tagSci-Fi & FantasyToo Far Far Away Ch. 03

Too Far Far Away Ch. 03


"Would you care for a goblet of wine?" Baron Kruelin said to his guest. The Baron, an infamously brutal warchief, now the ruler of the Kingdom of Baka, was not known for extending hospitality. However, this was a special case, he wanted his guest to feel comfortable.

"No thank you, My Lord." the man said. His long, stringy dark hair obscured his eyes. The man was dressed in black leather armor, and he had the look of a rogue.

"You don't trust me?" the Baron said, an amused grin crossing his lips.

"I suppose I do. I just don't make a habit of drinking while discussing business. What about you, do you trust me, Baron?"

"I have to, you're the best bounty hunter on the continent, aren't you, Derreck Bludsong?" the Baron told him.

Derreck nodded. It was true. Derreck Bludsong was the best bounty hunter in all the land, from Baka, to Marendo, and beyond. He held no allegiance to any kingdom, his nationality of origin was unknown, but Kings and Lords from every nation had hired him at some point to do their dirty work. His allegiance was to gold. Gold is what mattered to him.

"So I understand you're having trouble tracking down a girl." Bludsong said.

"Not just any girl, but yes, that is why I summoned you." the Baron explained. "Her name is Angelica Di'Marinella, the daughter of of the King of Marendo. She is the princess of the very kingdom we're at war with. She escaped my castle some weeks ago, and I've had my guards searching the countryside for her, but in this time of war, I cannot stretch my resources too thin." The Baron paused and ran his fingers through his gray hair. "Besides, I have a feeling that one man searching in secrecy will have more success than one hundred in the open."

"It usually does." Derreck Bludsong replied. The man in black was standing there with his hands clasped in front of him. He did not have any nervous habits or fidget at all; he stood completely still and calm. "Let's talk about price. I will require two thousand gold pieces."

The Baron sighed and nodded. "That seems high, but I agree to pay. There is one additional thing I ask..."

Derreck raised his eyebrows, listening. In his experience, nothing positive usually followed that statement.

"I know your reputation, Bludsong. I don't want you to fuck her before returning her to me. I want her returned pure." the Baron told him.

"I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to fuck the princess. After all, by your description of her, she sounds absolutely delicious." the bounty hunter replied. Baron Kruelin had given Derreck a detailed description of Princess Angelica just moments before, describing in detail her beauty, and in particular noting her massive rack on several occasions.

"Because, I intend to make her my wife!" Baron Kruelin shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

"Yet you already have two wives." Derreck said.

"I've grown bored of them. Ciara and Maybelle are beautiful, but adding Angelica to my collection will be perfect."

"Very well, if that is a requirement of yours, then I require a deposit." Derreck responded.

"A deposit? You require gold up-front?" the Baron asked.

The bounty hunter shook his head, and his dark hair swung back and forth slightly. "No, not gold. I want a blowjob from one of your wives that you're so bored with."

The Baron ran his fingers through his hair again, considering the proposition. After a while, he decided it was worthwhile. "Very well, I will agree to that. Which one?"

"Which one is the red-head?" Derreck asked.

"That's Ciara."

"Her." he said, nodding.

The Baron agreed, and after their business was concluded, the Baron had his wife Ciara summoned to a guest room where Derreck Bludsong was waiting for her.

Ciara, the Baron's beautiful red-headed wife, arrived at the guest room wearing a simple blue silk gown. Her red hair was curled slightly as it spilled around her shoulders, which were bare. The gown was cut low and was shoulderless, with baggy sleeves and a tight fit elsewhere. The low neckline of the dress allowed her ample bosom to swell up invitingly, giving Derreck a nice view of her deep cleavage. Her skin was pure and creamy, those breasts were flawlessly and immaculate.

"The Baron commanded me to meet you here and service you." Ciara said to the man, the stranger in the room who she did not know. Derreck noticed that she didn't refer to Kruelin as her husband, but rather just by his official title. It seemed unnecessarily formal and impersonal.

"Does your husband whore you out often?" The bounty hunter asked her as she came near him.

The question didn't seem to phase her. "Sometimes." she said, running her hand over Derreck's arm.


"More often, recently." she said finally. "He used to not at all. In the beginning we were just his. Now, however, it has been happening more and more frequently. The Baron uses Maybelle and I as payment to his merchants, or as a service to diplomats."

"And what about your husband? Does he still fuck you?" Derreck asked.

Ciara shook her head slightly. "No, rarely now, if ever."

Derreck rubbed his chin as he nodded. It seemed that the Baron had indeed become bored with his two beautiful wives, Maybelle and Ciara. It was a shame really, given how beautiful they were. Other than the one woman he was being paid to track down, these two wives belonging to the Baron were the most beautiful in the Baka Kingdom.

"Alright, enough small talk. Start sucking my cock." Derreck told the beautiful red-head.

Ciara knelt down in front of Derreck as he undid his trousers and pulled them open. His long cock flopped out, still mostly soft, as Ciara knelt in front him and ran her hands up his body and pressed her big jugs up against the front of his thighs. Ciara's breasts were full, round, and perfectly shaped. The top of that silky blue robe she was wearing was wrapped tightly around the vast amount of her titflesh, and the low cut neckline allowed her knockers to rise up like they were swollen.

The busty girl wrapped her pretty lips around Derreck's shaft and started sucking him. She brought him from flaccid to fully erect in almost no time. Soon, the man - who's name she didn't even know - had a full hardon throbbing in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his shaft as she played with it inside her mouth, also causing her saliva to drip down over him.

The Baron's wife took turns sucking Derreck hard, and then swirling her tongue around his pole. When she sucked on his shaft, Ciara's cheeks caved in with the force of her suction, as her entire mouth sealed around his rod like a tight glove. She sucked like this for several moments, then she licked him up and down and twirled her tongue around and around, toying with it like a popsicle.

Precum was oozing from the tip of Derreck's cock profusely now. The clear, slick liquid dribbled out steadily as Ciara gave him one of her best blowjobs. The man was grunting and moaning, expressing his satisfaction as she sucked and slurped his eager prick.

Derreck reached down and raked his fingers through Ciara's beautiful long, red hair, pulling it away from her face as she bobbed her head back and forth. Her lips were wrapped around the girth of his shaft in a tight seal and she pulled them back and forth, dragging her plump, wet lips up and down his length, actually fucking him with her lips. As the Baron's wife sucked Derreck's penis, her hands held the side of his hips, and her luscious breasts continually pressed up against his thighs. Not only did her mouth feel great to Derreck, but the swollen titties constantly smushing up against his legs were a welcome feeling.

When Derreck came, his cock shot his ropes of cum like a cannon exploding. He let his balls empty his load of semen into Ciara's mouth. His dick seemed to twitch and spasm several times as squirt after squirt was deposited between the beautiful woman's lovely lips. Finally, there was an audible gulp as Ciara swallowed the bounty hunter's cum, and she could feel the hot, thick juice oozing down her throat.

Satisfied that the Baron's wife now had a belly full of his jizz, Derreck buttoned up his trousers and tucked his dick away.

"Will you be needing anything else?" The beautiful wife asked as she got to her feet.

"No, that's all." Derreck Bludsong replied, fastening his belt. "I need to go. I have a busty princess I need to track down."


As soon as the morning dawned, Princess Angelica Di'Marinella and Tienna left the village of Brightbridge and started walking toward the foothills where they needed to obtain their next item, a rare crystal that could only be found in one very specific cave. The crystal had special powers which would allow the gnome wizard Gizol to cast a transportation spell, which he said would allow Angelica to go back home to her kingdom of Marendo. She was a long, long way from home right now, and had been thrust right into the middle of a war between Baka and Marendo, and currently most of the kingdom was hunting for her since she escaped from the evil Baron Kruelin's castle. If she were captured, she would make a prized ransom for their enemy.

Tienna, a beautiful mage apprentice to Gizol, was helping her on her quest for the ingredients for the spell. Tienna's help was necessary, but it was apparent that the apprentice had very little compassion for the displaced princess.

"Come and hurry up, princess." Tienna barked as she looked over her shoulder at Angelica who was several paces behind her. The mage was holding up the front of her dress as they trekked through the foothills. She was wearing a beautiful dress that was tight fitting through the hips and waist, and it was also low cut, showing great amounts of bulging cleavage. The stacked mage apprentice had enormous, beautifully shaped knockers that she was not shy about showing off. She wore dresses that displayed her oversized bosom proudly. Her blonde hair was left loose, blowing in the wind as they reached higher and higher altitudes the longer they walked.

Behind her, Angelica Di'Marinella was struggling to keep up. Wearing boots with 6 inch heels was turning out to be a terrible idea for this trek. In fact, none of Angelica's clothing was well suited for travel. "I'm trying to keep up! I wish you had lent me some other clothes, something that actually fit, perhaps!" the girl replied in a snobby tone, clearly annoyed. Everything she was wearing had to be borrowed from Tienna, since Angelica had arrived with no clothes of her own. She was dressed in a pair of knee-high boots, a short black skirt and a black satin corset. The tightly laced corset cinched Angelica's small waist even tighter than it already was. The problem with the corset was that it was made for Tienna, and Angelica's H-cup breasts were just slightly larger than her busty companion's. This meant that her enormous bosom was stuffed into the corset and her cleavage bulged out, threatening to spill over with the slightest wrong move. Angelica was having to constantly tug at the top of her corset and pull it up, since her nipples were frequently peeking out of the plunging neckline. The skirt Angelica was wearing was short too, stopping just barely below the bottom cheeks of her curvaceous booty. The swells of her bottom were just as full as her rack.

"Must you complain about everything, princess?" Tienna replied, crossing her arms underneath her generously ballooning tits. Her tan cleavage was inviting and pleasing to the eye.

"Please do not call me that!" Angelica replied, finally catching up to the beautiful mage once she had paused for her. "If anyone recognizes me, I'll be captured! Need I remind you there's a reward for my capture? And please slow down a little, you're walking too fast."

"There's no one around for miles. No one can hear us, I promise. Maybe you could keep up with me better if you didn't keep us out late last night drinking and fucking that bartender!" The busty mage-apprentice snapped.

Angelica went red in the face with anger. "You are the reason that bartender took me out back and had his way with me! And you just sat there and watched! How dare you say .... ugh!" she gave up in frustration, her pulse pounding. She firmly placed her hands on her hips as she finally caught up to her blonde companion and stood beside her.

"Ready to continue?" Tienna asked, however it seemed to be a rhetorical question as the jiggly-breasted mage-apprentice started walking again before waiting for a reply.

The two busty adventuresses continued their trek up the foothills through the woods for most of the morning, until they came upon the cave they were looking for. It was difficult to see if you weren't specifically looking for it. The mouth of the cave was just barely wide enough for someone to squeeze through.

As they entered the cave, Tienna and Angelica found themselves plunged into near darkness. Tienna uttered a few magical words and made some arcane gestures, casting a spell that summoned a floating ball of light. The little ball of light helped a little, illuminating a small area around them. As they traveled deeper into the cave, they found that the cave was littered with glowing crystals. Bright gems of every color were formed in the rock walls and laying about the cave. It was exactly what they were looking for!

Suddenly they heard a large creature stirring nearby and out of the darkness, a large minotaur appeared. The minotaur was a half man, half bull creature, with his torso and upper body ripped with larger-than-human muscles, legs sturdy and strong, and his chest was thick with hair that looked like fur. He wore just a loincloth around his hips, covering only his private areas and buttocks. The head of the creature was that of a bull's, but the minotaur's eyes appeared to be human.

"Who disturbs my home?" The beast intoned, his voice deep as it echoed off the cave walls.

Angelica was frozen in shock. She had never seen a minotaur before, and it was quite intimidating. "What was the plan again?" Angelica whispered to Tienna. She couldn't remember the plan last night, it was lost in her drunken haze.

"Follow my lead." Tienna whispered back. Then, the busty mage-apprentice spoke more loudly so the minotaur could hear. "We come in peace, my good minotaur. We're but two simple girls who seek permission to take one of your crystals. We wish you no harm."

The minotaur looked back and forth between Tienna and Angelica, examining them. His eyes roamed over their curvy bodies. He licked his lips as he gazed at Tienna's slim waist and enormous tits that were on display in her low-cut dress. Her cleavage was pushed up high so that her breasts were bulging up out of the low neckline invitingly. Then, his attention turned to Angelina, standing there in the cave in her high heeled boots, tight-laced corset, and enormous jugs literally spilling out of her corset's top. The girl's nipples were only half-way tucked into her corset, so half of her dark circles were peeking out unintentionally. The girl's chestnut brown hair spilled down and caressed her bare shoulders. Both of the women looked sexually delicious, and it was a breast-lover's delight. The minotaur had never seen four tits as large as these.

"If you wish to take one of my crystals, you must pay me for it." the bull-man said.

"What kind of payment? Is it gold you seek?" Tienna asked, moving the ball of light closer to the minotaur so she could see him better. To her surprise, she noticed that the beast-man's cock was rising up, lifting the front of his loincloth. The minotaur's dick was already hanging low, but now with the light illuminating him better, she could see an intimidatingly large prick, perhaps fourteen inches long, rising up and becoming aroused.

"Gold has no value to me, girl. What I seek is something more difficult to come by, for me." he said in a deep voice that echoed off the walls of the cave. His cock was fully stiff now, having reached just over a foot long, and the loincloth was draped over it, covering the shaft, but the shape and length of his member was clearly visible.

The minotaur's gaze turned from Tienna, to Angelica, and back and forth. He drank in their massive jugs with his eyes. He hadn't seen breasts as big as theirs, popping out of their little, revealing clothing, ever.

Angelica gulped as her heart started to race faster. At first she was worried about going into the cave, and now she was worried about the minotaur for a different reason. "And what might that be? We are poor, and don't have much to offer." she tried to make her voice sound nonthreatening.

"You have more than plenty to offer." the minotaur said, coming close enough to Angelica that he reached out and squeezed each of her big, round tits in his strong hands. His fingers sank into her fleshy mountains and her knockers almost spilled out of the tight corset. As he stood before her, groping her breasts, his hardon brushed up against her skirt, poking her slightly.

"My good sir, might I suggest something?" Tienna asked, seeing the minotaur's interest in the princess. "I see you have an interest in my friend here, and you have very good taste I might add. She will let you fuck her if you let us take one of your gems."

Princess Angelica's eyes bulged wide open and she snapped her head toward Tienna, shooting her a fierce glare. "What!?" she squealed. She was in quite the predicament here. The minotaur was already clutching her massive tits in his hands while the stiff cock was rubbing up against her, and here Tienna was offering her up like a whore. "No, no, no! You aren't going to do this to me again! It's your turn, Tienna." the girl protested. The last time they were in a jam, Tienna had convinced Angelica to fuck her way out of it. She was tired of being used like a piece of meat.

"Clearly its you he wants." the spellcaster said coolly. She had an icy demeanor at times that was insensitive toward Angelica. It seemed she didn't care whether Angelica wanted to be used or not.

"I want both of you." the minotaur growled. He was engrossed in Angelica's boobs, molesting them in his strong grasp. His large hands squeezed and groped them so firmly that they popped out of the front of her corset and spilled forward, exposing her sensitive nipples to the cool air.

"What..?" Tienna asked. The nearly equally stacked blonde seemed shocked.

"First one, then the other. I get both of you, and you can leave with the gem." the minotaur spelled out the terms in his deep voice.

Without waiting for an answer, the bull-man spun the princess around and bent her over, holding her at her hips. Her long chestnut hair spilled forward, along with her massive knockers which had spilled out of her corset, while her waist was still wrapped and cinched tightly. As the minotaur looked down at her body, he saw a perfect hourglass shape. He lifted the back of her skirt up, exposing her pale buns. Her bottom looked like two swollen, creamy bubbles of fuck-meat.

Angelica felt completely revealed. She felt her pussy exposed to the open air, and that same cool air stiffened her dark nipples into hard little nubs. She became aware right away that the minotaur was a beastly man who didn't care for foreplay. This point was made when she immediately felt the tip of his massive prick bump against her ass. The thick head of his penis was swollen to the size of a lemon or small fruit. He ran the tip of his cock along the length of her slit, from bottom to top, pressing against her firmly. He pushed up against the entrance of her cunt firmly, trying to mount her like a horny animal mounting a bitch in heat. There was nothing sensual about it to him, he was firm, he wanted to fuck her. Try as he might though, the large head of his cock was just too fat to fit inside her pussy. He pushed his mushroomed cockhead up against the tender, hairless folds of her pussy lips but just couldn't penetrate her cunt. He howled in frustration.

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