Thoughts are running through my head. Thoughts of him, and of his long lean body. My mouth waters just thinking of him. I want to taste him, to feel his warm skin on my tongue, under my hands. To see his body touching mine, the contrast even in the dark so bold, so arousing.

As his car comes down the road my mind swirls to all kinds of thoughts of the night. One of the first things I see is his smile as I get into the car. His hand slides over and caresses my leg. I can't help leaning over and kissing his neck, I love that neck. Not sure why butt I just want my mouth on it right away. Having thought on tonight all day I really can't wait to get to his apartment but the cold does it work on helping to keep me waiting.

Soon as we get there he gets out opens my door taking my hand and leading me up the stairs. Pulling me inside into a warm hug my hands slide under his jacket feeling his warmth. I love his touch. I love how his skin feels under my hands.

My hands rush over his back and down over his cheeks. They are so firm and hard. Muscle pure muscle. I feel his hands slide under my sweater, coldness makes me shiver, but only for seconds and my body craves more. The jackets fall off as if by magic neither realizing who did what as our bodies meld together. I want him so bad. Wanting his touch, wanting to feel the whole of him against me, inside me.

Turning I find myself at the sofa, unsure of the steps there only that we have proceeded that far that quickly. Clothes are piles in several heaps on the floor around us. His naked skin inviting me as my eyes and hands slide over him. My hands quickly slide down his arms; I get aroused just feeling the muscles taught and hard. Not huge just perfect; firm warm and sleek.

Pushing his hands away; looking into his eyes he knows by my movements these first moments are mine. His body is mine; even his mind is mine for the time being. Leaning over him I kiss his lips softly, licking them. The lips that can take hold of my nipples and drive my mind wild. My hands caressing his chest, his hard tiny nipples rising under my palms. Kissing my way down following my hands, wanting to feel all of him under my tongue. Just hearing him sucking in air makes me quiver inside. I find each nipple sucking them into my mouth, each in turn with my finger tips and lips. Both growing harder and tighter. His hand reaching and caressing my breast, his dark skin against my white flesh so opposite I love to watch them covering my nipples, but this is my time and I quickly push his hands aside and I slide my tongue down his tummy.

His cock, the hard warm cock I have learned to love so well jumps as my tongue dances over the head. Quickly sucking it into my mouth my hands sliding down his thighs caressing the soft skin. I love the soft moans coming from him, always so quiet and tough but I can make these moans come out of him. That part inside me hums with the sound, the effect I have over him making my insides throb just hearing him. One day I will make him forget the need to stay silent. To forget his self assigned man is man and needs to remain in control by holding back. Letting his cock go slowly my mouth dipping down to his balls.

His balls hand low, like they are too heavy to join his cock. Licking them both over and over my hands prompting them wide, my tongue slides under his balls. Teasing him, dancing between his balls, lapping under them. His hips rising and falling as my tongue darts around. Taking his cock in my hand, my thumb circling the wet head as my tongue finds his tight ring pushing quickly in and back out. The head of his cock getting wetter as my thumb circles it. Moving quickly my tongue greedy to taste him; pulling just the head into my mouth. His hips pushing his cock upwards trying to get deeper before I pull back; laughing to myself for his thinking I am so easily persuaded. My mouth again moving towards his balls sucking them each, in turn in to my mouth. Noticing how closer they have ascended up towards his cock.

His hands quickly grabbing me, pulling me up as I have push my limits with his waiting he pulls me around and pushes me over the sofa arm. His cock swinging between his legs is wide arcs. His arm wraps around my hips as he shoves cock deep into my wet pussy. Filling me as his movement lifts me off my feet. Grind my hips back onto his cock, feeling the thickness inside me. My moans already taking over as I feel his cock pulling out and thrusting in again. My whole body shivering with need as his cock pounds deeper and deeper into my pussy. His hands slide up, one taking a nipple to tease the other grabbing my shoulder as his cock works deeper and faster into my pussy. My body responding to his cock is twitching back and forth onto his cock. My pussy grinding back to meet his cock, he knows what to do with me. he knows just exactly how and his hands grab my hips and plows deep into my pussy taking away from me exactly what he wants as my insides explode. My pussy clutching his cock, grabbing it and holding it deep as I start to cum. His cock head swelling as my pussy contracts, I can feel his cum pulsing from the head of his cock. I can feel it pushing out inside my pussy. My mind thinking of how soon I can feel it, I can slide my fingers over the lips and feel his seed dripping from my pussy.

Feeling his lips against my back I remember where I am .who I am as he takes my hand and leads me to the bed. We'll rest ...for a while anyway.

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