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Toh's Story


All characters over 18. This series originally posted elsewhere under slightly different pen name.

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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"If I had bigger breasts," sighed Hillary, "I would be able to attract more men. Maybe even Richard would start to feel about me the way I feel about him," she finished with at small gulp.

"Well," said Ms. Le Faye "It seems that we have a couple of problems but the solution may be at hand. Hillary, do you want to overcome the limitations you feel you suffer from?"

"Oh, yes, more than anything!" exclaimed Hillary.

"Well, I'm sure that many people would recommend therapy to explore the etiology for your wanting larger breast and after months of expensive treatment perhaps suggest that you undergo breast enlargement. I take a somewhat more straight forward approach. Breasts not large enough? Grow them larger. It's that simple."

"Buh..buh..but, that can't be done!" Hillary objected.

"Can't be done? Don't be silly. Of course it can be done! It's been done any number of times. How do you think Raquel Welch filled out that fur bikini in her first movie? I helped her! I could point to lots of other examples. But wait. Would you like to meet someone who has received exactly this sort of help? You could talk to her and make up your mind yourself!"

"Oh, yes please, when can we do that?"

"Right now if you want to." Again Ms. LeFaye keyed the intercom. "Ms Rhee could you please step in here? Don't bother to bring your pad."

A moment later the door opened to admit the AA that had greeted us on our arrival.

"Yes miss?" She had a delightful tinkling voice, and a beautiful soft oriental accent.

"That's okay, Toh, these are friends. We don't need to be formal now.

"Toh, Hillary is dissatisfied with her body image and I've offered to help her. I've suggested that if they were to talk to someone who had had a similar experience that it might help her to make up her mind. She isn't sure it can be done!" They both laughed together.

Turning to us she went on. "Hillary, Toh has been through the process that I'm proposing. But I'll let her tell you. Go ahead, Toh, please be as candid and honest as you can."

Toh turned to face us. She was a lovely young woman with deep, dark eyes, glossy black hair held up in a sort of bun and delicate features. A look of mischievousness seemed poised break out into a wonderful laugh at the least provocation. She stood with her hands clasped meekly in front of her.

Given the subject at hand I carefully scanned her. She was a doll! She was small and delicate like so many Japanese women. Her impeccable legs led my eyes from her pumps with their three inch heels to the hem of her flatteringly short skirt and then to the matching jacket. Her jacket had two rows of brass or gold buttons from the lower hem of the jacket to her shoulder. The effect was somewhat military in flavor while at the same time quite demur. Except that the front of the jacket bulged ominously. As I was thinking this she began to speak.

"My name is Toh Rhee. I came to America three years ago, when I was nineteen, with my fiancee when he start Masters program here. Very unusual, our parents not want us to do this, but I very much in love. I not want to stay behind and wait while he finish school in America.

"We live together in cheap apartment off campus. Not have much money. I get job here with Ms. Le Faye. Very lucky for me!

"After live in America two months I discover bad secret! Fiancee love big American girl bosom. Stare at them all the time. I get so jealous. Ms. Le Faye help me. She smiled down at herself with pride. Now I have big bosom!"

"You and your fiancee must be very happy, then!" Hillary exclaimed

"Him? That stupid, insensitive, self-centered, short-dicked, loser?" Her laughter bubbled out. "I cut him loose long time ago. Let me tell you story!"

My fiancee work hard. He in school a lot. I work here, shop cook, clean apartment. Slowly I notice change. He not touch me as much. I worry - I keep self very clean, I dress nice for him. He not as interested. I notice he is distracted a lot. Spending more time in library than ever. I wonder. I worry. Why he not touch me in bed any more? Something is wrong but what. I try to find out. He not talk about it, tell me nothing wrong.

He spend much time in library. Grades slip a little despite much time is library.

One day I follow him to library. I find place I can watch. Not be seen. He sit at table near front of library. He not work. He keep looking around. I not see what he looking for. Just people walking in and out. Then I see! I so blind! He looking at American women! He watching girls walk past!

All day I watch. He talk to many people. He work very little. He watch everyone. Sometime he stare. Very rude. Girls not seem to mind. He seem to know lots of them. I watch several stop and talk.

They laugh and talk. I see one girl. Big American girl, lean over to show him something in book. He stare right down her shirt! She glance up, she see him look! She just giggle, and let him keep looking!

I follow same next day. I find closer place to hide. Now I hear some of what they talk about I hope!

Same thing as day before. I watch him watch American girls. When girl with big, you know, bosoms? She gestured slightly with her hands. When one like that walk by he really look! Lots American girls got real big bosoms. They poke out of shirts, they move under sweater. Some girls not wear bra! Very immodest.

Same girl that let him look down shirt last day stop again. She have big, big bosoms! He say "Hello Terri" He stare very rude at her chest. She not mind? No! She smile! She lean over let shirt gape open. She show her big big bosoms to him! On purpose! He look right down shirt like yesterday.

"Boy, you don't mind showing your interest do you?" Terri say, "I think it's so cute! I guess they don't have anything like these where you come from do they? I guess that's why you like to look at my boobs so much," she chuckle.

"You have big, biggest, boobs" he say. How come he talk like that to American girl?

"Sure do! You remember what I told you that day in the stacks, huh?"

"You say F cup." He glance at her face quickly. "You tell me bra is biggest they make!"

"That's right. Glad I stopped growing "cause I would have trouble finding a larger bra. And you wouldn't want me to have to go braless would you?"

"I not mind," he say. "Big bosom really nice to look at. And touch!"

"Yeah, well you really made 'em feel good that day down in the stacks! We oughta get together again. You may be real small, but you're real enthusiastic! And the way you sucked these big titties of mine! Makes me wet just thinking about it - and that position you showed me, wow!" She start to blush!

He suck her? I can not believe. Get so mad! What position he show her? Only one position - him on top me on bottom. American girl not know that position? My fiancee spend time with this huge bosomed American girl?

I go home. Cry myself to sleep. In morning I come to work but still so sad. Cry in bathroom. Cry a little at desk. Ms. Le Faye ask what wrong. I not want to say. So embarrassed. She bring me tea, taste like home. I cry again. She just so nice. Not ask again. Just give me tissue. Bring me in here. Tell me to lie down.

Fall asleep. Not mean to. Nice dreams. Wake up. Feel better. Still unhappy about fiancee. But want to make things well... right? make things right.

Ms. Le Faye ask me if I want to talk. This time I say yes. I tell story.

"What do you want to do?" says Ms. Le Faye.

I want him look at me like he look at American woman. I little Japanese girl. I not have big American bosom. I have sweet, tight cunny, I have beautiful legs. My hair long and my face pretty. But no bosom.

Ms. Le Faye explained that she witch and can help me. I say yes, big yes! I want to start right away!

Ms. Le Faye give me necklace with crystal. "Wear it all the time," she say. "You will find that your bosom will grow larger. It may happen slowly, it may be very fast. It may be only a small change, it may be a very big change, it all depends," she say.

I slip on necklace. I follow him to library next morning. I watch as he flirt with American women. I get mad so mad, I feel all hot. My nipples throb all day. When I get home my bosom still tingle. When I look in mirror I see nothing change. But still nipples and bosom pulse and tingle all night. I not sleep well. Just as well he not touch me.

In morning I take shower. Feel same as usual, tingle gone. Washing my self I notice my chest a little puffy. Not bigger. Just puffy.

That day I work. Not watch him. That night we eat out. Very special. Not much money to do that.

He take me special American place. Tell me named after nocturnal bird. Owls? Hooters! Strange place. All waitresses have tight shirts and shorts. He look at waitress all night. She tall blond with so big bosom. Every time she bend down he look! Every time she walk past, he look. He look at other servants. He watch girl at next table. He look at all girls!

When I in bathroom I hear waitress giggle to each other about the boob crazy Japanese guy with the little porcelain doll. They know! I so embarrassed I hide from them in stall. I so MAD. Why he not look at me anymore?

I feel throbbing like heart beating real big all over my body. Like last time only more. All night nipples pulse. In morning I look in mirror. I have bosom!

I never have bosom before. Now I have tiny little handful each side! I go to store and buy bra. First American bra. Maidenform, A cup. Have to learn to measure in inches!

Every time I see him stare at woman I get mad. Every time I get mad I feel throbbing and pulsing in chest. Chest grow a little. In two weeks I buy second bra. B cup.

He notice in bed that I'm growing I think. I think he like it? He say nothing. He not notice? Or I not big enough? Two week I have to buy different bra. B cup not big enough now. He must notice now. Month past I have no bosom. Now wearing bra, big bra! Still he not change. All time looking at big American bosoms. But we make love twice that week.

He shameless flirt. How come he change so much? In Japan he act polite to me and we make love often. Now he ignore me to flirt with large bosomed American girls even when sitting with me. Every time he do this I get mad. Chest tingle, bosom bigger next day. He flirt, I get angry, feel tingle and throb for hour, two hour. Bosom increase a little.

He not touch me for week.

One morning I dress ,come to work. At lunch I sit with girl from next office. She notice I look different. Tell me I'm putting on weight. She point to jacket buttons pulling at button hole. I never notice before.

"Well honey, at least the weights going to the right places." She giggle. "Every time I put on a pound it goes to my thighs. You really have a cute figure now. How come you don't dress to show it a little better? "

I dress like always. Wear office clothes. Skirt, Blouse, jacket. All nice, clean. What is wrong with how I dress, I ask?

"Well, honey, you're all covered up! You should be proud of your figure. Nothing wrong with a little advertising! You could get yourself some new clothes. If you want we could go out shopping together this week end. I need to pick up some things. Come on. Girls day out. It'll be fun! Don't make up your mind now, think it over, let me know.

Next day I have lunch with him at sidewalk cafe. Spend all lunch hour watch him sneak peeks at bosoms. I feeling sad but he not notice. I still get angry watching him watch other women! Still tingle and throb. That night I decide to go shopping with Barbara.

We go to mall. Shop for clothes. Try on things. My friend surprise me. In dressing room? she take off sweater? She have big bosom! I had not noticed!

"You have big bosom" I say.

"Yes. I wear a Double D cup bra most of the time." She tell me.

I never notice how big I tell her.

"Well it doesn't hurt to advertise," she say "but you don't have to put it on display all the time. I don't like to be interrupted at work with guys coming on to me all the time so I try to minimize my appearance in the office. And once a guy does get an idea of what I look like under my office clothes he uses his imagination no matter how I dress, anyway. But when I'm out trolling for guys, well, that's a different story."

"Trolling for guys?" I ask. Trolling hard word to say! "You know, honey. When you go to a dance or to a bar with a girlfriend and you want to meet someone and have a good time? It takes a little bait to hook'em. So I wear a tighter skirt and flash a little leg. Or to really generate some heat with this figure, I wear a tight sweater or low cut blouse. That usually reels them in!" She laughed.

I never been to dance or bar I say.

"Well we can change that, too. Now slip out of those clothes and let's see what you have to work with. You do want to attract a little more attention right?"

I want him to notice me more I say. He always looking at big bosom American girls. I cover mouth. Not meant to tell my shame.

"Well honey you got all the right assets," she says as I hang up outer clothes. "You got a great figure. I didn't think you were so curvy! You really would wow the guys if you showed off that sexy belly of yours! And you got a tight little butt that makes me look like an old woman!" I blush!

"Looks like you might need a new bra soon too, dearie. You're pooching out the sides" It true. I still getting larger, though he never notice.

We try on stuff. I get embarrassed at some things Barbara shows me. I buy short pants. A little tight. Fitted blouse for work. Nice sweater. I look Hot! Barbara says. Girl in mirror look different. My face, but different below. Nice curves. In new clothes, I look all swervey curvey Barbara says.

"Now you can see how tiny your waist is." she tell me. "And from the back that new dress shows your butt a little. You should wear some tighter clothes. With your figure you'd knock 'em dead. Guys like a tight little body like yours. An old cow like me doesn't stand a chance next to you!" She laughed. I giggle too. Barbara nice friend!

HE not like new clothes! Say they immodest. Forbid me to wear. Take back he say. I say no. We have big fight. I keep clothes. Buy with my money. Like how I look. Maybe he learn to like it. Maybe he look at me now!

He keep looking at American girls. Still I getting bigger bosoms.

He finally notice. I see him watch me walk around apartment. I think he like. We make love. He kiss and fondle. My nipples still so sensitive from all the time throbbing. When he pinch he hurt. I tell him stop, it hurt. He stop.

Do same two nights later. Again next night! Most times in months! I floating on air. Next day Barbara say I look happier. What different? When I tell her she smile. "Good for you, too bad for Harvey."

I look at her. "Harvey?"

"The guy that services the copy machine. He's been looking at you since first time he see you. I caught him jamming a paper clip in the machine. I threatened to report him. He said he was doing it just so he would have to come back. He told me he thought you were the best looking lady he'd ever seen. I told him to leave the copier alone and I'd give him lots of chances to see you. I've called him back about twice a week ever since. I always hoped he'd make a play for you but I guess he's too shy and now he's lost his chance.

I not believe her. Harvey's so cute! I tell her. He must have girl! Big bosomed American girl like you!

"No. Not me or any other girl I don't think. she tell me.

Barbara and I go shopping again that afternoon. I need new bra. Barbara say if I keep this up I be bigger than her in little while. Clerk offers to help measure for new bra. Barbara send her away. I'll help my friend she tell clerk.

"To me she says. "Dyke bitch clerks always trying for cheap feel." I think I know what she mean. Clerk hands always clammy. I slip off jacket and blouse. When I turn around Barbara look startled. "Damn girl!" she tell me, "I wasn't wrong. You are really overflowing that bra!" I look. She right.

Take off bra even though I feel shy. Barbara just smile. "When I was a kid mine pointed straight out like that. Those were the good old days - before gravity!"

She measures me. Says I need double D cup. I put old clothes back on. We go to lingerie section and I pick up Maidenform. Barbara make me put it back. She take me to back of section. Many different kinds. Hard to find double D cup in my size.

"You're too slender, Toh" says Barbara. But we find three that are okay. Two underwire, one soft cup demi bra. Pretty lace. Pretty colors.

Barbara tell me to buy sundress to go with soft cup bra. I ask why. She tell me "Buy bra, trust me, you'll see."

I think of fight with fiancee. He finally noticing me! If I buy will he like or be angry? I buy! Try on sundress. I shake my head. It fit right across bosom and it show top of my bosom. Nip in at waist. Shoulders almost bare. I look most immodest, I think. Barbara say I look like beautiful flower. When I bend forward I see my bosoms in mirror almost to top of bra! Barbara see what I do and laugh. That'll attract them alright! she tell me.

She bring me arm load of clothes. Every one tight. Or low cut. Or short. Or all together! I buy only little. Three things. Sundress. (I look pretty, color make my skin glow!) I buy tight pants - blue jeans fit so tight here, her hand fluttered over her groin, "I think I die of embarrassment. But they feel so good! And sweater thing laces up back. Barbara tell me, "You can't wear a bra with that but it looks so darling on you and with those stand up boobs of yours no one will know. Until you turn around!" We both laugh!

I am so happy when I go home. I tell him I bought new clothes. I dress in sweater thing and pants. Show him. He not say anything. Grunt. Change into sundress. Big fight! Immodest, shame him in public.

Tell him; not shame, look pretty. Tell him common to wear in America. He say common for American, not Japanese!

We not in Japan. In America.

I notice something. He look down my dress every time he can. I sit at table across from him. We keep fighting. I lean forward, backward. He watch. He not keep eyes off my bosoms. After a while we stop fighting. I keep clothes. Promis only wear sundress in apartment.

I make tea. Serve him. Lean over to give him cup. He look. He look. He keeping looking! I feel good! I keep moving saucer, napkin. Stay bent over long long time. He never look away! He see my bosoms in bra. My nipples come out, I feel so...sexy! Like feeling. Like way his eyes follow me. I walk back to kitchen. See him in window reflection. He stare at me as I leave. He watch me like he watch big bosom American girls. I have not lost him to big bosomed American girls. Thank you, Ms. Le Faye! Thank you!

We make love that night. He keep fondling my bosoms. He pinch. Pull. Twist. He bite nipple! More gentle I tell him. More gentle. He not stop. Pull and pinch all the time until he done. Then fall asleep on top of me!

I not feel good. Bosom hurt. Not like when before. That warm gentle tide roll in and out, tingle, throb. This hurt different. He slip off me, snore.

I go to bathroom. We make love more in week than in several months. He like my bigger bosoms! Why not more happy? Feel bad, bosoms still hurt. In mirror I see bruises on bosom. He twist so hard, not stop. I have marks all over. Hurt. I clean up and go back to bed. He still asleep. I lie in bed. Not sleep. Not happy. Not, not, satisfied. He done. Asleep. Talking in sleep.

I lean over. Talking Japanese in his sleep. "Oh you're so big." He dreaming of me. I smile. "I love your big bosom" he say. I so very happy, he not look at bosoms of American now! "I never see anything so beautiful, Terri"

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