tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTom's Journey Ch. 06

Tom's Journey Ch. 06


Some time had passed since the incident at the cabin with Sarah, Karen, and Missy. Life moved on and with it came changes. Tom got a promotion as head of his department. Sarah visited the cabin occasionally, but spent most of her time at her own home. Missy moved out to California to enjoy the beaches and sun. That left Karen, Tom, and their children happily living in Sarah's cabin.

There was another reason Tom was happy. For several weeks a new girl had started working in his department. She had recently come over from Bosnia to work in this country. She was diligent, a hard worker, and was also stunningly pretty. She was tall with long legs, a small waist, and long, thick brunette hair that tumbled down past her shoulders in wavy locks. She wore cute 'Tina Fey' glasses, and had a ready smile. Her hips swayed when she walked and guys were always checking her out when they thought she wasn't looking. She tended to wear ultra-conservative outfits which was disappointing to Tom, to say the least. Her name was Ajka (I-kah).

One weekend, Tom was talking to Missy on the phone. He had told about Ajka and how he had been having fantasies about her. Missy laughed and said, "Gosh! You are always SO horny! Isn't Karen taking care of you?"

"She is, but she is so busy with the kids that I sometimes have to go several days without getting off. It makes it really hard to concentrate on my job, especially with Ajka there." Tom said.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Missy's head. Tom listened and smiled. Soon Ajka would be his.

The next day was Wednesday. Tom was at his desk when Ajka stopped by. She was wearing long, black slacks, black shoes, and a loose fitting sweater blouse. "You wanted to see me?" She asked.

"Yes I did, Ajka." Tom said, "I came across your immigration papers and it appears that you're not authorized to be here."

"But! I thought everything was fine! I can't be deported!"

"There's not much I can do." Tom replied with a forlorn expression.

Ajka paused. Her face got red and she said, "Wait a minute! I know what this is. You're making this up to try and get into my pants. I'm going to HR! I KNOW my papers are all in order!"

"Ajka wait! I have a number for you to call. Call them first and see what is going on. Gee, way to overreact!" Tom said.

Ajka took the paper with the phone number on it and dialed. A woman's voice answered. "Yes I want to know about my immigration papers, what is going on with them?"

The woman replied, "According to my notes you need a letter from your immediate supervisor authorizing your stay here. Without that I'm afraid we will have to send you back to Bosnia."

"Oh." Ajka said meekly. "I...I... I ah I will ask my supervisor right now? OK?"

"I need that letter ASAP or you will be contacted by the government." The lady said.

Ajka hung up the phone. "I'm really sorry; I guess I need a letter from you authorizing my stay here."

Tom scowled. "Why should I write that? You were really mean to me. Ha ha! Maybe I should get some time in your pants." Ajka looked down at the floor and swallowed.

"Don't do that." She whispered. "Please."

Tom studied her for a moment and stood up. He brushed back Ajka's hair and moved behind her. He nuzzled her neck and put his hands on her waist. "How badly do you want the vacancy for Department Head next door?"

Ajka's head shot up. "I would love it! That's my dream job!"

"Then maybe we can work something out. I think by now you know what I want. I can write that letter and keep immigration off your back. I can also get you that promotion. Within a month you will be a Department Head."

"What will I have to do?"

"First, every Wednesday I want you to come to work, dressed in something a little sexier than what you have on. No bra or panties. Second, for this month, or until you get promoted, I get to do whatever I want to you, whenever I want. Third, if you don't follow my rules, I get to punish you however I see fit."

Ajka thought for a moment. She lifted her head and said in her soft voice, "I can't do that."

Tom moved his hands from her waist to her flat stomach. "Then you'll lose everything."

Ajka sniffed as her eyes began to well up with tears. Tom cupped her firm boobs and squeezed. "No! You can't do this! I... I ...I won't let you!"

Tom pushed her away and walked to the phone. "Wha... what are you doing?" Ajka asked.

Tom shrugged. "Calling immigration."

Ajka dropped to her knees and meekly said, "Please don't. Please. I'll do it. I agree."

"Good." Tom said. "Let's start with the basics. Since you're already on your knees, let's see how good you are at getting a man off." Tom quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. On the outside, his face was hard, but on the inside he was giddy with excitement. Oh how he had to thank Missy for her brilliant idea. It was the oldest blackmail trick in the book but it was working! She had done such a good job too playing the role of immigration agent.

Ajka saw Tom's cock spring free and swallowed hard. She didn't want to do this. This wasn't the kind of girl she was but right now, she didn't see a way out. Tom ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her head to his cock. "Suck."

Ajka tentatively wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. She tasted his precum and grimaced. She swallowed again and leaned in for another kiss. The more she sucked the tip of his cock, the more precum came leaking out. Tom put her hand on his shaft and instructed her to squeeze and stroke.

"Ohhhhhh, that is so gooood." Tom groaned. He loved the sight of this slender girl shyly blowing him. He enjoyed the sensations for a while. Then he ushed his hips forward, trying to get his cock deeper into Ajka's mouth. Ajka jerked her head back and turned her face away.

"Hey!" Tom grabbed Ajka's hair and pulled. "Remember our deal? Open your mouth!" Tom shouted.

"It's too big! It won't go in." Ajka sobbed.

"Open up." Tom said quietly.

Ajka submissively opened her mouth. Tom pushed his cock halfway in, to the back of her throat. "Now start sucking sweetheart." He said.

"mmmmmph. Ohhhhhmp. Mmmmphhhhh." Were the only sounds coming from Ajka's mouth. Tom could feel the cum boiling inside his balls.

"Time for my release." He thought. He grabbed the back of Ajka's head and thrust in and out of her mouth, fast and deep. Ajka gagged. Ajka choked. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. But Tom kept her head locked in place. She was here for his pleasure. He could feel the tingle as he arrived closer and closer to orgasm. He threw his head back and shoved his cock as far down her throat as he could. For a moment- just a split second- time stopped. Then...."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he roared. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through his body as he released several days of cum into Ajka's unwilling mouth.

Ajka coughed and choked, desperately trying to move her head back to get some air. Tom held her in place as he drained every ounce of cum. Ajka felt dizzy, little lights started swirling in front of her eyes. Then, finally, blessedly, he let go of her head. Ajka took several ragged breathes as she lay on the floor. Her make up was ruined, cum was all over her mouth, and her shirt was wet with her saliva and his cum.

Tom cleared his throat. "I will have that letter to you in just a few minutes Ms. Ajka. I look forward to the next couple of weeks-especially Wednesdays." He smiled.

Wednesday came around again. Ajka showed up to work wearing a black dress and a short sleeve blouse with the buttons buttoned all the way up. Tom walked up to her desk, eyed her over and pulled up a chair. "Much better than last week." He said. "Why don't you unbutton your blouse a few buttons."

Ajka hung her head a little and undid two buttons. Tom stroked her back encouragingly but then stopped. "Ajka! You're wearing a bra!" He said angrily. Ajka's hunched down in her seat, her breathing coming in short shallow gasps as stress, fear, and tension crept through her slender body. Tom undid the rest of the buttons and slipped his hands around to her back.

"No! Someone might come by and see!" Ajka said frantically. Tom ignored her and roughly took off her bra. Ajka's boobs bounced invitingly. Tom gave them a squeeze then buttoned up her shirt enough to expose some cleavage.

"There, that's better. On Wednesdays I want to be able to easily access your cute boobs Ajka." Tom said. "Now, did you wear panties today?" Ajka just looked at him with eyes like a trapped animal. "So you did wear them. Tsk tsk. Take them off." Tom ordered. Ajka slowly and haltingly took her panties off and put them in her purse. Tom set down a large stack of papers on her desk. "Good. Now let's go over these reports."

As they began sifting through piles of paperwork, Ajka began to think that maybe that was all he wanted, just a quick little feel once in a while and maybe one of those awful throat fucks. Just as she began to relax though, she felt his hand moving up her inner thigh, creeping closer to her naked pussy. Ajka squeezed her thighs together but he wiggled his fingers and kept inching up. She tried to move his hand out of the way but he wouldn't budge. Weakly she slumped in her seat, scared but resigned to whatever he might do. Tom continued working the reports as he moved his hand up to her pussy. He lightly brushed the outer lips and made soft circles all around her thighs. The circles he was making moved close to her pussy, sometimes brushing the lips, then pulling away, then moving back in. Gradually he touched her outer lips more frequently. He avoided her clit and focused on her opening. Little by little his first two fingers wiggled their way past the outer lips to the moist inner lips. Ajka's face turned red. Her breathes came short and fast. Not out of fear but out of lust. Tom moved his now wet fingers to the top of Ajka's pussy and brushed against her clit.

"Aaiiiii!" Ajka jumped. "Molim vas, prestanite! Stop please stop!" Tom circled her clit and dipped a finger inside her pussy. He moved his finger in and out, reveling in the snug feel. Ajka squirmed and undulated her hips. At that moment Lori walked by the office and glanced inside. Lori was a sunny, cheerful, and confident woman. She had dark straight hair that fell just below her shoulders and cute bangs. Her large, red lips surrounded perfectly shaped white teeth and a mouth that was seemingly always smiling or laughing. She stopped suddenly and turned around, heading towards the office. Ajka panicked. She desperately hoped the desk hid Tom's roaming fingers.

"Tom, there you are!" Lori said. She glanced over at Ajka and got a questioning look on her face but then shrugged it off. "I see you guys are going over the reports. Did you check section 345A? I had a question on that one." As Lori bent over the desk Tom continued his assault on Ajka's exposed pussy as he ogled Lori's cleavage. Lori, as usual, was wearing a low cut, snug fitting brown halter top that accented her tan skin nicely. And, whereas Ajka was in the habit of wearing loose fitting black dress slacks, Lori wore skin tight black stretch pants that showed off her amazing ass and wide hips. Ajka concentrated on the reports and desperately squashed the feelings that were rumbling from between her thighs. "Why won't he stop?" she thought. "I can't cum in front of Lori, it would be so humiliating!"

Ajka heard Lori cheerfully say, "OK, that sounds great. See ya! Bye Ajka."

As soon as she stepped out Ajka groaned and spread her legs wide. Tom pushed one finger inside her and used the other one to rub her clit. Ajka's hips quivered, her muscles tensed. Her mouth was open and her head lay back. Then her eyes squeezed shut and she gripped the chair hard. "OOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out as her body trembled violently. "Tako dobro! Tako dobro! So goooood!" The orgasm went on for several more seconds and then subsided. Ajka lay sprawled in the chair, her hair messed up, panting and gasping.

"You'd better get moving Ajka. I believe you have to get the conference room ready for your presentation soon." Tom said.

Ajka adjusted her glasses, grabbed her things and quickly went to the conference room. Her legs felt like rubber and her pussy squished when she walked. But she didn't have time to do much about that now. As she unlocked the conference room door a chime sounded and the receptionist announced that the department presentation would begin in 20 minutes.

A few moments later the door opened. Ajka turned around and saw Tom standing there. He grinned at her as he locked the door. "What are you doing here?" Ajka asked.

"I'm horny." Tom simply replied. Ajka looked confused. "I need to cum, like you did a few minutes ago." Tom explained.

"But...but there isn't time! I have to go over my notes! I..I." Tom closed the distance between them within a few short strides. He put his hands on her waist and pressed up towards her chest. A flash of annoyance crossed his face.

"Why did you put your bra back on?"

"I'm doing the presentation. I can't stand in front of my peers without a bra." Ajka said horrified.

Tom shot her a hard look. "What was our deal Ajka? What was it? If I remember right, I got to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted this month, especially on Wednesdays." As Tom was speaking he pushed Ajka back against the conference table. Ajka felt her tight butt pushing into the edge. Tom pulled up her dress and swore.

"Panties! You have your panties on too! I told you that if you came to work on Wednesdays with your bra and panties on you would be punished didn't I? Didn't I?!"

"Yyyess." Ajka stammered. Tom pulled her panties off and stuffed them in his pocket. A chime sounded and the receptionist announced that the conference would begin in 10 minutes. Tom grinned evilly at her.

"Time for your punishement."

"People will be coming any minute! They can't see me like this! I'll lose my job!" Ajka sobbed.

"You will miss out on your promotion AND be deported if you don't do what I want."

"Do do you want me to suck you like before?" Ajka asked, hoping that a quick blow job would satisfy him before the others arrived. She knew Lori was only a few doors down and would probably be the first one to show up. The thought of how much Lori had seen and known sent a blush of embarrassment to her cheeks.

Tom dropped his pants and pulled out his heavy cock. Precum was smeared over the head and oozing out the slit. His balls hung heavy and full, impatiently waiting for release. Ajka quickly dropped to her knees but Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her back up, pushing her back on the table. The small of Ajka's back was pressing into the side of the table painfully. She felt the cold table top unyielding against her shoulder blades. Her feet touched the floor at such an angle that her legs were forced apart. Tom looked at his helpless co-worker for a second and drank in her long slender legs and her pretty hair that was fanned out on the table. Then he slammed his cock into Ajka's still moist pussy and fucked her furiously. He didn't slow down or worry about Ajka's orgasm. He just needed to cum and cum now.

He moved his hands from her shoulders to her hips and drove as deep as he could. Ajka took his pounding silently, praying that no one would see. She heard the receptionist announce that the conference would start in five minutes. Ajka's eyes began to tear. This was it. Her career in this country was over. Suddenly she felt Tom's cock swell. He gave a grunt and pushed into her, smashing his pelvis against her pussy. He exhaled heavily and shook over and over as Ajka felt his load splash into her warm cunt.

There was a knock at the door. "Is anyone in there?" Lori said. Ajka's eyes grew wide with fright. Tom quickly pulled out, pulled up his pants and hopped through the side door. Lori knocked again. "Ajka?" There was a sound of keys jingling.

"Lori has keys!" Ajka thought. Ajka could feel Tom's cum seeping out of her pussy and tracking down her inner thighs. He had cum so much and so hard. She frantically looked for her panties but with a start realized that Tom still had them. As the door opened all Ajka could do was compose herself as best she could and pray that no one would notice the cum running down her legs. This was her punishment, she realized, not Tom fucking her against the table but this, the humiliation and fear of being caught. "Only two more weeks, and then I will be free of this." Ajka reminded herself. She took a deep breath and smiled as Lori walked in.

Tom hadn't said much to Ajka the rest of that week or the beginning of the next. Occasionally he would grab her ass, or slide his hands down the front of her shirt. Ajka still wore her ultra professional clothes but knew that next Wednesday she would have to wear something sexier. So, she showed up to work with a tight, brown mini-skirt and a tan top that had a low cut V that showed more than just the base of her breasts. It was the type of outfit that Lori would wear. It was the type of outfit that Lori would notice.

"Ajka! Wow sweetie you look amazing!" Lori said with a sparkle in her eyes. "Why don't you wear clothes like that more often? Wow you look good!" Ajka blushed and smiled shyly. Lori was so nice. Ajka didn't notice the hungry way Lori glanced her lanky form as she turned to put some books away. "You should come over to my place sometime and hang out." Lori said.

Ajka smiled. "I would like that. Yes."

"OK, see you sometime then."

Ajka turned and walked into Tom's office. She had decided that instead of waiting for him to do what he wanted to her, maybe if she showed him how she was dressed, he would release his urges and be done for the day. Tom looked up and smiled. "Looking good Ajka. Come here and let me feel you up a little bit." Ajka stood by Tom's chair as he ran his hands over her hips and ass. She dutifully spread her legs when she felt him touching her thighs. Tom grunted appreciatively when he felt her naked pussy. "Nice Ajka. Very nice. You are learning quite well. You've been so good the past few days I have a surprise for you." Tom picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Hello Mr. Smith. Yes she is right here if you wanted to talk to her. As I said before I highly recommend her for promotion. She does an amazing job."

Ajka felt her stomach flip. She thought she was going to throw up at first. Mr. Smith was one of the CEOs who was in charge of the department heads. If he wished it, she would move into the department next to this one and be almost assured a permanent home and career in this country.

"Ajka, Mr. Smith will speak with you now." Tom said as he handed her the phone. Ajka bent over the arm of Tom's chair and put the phone to her ear. During the informal interview Tom continued to run his hands over her body. Ajka did her best to ignore it but at times it would distract her some. Still, she had to focus. This was her big chance and it seemed like Tom was pushing to get her this as well, just as he had promised!

Ajka's body began to respond to Tom's touches. Little by little her cheeks flushed and her nipples hardened. Her pussy moistened. Without realizing it, she spread her legs some as she supported her weight with her elbows on the desk. Tom took the opportunity to insert a finger inside her pussy. "Uh!" A grunt came out of Ajka's mouth. She quickly apologized over the phone and feebly tried to push Tom's hand away from her pussy. Tom worked her pussy the way he did before, slowly and deliberately while Ajka was forced to endure his touches. He added a second finger, then a third. Each time Ajka would let out a whimper or a soft moan. Each time she would try to cover it up. Tom moved his chair behind her and slid between her open legs. He took his cock out and pushed on Ajka's hips, forcing them down so that the tip of his cock was poised at the entrance of her pussy. Ajka looked at him pleadingly. She mouthed the words, "Don't, please don't." Tom waited for a moment.

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