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Together For the Holiday



After 259 emails, over 2,000 minutes spent talking on webcam, more than 5,000 text messages and over 3,000 minutes spent talking over the phone; Leland was being fucked hard by his online boyfriend.

His Christmas gift to himself was a trip to Romania to visit Brett. The two had been talking for years and the more they tried to see each other the more things got in the way. From work to family to pets getting lost and having to spend weeks hunting for them, there always seemed to be an obstacle. It was amazing that they continued to be so close and were deeply in love with each other.

When Brett picked Leland up from the airport there was a quietness in the car ride to his home. Their fingers were interlocked the entire taxi ride and they were blowing kisses to each other whenever the driver wasn't looking at them.

Once inside of Brett's home, they began to passionately kiss and fondle each other. Leland's chest was just as hard as it looked on the internet. His lips were even softer than they appeared to be in pictures. His moans sounded sexier and more hungry than they had ever sounded over the phone or webcam.

Leland felt his cock expand in his pants as their bodies got closer and closer together. There was such little space between them, it barely allowed them to take deep breaths.

He wanted more. He needed more.

"Fuck, this is perfect," Leland whispered, breaking the kiss for just a few seconds.

They soon found themselves naked in the bedroom, still kissing like two entangled jellyfish. Their hands were touching every inch each of each other's bodies. The moans and hums, along with occasional gasps for air, were the only sounds that could be heard in the small room.

Leland was a bottom and Brett was a top.

They knew it since their first hello. Brett rubbed and spanked at his boyfriend's ass as he kissed him deeper and deeper. He was a dominant male. He controlled everything online and would do the same in the bed.

"Fuck me, baby," Leland begged quietly over Brett's lips. The need was building. His cock had grown hard and was lined with pre-cum.

"Bend over, my love," Brett said.

He didn't waste time using his tongue to moisten his lover. Instead, he opened the brand new bottle of lube and placed some onto his cock and Leland's ready hole.

"Fuck...I've been counting the days to this!" he said loudly as he placed his cock only an inch away from Leland's entrance.

"Give it to me, baby!" Leland said and Brett forced his manhood into the tight hole.

The two men fell quiet as the feeling of tender love and passion filled their bodies, nearly making them both cum instantly.

They were fucking. They weren't fucking like paid escorts. They weren't fucking like old people who didn't get it very often. They weren't fucking like they had just met. Instead, Leland and Brett were fucking like true lovers.

Brett was taking his time feeling every inch of his lover's body. His hands continued to explore his body and his lips took the time to kiss the parts of Leland's back that his lips normally couldn't get to.

Words of endearment left their lips as they rocked slowly on the bed. Their bodies were in a tight cocoon of love. In that moment, the rest of the world disappeared.

"I want to ride you," Leland said, pulling himself free of Brett's amazing cock.

He didn't want the doggie-style fucking to stop but he wanted to look into the eyes of Brett when he had his orgasm.

Brett leaned back and relaxed as his hand ran over his cock with more lube and prepared for Leland to straddle him slowly.

The steady movements sped up until they were fucking hard and fast. Their eyes were locked the whole time. Their lips touched together softly but not kissing, just whispering to each other. There was a deep passion in the air. This wasn't just sex. This was love-making.

"Oh yes!" Brett grabbed at Leland's ass and picked up his thin, light-weight body, pounding into the tight ass until his white cream shot from his cock. His orgasm was mind-blowing.

It was amazing and the fun had only just begun.

Brett worked his hand up and down Leland's rock-hard cock. It took only three hard strokes of his cock to earn a great stream of cum all over both of their chests.

"Merry Christmas?" Leland said, jokingly, leaning forward and kissing Brett tenderly on the lips.

"And to many more, baby," Brett whispered over his lovers lips.

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