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Author’s note: (This is the continuation of my previous story “Hiking in the Mountains”)

Chapter 1

The day turned out to be more adventurous for mom and I. We stayed mostly at the edge of the water stream fucking our brains out. We fucked in every possible way, in every possible manner two people could fuck. I did not remember how many times I filled my mother’s cunt, ass and mouth with my cum. Whenever I felt tired I took some rest or just dived into the refreshing cool water of the stream, and as soon as I regained some strength I was back between my mother’s welcoming thighs.

By the evening, I was so exhausted that my cock finally refused to stand. I was surprised the way my mother participated in our licentious sports; she still appeared fresh after numerous rounds of fucking and sucking. Never did I realize that my mother could be such cock hungry pussy. After every fuck she appeared even more aroused.

Finally, I surrendered. We stopped for the day and returned to the cabin. I was so drained that by the time we had our dinner; I was simply drooping. Although, I had plans about fucking mom again during the night, however, as soon as I entered my sleeping bag I fell asleep. I did not remember when mom came to sleep and got up only in the morning when mom actually pulled me out of my sleeping bag.

We started our return journey early in the morning, before the sunrise.

We walked for the next two hours before I got the view of Mr. Bob's inn. I took a sigh of relief. The inn was crowed as tourists had started pouring in. I ate ravenously; I think it was the best breakfast of my life, never before I had felt so famished. After the breakfast, we dropped our belongings in our car and about half an hour later, we were at home.

Both of us were very tired so throughout the day we did nothing other than sleeping. I did not even bother to go to my room and simply slept with my beautiful mom in her bed. In any case, after becoming a certified motherfucker I had every right to sleep with her in her bed. It’s a different matter that I was so tired and so overtaken by sleep that I could not utilize this opportunity, and we did not fuck that whole day. Nevertheless, mom and I slept in each other arms, naked.

Mom got up in the evening but I did not and continued sleeping. Late at night mom woke me up for dinner. I ate dinner and again went back to sleep.

Sleep did wonders for me, and the next morning I was fully recharged. When I woke up; mom was already gone to the gymnasium. She would be back by afternoon. I got ready for school. Breakfast was kept ready in the kitchen. After finishing my breakfast I came out and locked the door. I knew my best friend Michael Wong, who lived next door, would be waiting for me, so I picked my bicycle and went to his house.

Mike, as I called him was a childhood friend. The Wong family migrated from Hong Kong some ten years back. His father was a math teacher at my school before he died in a car accident two years back. His mother was a receptionist working at a local publishing company. His family now had Mike, his mother Michelle and his elder sister Suzy. Suzy was one year older than Mike, and she was one year senior to me in school. Mike was my classmate.

I remembered years back when Mike was new to school, some of the older students tried to bully him. I protected him from those rogue students and that laid the foundation of our friendship, which had grown over the years. Mike was a studious type, very good in studies. I never liked studying and so he was my so-called mentor as far as my studies were concerned, always helping me with my homework and completing my assignments.

We were aware of each other's most intimate and darkest secrets. He knew that I jacked off daily fantasizing about our class teacher Mrs. Wilson, and he also knew I was interested in his sister Suzy. I knew that he loved to watch his sister bathing, and I was certain that Suzy was the heroine of his sexual fantasies. I myself had masturbated a number of times thinking about fucking Suzy.

I was desperate to share my latest achievement with him. Many a times in the past we had talked about losing our virginity and it was a matter of great curiosity that who would be the first to lose it. Therefore, we had decided that whenever any one of us would get his first fuck, he would tell the other. Like all other teenage boys, it was a matter of great pride to me and I was dying to share it with my best friend.

I pressed the doorbell. In a moment Mike's mother opened the door.

"Good morning, Ms Wong."

"Morning Ted." She smiled. " Mike is getting ready. You can go to his room."

Michele Wong was a beautiful woman in her late thirties. She was short, around five one in height, little on plump side. She had long black hair, hovering below her shoulder, a small round face, a cute little nose and beautiful lips. With her classical oriental look, she appeared like a tiny doll.

She was wearing some Chinese traditional dress. I did not remember the name of that dress though Mike had told me a number of times. The dress was nicely fitted to her body, enhancing her body mounds and curves erotically. Never before had I looked at her sexually. Suddenly, I felt attracted to her. She must be a helluva fuck, I thought.

"Thanks." I moved towards Mike's room.

"How was your trip?" She asked from behind.

I turned to her. The whole journey has suddenly become alive in my memory. I looked at her suspiciously as if she were aware of the events of our journey.

"It was great Ms Wong." I replied while trying to imagine her plump juicy cunt. "Mom and I had an excellent time."

Mike was ready when I entered his room. We came out of his house. It seemed Suzy had already gone to school, as I could not find her anywhere. We rode our bicycles to school.

I wanted to tell Mike about my latest adventure immediately, but somehow I managed to remain silent till the school was over. My day at school was not good. Most of the time I was preoccupied with my thoughts and found it very difficult to concentrate in my studies. By the end of day, I had already received two reprimands.

Finally the school was over; I took a sigh of relief. Mike and I collected out bags and came out.

"Lets go to the lake." I suggested. "I've got something very interesting to tell you." I wanted a safe place where I could talk with Mike privately.

The lake was about a fifteen-minute ride from school. It was not exactly a big lake; rather it was more like a big pond. Being situated away from the town the lake was not frequented much. It was mostly visited by people like us who visited it regularly during summers for swimming or fishing or some younger lovers, looking for a discrete place where they could copulate without any fear of getting caught. It was the best place where one could spend some time without being spotted by outsiders.

Since our childhood we had explored the entire area near the lake and identified a number of hideouts. Those were totally obscure from casual intruders. Mike and I had been using these hideouts for enjoying our porn magazines, which we had secured with much effort. Many a times we had used our hideout for mutual masturbation. We were not gay, but occasionally it was quite a fun to hold each other cocks and make it cum.

We stopped our bicycles near our secret place. I threw my bag on the ground and sat on a small rock. Mike followed me and sat beside me. He had guessed that I had something important to tell him.

"So! What is the news?" He watched my expressions changing rapidly with excitement. "You look very excited."

"Yes I am." I replied, it was now impossible to hold it anymore so I blurted out. "I've got my first pussy."

His mouth was agape, he watched me suspiciously. "You mean you really fucked some gal."


"And when did that happen…?" He still did not believe me.

"During the weekend…"

"O.K." Now he was sure that I was trying to fool him. "So who did you fuck? As far as I know you and your mom were hiking alone."

"You are right." I finally dropped the punch line. "I fucked my mom."

His mouth was now open even wider. He watched me incredulously. "Do you expect me to believe you?"

"Yes, I fucked my mom, whole Friday and Saturday. I’ve lost the count."

"You are a fucking liar; I cannot believe you." He said stubbornly.

"Listen you asshole. I am not lying." I felt little irritated. "Just listen to the full story and then decide whether I am lying or not."

I told him the full story, about our trip, about the goons, my mother's rape and then my fuck with mother, my hiding in closet and watching my mother fingering herself and finally our escapades during our second journey to Little Thumb. Mike listened to me attentively; his facial expressions were changing continuously, indicating that he believed my narration. When I finished, he was trembling with excitement, his hands rubbing his crotch.

"Nobody…" His voice was quivering. "Nobody will believe that."

"Yes, nobody will believe it." I repeated his words. "As we are not going to tell anyone else about it. Don't ever talk about this with anyone."

"Would you be fucking her again?" He was visibly excited.

"Why not?" The sudden thought about fucking mom again made me hard. I pulled my rigid cock out of my pants and started rubbing it. "Last night I slept with her in her bedroom. I can now fuck her whenever I want."

"Can I see you…. your mom…naked?"

"Sure." My mind was scheming. "If you let me watch Suzy. I know you watch her while she takes shower. If you let me fuck Suzy, I'll let you fuck mom."

"It's a deal." Mike said without hesitation.

"Well! Lets celebrate then." I started massaging my cock vigorously.

Mike unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, now rigid and throbbing with excitement. Mike was short, about five three in height but he had a nice well-developed dick. His cock looked almost equal to mine. His foreskin was circumcised and its bulbous purple head was shining in the afternoon sun.

Soon, both of us were panting and gasping for air. Our hands were working furiously over our cocks. I was muttering incoherently, and I knew that I was approaching my orgasm.

"Fuck Suzy." Within a second, I howled and shot my first load. My cock jerked incessantly and spewed gobs of cum one after another, flying into air for a brief moment and then landing on ground near my feet.

"For your mom." Mike cried and ejaculated. His cock juice followed the same pattern, first swooping in the air and then dropping to the ground.

We groaned and whined as our spitting cocks jerked and ejected drops of cum after cum, which slowly became a dribbling and finally stopped completely. I squeezed my cock, and a final drop dribbled out of my peehole. I wiped my flaccid dick with a handkerchief and put it back inside my pants.

I looked at Mike; his cock already disappeared inside his pants. He was cleaning cum off his hands. Having finished our job, we went back to our bicycles. Silently, we rode back to town and finally we reached to our house.

"Be present at that window around four." I showed him a window opening into our living room while opening my gate. "You may get your opportunity today itself."

I waited for mom to return. Meanwhile, I washed the dirty dishes and warmed the food. Due to mother's work schedule we had fixed duties. Before leaving for her job, mom would cook the breakfast and lunch in the morning and it was my duty to wash the dishes after returning from school and to warm lunch for her.

Mom returned from the gymnasium around three forty. She changed her clothes and immediately went to the bathroom. She would take a nice long shower and then would go to kitchen for lunch.

As soon as mom entered the bathroom, I opened the window. Mike was standing there, his face alive with anticipation.

"Look." I told him. "I'm closing all the windows, but I'd let this one slightly open so that you can see inside. I'd try to bring her into our living room. But, if she doesn't come hear, just wait for five minutes and then come inside silently. I have kept the kitchen door open for you. Be careful not to make any noise."

He nodded his head in agreement.

"And listen. If I'm not here, most probably I'll be in mom's room. Just sneak in there carefully but for God sake don't make any noise. And one more thing, as soon as I finish with mom, go to the front door and ring the doorbell, twice. Got it?"


I carefully pulled the curtains in all the windows except for the window where Mike was standing. There, I arranged the curtain so he could see everything inside the room. My heart was pounding with excitement. Originally, I had planned only to strip my mother naked but now I was thinking of fucking her in the living room, right in front of Mike's watching eyes. We hadn't fucked since Saturday night, and I was sure mom would also be equally horny.

I waited eagerly for mom to come out of bathroom. I had changed my clothes and now wearing only shorts without any underwear. My bulge could be noticed even from a mile. I turned on the television, set the channel to some movie channel and increased the volume. I would have loved to put a porn movie in the CD player if I had one.

Finally, mom entered the living room. She was in a white bathrobe, and she was scrubbing her wet hair with a towel.

"What are you watching Ted?" She looked fresh and tempting. "Please turn it down a little, its too loud. I don't want neighbors banging my door."

I did not use remote; instead I rose from the sofa and lowered the sound manually. Then, I turned to her. As I had expected, mother's eyes were suddenly glued to the enormous bulge in my shorts.

She watched my bulging crotch for a moment. "Your friend looks very excited." She smiled lewdly.

I inserted a finger inside the waistband of my shorts and lowered my shorts to my knees. I did not have any underwear, my raging hard on bounced out.

"Mom, my friend is hungry." I told her while gently massaging my cock, pointing towards her lecherously. "He wants to plunge into your pussy and drink its sweet nectar."

Mom's eyes were studying my erection; they were suddenly filled with lust. I tried to steal a look towards the window where Mike was standing. I could not see him, but I was certain that he was standing there, watching every thing. It was a different matter that he might not be able to hear our voices.

I let my shorts fall to the floor. Stepping aside from them I moved towards mom and hugged her from behind. Passionately kissing her on her neck, I slowly opened her bathrobe and let it slide from her body. As I had expected mom was wearing only the bathrobe and she was completely naked underneath.

I bent my head forward and turning her head I kissed on her lips, inserting my tongue into her mouth. Her wet hair gently touched my face; her hair smelled fresh with a mild fragrance of shampoo. Mom sucked my tongue hungrily. My hand slowly roamed over her hairy cunt slowly exposing her soft lips and showing her inner pinkish beauty. I had positioned mom so that her cunt was facing the same window where Mike was standing. I was kissing her in such a way that her vision was obstructed and she could not see the window.

Mom's hand moved to my cock, which was nudging the crack of her ass. She grabbed my balls and lightly tickled and stroked them, causing my cock to push forward into her crack. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around my hardness and ran her palm along its length.

I was aware that our position could be risky as mom might notice Mike's silhouette moving behind the window, so I led her to the sofa. I sat on the sofa. Mom was still standing in front of me, my face at level with her wet pussy. I took hold of her hips and pulled her gorgeous pussy into my face.

I ran my tongue along her soft lips tasting the salty flavor of her cunt juice. Her cunt was smelling fresh, and a sweet mix of soap and her pussy juice filled my nostrils. Mom was getting wet and I hungrily lapped at her slowly flowing nectar. Mom grabbed my head in her hands pulling it deeper into her lascivious cunt. She was moaning loudly, thrusting her pelvis forward.

I slurped her juice for some time, then took her swollen clit between my lips and sucked it. Mom responded by forcing my head back to the sofa and mounting my mouth. She was lusciously rubbing her pussy over my lips. I began to flick her clit while one of my hands traveled to her rear aperture. I probed her anus and slowly inserted my index finger into it.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaah…! Keep going." She started to moan more loudly.

My deft tongue was slurping at her clit while my finger was reciprocating inside her rectum. Without any warning, her orgasm suddenly shattered through her body. She closed her thighs forcefully around my head, and her soft moans turned into high-pitched screams. I continued gulping her juices till the throbbing in her cunt subsided.

"Oh God! It was great." She sighed moving her body away from me.

Mom forced me to sit on the sofa in a half bent position, and then she squatted on the floor beside me. She took my hairy sack into her palm and squeezed it lightly. She bent her head and kissed it. Then she took one of my balls into her hungry mouth and lovingly teased it with her tongue. I shuddered with delight.

"Yes mom, lick my balls." I moaned hoarsely.

Mom continued sucking my balls adeptly. Meanwhile, her other hand was gently stroking my rigid shaft. She slowly ran her palm along the length of my cock tracing up to its purple knob. She licked the thick drop of precum oozing out of my pisshole. She took my cock head into her hungry mouth and lathered its mushroomed head.

"Oh…! Yes, Suck mom." I forced my cock into her mouth. "Suck my cock."

I started groaning as I felt her lips sliding up and down the shaft. She was holding my cock at its base and the remaining length of my cock was moving like a piston in her sucking mouth. I too rocked my pelvis back and forth meeting her rhythm. The whole room was filled with our incestuous groans.

I suddenly become conscious of my impending climax. Though, I would have loved to shoot my jism into her mouth, I had something different in my mind. I wanted to give Mike the best show of his life; I wanted him to see my mom getting fucked right in front of him. Fucking mom with someone peeping was such a tempting idea that I could not resist it. I knew if I let my cock blow inside her mouth, it would not be possible for me to recover immediately and I would fail to show my friend my prized possession.

Mother was still busy sucking my cock, her hand softly squeezing and fondling my hairy sack. She was expecting my load any time as suddenly she had increased her tempo.

I tried to force her head away form my crotch. She was reluctant to move away from me but when she realized that I wanted to fuck her, she withdrew happily. I tried to rise from my position, but she stopped me. She ushered me to lie on the sofa, and put a cushion below my head. I was lying flat on the sofa, my rigid organ jetting from my dark thatch and pointing towards the ceiling.

Then she was on top of me, pinning my torso between her thighs. I felt my erect cock touching the tip of her cunt, feeling the wisp of her wet thatch smoothly gliding over my cock head. She took hold of my cock and guided its bulbous head to her dripping cunt and with a slow thrust she lowered her body.

My cock stretched those rose petals lips and slowly entered the heavenly abode. She continued lowering her body driving my engorged cock deeper inside her wet twat. Slowly the whole length of my cock disappeared inside her delicious cunt. Her ass cheeks touched my sack, her soft wet bush mating with my coarse thatch.

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