Tomboy Ch. 05


The game couldn't start any worse than it did. O'Leary made the first three baskets and another Trinity girl made two foul shots. Central was down eight to zip in less than two minutes. Meagan called a time out and the fans went nuts.

"You suck!" a pimpled-face boy yelled at the Central huddle.

Jo glanced over at a priest from Trinity Catholic and saw him smiling and clapping. She knew he heard what the boy had yelled.

"You guys are standing around. Be aggressive! Tina, work the ball down low to May and April. Let's GO!" As the team ran back on the court Jo begged the coach to put her in.

"Coach the three girls jumped me first. I was only protecting myself. Please put me in."

Meagan saw the fat old coach of Trinity smiling as she glanced her way. "Not yet."

Jo sat down and held her face in her hands as the play resumed. She peeked out to see Tina lob the ball to April who turned with an open lay up but was instantly hacked by O'Leary. April went flying onto her back and was slow getting up.

"That was intentional!" Meagan yelled at the ref who didn't even look at her as he ran to the table and held up two fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other. "Foul number 22," he announced. Fans booed his call.

April was shaky as she moved to the foul line. As she released the ball towards the hoop O'Leary shouted, "BOX OUT!" It was enough to make April miss the shot.

"Didn't you hear that?" Meagan shouted at the nearby ref.

"Quiet coach and sit down," the blonde-haired ref said firmly.

Meagan was steaming as April again shot and O'Leary again screamed. This time the ball bounced around until it fell in. She turned and glanced at Jo whose face was begging her to let her go in. The whole team clapped when Meagan called her name, "JO!"

Jo pranced to the scorers table and watched hoping for a quick dead ball. She got it when O'Leary was fouled. The fans booed Jo as she ran by O'Leary waiting to shoot on the foul line. "You better make them because they will be the last points you score," Jo whispered.

The words from Jo were enough to make her miss both foul shots. Jo grabbed the rebound and headed down the court. O'Leary immediately picked her up. "COME ON!"

Jo saw another girl come over to double-team her which left Tina wide open. She faked a jump shot and tossed the ball to Tina who drained a long three. "Stay on her. I can cover Thompson," O'Leary shouted to the other girl.

Jo pretended to turn and run back on defense as a girl took the ball out of bounds to toss to the other guard. The ball didn't make it because Jo turned quickly and intercepted the pass. She easily laid it in. Suddenly the crowd got quiet and the Trinity coach called a time out. The score was now Trinity 8 and Central 6.

"Good job Jo," Meagan smiled at her star. She could see the confidence come back in the other girl's eyes. "Now I want full court pressure after every basket we score."

Trinity was not ready for the full court pressure so the girl taking the ball out took too long. "Five seconds," the ref said as he blew his whistle. It was Central's ball under their own basket.

Jo smiled at O'Leary who jumped in front of her as she looked for someone to get open. Trinity upped the pressure and no one was open. Jo quickly tossed the ball until it smacked off of O'Leary's thighs. She jumped in bounds and grabbed the loose ball. Before O'Leary could react Jo turned and banked in the shot. Tie game.

"That's not fair," O'Leary yelled at the ref who tossed a Trinity girl the ball to take out again. Jo saw O'Leary turn and run quickly down the court to catch a long pass. She immediately raced after her and was a step behind her as she went up for the lay-in. Jo reached under her and smacked the ball away. It was a clean hit. "She fouled me!" the girl cried to the ref. The ref just smiled and shook her head no.

For the remainder of the half Central pressed full court and Trinity turned the ball over 7 more times. The score at half-time was Central 30 Trinity 18. Coach Meagan smiled as she told them to keep pressing. As the team walked out of the locker room Tom was waiting for Jo.

"Hi," Jo said smiling. "We're winning."

"I know someone told me," he grinned. "O'Leary is going to get physical in the second half and you have to keep your cool."

"I know," Jo said. Keeping her cool was a very hard thing to do.

"She's got three fouls," Tom said. "Two more and the regular season is over for her."

"Thanks," Jo said as she kissed him lightly. She ran to catch up to the rest of the team. A few minutes later as Tom walked towards the boy's locker room Billie ran down the hallway.

"Tom, Jo wants you to watch the second half," Billie said smiling.

"You sure?"

"Yes, she said she's over what ever it was before and she wants you there for support."

"Great," Tom smiled as he ran behind Billie. He sat with the rest of the boy's team as the girl's lined up for the second half. Jo turned and smiled at him.

It was less than a minute later than O'Leary smacked Jo across the back of her neck as she drove to the hoop. As Jo laid on the floor the rest of the team waited for her to stand up and deck the girl.

Anger raged in Jo's mind as she pushed herself up. She turned to look at O'Leary who towered above her waiting for a punch but Jo looked at Tom instead. She smiled at him as she slowly walked in front of O'Leary to the foul line. "Chicken shit," O'Leary whispered as she lined up for the rebound. There were no rebounds as Jo made them both. The horn sounded and O'Leary had to leave the game with four fouls. Central was now ahead by fifteen. Jo walked to the bench and asked to be taken out.

"You want to come out?" Meagan asked surprised.

"Yes," Jo smiled as she glanced over at Tina. "We can beat them without me on the court."

Meagan substituted for Jo and the two of them sat side by side as Central not only beat Trinity but beat them by twenty-two points. As the two teams shook hands Jo saw O'Leary coming closer. She got ready to duck a punch and instead saw the girl hold her hand out for a shake. "Congratulations," Kathy O'Leary said.

Jo didn't want to shake her hand at first because of what she had done to Tina but saw something in the girl's eyes. It was sincerity. "Thanks," Jo said as she shook O'Leary's hand. Both were happy they probably wouldn't play against each other again.

As they broke away Jo looked for Tom but realized they were getting ready for the boys game. She ran to the lockers and pulled on her sweats because she had to be there for him. As she sat in the bleachers waiting for the boys team to arrive Coach Meagan sat next to her. "I'm proud of you."

"What for," Jo asked. She had only scored 15 points.

"For two things; you kept your cool for the first time I can remember and you had enough trust in your team mates to come out of the game."

Meagan glanced down at Tom who smiled as he stood in line waiting to run to the hoop. "Did he have anything to do with it?"

"Yes, I've become a different person," Jo said smiling as he stopped and popped a twelve-footer.

"I know I can see a big difference," Meagan said as she hugged Jo.

"Really? What do you see?" Meagan asked. She knew she had kept her cool but didn't know what else the coach was taking about.

"Jo, you've become a woman," Meagan smiled.

"Really? A woman? Me?" she giggled. She looked down at Tom again. "And there is my man," she thought.

The Trinity team had scouted the Central boy's last two games and quickly realized that Tom had become the go-to guy. Tom was surprised when they put a six-seven guy guarding him. "Don't expect to shoot over me country-boy," the tall lanky red-headed boy said as they lined up.

The defensive maneuver worked. Tom thought he was open to shoot and the tall kid jumped high to deflect his shot. Central was down by six with three minutes to go in the half when Tom took a break on the bench. Jo quickly moved up behind him. As the others watched the game Jo whispered, "Take the ball to the hoop."

"Shit," Tom thought. "She's right again." A few seconds later Tom moved back into the game and the skinny giant quickly picked him up as he passed half court. Tom moved through the motion offense and left his defensive man behind as he faked a long corner shot. The kid came out of no where and jumped to block the shot. Tom faked and quickly dribbled around him. He saw another tall kid waiting for him and faked another shot. As he second guy jumped to block his shot he pushed the ball to Billie who easily laid it in. Tom peeked at Jo on his way down the court and she gave him the thumbs up.

The Trinity team couldn't let him shoot so they had to contest his jump shot. His ball fakes left them standing still as he drove numerous times around them to the basket and laid the ball off to Billie or tossed it out to Calvin who drained the threes. Central took the lead and didn't look back. At the end of the game Calvin had twenty-two points and Tom only had ten but he also had fifteen assists.

"Great game," Calvin said as they walked to the locker room.

"Hey you were the big scorer," Tom snapped back.

"Yes, but you won the game for us. You looked like a big Jo Thompson out there."

"Thanks," Tom said laughing. He then realized it was the biggest compliment someone could give him.

As he walked out to the buses he saw Jo waiting for him. She ran into his arms and kissed him.

"You were fantastic!" she yelled when their lips broke apart.

"Yeah, I was a big Jo Thompson tonight," he laughed.

"What?" Jo asked with a puzzled look.

"Private joke," Tom said as he kissed the most important person in his life.


The recruiting process got hot following the city championship games for both Tom and Jo. Both Tennessee and UCONN were offering both of them a full scholarship and both schools said it didn't matter if both came. The recruiting publications now had Tom listed as a top ten shooting guard and his name was showing up as a top 50 overall player. Tom's father was pushing for the University of Pittsburg which was close enough for Tom to live at home but Grandma Bell insisted he picked wherever he wanted because she had saved enough money to cover the extra expenses.

Jo's family was pushing for the top women's programs which included Tennessee, UCONN, and Duke.

"Where do you want to go?" Jo asked Tom as they sat at Tom's kitchen table on a Saturday morning.

"You first," Tom grinned.

"Why don't you write down your top three picks and I'll do the same?" Jo said.

"OK," Tom said as he ripped out a sheet of notebook paper. His free hand covered what he wrote so Jo wouldn't see it.

"Ready?" Jo asked smiling.

"Yes," Tom said as he pushed his folded paper next to hers. They opened them at the same time.

Tom's read: Notre Dame, Pittsburg and North Carolina. Jo's read: Duke, UCONN, and Tennessee.

Both frowned and looked at each other. "Should we try it again?" Tom asked.

"No because then we would be changing our top choices so we can be at the same school," Jo said taking a deep breath.

"What are you two doing?" Grandma Bell asked as she walked in to get another cup of coffee.

"Trying to pick a college that we both want to go to," Tom said sadly. "We want to be together."

Bell stopped and looked at the two lists. Being a big fan of college basketball Bell smiled. "You two want to be together right?"

"Yes ma'am," Jo said looking over at Tom's list. "I like Notre Dame too but my parents are not big on them."

"I like Duke but they have not offered," Tom answered.

"Maybe you can go to different schools and still be close?" Bell said smiling. She turned and left the room.

"What did she mean by that?" Jo asked.

Tom looked again at the two lists and smiled. "How far away is Duke from Carolina?"

"Oh my god," Jo said smiling. She jumped up and kissed Tom passionately before she ran into the living room and kissed Grandma Bell on her cheek.

That afternoon Tom called the Carolina coach and told him he was very interested in going to his school. Jo did the same to Duke and since she had already made an unofficial visit to Duke there was no question in her mind where she wanted to go. However she told the Duke Coach that she wanted to visit the school one official time. She quickly agreed.

Tom called Jo with the good news, "UNC said they have been to my last three games and because of the city championship game where I got 15 assists they will offer me a full scholarship. They said they had been following me in Clarkton but was worried because of the level of competition. They want me to fly down to Chapel Hill this weekend."

"I told Duke I wanted to make an official visit and they agreed. I'll see if I can go this weekend too."


Everything fell into place and on Saturday morning Tom and Jo boarded the same flight to Raleigh. "Do you think we will stay in the same hotel?" Jo asked as she held Tom's hand.

"Why do you have something in mind?" Tom grinned. It was an hour flight so they had little time to play around on the plane.

"Excuse me miss but would you please find me a blanket," Jo asked the flight attendant as she passed. The woman smiled and tossed her the thin dark covering. Jo immediately spread the blanket across both of their laps.

"I'm not cold," Tom said trying to act serious. Seconds later Jo's fingers fell across this thigh. They were sitting in seats A and B next to the window.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please make sure your seats are in the upright position and your tray tables are up. Please buckle your seatbelts and turn off all portable electronic devices."

"Is your seatbelt buckled?" Jo grinned as she reached up over his crotch and touched the metal attachment.

"Yes," Tom said smiling. Her fingers slipped down over his belt to the zipper. As the plane lifted off the ground Jo's fingers lifted Tom's hard-on from within his slacks.

"Are you ready for takeoff?" Jo giggled as she stroked his hard prick.

Tom glanced across the aisle from Jo and noticed two older ladies looking at the thin blanket on his lap moving up and down. He was afraid they would say something but relaxed when one of them winked and smiled. He closed his eyes and leaned back as the plane banked to the left.

Jo teased him when she felt him ready to pop and then slowed down her strokes. Her right hand and arm was getting tired so she switched to her left hand. "I can dribble with both hands," she whispered. She glanced up and saw the flight attendant coming with a drink cart. She quickly lowered the two trays from the seats in front of them without missing a beat with her left hand.

"Would you like a drink?" The cute brunette attendant asked. Jo said yes and took a diet coke.

"Ah…a…ye……….yes," Tom groaned. He thought Jo would back off jerking him off but she didn't.

The woman looked at him. "Are you OK?"

"Yes, it's his first flight," Jo said trying not to laugh. "He would like a regular Coke."

As the flight attendant walked away Jo grabbed her arm. "Could I have some extra napkins?" The woman handed her a stack and smiled. Jo finally brought Tom out of his misery and finished him off into the stack of extra napkins. She giggled as she pulled the damp napkins out from under the blanket and crammed them into a barf bag.

Tom regained his composure and figured it was payback time. As Jo sipped on her Diet Coke he pushed his hand down to her knee.

"No," Jo said seriously. She knew she could not control her verbal output if Tom fingered her.

"You did me and now I'm going to do you," he grinned. He moved his fingers up under her dress to mid-thigh before her hand stopped him.

"Later at the hotel," Meagan whispered. She glanced at the two older women and saw them watching the blanket moving.

"Nope, I'm not stopping."

Jo tried to pull his hand from under her dress but he was too strong. She knew he was not going to take no for an answer. She glanced behind them and saw the two restrooms with "vacant" signs.

"Meet me in the restroom in two minutes," she whispered as she pushed his hand away as she climbed out of the seat.

Tom looked at his watch and as soon as the two minutes were up he almost ran down the aisle. He saw the two restrooms and both of them said "vacant". As he looked into an empty one the other one opened and Jo's hand pulled him backwards until he was crushed against her body. She closed the door and locked it.

"We don't have much time," Jo giggled as she lifted her dress and pushed down her panties. Tom leaned over and pulled them from her feet.

Jo thought Tom would just touch her with his hand and was surprised when he picked her up until she sat on the small stainless steel sink. He opened her legs and moved his mouth to her golden nest.

"OHHH!" Jo moaned when his tongue slid into her already dripping gash. She felt her ass slipping off the sink and grabbed onto the handrail on the wall. She knew now what the handrail was for.

Tom licked her swollen clit until he heard a loud moan escape her lips. He smiled and pulled his mouth away and slid his body up until his mouth capture hers. She did not know he had unzipped his fly until the hot tip of his penis pushed between her quivering pussy lips.

"Oh Tom," she moaned as five hot inches pushed inside of her. As they approached a mutual climax the "RETURN TO CABIN" light came on and someone tried to get into the door. Their bodies froze hoping whoever it was would go away. They did.

"Hurry," she moaned as she nibbled on his earlobe.

"Now," Tom announced as his stomach slapped rapidly against hers.

"I'm coming," Jo said trying not to scream.

It took them a minute to collect their composure and Jo left the restroom first. A young girl was waiting to get in but stopped abruptly when she saw Tom look out at her and then close the door shut. Tom walked out a few seconds later and joined Jo who was reading her Duke literature.

About ten minutes later the brunette attendant moved up to Jo and pushed her panties into her hand. Jo thought she was busted until the woman smiled and whispered, "Go Blue Devils."


Jo and Tom rushed ahead of the two older ladies who sat across from them on the plane. They headed down to the baggage claim and saw a young man and woman holding up signs with their names on them. Jo moved to the woman who was wearing a Duke hat and Tom to the man in the UNC hat.

"Would it be possible if I stay in the same hotel as my friend?" Jo asked the Duke Representative.

"Is it very important to you?" the woman asked. She didn't want to take any risks of upsetting the number one point guard recruit in the country.

"Yes," Jo said as she watched Tom probably making the same request to the Tar Heel representative.

"OK, but your agenda is pretty full today and tonight," the Duke woman said. "Plus, we are responsible for your care and safety."

Jo quickly realized getting together with Tom would be pretty tough. Tom was discovering the same thing and since he did not have as much pull as Jo he had to go to the UNC selected hotel.

"I need to talk to my friend alone," Jo said as Tom walked their way carrying his luggage.

"I have to stay in Chapel Hill," Tom whispered.

"I don't think Duke will allow me to stay there," Jo said disappointedly.

They kissed and went with their guides.


"We are wondering why the sudden interest in Duke," the assistant coach Gina said to Jo as they sped towards the Duke campus. "You told us a few months ago we were not high on your list."

"I've always liked Duke and have the GPA to get in but I guess I was worried about playing time next year."

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