tagIncest/TabooTom & Kirsty Hook Up - Naughty

Tom & Kirsty Hook Up - Naughty


Not strictly speak an Incest tale, this is a story of taboo sex within a family circle.

It's a slow burn so if you want Wham Bam Thank You Mum in the first 100 words, this isn't for you.


"Hey Kirsty, how are you!" Tom said as he bumped into his brother's girlfriend at the bar.

"Oh, hi Tom! I didn't expect to see you here." she replied, pleased to see him.

"No, it's a friend of a friend thing and I said I'd come along for a drink and a laugh." She caught the barman's eye and ordered some drinks including one for Tom.

"Is Jessica not with you?" Kirsty asked.

"No, she's working late on something or other. Rob, not here?" said Tom, asking about his brother.

She pulled a face. "No, something to do with promising someone he'd help them do something blah, blah. I thought 'Stuff it!' I'll get a few drinks inside me and let my hair down."

He nodded to her tube top. "Mind you don't let something else down, your girls look ready to jump out of that top."

She laughed. "Yeah, that'd get me noticed by the guys. Tom thought 'She doesn't need that to happen to be noticed. She looks amazing. And her tits – huge – and so much on show.'. They chatted over the music. As they did, Tom thought about Kirsty. He had always found her very attractive and sexy. Of course, she was with his brother and he had Jess so he never thought about her any further than that but there were fantasies.

Kirsty liked Tom. He had something about him, more than looks and personality. He passed the 'Would I?' test with a very big 'Yes!' except for the fact that he was her boyfriend's brother. They both went back to their respective groups and the event proceeded.

Later, when the disco dancing was underway, Kirsty fancied a dance but there was no-one in her group to dance with except other girls which she always thought was a bit naff. She saw Tom across the room just chatting and drinking. She went up to him and said "Hey Tom, fancy dancing with your brother's girlfriend?" He got some mocking noises from his friends but he got up to dance with the busty blonde, leaving them quite jealous.

A Roxy Music track, 'Avalon', blared and they danced near the edge of the dance floor. Tom was mesmerised by Kirsty's very sensual horny moves to the music and particularly the swaying of her impressive breasts, all to the sexy beat of the song. His friends were noticing her too. As the song began its long play out, he stared at the suggestive movement of her hips as she pushed them up and down to the sensual beat of the music.

Tom imagined her making those moves whilst impaled on his stiff cock. His chain of thoughts progressed to wondering what her pussy looked like, was she tight or big like Jessica is. He imagining how it would feel if she was tight, and was she shaved, did she like it being licked. Conversation wasn't possible but he enjoyed this dance and especially his view of 'the girls' and his secret naughty thoughts.

The DJ slowed the mood right down with a smooch number and Tom made to leave the dance floor but Kirsty grabbed his arm. "No, Tom, stay and dance to this one - please!" She pulled him to her by his arm. They held one another and moved to the music. Though it was slower music, Kirsty was no less sensual and the lyrics added to Tom's very sensual experience.

Her moves were so horny for a young man to watch or be a partner to. She pushed her hips close to him, pressing herself against him quite raunchily. They could talk now, although Tom was also distracted by the close up view of her cleavage or 'the girls' as he had referred to them. They looked incredible, not that he was short of contact with big tits in his life but any new experience is always exciting.

"So, Jessica's working – it's a shame she couldn't be here." said Kirsty, not meaning a word of it. She moved her hands to Tom's neck, whilst his were on her hips.

"Yeah and she won't be home till very late either because of the journey. You seeing Rob later?"

She shook her head as well as grinding herself against him. "Nah! I decided to get a room here. Cheaper than a taxi. Go home in the morning."

Tom was wrestling with his conscience. His desires were telling him to make a pass at Kirsty, but she was Rob's girl and he had Jess. But Kirsty was so hot, especially tonight – and his instincts told him that a pass would be well received by Kirsty. He felt her push onto him again. He was getting aroused by it all. 'Anyone would!' he told himself.

Kirsty pressed her breasts against his chest. She liked the feel of it. She sensed her nipples crumple and harden with her arousal. 'I can't get naughty with Tom, can I!' she told herself but she didn't convince herself. Another slow track was played. Kirsty gradually manoeuvred them into the middle of the dance floor. She pushed harder against Tom and by now he had a full erection, albeit it was trapped by his pants pointing uncomfortably downwards.

He gazed at her lovely tits and wanted to caress them. Her perfume added to his excitement too. It was new to him and it was lovely. She pushed her hips again and realised what was happening in his trousers, his cock having formed a hard lump which she ground on. 'Oooh, Tom is excited by me!' she told herself.

She let her head rest on his shoulder, looking at him, not away. He gradually turned his head and lowered it and, almost with reluctance, perhaps due to their circumstances, their lips met. A touch, another touch then a proper connection, a proper kiss. Her tongue was first to visit the other. The kiss became sensual but not animated. They did not want to draw attention to themselves. Their tongues darted and teased. The kiss was extended and extended again. Her body pushed onto his hard lump. She felt herself getting moist as a result of it all. Her tiny panties were becoming damp.

They both knew the track was ending. They pulled the kiss apart and looked at each other. Kirsty spoke first. "That was nice – it was err – lovely. Nothing wrong with just a kiss, is there!" He shook his head.

"No, nothing wrong, it's fine, isn't it!"

The track ended and they left the dance floor to return to their respective groups. "Tom, dance with me again before the end." He nodded, his mind racing with what had just happened.

One of Tom's friends said "Oh here you are, we thought you'd gone. You disappeared!" He was grateful that they'd not seen him kissing Kirsty. Kirsty sat with her friends. Amidst the girls' chatter, she thought about Tom. She had got him hard. He had aroused her. She could still feel that dampness and the moistness of her pussy lips – and it was still flowing. Was that genuine sexual anticipation, she wondered. Her mound was newly smooth with a full waxing just yesterday. She was not sure who she was doing that for – Rob, her sister, Lynn who she sometimes shared girl-on-girl intimacy with, or even Clare who she hoped to see again soon – or was it going to be Tom.

'I couldn't!' she told herself and then answered with 'Could I?' almost immediately. The DJ announced he was playing his last three records. Kirsty wondered if she should go and ask Tom again. Before she had decided, he was there by her side. "Hey Kirst, y'dancin?"

They played the old routine "Y'askin?"



She made a joke of it with her friends, many of whom were making ready to leave as they weren't staying the night. Tom led Kirsty to the dance floor and they danced to a medium paced tune.

Kirsty's tits moved all over the place in a very sensual way keeping Tom's eyes transfixed. He felt sure that her areolas must be only just covered by her bra and tube top. He guided her to the middle of the dance floor. The next record came on. George Michael's version of 'The first time ever I saw your face' played and Tom remembered the first time he had seen Kirsty. Rob brought her home for the first time and under his breath, Tom had said an incredulous 'Fuckin' hell!' as he feasted his eyes on her luscious curvy body and blonde locks framing her beautiful face.

Now Kirsty held him around the neck again. Tom held her by one hip as he adjusted things in his trousers via his pocket to make any arousal more comfortable. He then put that hand on her hip, but further back, reaching the top of her bum cheek. Kirsty felt a tingle as he did so.

"It was really nice to kiss before. Nothing wrong with it, was there?" she repeated.

"No, nothing wrong. It was nice. It was just kissing." There was a moments pause before their lips met again. They kept it unanimated but for both of them it was very sensual, very sexy, very exciting. Tom could see his friends leaving to get taxis before the rush. It looked like they had forgotten him. Kirsty could see her group going in dribs and drabs. Only one other girl had a room booked and she had already gone to her room.

Tom's cock grew straight upwards this time, thanks to his pocket work. Kirsty pressed against him and felt the different shape of hardness. 'Wow!' she thought, 'this guy definitely likes me!' She ground herself on him, not trying to disguise it in any way. They continued kissing too. Tom felt pre-come dampening his pants. He usually produced quite a lot and this situation with Kirsty was causing him to make plenty. Kirsty felt her dampness become wetter. Her sex lips were getting hotter. They danced on and kissed more as their bodies were instinctively preparing them for sex.

The last record finished and the lights slowly went up. Nervously, each looked around to see who was left from their respective groups. Tom's friends had all gone, presumably thinking that he had too. A couple of Kirsty's friends remained. Tom hovered then nipped to the men's room, saying he would see her before he went. When he came back out, Kirsty was lurking on her own. "I'll show you my room, shall I? It's quite nice." said Kirsty, leading the way.

The bedroom corridor of the hotel was empty. Kirsty found her door and quickly got it open. Inside, they stood awkwardly for a moment before Kirsty said "Kissing's okay, isn't it. It's only kissing!" Neither of them bothered to work out how daft the words actually were. They quickly embraced and pressed their mouths firmly together.

They were animated now though and the kissing was very sensual. "It's just kissing!" said Tom as they briefly broke apart. They resumed and Kirsty felt a hand rest upon her breast outside her top. She felt the buzz that it gave her in intimate places.

Tom wrestled with his conscience. 'It was just kissing! It isn't anything really. So what if I touch her tits. It won't hurt. She's not reacted. It's just touching!'

Kirsty kissed him quite avidly, happy to feel his erection there again, upright too. Tom slipped a hand inside Kirsty's tube top, at the back. He slid it up the gentle bumps of her spine until his fingers encountered her bra. He then found the fastener. It was a strapless bra to leave her shoulders bare. She felt him tackle the little hooks, there were three of them due to her weighty cup size. One! Two! And then, three! The bra was unfastened and her tits were no longer bound to her. The weight was held by them being pressed to his chest. His other hand got inside her tube at the front and found the bra, gently pulling it off her breasts.

'I shouldn't let him!' she thought, 'but it's only touching. It's just breasts. He's only touching my tits. It's nothing really.' The garment was slowly drawn off each breast and thrown to the floor.

A hand cupped her left breast. Another cupped her right. "This is okay, isn't it?" he asked. She replied by kissing him again. He groped her, caressed her, squeezed her, teased her nipples.

'It's only touching!' she thought to herself – 'Just touching!' The fervent kissing and breast fondling lasted quite some minutes.

Tom got a little more ambitious and pulled the front of the tube top down over her breasts to reveal them to himself. 'It's okay, people go topless all the time these days. I'm only looking and touching. That's okay. But they look and feel fantastic. Lovely soft fleshy tits with big stiff nipples. Jess wouldn't mind. We both fuck around so this is nothing – just tits.' he thought, convincing himself.

Kirsty was feeling her heart pounding behind one of those breasts. Her panties were drenched now. 'I could just press my hand on him, couldn't I. That'd be nothing, that'd be alright, just showing appreciation that I've got him aroused.' Tom felt her hand press on the front of his trousers, feeling the form of his solid erection.

'That's all right, that doesn't mean anything, does it. Except, in the real world it means she wants to fuck!' he reasoned – with himself. The kissing was still graphic. He released a tit from his right hand. Kirsty felt it leave her momentarily only for it to return under her skirt. It was quickly pressed onto her plump mound. Kirsty subtly moved her feet a little further apart to give him more access.

Tom felt the dampness of her panties. He brusquely pushed his hand inside them. She was smooth – no hair, none at all. Her mound was plump, lovely and fleshy. He found her clitoris and heard her moan into his mouth. He explored more, finding her big sex lips and parting them. She was hot and saturated. He pushed two fingers into her hot gash. She moaned again, more deeply this time.

'It's only touching' she thought. 'It's nothing these days, is it.'.

Tom argued with himself. 'So I'm touching her. She seems to want it. She's not complaining. She's still kissing me. Maybe she wants more. That'd be okay. We're adults. Adults do stuff like this. It's just sex!'

His hand pulled her panties down on one side then the other. Then lower each side again. They slithered down her smooth legs and Kirsty helped their journey. 'See! She wants her panties off! It's okay. We're good. She likes me to give her finger, - and touch her tits and kiss her.'

Kirsty was getting really excited by everything. 'We're okay doing this. Yes, it's naughty but it's okay, isn't it. And it's so hot – I mean – Tom – with me. Who'd've thought? I mean, I've always thought him a dish but I never thought we could ever do anything. But it's okay. We're only kissing and touching. But what if he wants to do more? We'll see what happens. I can always stop him. He'll stop if I ask him to. He'll stop if I don't want him to do anymore.'

Tom slid his hand from her breast and without his palm leaving her body, he steered it to her bum cheeks. He heard her sigh as his other hand softly probed her pussy. The hand caressing her bum cheeks slid into her bum crack. An exploring index finger found her puckered bum hole and pressed gently on it. 'I wonder if she takes cock up the bum like Jess does.' he mused, then got back on track by reminding himself that he had not had his cock in Kirsty's pussy yet.

Tom pushed her towards the bed, his mind racing with thoughts. 'I want to see her pussy. It feels amazing, inside and out. It's a lovely mound. Lucky Rob, fucking her all the time. I bet she's a great fuck but I've never asked Rob about her fuckability. Oh fuck, -Rob. Her boyfriend, my brother! But it's okay. I think he fucks around. Yeah, he's fucking Clare from time to time. And anyway, I only want to look at her, see her cunt for myself – close up.'

He pushed Kirsty onto the bed, her knees bent over the end of the bed. She looked up at him, her tits heaving with breathless excitement. He widened her legs with a move of his shin. He bent forward and lifted her skirt onto her stomach, revealing her lovely pussy to his view. It did look good. It was a nice looking mound, perfectly shaped and a superb cushion feel. It's so smooth, she's had a wax really recently. It looks so young. It splits into her pussy lips and they look fantastic. 'Jess's is big, you can see that. Kirsty's looks quite sweet. I'm only looking, just looking. It's nice to look.' Tom told himself.

Kirsty was looking to – at him. She had a wanton look on her face. He could not read her thoughts – but he could guess. 'She's covered nothing up. She wants me to see her – her fantastic tits and her sexy wet cunt. She's even opened her thighs for me to see her cunt. That's okay, it's only looking. But I bet she wants more. But does she want cock? Does she want my cock?'

Kirsty looked on. Her body ached for him to do something more to her. She could stop him, she told herself. 'He'll stop if I tell him he's going too far.'

Tom dropped to his knees. He picked her panties up off the floor and he pressed them to his nose. Sex, the smell of sexual arousal. He absent-mindedly put the panties in his pocket. He speedily bent over the bed and pressed his mouth onto her pussy. In a flash his tongue was probing her, he was tasting her, he was feeling her so intimately.

Kirsty had gasped as he made contact. Her hands had immediately held his head, not to remove it but to keep it there. She pushed up onto his face in response. She pressed his head to her soft smooth mound. 'He's just licking me. I can stop him if I want!'

Tom probed and licked. He rubbed her hardened clit with his thumb. 'She tastes wonderful. I love to lick cunt! It's okay to do this, isn't it. It'll be our secret. She won't tell anyone. She must want it.' His free hand reached up and grabbed a tit, squeezing quite firmly. She lifted a hand from his head and placed it on his hand, caressing it, pressing him harder onto her sensitive tit.

Thinking 'I can stop him when I need to. He'll stop', Kirsty became lost in her pleasures. Tom's cunnilingus drove her over the edge. She climaxed breathlessly and eagerly, wanting to cry out but somehow mindful of being in a hotel. She loved orally given orgasms and this one had been fabulous. Now though, her body desired cock, hard cock!

Tom was pleased to have pleasured her. 'She liked that. We're good. She wanted that. She must want more. Shall I give her something more? Fuck, my cock is rock hard. She must want more. She surely wants cock now! She'll stop me if she doesn't. It's only a fuck. No-one need know. Rob doesn't need to find out or Jess. It's just a quick fuck, two friends taking a moment for an opportune fuck, a bit of sexy pleasure together. That's okay.' He unfastened his trousers and pulled them off his hips.

Sitting up, Kirsty saw his excited piece of meat. It twitched with high arousal. She saw the thick bulging veins and the large knob. She knew what it meant. 'I can stop him if I want. He'd stop, wouldn't he.'

"Are you gonna ....?" Her voiced trailed as he nodded.

"Okay?" he asked. Now she just nodded. Within her though, her heart had surged with the prospect of full proper penetration from Tom's handsome cock.

'I could stop him, but I want him. I want him to fuck me. Why shouldn't he fuck me if we both want it. It's just a fuck, a one-off, a quick bonk. It's just fucking shag, okay!' Kirsty felt she had just justified it to Rob, to Jessica and to herself.

She pulled herself further up the bed to give him more space. Her legs widened and were raised as Tom approached. She signalled her willingness to be fucked by brazenly offering her pussy openly to him. She was signalling to him that she wanted to take his cock into her body.

'His cock looks good. It's long and thick, bigger than Rob , I think! Yeah, bigger than Rob, just. His balls look big - full of spunk, spunk that I'm going to get, spunk for me. Look at that knob. It's huge! It's dripping pre-come. He's really excited by me. He really wants me. I know he'll stop if I tell him. He'll stop if I say so, won't he. I know he will – if I ask him.'

"Fuck me, Tom! Please fuck me! Now!"

She watched him placing himself over her. She saw his hips thrust. She felt her pussy become impaled by his precise push at her. He was half way in. He followed through to bury the rest of his solid cock in her sopping pussy. He settled into position on her, grasped a wobbling tit and started to fuck his brother's girlfriend. They kissed feverishly too.

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