tagFirst TimeTommy's Graduation Present

Tommy's Graduation Present


If you have not read the previous story about Tommy's graduation party, I suggest you read it first as this is a continuation of that wonderful time in a boy's life when he first experiences the touch, feel and sexual caress of a young woman's body.


Just to recap, Tommy is an 18 year old boy working with me at the local gas station. He was too shy to ask any young girl from school to be his date at the grad party and dance. Debbie and I thought we would give Tommy his own grad party. Debbie, my gorgeous young wife, dressed up like a high school girl and was Tommy's date for the night. We danced, drank a few, and generally had a great time. I faked a head ache and went to bed so Debbie and Tommy could concentrate on each other. I watched from the bedroom as Debbie taught Tommy the sexy way to kiss a girl, how to gently caress her bare breasts, legs and pussy. She had him strip and jerk off. She played with his cock and took him in her mouth. She gave Tommy her panties as a parting gift and in a state of sexual desire Debbie finished Tommy's date with his face between her legs until she exploded on his face. Tommy left, still a reluctant virgin. Debbie climbed into bed with me and pretending she was fucking Tommy we both exploded in a fantastic orgasm. Poor Tommy went home with a raging hard-on in his pants and this story takes place a couple days after the grad party.

Mid afternoon, me at work and Debbie was puttering around the house. The phone rang and it was Tommy.

"Debbie, I want to thank you for the best grad party a guy could ever have. I have a small gift for you. Is it ok if I bring it over."

"The party was our pleasure. I really enjoyed our time together. Sure you can stop over."

"I will be there in about 20 minutes."

Debbie was not dressed to entertain company as she was naked beneath her long t-shirt. She decided to jump into the shower to freshen up and slip into something a little more attractive. She went into the bedroom, pulled the t shirt over her head and walked naked into the bathroom just off the bedroom to have a shower. She turned the water on and just as she was waiting for it to warm up, the door bell rang.

"This can't be Tommy already and I hope it is nobody else" she thought. She wrapped a towel around her body and went to peak out the window to see who was standing at her front door. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Tommy standing at the door. Without hesitation she opened the door. Tommy stood there holding a dozen beautiful red roses. Debbie invited him in and his gaze was locked on her attire. The towel barely covered her pussy mound and Tommy's eyes scanned her from top to bottom.

"Are those for me?" Deb asked as Tommy was lost for words.

"Ah, ah yes ... These are for you." He held the roses out to her.

Debbie took the roses from him. She put them to her nose and inhaled the sweet fragrance.

"These are so beautiful Tommy. Thank you very much." With that she slowly came close to Tommy and brought her lips up to kiss him on the cheek. Tommy turned his head and placed his lips ever so gently against Debbie's. She was caught off guard but noticed how gentle and passionate his kiss plays against her lips. His arms slowly slipped around her waist and he pulled her close. Deb liked the feel of his body rubbing up against hers and she pulled close and pressed her breasts into his chest. His hands slowly and ever so softly slipped down below the towel and massaged Deb's firm bare ass cheeks. Deb could feel his erection pressing against her stomach. She rubbed back and forth to tantalize his cock.

Debbie could feel Tommy's tongue pushing into her mouth. She gingerly opened her lips and let his tongue invade her mouth. Both tongues played and explored. Debbie was breathing heavy now as Tommy has awakened her sensual being.

The kiss finally ended and Debbie rested her head on Tommy's shoulder. He planted small kisses from her ear on down her neck. Debbie melts under his caress.

"You sure have come a long way since the other night." Debbie whispered.

"I had a beautiful teacher."

Debbie thanked Tommy and slowly breaks away from him. She noticed the front of his pants are protruding from his solid erection.

"I am sorry about not eve being properly dressed. I was just going to jump in the shower. You said you would be 20 minutes."

"I was just around the corner and I couldn't wait."

"That is ok. You are here now. I still want to quickly jump in the shower. Why don't you come in here and talk to me while I shower."

Debbie took his hand and led the way. Tommy followed her into the bedroom. Debbie lay the flowers on the bed before continuing into the bathroom leaving the door open. Tommy stood in the bedroom and stared at the bed, imagining Debbie lying on it.

Debbie removed the towel, and stepped into the warm shower. She called to Tommy to come into the bathroom so they could talk. Tommy anxiously walked into the bathroom and stared at Debbie's silhouette through the partially frosted shower door. Debbie knew his eyes would be locked on her as she lathered her body and rubbed the slippery solution across her breasts, down between her legs, and across her ass. She was giving Tommy a view that would strain his eyes trying to bring her into focus.

"I noticed your cock is excited to be here." Debbie said from in the shower.

"It has been hard for the last couple days. I can't get it to go down. I can't stop thinking about you and it stays rock hard."

Debbie smiles "I am happy that I affect you this way but isn't it sore being hard all the time?"

"It is a little sore but I can't get you off my mind."

"I don't want to see you in such pain all the time. Maybe if you jerk off, it will go down."

Tommy finds it easier talking to Debbie when he isn't looking directly into her eyes, "I tried that and it only works for about 2 minutes then it is hard again."

"You do have a problem don't you?" Debbie smiled as she rinsed her body in the warm shower. "Tommy, will you hand me my towel?" She turned the water off and opened the shower door.

Tommy snatched the towel and eagerly stepped to the open shower. He held the towel at his side as he gazed upon the water droplets running of her naked angelic body. Her nipples were hard and protruding. Her pussy was as bald and smooth as her stomach.

"Are you just going to stand there or can I have the towel?

Tommy handed her the towel and Debbie sexily patted the towel over her body as Tommy watched. As she neared completion, she stepped out of the shower into the full light of the bathroom. Tommy was speechless.

Debbie finished the slow drying, set the towel down and reached for a bottle of fragranced body oil. She thought for a moment then held it out to Tommy.

"Would you like to rub the oil on me? It feels so nice after a shower."

Tommy instantly took the bottle of oil and Debbie had him start on her arms. He then rubbed the oil gently into her breasts. He spent a lot of time on each breast but Debbie didn't mind as his touch felt so nice. She turned around and Tommy rubbed the oil into her back. He slowly worked his way down onto her ass cheeks. He knelt down and again he lingered a while caressing the oil into each cheek. She worked his way down each leg. Debbie slowly turned to face him and Tommy's face was level with Debbie's pussy as he started rubbing the oil up the front of her legs. He reached her pussy and ever so carefully rubbed oil on her mound. Debbie spread her legs to fully open her pussy to him. Tommy could hardly breathe as he applied fresh oil directly onto her pussy lips. Debbie could feel his nervousness as his fingers were shaking. She smiled.

Without letting him get too carried away on her pussy, she took his hands and helped him to his feet. She looked at the front of his pants, "It looks like you are in considerable pain right now. Does it hurt?"

"Yah, it really aches." Tommy replied somewhat sheepishly.

Debbie took Tommy by the hand led him into the bedroom. "Let's see if we can help you with this problem."

Debbie turned and faced Tommy. She undid the buttons to his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. It fell to the floor. She knelt down in front of him, undid his belt, button and zipper. Slowly she eased his pants down. He stepped out of them and she cast them to the side. His loose fitting boxers were tent poled in front by his erection. Debbie put her hand on his knee and slowly slid her hand up along his thigh. Her hand slipped inside his boxers through the leg hole. Tommy nearly collapsed as she took his balls in her hand and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"Mmmm ..... ohhhh" was all Tommy could mutter.

Debbie's other hand starting at his other knee, snaked its way up the same path. Soon she had one hand caressing his balls while the other hand teased the fine pubic hair around the base of his cock. One hand slipped between his legs and her one finger slowly ran up the valley between his ass cheeks. He looked down to see the naked Debbie close enough to his cock that he could feel her breath on his protruding boxers.

From insidehis boxers, Debbie reached up, grabbed the waist band and slowly brought them down, down, lower. She pulled the front out and over the hard cock. She stared at his cock which was 6 inches directly in front of her face as she slipped the boxers down and off his feet.

Her hands once again slowly slid up along his legs until all 10 fingers were tickling the short pubic hair. Tommy had to rest his hands on Debbie's shoulders to keep his balance. Tommy watched as Debbie slowly brought her mouth inch by inch closer to his cock. Suddenly her lips touched his cock head and he froze. Debbie let her lips linger on his cock head until he started to breathe again. Slowly she opened her mouth and sucked his cock head inside her mouth. With only his the cockhead inside, her tongue flicked the tight covering. She could taste the precum as her sucking drew it from its opening. Her fingers slowly wrapped around the cock shaft and she knew it would be a very quick orgasm if she continued with this attention to his cock. She slowly eased the suction on the cock head, slipped it out of her mouth and started to stand up.

She slid her naked body up along his not naked body. His cock slipped between her breasts. Then her nipples rubbed along his stomach and chest. She held her stomach tight to his torso as she slid up. She could feel his cock rubbing against her all the way up. She went up on her toes and their lips came together in a very erotic passionate kiss. Tommy's arms pulled her close and Tommy's cock pressed against Debbie's mound.

Debbie finally broke the kiss and stepped back from Tommy. She walked over to the bed and picked up the bouquet of flowers. She plucked the rose petals from the flowers and spread them on the bed. Soon the soft bed covering was dotted with an array of pretty red rose petals.

Debbie turned to face Tommy and sat on the edge of the bed. She lay back with her feet on the floor. She held her arms out to Tommy. He came and stood in front of her.

She slowly spread her legs. "Let's take care of your problem." She whispered in a very sensual voice.

Tommy stared as her pussy lips spread and the pink inner lips glistened from her sexual juices. He lowered his body between her legs. Debbie's one hand wrapped around his cock and slowly guided it toward her love tunnel. Her other hand slipped around his hips and gripped his ass cheek to slowly pull him closer.

His cock touched her pussy lips and Tommy gasped.

Debbie brushed his cock head along the length of her slit. "Does that feel nice?"

"Wonderful!" was all Tommy could mutter.

"You are about to loose your virginity. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Oh yah. I have dreamed of this sooo much. You are my dream come true."

"Then let's put your cock inside my pussy. But be gentle. You don't want to hurt me." Debbie guided his cock the entrance of her pussy. Tommy watched as she held it in place and gently pulled on his hips.

As her lips started to feel the pressure, she took her hand off his cock and Tommy's eyes bulged as the pink lips parted and his cock head slipped effortlessly inside.

Once the cock head was no longer visible, Debbie stopped the penetration. "How does that feel Tommy?"

"Oh Debbie, it feels so soft and warm. It feels like heaven."

Debbie smiled. "Let's put it all inside."

With that, Debbie gently pulled on Tommy's hips and he watched his cock shaft slip between the lips and disappear inside Debbie's pussy. He could feel his cock shaft slipping along the inner warmth. Debbie could feel his large cock head opening her tunnel as it entered her.

Soon Tommy's pubic hair was pressed against her bald lips. Debbie held him tight against her.

"You are no longer a virgin. From this moment on you are a stud. And a very nice stud."

Debbie wrapped her legs around his hips and pushed him as deep into her as he could go. Tommy moaned. Debbie then put her hands on the front of his hips and slowly eased him back out of her. Just as the cock head popped out into view she reversed and again slipped his erection inside her. A very slow rhythmic motion was established. In and out.

"You are now fucking a woman Tommy."

Tommy needed no further coaching as he was slowly taking over the pumping action. In and out, he was picking up the speed as his cock was aching for orgasm.

Debbie was not finished teaching Tommy. She put her hands on his hips and stopped him. The look of anguish in his eyes was sad until Debbie explained.

"Now that you are no longer a virgin I want you to climb on top and fuck me." Debbie squirmed further up into the bed. As she lay there surrounded by rose petals, she slowly spread her legs, held out her arms and said, "Now come and fuck me like a man."

Tommy crawled onto the bed and positioned himself between her legs and lowered his body down. His cock needed no guiding this time. It slipped easily into her open pussy. He pressed his body over Debbie. She surrendered her body to her student and allowed her senses to build as his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. Ah yes, this what her pussy craved the other night. She wanted this young cock invading her pussy. Debbie could feel the rim of his cock head rubbing the inner walls of her pussy as his pumping was getting faster and with more intensity. She knew he wouldn't last long so she just wrapped her legs up around his hips and squeezed her pussy muscles as tight as she could to make his first orgasm inside a woman a great one. She didn't have to wait long.

He stiffened with each explosion. She could feel the hot cum splashing against her cervix with each of his thrusts. Tommy moaned and grunted as he expelled his pent up cum inside Debbie. Time and time again until his cock was milked dry.

Tommy lay on to of Debbie, exhausted from his orgasm. She could feel his cock, still inside her begin to soften. Debbie ran her hands up and down his back and across his ass. He twitched form the sensation. Debbie tickled the valley between his ass cheeks. His twitching caused a stirring in his cock and she could feel it start to grow again still inside her pussy.

"Wow, what fantastic recovery time." She thought to herself. "I want to teach you more about the art of making love." Debbie smiled at Tommy.

He sat back on his knees and Debbie turned over and got on her knees, protruding her ass and pussy up toward Tommy. His now hard cock slipped easily into her pussy and he began to fuck Debbie doggie style. Debbie loved the deep penetration and the feel of Tommy's hands wrapping around her waist pulling her into him. She guided his hand to her pussy and his finger to her clit. With gentle pressure it wasn't long before Debbie was grinding her ass back into Tommy. She loved the feeling of his cock head rubbing against the inner walls of her love tunnel. As her muscles tightened and her body stiffened in orgasm Debbie pushed her ass into Tommy's crotch as hard as she could.

"Oh yah, fuck my pussy, you beautiful cock you."

Tommy, feeling the tightness of her muscles against his cock, erupted in another orgasm. He could feel the shutters from Debby's body mixing with his own.

As the afternoon wore on Debbie and Tommy fucked in a number of different positions and locations in the house. After about 5 or 6 orgasms each they both were so played out, the fun had to come to an end.

Tommy and Debbie both got dressed and as Debbie was saying good by at the door, she reached between his legs and found that his cock although not completely soft was well spent and relaxed.

"I think we solved your problem." Debbie smiled.

"Debbie, you are my angel. Thank you so much for being my first. You have made my greatest dream come true. I just hope we can do this again soon."

"I don't know about that. I will have to talk it over with my husband."

"Are you going to tell him about this?"

"Oh yes, we discuss everything. He is ok with it. I tell him every detail and we have great sex as I tell him every details. Maybe sometime you can come and join us. Wouldn't that be great!"

Tommy was speechless.

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