tagLoving WivesToo Hot To Handle Ch. 01

Too Hot To Handle Ch. 01


"What the hell were you doing, Sarge? You are two fucking hours late!"

The Captain was a big boisterous man; six feet three, a hundred and seventy pounds and no fat.

Fucking your wife, Sarge thought to himself though he did not say it. The Captain was a new cadet fresh from the Academy – barely twenty-eight, but to hear him talking, one would get the impression that he was a veteran of the two wars.

Sergeant Sandy was a veteran. Almost fifty now, he had fought the two wars, had the respect of the troops on the base more than the Captain could ever hope to have and was respected by every soldier on the base.

"Sorry, Sir. The jeep broke down and I had to take it to the mech."

"Broke down? What was the fucking mech. doing with it for two hours? Didn't you tell the old geezer that I have to go to HQ to see the General?"

"Couldn't help the delay, sir. The carburetor was down. Float pin was gone. Took him an hour to get it from stores."

Sandy was amused by the unintended pun. Float pin was down. That was what Sara, the Captain's young wife had said to him when he was with her. "My hubby has a dick like a pin gone down. Or maybe he doesn't like to fuck me anymore 'cos he wasn't like that before and for a while after our marriage. He used to be randy."

"The General's gonna chew my ass for this delay and maybe keep me for a few hours longer at HQ, float pin or not. What the fuck do I tell him?"

"I'll have the Corporal ready to drive you there, sir. Right away."

"Get the operator to contact HQ and pass the message to the General about the delay. And make sure he informs them that I would be coming there within an hour."

The Captain's temper worsened when HQ called back and told him to be ready to remain at HQ till ten at night. It was only ten in the morning now.

Sandy marched out of the office before the Captain would lose his temper again and straight to Corporal Saha. Saha was a nice baby faced kid and respected the Sarge. Hell, he worshipped him.

The Sarge slipped a note to him. "Just call this number when you leave HQ with that bastard, will you, Saha?"

He smiled knowingly. Quite a few guys on the base knew that Sandy was fucking Sara.

"Sure thing, Sarge."

Sandy went down to the wireless office and secured an outside line. He called up the number that he knew by heart.

"Hello?" Her voice, like the rest of her was sultry and sexy, even on the phone.

"The Captain's not going to be back till ten at night," he said.

"OH good, Sandy. The morning fuck has left me wanting for more. I need some more of that delightful cock of yours. How soon can you come around?"

"Jesus, baby. Hearing your voice, I think I've already come."

She laughed. A low throaty laugh, which made his cock, erect inside his pants.

"Don't be a tease, Sandy. You drained me out alright, but my pussy still needs you."

"Okay, baby. Give me half an hour and be ready for me. I'll be there by then."

Fifteen minutes later, Saha drove the Captain off and fifteen minutes after that; Sandy was parking the spare jeep a few blocks off the Captain's quarters.

As usual, he let himself in using the spare key she had given him. He locked the door behind him and looked around. "Anybody home?"

"Yo-ho, Sandy, come on up here. I'm in the bedroom."

He took two steps at a time and was in the room in quicker time than you would say Jack Smith. He froze, his jaw dropping as he watched her there.

She was sprawled out on the king sized bed, completely naked, feet facing the door through which he had strode inside. Her legs were wide open and her knees were bent up. She had one hand between her legs, playing with her pussy and the other playing with one of her own tits.

"Quick, Sandy, dive in," she said.

And he did. He dove forward in full uniform landing on the bed so that his head was right between her legs and mouth on her pussy. Impatiently, he pushed away her hand.

"Such a waste playing with you own cunt like that. Let me do you."

She moaned and squirmed on the bed as he spread open her pussy lips and thrust his tongue inside her pussy. Her legs came together to clamp his head to her pussy and she put her hands to his head, drawing him closer to her.

As he licked around her pussy and nibbled on her clit, her buttocks rose off the bed and she screamed.

"Ah yes. Like that, Sandy. No one does it like that. Slurp on my pussy, Sandy, yes, like that, oh my god, yes, yes, suck on my clit."

He kept up the licking and sucking, his hands now unbuttoning his uniform, stripping away, first the tunic and then, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his trousers, pulling them down over his hips.

Her feet dug into his back and her hands clutched the bed sheets, digging into them as she moved her hips rhythmically to and fro against his face.

"Oh my god, Sandy, I'm going to come, suck me harder!"

His tongue swiped up and down her slit. Simultaneously, he shoved a finger inside her cunt and began to move it in and out as he now sucked hard on her erect clit.

"Why don't you just swing around and let me suck on your monster cock?"

He pulled away, and then swung around. He crawled on top of her body, kneeling on his fours, his cock waving in her face, his head going back between her legs.

He groaned as he felt her mouth engulf his cock and he almost bit her clit. She pulled a pillow so that she could rest her head to elevate it up. This way, it was easy for her to slip his cock back into her mouth and she began to raise and lower her head, sucking him voraciously, almost savagely.

He slipped his hands under her buttocks and yanked her up, thrusting his cock down into her mouth till he was buried into her to the hilt. God, she was one hell of a cocksucker. She could so easily take his meat right up to the hilt till her nose was pressed into his pubic hair. She used her tongue to get the shaft dripping wet till the saliva was running back over her lips. She bent it back against his flat stomach and licked the underside, starting from the base and ending up to the top; then back again till she was nuzzling his balls.

He jammed the tip of his tongue into her when she gently sucked on his nuts. Her tiny hands grasped his rigid length and she encircled the fingers of one hand over it as if to see if she could hold it like that. Her fingers wouldn't touch each other after encircling it. It thrilled her to know that he had such a fat cock.

"Oh my god, you are so big!" she breathed, slapping the shaft on her tits. She was a petite girl, hardly twenty-three and married for just three years to the Captain. He had been transferred from the Northern Base and it was his first stint at the Central Base. And the place had been so boring. Her husband always seemed to be working and at the end of the day, he would be in a dark and sulking mood, hitting the bottle and cursing everyone around the base till he would finally manage to gulp down some food and hit the bed.

She had thought that things would improve and yet, seven months down the line and they just kept getting worse.

Lucky for her she had found Sandy. He was so randy. Even as he still sucked away at her pussy, he was stroking his cock between her firm and pert tits, dragging it over the flesh so that she could feel the wetness there.

"Oh my god, Sandy, shove this inside me!" she screamed.

Sandy jumped up off the bed and undressed completely, his huge cock swaying in front of him. He kept his eyes on her as she continued to stroke her own cunt.

"C'mon you horny bastard! Give your cock to me. Stick it inside me and let me feel it drilling me!"

He grinned at her and then joined her on the bed. "I'm tired from the morning round, honey. Why don't you get on top?"

She did. She first knelt on her knees and then shuffled forward so that his cock was jutting up against her pussy and his hands were gripping her tits. Facing him, she reached down to open her cunt lips and slowly lowered her on him.

He yanked her down, impaling her pussy with his throbbing cock and driving the breath out of her. "Oh god!" she cried when she felt his length and width thrusting inside her. She wanted no respite because she immediately began to raise herself again.

He grabbed her firm tits and urged her on. She always wanted to have a hard and fast fuck and damned if he was going to allow her to settle down so slowly into a rhythm. His hips began to thrust up and down as if on their own volition and he could feel her pussy expanding and contracting around his cock, milking him continuously as she fucked him.

He pulled her down over him and kissed her lips, urging her to open them before sliding his tongue inside her hot mouth. She sucked on his tongue without missing a beat. Their thighs slapped against each other as they fucked.

"Oh shit, your cunt is tight, oh yes, fuck, fuck like that baby, you beautiful little bitch, fuck me harder," he murmured. He knew that she liked to talk and be talked to whenever they fucked and the dirtier, the better.

"Yes, yes, its for you, I'm your slut, your bitch, and I am going to fuck you till there's no marrow in your bones and no juice in your balls," she gurgled.

"Don't just talk, bitch, move your ass, oh yes, like that, take that cock in your cunt, ah yes, deeper, slut, deeper, oh yes, like that, like that, fuck, fuck me, faster, you whore, faster now, yes, yes, yes," he chanted, his hands sliding down behind her and smacking her ass cheeks in time with her movements.

"How's this, then, you big bastard? Here, take this, lets see how big you really are, you son of a bitch, oh god, yes, it feels so big and so thick, oh god, I'm going to come, I am going to come, oh god, ugghhh..."

Her body arched upward as his hips almost lifted her off his body. She began to scream and cry out, her body shuddering, going into a series of uncontrollable spasms as she had her orgasm with his cock still firmly embedded inside of her.

She collapsed on top of his body and he shook his hips as if to awaken her.

"C'mon you bitch, you can't let your cunt go down on me like that, fuck, you little slut, fuck me," he shouted.

Aware that she was drained, he shoved her till she fell onto her back on the bed. He rose from the bed and dragged her so that her head was dangling down from the edge of the bed. He positioned himself at the edge of the bed and reaching down, guided his cock into her mouth.

"Open your sluttish mouth, bitch," he ordered.

She obeyed him. Her mouth opened wide.

"Suck me off, you little slut!" he snapped out to her. "Suck my cock till I come."

She willingly opened her mouth wider and took him in. She wasn't prepared for the onslaught, because he didn't just enter her mouth, he slammed it inside so that she was choking.

Since he had to crouch down because the bed was low, he grabbed a pillow and pulling her head up, slid it below her.

"Now, bitch, get that cock, ooh yessss, fuck, you suck mean, you whore!"

Unmindful of the fact that the cock head was poking her throat, she accepted him inside of her mouth, relaxing her throat, letting that brute of his cock invade her. She slid her lips up and down over the shaft, her body getting driven up and down the bed with the fury of his well-timed thrusts. He leaned forward and down and gripped her tits as though he wanted to wrench them off her body as his cock continued the assault of her mouth.

"Ah yes, you whore! Now we are getting there. I'm gonna spill myself all over your face and slutty body, get ready, bitch!"

She grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently as her lips slipped up and down over the shaft. She swiped her tongue around his hot and hard flesh.

He threw his head back giving one last powerful thrust and then with a roar he was unloading himself; first, into her mouth and then drawing back, he aimed his pulsating cock at her face and her tits, covering her up completely with his juice.

Exhausted, he spun around and flopped down next to her on the bed. She was giggling and trying to lick off the juices that had covered her up.

"Oh boy, you are a great fuck," she said.

"You too, baby, you too!" he replied.


"Poor boy, had a tough day? Come to mama, little sonny boy, let mama take care of you."

The Captain slid across the couch and laid his head on the woman's wide and strong thighs, letting her massage his shoulders and pectorals.

"Ah yes, that feels so good, Mrs. Das!" he murmured as her strong hands dug into his hard flesh ever so lightly at first and then with increasing strength.

"Rough day?" she asked again.

"Yes, very, very rough. I've managed to slip out of the back door and just as you said, I didn't let anyone know I was going to come over here."

"Isn't that naughty of us?" the woman said, her hands slipping down till she was massaging his belly. She leaned forward so that her massive tits were stuffed in his face. He inhaled her perfume. She had obviously just taken a shower because she smelt of soap and talc.

As she mashed her gigantic tits into his face and massaged him, he felt the familiar stirring between his legs and joyfully realized that he was erecting. She always did that to him.

"Ah, Mrs. Das, " his voice was muffled from beneath her tits, "you make me feel so good."

"I have told you before. It's Rani. Not Mrs. Das."

"Ah, Rani, you make me feel so good!"

"Poor little baby. You are so tired. What you need is somebody who'll take real good care of you."

Her voice was low and soft. Her hands massaged his belly and then jumped over to the top of his legs, carefully avoiding his erect cock. That, he knew, would come later.

His face, by now, was smothered with her large and pendulous tits encased in a fairly tight blouse. She was wearing a sari and the border had fallen off her shoulders over his head. With trembling hands, he reached out with one hand to crush her tit closer to his face.

When he sighed and opened his mouth to fasten his lips on her blouse, he felt the nipple leaking the warm milk. Immediately, his cock sprung up from within the confines of his trousers. Her lactating tits did that to him.

"Ooh, naughty baby! Thirsty, baby?" she cooed.

"Mmmm. Hmmm. Y-yes," his voice was still muffled.

"Here, baby, let mama help little boy," she said and he laid his head back on her hips, shifting his head away slightly, to watch that sight which never failed to bring his cock to full mast. That was the sight of the woman reaching for the buttons of her blouse. He watched her fingers dance from one button to the next till she had the blouse undone. She pushed it off her shoulders to reveal her extra large bra: the nursing bra.

Mrs. Rani Das was the mother of a six-month-old girl. And the fact was that she was blessed with a more than enough quantity of milk that needed ever so often to be drained.

She was ten years younger than her husband and that made her a shade over forty. She already had a twenty-year old son who was doing his preliminary course in the navy. It was during one booze soaked party that she had inadvertently got herself impregnated the second time.

He was too eager; his hands shot out to seize her ample tits and he squeezed them powerfully.

"Ahhhhh..." she sighed as the pressure from her milk filled tits released. Though she had just fed the girl, her tits had been filled up within no time and she had been yearning for the pressure to be released from them. The milk jetted out from her nipples, completely soaking the front of her large bra.

"Ooohh, baby, you make mama so happy!" she squealed. "But don't you think it's an awful waste of some good high quality proteins?"

That was his cue. Urgently, he pushed back the cups of the bra – it had heavy netting underneath to support the weight of her immense tits – and was rewarded by the sight of her glorious tits tumbling out, the nipples soaked and erect.

Just as urgently, he sank his face over one tit, opening his mouth and stuffing one large nipple in his mouth. He sucked and was rewarded with a continuous jet of the warm sweetish liquid; not much different from the cow's milk he was used to, but much thinner and much more sweeter.

She bent down further to mash her tit in his face, her face contorted as he steadily sucked on it. He grabbed the tit with both hands and squeezed to allow even more of the milk to flow outside the nipple.

He felt the unbearable pressure between his legs as his cock was straining to free itself from the confines of his thick khaki pants. His hips jerked up when one of her hands found his bulge and squeezed so hard, he nearly came.

"Ah, baby, you make mama so happy!" she sighed again, her tits heaving as she found the buttons of his pants.

His head shifted to the other tit and he groaned as she pushed his pants down over his hips and reached inside his shorts. His ass lifted off the bed when her hot and moist hand wrapped around the shaft. She continued to push her tits in his face as she fished his throbbing cock out of his shorts.

"Let me have some of it, baby," she whispered. He sucked powerfully till his mouth was filled up with her milk and then drew his head back.

She leaned down and kissed his mouth. He spat out the milk so that it was transferred into her open mouth and as she gulped down her own fluids, their tongues dueled. Her hand started to jerk his cock up and down, her tits pressed against his chest still spurting milk over him.

She had slipped off his tunic before she had commenced the massage and her milk flowed all over his naked chest, dripping down to the couch. After drinking her own milk from his mouth, she ducked her head down to lick his chest while continuing to pump his cock up and down.

"Let's get you wet, little baby," she told him in a hoarse voice.

He felt tingly all over when he realized that the best part had finally arrived. He uncoiled from her lap and spun around a hundred and eighty degrees. This had the effect of his legs spreading apart and resting beside her head on the backrest of the couch. Between his wide spread legs was her body and that meant that he really had to spread his legs apart. He squirmed up her lap till his cock was positioned in line with her mouth.

He felt the milk dribble back to his chin from his chest in this inverted position. He lifted his head off her knees so that he could watch her taking hold of his pulsating cock with both her hands, her elbows resting on his legs. She held him there and slipped down the couch.

She took off one hand and rubbed it in his chest and when she grasped his cock with that hand it was all wet with the milk.

"Oh, fuck!" he exclaimed as she slipped her slippery hand down over his cock.

"Naughty boy," she giggled repeating the process with her other hand. Now, when she grabbed his cock with her hands, it felt to him like it was slipping through a tub of warm oil.

She opened her mouth wide and carefully placed his cock inside it. He groaned and his body shuddered. She reached down to grab his shoulders and began to move him back and forth over her hips so that his cock was working like a well-oiled piston moving in and out of her mouth.

He wrapped his hands around her shoulders and bucked up and down her hips as he began to fuck her mouth. When they had established the rhythm that was comfortable for both of them, he reached down and squeezed her milky tits.

The milk squirted out of her nipples and he kept at it till it was spraying all over his ass cheeks, which were sliding up and down her tits.

Just as abruptly, she pulled her mouth away from his cock. "Now, baby, now. Give it to me here," she moaned, wedging his swollen cock between her wet tits.

They looked on as his cock disappeared in the valley between her tits. He slid up ever so slightly to make up the space needed for them to watch the action. He squeezed her tits harder for the milk to spread across her tits and drip back into the valley that he was now fucking so steadily.

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