tagInterracial LoveToo Good to Pass Up

Too Good to Pass Up


They had only lived there for two weeks, and Karen just loved the new house. It didn't even bother her that Joe was gone all day at work.

Finally,the kids were grown up and away at school, and Karen was on her own. She even had time now to skinny dip in the pool out back. She had never had a real pool like this before, and the privacy fence made it easy to take her suit off and enjoy it in the nude. Or so she thought....

Karen had always taken good care of herself, and at age 46 her breasts were still large and firm, with the kind of succulent nipples that point just slightly upwards. She rarely wore a bra and often would catch men eying her huge tits up. Not that the rest of her was bad to look at, but those hot tits were an attention getter, for sure.

Since High School, the men had also loved the length and shape of Karen's legs. In a mini skirt, it appeared as if they would never end. But they did, and when they did, there was the intoxicating sight of her soft reddish brown mound.And her tight round ass swayed when she walked.

In her twenties, Karen had always worn revealing clothes, and would sometimes go without panties so she could flash her sweet cunt lips from behind while bending over. This, after all, was how she met Joe.

He was on the " Biography" aisle at the Border's bookstore when Karen spotted him. She bent way down to take a book off the bottom shelf, and Joe got a great peak at her little pussy, just as she had hoped.

They had a coffee together, and exchanged phone numbers, and 2 years later they were married, and expecting a child.

After raising two kids, Karen was still youthful, and had just started enjoying masturbaion as part of her daily routine.

One Wednesday afternoon, after straightening up the kitchen, Karen went out by the pool with her sun oil and her paperback, and began to rub oil all over her shoulders as far as she could reach. As usual, she removed her bikini top, and generously applied the oil to her fat tits; stopping to tweak her nipples a few times.It felt good, and she knew it would make her pussy get wet, so she laid back, closed her eyes and kept it going. It was fun to pretend that some strange man was tweaking her thick,hard nipples, and she soon slid one hand inside her bikini bottom to see how wet she was.Mmmmmmm........nice and gooey.

She decided to get herself off and then have a swim. She began to vigorously rub her wet clit with her fingertips, using the two fingers without nails. It didn't take her long to go off, but she needed more than one climax today.

Karen decided to stop for the moment and take a dip. She opened her eyes and got off the chair, and when she turned around there was a man with a very bright smile watching from the yard nextdoor.

She was astonished, and he said, " Very nice, ma'am, very, very nice".Karen quickly tried to cover herself, but the man said, " After what I just seen honey, you don't need to bother with that." He chuckled, and Karen jumped into the pool for protection.

When her head rose to the top again, she looked at this man and felt herself getting excited. He was pretty tall, and gorgeous, with skin the color of very dark cocoa. She was turned on by his blackness and was sure that he knew it.

Once Karen caught her breath she said, " I guess you're the new neighbor." He nodded and smiled. Karen decided to ask him over for an iced tea, and he jumped the fence like a dog inheat.

As he regained his balance Karen could plainly see the outline of his bulging cock through his thong swimsuit. He reached down to help her out of the pool, and he couldn't take his eyes off her huge tits.The nipples were standing on end from the cold water.

Karen said, " Let me run inside for the tea", and she went through the sliding doors.

While pouring the tea at the sink, she could see him through the window as he fondled his huge dong. She could feel her pussy starting to get wet.

Once she was back outside in the patio, she asked him his name. He told her he was Louis, and his wife was Carla. He assured Karen that Carla worked days and he worked nights, so she wouldn't be around. Karen let out a laugh and told him that was the reverse of what she and Joe did.

It was quite obvious that Louis had a raging hard on, and he had to keep adjusting it while they talked. Karen made a motion to cover herself again and Louis said, " Oh please dear, they are so lovely." "You wouldn't want to deprive me, would you?" As he said this he reached out toward Karen and tweaked each nipple.She was so hot and horny for him, and got up and straddled him on the lounge chair. Louis took first one tit, then the other, and he sucked and nibbled each nipple gently. Karen was wiggling all over the place, and managed to slide out of her bikini bottoms while he continued sucking her thick, hard nipples. Louis marveled at the way they pointed upward, and carressed them with his tongue.

As she sat on him having her fat tits sucked, Karen could feel the incredible erection that Louis now had, and she reached down and stroked it through his thong. He said, " Hey, hey; careful baby, you got yourself a loaded gun there."He reached down and slid the suit off.

Now Karen could actually see his huge black manhood, and she thought her eyes would pop out. There was a bit of precum oozing out the purple head, and she took her fingertip and rubbed it around. Louis rolled his eyes back in his head and moaned.

Karen was so hot and horny that she wanted to go down on him. He must have sensed it because he gently took her by the shoulders, and positioned her so that her tongue could touch his long, stiff cock. As Karen opened her mouth, she tried to take his penis in, but only the head would fit. He was that big. As she licked along the shaft of his cock, Louis managed to slip a finger between her legs and was surprised to feel how wet her pussy lips were. He rubbed the slimy juice all over her labia and then bent his head down and began to lick her.Karen opened her legs nice and wide. She had only been eaten once by Joe, and he couldn't make her cum, and would never try again.

The sensation that Karen had from Louis' tongue poking around her wet pussy was amazing. He was quite skilled, and teased the clit for awhile by just gently licking around it. Finally, he parted her cunt lips and poked his pointed pink tongue back and forth,in and out, on her excited clitty.Karen went off pretty quickly, and Louis said, " I'm sure you could use more, right darlin'?" Karen moaned and said, " Oh yes, eat my white cunt." Louis began to stand up and adjusted Karen so that she was on her back. He said, " Well, I thought you might like to see what this big black dick feels like, okay?" Karen just opened her legs wide.She was somewhat concerned that he wouldn't fit inside her. Joe had always told her how tight her cunt was.

As Louis climbed on board, he was very gentle, and he only inserted about an inch of his huge cock at a time. With each additional inch, Karen would moan, and Louis told her he would probably shoot his wad up her tight cunt. She was overcome with horniness and told him to go ahead and pump his creamy cum into her.She wanted it.

Louis rode her like a purebred, and Karen fingered her clit while he thrust his cock in and out. She managed to go off again, and when she did, she felt a huge surge of warmth inside her. Louis had gone off, as he promised, and now he was smothering her mouth with his big pink lips, and shoving his tongue down her throat.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, and then Karen could feel his sperm oozing out her cunt hole and under her butt cheeks.She said,"Well, that was quite a load." "I'm lying in a puddle."

Louis and Karen laid there and talked and then took a dip while he told her how his wife Carla had been withholding sex from him for a couple of months. Seems this was their pastor's idea, and Louis was going crazy. Karen said, " Well, if you'd like, we can do this a few times a week."Louis looked up at her and said, "Aaah, a dream come true." "You have a deal."

They talked about how she was his first white pussy and he was her first black cock, and how exciting that was.He told her how once in high school he fingered a white girl's wet cunt behind the school, but she wouldn't let him do anymore than that. She also touched his dick, but wouldn't even try to suck it.He said, " Many was the night I lay in bed pullin' this big pole and thinkin' of her big tits and sweet white pussy." My mamma musta' known I was beatin' myself because my towels was always gettin' dirty real fast."

Karen assured him he wouldn't need to do that anymore. He reached up out of the water and took her two tits in his hands, bringing each nipple up toward his mouth for a final nibble and suck.

Karen said, " I guess this is true confession time, but I just want to tell you that I have been masturbating and giving myself at least 3 orgasms a day." "My clit is always excited, and if I suck my nipples for a minute or two, my pussy starts to drip." " I just can't help myself sometimes." Louis smiled and said, " Well, I hope you'll be leavin' that to me now, cause I sure enjoy bringin' you off." Karen told him that as long as he kept his word and hopped the fence a few times a week, she wouldn't need to touch herself. And she wanted to have her cunt licked many more times.

Louis and Karen finished their iced teas, and agreed to meet again in two days.

When Karen went into the house, she could still feel Louis' cum dripping down her inner thigh, and decided to get a shower.

After her shower, she put on her most prim and proper dress and fixed dinner for her and Joe. She was already daydreaming about Friday, and thinking about how she'd like to take Louis' load down the throat.Mmmmm......there was so much of it.

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