When I was a high schooler, I would often hang out at my friend Dan's house. His mom, Kate, was a single parent after the unexpected death of her husband when Dan was 14. Sudden heart attack: the stress of the high-paying job he had might have contributed. At least he had a very large life insurance policy, so Kate was set financially. But that didn't make it any easier to deal with a teenager.

I was always the quiet, responsible type, so I would spend as much time with Dan as possible to ease the strain on Kate. She acknowledged as much ("Thank you, Scott"), and I'm sure she noticed me sneaking peeks at her thick, buxom frame. High school students aren't exactly smooth about keeping that stuff hidden. If she stole peeks at me, I didn't notice.

When I wasn't spending time at his house and playing big brother, Dan was over at my house. Somehow Kate and I managed to get him through high school successfully, and Dan went to college three states over and proceeded to graduate with a 3.0 GPA. He then found a job out there and settled down. I went into the computer field and after graduating college became a tech-support specialist for a local tech company, one I'd been interning every summer with since my sophomore year of high school. They had been grooming me for the job the whole time.

So it came as no surprise when Kate called me on a Saturday afternoon. "Scott, something's wrong with my computer. Can you please come over and take a look?"

Of course I could. I was there in 15 minutes. Kate greeted me warmly. She hadn't gotten any less attractive. I tried to put that out of my mind and focus on the task at hand.

"What seems to be the problem, Kate?"

I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I hoped it wouldn't slow down her brain while I was trying to get information out of her.

"I can't get online."

I ran a quick virus scan. Several pieces of crapware and one known piece of malware.

"Kate, where did this come from?"

I was pointing at the malware.

"I downloaded it. Some popup came on and said it would help optimize my computer."

My palm interfaced with my forehead.

"Kate, I've warned you before about those malicious ads..."

"Sorry, Scott, I wasn't thinking."

"Did you actually pay for it with a credit or debit card?"


Thank the FSM for small favors. At least her bank account wasn't in danger.

"Okay, let me clean this up."

90 minutes later, Kate had downed two more shots of vodka and I had gotten rid of the garbage on her machine and installed an ad blocker.

"Thanks, Scott."

"That ought to keep away any problems. Glad I could help."

"I owe you one. Why don't you come sit on the sofa? I'll fetch the cookies."

Kate's cookies were famous from here halfway to Alaska. They helped her maintain her thick figure and large, round butt.

"Mmmm. What kind?"

"Chocolate chip."

"You may have trouble getting me to leave until all of those are consumed."

Kate laughed and went off to fetch the homemade cookies. We each took one and began to eat it, slowly so as to savor the deliciousness.

"So glad you like these, Scott. Women like when their efforts are appreciated."

"Kate, you know very well that I've been a huge fan of both you and your cookies since I started coming over here regularly in high school."

"I know. You've been trying to ogle me for 10 years. And I've never met anyone who didn't like these cookies."

I blushed. "I've always liked plump women."

She chuckled. "I certainly fit the bill there. Obviously, even if I had wanted to reciprocate while you were in high school, I couldn't have. You were under the age of consent. But now that you're in your mid-20's, the law doesn't prohibit things from getting hot between us."

"So are you saying you want to take me to your bed?"

"I'm not interested in starting a relationship with you. You're way too young. But I haven't had any action other than plastic in 2 years, and my pussy is in need of being filled with an actual cock. I know you'd be very willing to do so."

One last thing to ask.

"Kate, are you sure you're not so drunk you can't give consent?"

"A fair question. I've only had four shots in four hours, and because my body is so massive, it takes more alcohol to affect it than if I was some skinny little twig. I have just enough in my system to give me the courage to act on my desires, but not so much as to render me incapable of consenting. Now get up, get in my room and get your clothes off, Scott."

I plodded over to Kate's bedroom and removed my clothing. She was right behind me and quickly stripped. We looked over each other's naked bodies.

"Mmmmm, nice. I like toned men who aren't muscle-bound."

"And I like women with lots of soft curves."

Kate pivoted so she was facing away from me, bent over a bit and shook her large rump. I let out an admiring whistle.

"Okay, let's get up on the bed."

We climbed up and lay next to each other, then pressed our lips together for a soft kiss. This was followed by an open-mouth kiss and both our tongues hungrily twined. She wanted this as much as I did, clearly.

I slipped my body downwards slightly and began kissing towards Kate's magnificent orbs. "How big are they?"

"Double D's, sweetie."

I left a trail of kisses through her very ample cleavage. Kate teasingly wrapped her arms around me and trapped my face between her breasts for long enough to cause me to gasp for air.

"I could smother you with my breasts."

"Be a hell of a nice way to go."

I moved my mouth to one of her nipples as Kate shivered appreciatively. I suckled gently, then switched to her other nipple.

"Flick your tongue a little."

I did so, teasing her nipple with the tip of my tongue.


I moved my hands to her orbs and caressed them as I continued to suckle.

"You like them?"

"I love them." Her nipple in my mouth muffled my reply slightly.

"Why don't you kiss a bit lower, sweetie?"

I got the hint and kissed my way down her belly, making sure to kiss and caress all over it, letting her know that I liked her large, round tummy. Then I kissed my way down to her mound. She obligingly spread her legs.

"Lick along it a little."

I ran my tongue up and down along her slit a few times, tasting her nectar which was starting to leak out. She spread her legs a bit more, and I slipped my tongue into her folds. She purred and wrapped her thick thighs around my head.


I lapped up as much of her flowing honey as I could. She tightened her thighs around me and moved one of my hands. My fingertip found itself against a small nub.

"Keep... ooooh!... licking... and rub... gently."

I brushed my fingertip ever so lightly against her nub and moved my tongue as fast as I could. Her whole body was shaking. I drove my tongue as deep as I could inside her, and with a lustful roar she flooded my face with a gusher of honey. Her legs squeezed my head so tightly I thought she might cave in my skull.

When she regained control of her body, she unlocked her legs and lay me face up on my back. "That was amazing, Scott. Now it's my turn to get you ready."

Kate kissed her way to my chest and spent a little bit of time there teasing my nipples with her tongue. My body shivered and I moaned quietly.

She kissed down to my groin, then ran out her tongue and began licking my balls. The sounds I was making let her know how much I liked it.

She then moved her tongue to my shaft, where she slid it up and down, up and down, up and down.


"Enjoy, Scott."

She slipped her tongue to the tip and licked all around the head of the shaft. I gasped when she slid her mouth downwards on me. She managed to take almost my full length, while tonguing my shaft and now rubbing her fingertips against my filling balls.

"I think you're ready. I had my tubes tied years ago, so I expect you to cum in me."

"Yes, dear."

She lifted herself upwards, then slid her pussy down onto my pole. Her voluptuous body shook slightly as she began easing up and down on my hard rod. I matched the movement of my hips to hers.

"I think you should suckle my nipples some more."

Kate leaned her torso forward, dangling her breasts in front of my face. I obediently took a nipple into my mouth. She purred as I teased it with my tongue.

I wrapped my arms around her and began to grope her large, soft rear as she slid up and down. She giggled slightly. "So glad you find me hot."

Kate's pussy squeezed my cock every time she slid downwards. Suddenly her legs clamped around my hips and she quivered through a climax. She punctuated it with a lust-filled yowl.

When she regained control of her body, she resumed her bouncing, aided by my hands on her hips. My own body was quivering with anticipation as my cock twitched and throbbed within her.

"Fill me up, Scott."

"I will, Kate. I'm... getting... really close..."

Kate intensified the way her internal muscles tightened around my pole. When she climaxed again, my sperm jetted out into her thirsting box. She locked her legs around me and pressed me fully down into the bed underneath her, half smothering me with her tits.

When we recovered enough to move, Kate slipped her body off of mine and lay next to me, taking me into her arms and resting my head against her large, soft chest. I nestled myself a bit closer to her and happily enjoyed the quiet after-glow and the comfort of her skin touching mine.

"Kate," I murmured after about 15 minutes of companionable silence.

"Yes, Scott?"

"Can we do this again?"

"You're sweet. And I'm glad you like me. But you're too young for me to have a relationship with. I'm hoping to find someone closer to my own age for that. However, if I can't, then yes, we can have sex again. You were a great lay, and you made my pussy feel wonderful."

"Can I stay the night here, tonight?"

"Not a good idea, but you may stay in my arms for a bit longer."

I wasn't about to turn that down. I half-closed my eyes and enjoyed Kate holding me until eventually she decided it was time to get up.

She was kind enough to feed me dinner (and of course it was delicious.) And she pulled me into her arms for another long hug before kissing me good-night and sending me on my way back home.

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Great story

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