight moving behind her.

Hannah felt the thick head of his cock as it rested at her anus. With one slow, long push he wormed inside her. He pushed, stretching her ring of tight muscle wider. At first it felt like he had shoved a white-hot baseball bat inside her. If she could have she would have screamed, pleaded for him to stop. All she could do at this point was endure. His cock pistoned like a machine, jackhammering in and out. Hannah felt herself opening with each heaving thrust into her bowels. As quickly as the pain started it slipped away, pleasure rippling through her now as she relaxed. She felt the other orderly turn her head to the side, resting on her cheek. He stepped up to her and pushed his cock inside her mouth, filling Hannah at both ends now. She could feel all this, each sensation as she would have normally, but had no way to register anything beyond a dull grunting, even her vocal chords stilled by whatever elixir they had deposited inside her.

She panicked for real then, wondering if it would ever wear off? What if this was her fate, a doll for them to use for their own pleasures from then on. Even as fear crested in her mind another part screamed out yes, yes, yes……her orgasm ballooned inside from the concentration of feelings and lack of muscle control. She could taste his salty sperm as the thick white ribbons pulsed into her mouth. Unable to move her jaw a white puddle of cum lay pooled where it had not reached her throat to swallow. The cock fucking her mouth get slipping bits of it farther back, the bitter tang filling her senses. His partner grunted, grabbing her hips and filling her distended rectum with its own white paint. They laughed, high-fiving each other as they stepped back, pulling their clothes up.

Satisfied for now they went about preparing each subject. Hannah's mind recorded it all with cool detachment. This surprised her. She knew that she should feel something, but the only thing that surged up was either fascination, or a cramping impatience for them to get to her. The others had small vacuum pumps attached to nipples, appliances placed over mouths, eyes shielded by wide black leather. They hummed a nameless tune as Hannah's turn came. She felt herself being lifted and turned. As with the others a vacuum pump was attached to her nipples, the suction on them painful as the pressure pulled her nipples out. Her jaw was pulled down and into her mouth a black rubber mouthpiece was inserted. Her teeth slid into the cups, a thick tube in the center allowing her to either breathe, or she suddenly realized, for whatever they wanted to be placed directly into her mouth with no recourse. The straps on this one were the same, wide and black.

Their hands were swift from practice, buckling her in snugly at the back of her head. She could no longer speak even if she could move on her own. Her legs were then pulled up and placed in stirrups that they pulled from the sides of the gurney. She was totally exposed in this manner, her whole vulva open and available. She tried to turn her eyes, look closer as a length of clear tubing was brought over to her body. She felt the fingers slipping into her now oozing cunt, forcing her open still wider. A speculum went in next. She heard the clicks as it opened, then more, …more. She felt like she was an open hole now, the speculum greasy cool as her fluids roiled around the metal. A flash of pain now, her urethra being probed. The tube that she had seen, it was going in her, in there. She felt herself trying to move again, to get up. Nothing. Whatever it was they pumped into her she was helpless. The final items were readied; she felt an anal probe being pushed up into her. It was wide, thicker as the cone went in her than any cock she has tried. Finally it was in and her muscles clenched around the stem, holding it tight. Each spasm in her cunt walls sucked it in and out, driving the spasms on in a circle. The last touch was a blindfold. She sensed the movement when they started to wheel the gurney, but cut off, she was alone and disoriented. With nothing to use as a touchstone she could not sense directions as they turned, moved steadily on. Time slipped away, each second that passed no different that the previous minutes. She wondered what could possibly be next.

They stopped finally, still making idle chatter. She could tell by their words that she was not alone here. Again she was pulled up, this time to a sitting position. Something wide was going around her waist, being buckled in at the back. It was warm, comfortable, the padding just so that she felt caressed. She could hear sounds again, cold and metallic now. She had no idea what they were. Small EEG pads were placed at her temples, the tiny wires tickling against her skin. More went under her nipples, just below the still sucking pump. Another one above her clitoris, then one on each side of her puffed out labia. She felt and sensed that she was being wired up for recording. One of the attendants leaned in, close to her ear. She could smell the tobacco on his breath.

"Final stop 6, we'll see how long you make it here" he hissed softly, and then was gone, sliding the blindfold off.

Hannah tried hard to see where she was at last. It was hard to see clearly for some reason, her eyes seemed misty here. The room was not lit so much as glowed from light panels around the floor edges. She could smell antiseptic; a cool alcohol perfume. Without any warning she was moving, making her understand what they had placed around her waist. She was being raised up into the air. It was a gimble rig. She was held, suspended, and could be freely turned in any direction. As she twirled around her head was pointed up and she saw them. All that she had come here with on the bus ride. They were here in the cavern floating with her. Each one was outfitted a she was. Mouths covered, tubes snaking from open orifices on the women. The men had tubes that were in their rectums.

As she tried to take this new shock in she saw that the men's cocks were pink, bloated looking almost. Each fully erect shaft seemed to pulse, longing to release. A few had tips that glistened from the drops of cum that seemed to leak from them. All had the same leather covering their mouths. A short tube extended from each one, leading to a multiple tubes that fed into each mouth. She saw them leading in all directions, the dim light hiding the turns so that she got lost. A woman in a starched white lab coat approached from out of the darkness at the edge of the room. When Hannah could see her fully as she moved she saw that under the lab coat was just the bare skin of this new unknown. As she moved Hannah could see that she was beautiful, the skin like oiled marble, flawless. Her hair was pulled back, tight and slick. The look on her face was inscrutable. She had a tube hookup the same as the others. It was pushed trough Hannah's mouthpiece. She felt it resting on her tongue. Not deep enough to gag, but inside her mouth all the same. The woman turned and clicked her fingers to someone out of Hannah's line of sight.

"Relax number 6; this is only a test of your hookup."

Hannah had no idea what she was talking about till she saw something , …something moving up the tube towards her mouth. Her mind screamed for an instant. Again she willed herself to move. As before she realized that there was no response, no recourse.

Her mouth filled with the fluid, which she realized quickly was water. The involuntary nature of what was happening again flooded her, making the desire well up again. The room lights were lowered again and Hannah rested, the drug making her tire now, sleep.

When she awoke the room was brighter. Her body weight was now apparent that she could feel and move. She turned her head and realized it was the same room as before, the others still with her. Only now she saw that they were no longer alone. Several of them had what she guessed were staff members with them. They were fucking each subject in whatever orifice was available, women riding the cocks that shone on the males, a woman or man also filling them from behind with either plastic or flesh. She was free floating, spinning slow and as the scene played out. It was a dream she realized of flesh and sweat here, as she had pictured in her mind when she was alone, her own fingers teasing and pushing. A few of the men were gathered at a small funnel, each man pissing into the receptacle.

Hannah watched as the tubes that were attached snaked across the floor to end in the mouths of several of the women's mouthpieces. Each turn brought a new scene of debauchery that began to shock even her. Women filled in their mouths, asses and pussies with any combination of thrusting cocks, women's tongues, lubricated hands and fingers, objects and tubes that she had no way to fathom a purpose for. She heard small beeps, clicks as monitors caught every move, every heartbeat. Finally in a slow twirl she saw a short man standing alone, dressed on the same starched lab coat she has seen on the others, only he was also fully dressed. He had a clipboard and seemed to be scribbling notes furiously. On one of the following passes he saw that she was looking at him, her head turning to keep him in sight. He put the clipboard down and approached her.

"Awake 6? Good girl. I won't even try to explain all this, you'd never ever understand. Now, you need to be prepared again, so be a good subject and hold still?"

He walked a short distance away to a small table. When he returned he had a syringe that looked like the one that they had used before. He held her chin and slipped her mouth tube out.

"Be still, or I'll just use the clamp."

She felt the sharp tip of the needle, and then the bite as it went again into her tongue. The same warm glow infused through her as before, the muscles again no longer hers to control. Her mouth tube was replaced. She tried to identify the salty tastes, the bitterness that flowed into her, but was not sure. It was a mixture of fluids, semen, sweat, urine…and things she could not even guess at. He reached down to her pussy, pulling each lip out with delicate fingers. She watched as best she could as each lip was pierced, a gold button now shining from each distended petal. The moment that the rod went through her skin she would have screamed but for the effects of the drug and her bondage. It was supremely painful and yet completely entwined with a rapture that she had never even imagined in her most fevered dreams.

She crested to a new orgasm, eyes trying hard to focus now, each new movement around her a blur. She felt like she was underwater, watching it all on a screen far away. The buttons each had a small recess in the center, to with another set or wires were attached. The trailed down her body to a small hand control that was attached to her suspension belt. He reached down, pressing the small green switch on the controller. Hannah felt as if a thousand ants were suddenly biting her at once, and as swiftly realized that her fluids were now actually leaking from her, seizures of bliss rocketing through her. The instant his finger left the sensations vanished. The contrast was agony, as if she had fallen off a shelf and now lay cracked like a shattered glass. He then went back to the same table, and now wheeled a small cart to her. With the help of two of the women her legs were spread, a leather cuff placed on each, and then attached to a shiny black rod.

She was locked it a totally open position now. Her wrists were cuffed as well. A set of chains clipped on and attached to her harness. She watched as one of the women moved forward and smiling at her companion pulled Hannah's leg forcefully. The movement sent her tumbling in a myriad of directions, the motion and the drug making her dizzy. She spun slowly as the room lights were again darkened. Like creatures from Lovecraft they approached her out of the gloom. Their hands circled her, teased along the skin. Nails scratched down her thighs, fingers tumbled into her heated cunt. She started cumming as before; unaware that the drug that paralyzed her slipped the gears in her mind, made the orgasms last unyielding as long as she continued to be stimulated.

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