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Too Soon To Die


Sheila felt good, oh so good! She hadn't known it'd feel so wonderful. When the senior girls in school had whispered about it in the Girls' she'd been slightly disgusted. It had all seemed so physical, so awkward. Now she knew firsthand what it felt like, how magical it could be.

Sheila smiled as she thought of her virgin days. At 17 she felt a woman – after last night, sated with love. She turned to the man lying beside her. How lovely he was! That strong body, smooth to the touch lay lightly touching her. She ran her fingers gently over his back, seeking to memorize his contours. With a sudden twist, he turned and pinned her beneath him! His mouth sought her out greedily. Their tongues played together, fast and furious. Hands flew about, pressing, caressing, and kneading. Sheila drowned in the wondrous rapture of skin against skin. Oh the sensations he produced in her naïve body! He stroked the fire in her skillfully, making her beg for what she knew was the climax; that aching peak of satiation. She needed it again. Already after just the first time, she hungered for it with an intensity that bought a smile to his face. She was hot and eager for all he could teach her. He was pleased.

He teased her ruthlessly. Let his questing fingers seek her pleasure points, make her moan and writhe beneath him. Mercilessly he kept up his sweet torture, making her plead. Please, please touch me there, she gasped and impatiently led his skilful fingers down there, where she needed them. Yes! Oh the bliss! Yes, please. More, more. Sheila was lost in sensual delight. Her womanhood wet and throbbing. He decided to torment her further. Moving over her soft belly, planting kisses all the way to her feminine mound. Oh God! He teased her nether lips with his tongue and was rewarded by their parting –warm, succulent flesh. He licked greedily. She was so sweet, so tender. Her fingers twined in his hair and pressed him closer to her core. He found her little bud, that focal point of pleasure in her and began to swirl his tongue on it. Suckle it. Flick it fast and hard. Sheila thrashed on the bed, sweating. Her hips bucked and she pressed him close. He used his fingers to probe her depths. Long fingers moving in and out of her, trying to assuage the need in her. How slick and wet she was! Her nectar coated his fingers, his mouth. When she began to cry, he sucked hard on her bud and took her over the edge. As Sheila's body stopped shaking, he kissed her gently and crooned in her ears. My sweet, my beautiful girl. Was it good? Oh yes! She nestled closer and breathed in his manly perfume. Her hand, with a will of their own sought his erect manhood, pulsing against her thighs. She caressed his length with wonder. How beautiful! Satiny soft yet so hard. The head so perfectly formed, like an exotic purple flower, glistening with the morning dew.

She hungered for it. As she slithered down his length to reach her prize, he smiled contentedly. His pupil had natural talent! He let her feel him, learn his masculinity. She gently took him in her mouth. Gently nibbled his head. Hearing him groan, she licked the purple head and sucked it. He liked it so much. Yes, my sweet. Do that. She sucked him rhythmically. Tasted his salty wetness with pleasure. When he could bear this no more, he lifter her head and pulled her back on the bed. Sheila waited with bated breath as he made her kneel and pressed her head onto a pillow. She lay there before him, totally exposed. Her warm, still throbbing wetness lay before him – an inviting pink warmth. Her young breasts dangled, nipples erect. What a delectable sight, it was! He pushed his erection into her. The thrust made her gasp. She felt him so deep inside of her. It was so good. Better than before. She felt filled, completed. He sighed with satisfaction as he slid in and out of her welcoming warmth. She had got the rhythm. She moved her hips in tune with him. They began to moan, to gasp. The entire consciousness focused on that join of their coupling. Faster, harder. Yes, yes. He held onto her hips and gave it all he had. Eyes tightly shut, she moaned throatily. That sweet feeling approached, they both felt it. That tingling started at the base of their spine. Yes, nearly there. Please, please. Yes. Oh yes! She cried as she shattered and he exploded inside her. They collapsed on the bed and lay panting. Gathering their breath in the glowing aftermath of their love making. The musk of their love was everywhere. In her hair, in his hands, in her mouth. They rested.

It was nearly 3am when Sheila slid out of bed. Catching a glimpse of herself in the wardrobe mirror, she smiled. How wanton I look! Tousled hair, swollen lips. Her breasts felt tender and down there she was bruised. But what sweetness that pain had! She put on her clothes- the white shirt, the blue skirt and her school blazer. Combing her long hair she pulled it back into a ponytail. This will do, she thought. Everyone at home would be asleep. She'd let herself in quietly with the latch key and take a shower. Then go back to bed so that mom wouldn't suspect anything. Her friend Marianne would be game and vouch for her having been with her late, studying for a test. Satisfied with this plan, Sheila tiptoed back to the bed and planted a kiss on his lips. He was sleeping like a baby! I love him, thought Sheila. He is so gentle, so handsome. My heart thrills for him.

He was her English teacher. She was his best and favorite pupil. When she'd visited him at his flat with the quarterly assignment in her hands, he'd seen through her pretext. He had known what she needed and he'd wanted to give it to her. So, he had offered her some wine, played her some music on his piano and then kissed her. She'd melted into him and didn't resist when he finally led her upstairs to his bed. His sweet virgin. His darling Sheila would first realize the world of sensual delight under his expert hands.

Now, slipping out through his front door, Sheila shivered with the cool morning air. The streets were still dark and deserted. But it was safe enough, she felt. Her house was about 5 blocks away, in the best part of town. There the streets were always well-lighted. She set out jauntily and decided to take a short cut across the playground. It was very dark there, she could see but it'd save her time and she wanted to be sure she got in before the milkman arrived at 4am. As she began to cross the dark playground, her thoughts went back to the pleasures of the night. I am so happy, she thought. Now, I have become a woman. And I have found my mate. Glowing with love and satisfaction, she walked on, scarcely noticing her surroundings. Her feet walked mechanically while her thoughts were far away. She didn't see the dark shadow following her. She didn't hear him until his hands gripped her shoulders and threw her on the ground. Her scream died in her throat as his muscular hands strangled her. Her head swam. She needed air, she needed to breathe. Half fainting, she barely realized his hand tearing her clothes off, reaching for her womanhood roughly. She mustered up her last strength and tried to free herself. She tried to yell for help. Help, please help. His hands returned to her throat and pressed. Pressed till she had no coherent thought in her head except that she didn't want to die. No, no it was too soon. Too soon to die.

It was the colonel's dog that found the tangled bundle in the alleyway off the playground. He sniffed it and then howled. When the colonel came running and saw what it was that his dog had seen, he paled and shouted for help. When the police finally identified the dead body and notified the parents, it was nearly noon. And he wondered if her parents had found out. Perhaps they'd take her away from the school. So, he waited. Waited for some news.

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