tagIncest/TabooToni & Her Brothers

Toni & Her Brothers


Toni Burnhiel and her brothers, Richard and Jerry, had lived in the big house together since their parents had retired and moved away several years ago. Toni was the oldest of the three at 27. She was tall, standing 5'10", pretty with long light brown hair and brown eyes. She had long sexy legs and firm 38-C breast.

Richard was the second oldest at 25. He was a rugged man with longish hair. Thick mussels developed over years of hard work as a construction worker. Jerry was 23 and a little backwards. Always on the skinny side for a boy. Toni had taken it upon herself to take care of her youngest brother since high school.

Toni had always been a homebody. But even more so since breaking up with her boyfriend a couple months ago. Without anyone to date she spent most of her at home when not at work. Jerry had a hard time holding a job and was currently unemployed. Toni had been upset with him for a couple days now after coming home early and catching him naked on the couch masturbating to a video of her and her ex-boyfriend making love. She knew that Jerry hadn't dated in years, and only had sex a few times in his life. But she was appalled to realize that he would use an image of her to help get himself off. Jerry explained that it had nothing to do with her. That he would have used a regular porno tape but didn't have the money to go rent one. And he had accidentally discovered the tape of his sister and just had to use something. When Richard learned about it he mercilessly teased his younger brother.

It was Saturday night and Richard had rented a few slasher movies from the video store. Toni and Richard both shared a fascination for slasher films so the trio sat on the couch drinking beer and watching the tapes. The second movie was one that none of them had ever seen before. More of a rape/revenge film than true slasher movie it began with a long drawn out scene of one woman being brutally gang raped by a bunch of men. The film was so graphic at times that Toni became uncomfortable sitting between her two brothers watching it. It was then that Richard spoke up, "Maybe you could use this to whack off to." He said to Jerry. Receiving a prompt "Fuck you." In reply.

"I understand how you feel, little brother." Richard continued, "Hell, it's been almost six months since I got some pussy myself."

"Will you guys shut up." Toni insisted, not caring to hear any more about her brother's sex life.

"Shit, Toni. You're probably stirring your pot by now too since Tom broke up with you."

Toni focused her attention on the TV.

"Maybe I should watch that tape you made sometime and see just what you're like."

That drew a punch in the arm.

"Ow, shit girl. You're gonna get it now."

Richard grabbed Toni and playfully wrestled her back against the couch acting like he was going to punch her back. The beer was taking its toll on Toni and she was in a playful mood so she wrestled back.

"Damn, help me Jerry." Richard cried out. Jerry grabbed his sister's shoulders while Richard climbed on her and tried pinning her down. After a brief struggle Toni realized that her tank top had slide to the side and her right breast was exposed.

"Jesus, nice boob, Toni." Richard commented.

"Let me up, Richard!" She ordered.

"I don't know, maybe we should let Jerry play with that tit for a while."

Toni's eyes went wide. Not from the crude comment, but because she felt something that shocked her. Richard's crotch was pressed up against her leg and she could feel through the fabric of his jeans that he was hard. Toni knew that Richard had a reputation for having a big cock, and she could tell that was true by the size of it pressing against her. She was stunned to think that he was aroused by her exposure.

"Go ahead, Jerry. Play with her tits." He encouraged.

"Don't you dare!" Toni argued.

Getting caught up in the moment Jerry reached out and groped his sister's tit. As his hand brushed her nipple it suddenly swelled. Toni blushed.

"Let's strip her." Richard suggested.

Toni began fighting back but her two brothers easily pulled her tank top over her head then made quick work of removing her jeans and panties.

"Could you tell if she was a good fuck on that tape?" Richard asked his brother. Jerry just smiled and nodded. What Toni heard next appalled her.

"Damn, it's been too long since I've had any pussy," Richard announced. "Let's fuck her."

Jerry backed away and Toni lay there stunned.

"Shit boy, you've already jacked off too her. You can't tell me you wouldn't like to fuck this." Richard rubbed his sister's hairy mound.

"Take your clothes off Jerry." Richard said as he began rubbing his sister's pussy.

"Oh god, no." Toni cried out, realizing that this wasn't some sick joke. She watched as Jerry pulled off his pants, his cock protruding from his skinny body. Once he was naked he got down and began feeling up his sister's sexy body while Richard pulled off his jeans. Toni saw her brother's erect cock, measuring about nine inches. Her mind was spinning out of control with fear and disbelief that her brothers were doing this to her.

She felt Jerry's cock slap against her face. Richard laughed at the sight of his brother's dick resting against his sister's pretty face. "Go ahead, Sis. Suck his cock."

With that Richard lowered his head between Toni's thighs and began licking her pussy. Toni cringed at the first several licks. But felt her clit responding to the stimulation. Without thinking she opened her mouth and accepted Jerry's cock. Toni knew that everything happening was wrong. She wanted to resist with all her strength. But something was stirring inside her. Richard's tongue was bringing her pussy to life. The taste of Jerry's cock in her mouth was filling her body with desire. She could taste his pre-cum and quickly began sucking him with all her might. Realizing that her hands were free she grabbed Richard's head and began pulling him upward. She pulled free of Jerry's cock long enough to yell, "Fuck me!" than resumed sucking her youngest brother.

Richard couldn't believe that he was going through with this. But watching Toni sucking their brother off and hearing her request was more than he could resist. His balls ached for release so he climbed between his sister and slowly began pushing his massive cock into his sister's pussy. Toni moaned with delight as she felt her insides being filled. She had never had a cock the size of Richard's. She wrapped her legs around Richard's waist and began fucking back against his huge pole.

All the while eagerly devouring Jerry's cock. Both men grunted their satisfaction as they plowed their sister from both ends. Toni couldn't believe the passion she was feeling. What had begun as a sibling prank was now a full-fledged act of forbidden passion. She felt Jerry's rod swelling even more as she continued sucking. She fondled his tightening balls as she ran her mouth back and forth over his shaft more rapidly. Jerry groaned as his cock erupted in his sister's mouth. Toni wrapped her lips tightly and sucked every drop of his jizm down into her throat.

As she took blast after hot blast her pussy was reaching its moment of glory. Richard's huge cock had been rubbing her G-spot with every thrust. His shaft, glistening with her juices, sliding against her swollen clit. Toni moaned loudly as her climax began. Juices flowed freely down along Richard's love muscle as her orgasm unleashed. Feeling his sister's pussy constrict and throb around his cock was all Richard could take.

As Toni's cries of passion grew louder his orgasm began. Richard thrust harder and faster as his cum began spewing into his sister's pussy. The two siblings orgasmed together. Richard emptied every drop into Toni's pussy before collapsing upon her. Jerry leaned back against the couch, his hand still fondling Toni's right breast. Toni breathed heavy, feeling Richard's cock slowly softening inside her. Thinking of her brother's cum inside her made her panic for fear of pregnancy.

Guilt for what she had done raced through her mind. But Toni was satisfied in a way that she had never been before. She looked down at Richard than up at Jerry. Her brothers were now her lovers as well. She couldn't believe the words that escaped her mouth were actually coming from her as she caught herself saying, "Well boys, are you ready to do it again?"

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