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Topless Cheerleaders, Inc


Disclaimer: The following story contains sex scenes and rude words. It's fairly tame, and I'm pretty broad-minded, but the decency laws in most states would require it not be read by persons under 18. Also, if you're offended by adult themes, you should probably leave now.

More importantly, this tale features women presented as sexual objects. There is nothing wrong with this as they are only fictional characters. I urge readers, especially young males, to not regard real women in this way.

This work is (c) 2003 the author. Permission is granted to freely distribute, provided it is not altered in any way. It may not be posted to any website or included in any archive without the author's permission.

There is no Nicola. All characters are fictitious. The situations are made-up. This is only a fantasy, and any similarity to real persons, events & institutions is pure coincidence.

Topless Cheerleaders, Inc

"Woah, check out the tits on the redhead."

The comment wasn't meant for Nicola, it was whispered between two guys sitting at the table next to her's, but she couldn't help but look up to see who they were talking about.

Bouncing into the cafe was a gorgeous young girl about the same age as Nicola, curly red locks framing her pretty face. Nicola recognized her instantly.


The redhead's face burst into an excited grin. "Nicola!" she cried, waving vigorously.

Alison Buffy had been an exchange student in her last year of high school. She'd spent that year at Nicola's school in Melbourne Australia, and the two had become good mates. That had been two years ago, and Nicola hadn't heard from Alison since she went back to Tilverton, Wisconsin.

Until the other day, when she contacted Nicola out of the blue and suggested they get together at a plush Hollywood restaurant.

Nicola took a good, long look at her friend. She hadn't changed a bit, was still tall, slim and athletic. Alison was wearing a leotard that seemed to be custom-designed to show off her fabulous body. The neck was scooped very low, presenting generous amounts of creamy white cleavage. The fabric of the garment was pulled tight across Alison's chest, causing her pair of perky boobs to push outwards toward Nicola.

No wonder those two guys were checking her out with their tongues hanging out!

Laughing, Nicola threw her arms around Alison and the pair embraced (no doubt giving the two voyeurs even more to whisper about).

Alison's soft brown eyes stared deep into Nicola's baby blues. "God it's good to see you again," she murmured. Nicola felt her pulse rising. Although their relationship had been strictly mates (this being before the days of Nicola's bisexuality), Nicola couldn't help but wonder if Alison was being more than just friendly.

They took a seat, a thousand questions tumbling out of Nicola's mouth. What had Alison done since leaving school? What was she doing here in Hollywood? Why had she gotten in touch with Nicola?

"One at a time!" replied Alison. From her bag she pulled out a magazine and passed it to Nicola. "This is how I knew you were here in the States."

Nicola spotted the title on the magazine and blushed. It was the October 2001 issue of "Celebrity Flash", the very magazine that had published nude photos of Nicola cavorting on a beach. It fell open to the relevant page, and there was Nicola- completely nude, her charms exposed for all to see. And it wasn't just the pictures, the accompanying story related some very tasty tidbits about her sexcapades in Hollywood.

"I see your modeling career is really going places," Alison said with a naughty smirk. "And what's this about you being called 'Knickers' at school? No-one called you that."

"That was something my agent made up," Nicola explained. "He thought it would be a good idea if I had a sexy nickname and a cute story to go with it."

"Knickers," said Alison, savoring the word. "I like it."

"So now you know the intimate details about what I've been up to," said Nicola, "what about you? Why've you come to Hollywood?"

"Well, it's a long story." Alison cast a sideways glance at the two guys at the next table who were quite obviously eavesdropping. She gave a saucy grin and pitched her voice at a level so they could hear too.

"It all started a couple of months back, back home in Wisconsin. I was working my way through college taking an aerobics class at the local gym. Anyway, one morning I was in a terrible rush and ended up really late. I ran into the locker-room only to discover I'd left all my gear at home!

"So, there was nothing else for it, I had to borrow some clothes from one of the other instructors.

"I quickly got changed and rushed out to take the class. It was the morning class, pretty small, mostly women but a few guys. I apologized to them for being late and got the routine rolling.

"It was then I realized I'd made a terrible mistake. The clothes I'd borrowed- they were waaaay too small."

Nicola giggled.

Alison continued. "I was wearing this halter top, really low cut. It would be daring even on a girl with a smaller bust than mine. And I'm up on the stage, in front of all those people, jumping around.

"I can feel the top just slowly slipping away. I'm well into my routine by now, so I can't really stop and try and adjust it. So, as I'm doing these jumping jacks, I can feel my boobs bit by bit coming out.

"By now, everyone in the class has twigged to what's going on. People are staring, smirking, a couple are frowning. But I just carry on.

"And just when I think I'm in the clear, when I think my top has settled into a daring but otherwise OK position, that's when it happened.

"POP! My tits just sprang free and next thing I know I'm topless in front of my aerobics class.

"There's a burst of spontaneous applause and I just froze. But... it was the strangest feeling. I was the center of attention and I loved it."

"I know what you mean," Nicola replied. "It's a buzz."

Alison shook her head. "I never knew I had it in me. I'm standing in front of a bunch of strangers with my breasts completely bare and I don't even try to cover up. Eventually I sorta came out of it and dashed off the stage.

"Later that day the boss called me into her office. I was pretty scared, I expected her to fire me or at least chew me out. But she was pleased. Turned out that after my little show that morning word got round FAST. There was a big rush to sign up for my morning class.

"Laughing, she told me she'd been trying to think of a way to drum up business but she never thought anything like this would happen. And she asks me if I could alter my routine to deliberately include the little 'mishap' that I had that morning.

"At first, I'm like 'No way am I showing my tits!' But I kept going back to that moment, when the shock had faded, and I realized I had an audience. That and the hefty pay rise convinced me to do it."

"I guess that was the birth of topless aerobics in Wisconsin!" Nicola laughed. "But what brings you here to Hollywood?"

"Well, I was doing my act at the gym. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I'd show up to take an aerobics class wearing nothing but a flimsy bit of string that, after a little bit of exertion, would just burst open to reveal to one and all Alison Buffy's charms. Business was booming, it was standing room only in the class. The only rule was that if you came for the show, you had to do the routine.

"It was really fun. I'd be up there, grinning away, my boobs bouncing every which way, with everyone enjoying the view and trying to follow along. I think I single handedly whipped the male population of Tilverton into shape!

"So I did that for almost a year. I dropped out of school and made lots of money."

"I can imagine!"

"Inevitably, someone complained, and the gym was forced to stop the 'special classes'. But I knew that there was money, and lots more fun, to be had in Hollywood, so I headed west."

Alison paused in her story, reaching into her bag. "I need your help, your, um 'special talents' to help me launch my new company. An exciting new entertainment enterprise."

Nicola wondered what she had in mind. A moment later she had her answer, as Alison handed her a glossy brochure. Nicola read the cover- and got quite a surprise.

Topless Cheerleaders, Inc

For all your party needs

Our gorgeous and friendly girls are here to entertain!

Alison Buffy, CEO.

"Topless cheerleaders!?" Nicola cried. One of the eavesdropping guys nearly fell off his chair.

"Uh-huh," Alison replied. "We're kinda like a combination of hostesses, dancers and waitresses. Stag parties, office parties, superbowl parties, product launches, business lunches, conventions, wherever there are guys who want to relax and have a good time, the Topless Cheerleaders are only a phonecall away."

Nicola perused the pamphlet. It was full of pictures of Alison wearing a cheerleader's costume. At least, it was supposed to be a cheerleader's costume, there really wasn't all that much to it. The bottoms consisted of a pair of red bikini briefs that did little to cover her ass. The top was nothing more than a red sequined waistcoat, with the letters TC embroidered on the breast. In most of the photos it was flapping open, revealing Alison's pointy tits. The cute little ensemble was finished off with a cowboy hat, white sneakers, and a big set of red & white pom-poms.

"I've sunk all my money into this, but there's still lots more to be done. I need to find an office, hire some girls, and then start drumming up business."

Nicola's eyes lingered on the photo of her semi-naked school friend on the back page of the brochure. Would've thought that perky little Alison Buffy would have it in her to strip naked and entertain a room full of horny men?

"I know," said Nicola. "I can start by helping to raise some extra capital. Then, we can run an ad in the trades and start auditioning girls to join the squad."

"Extra capital?" Alison asked, puzzled. "Where can we get that from?"

Nicola smirked. "Leave that to me."


Let it be said that nothing opens doors in Hollywood like a great pair of tits.

(Let it also be said that this isn't literally true, as Nicola's friend Dizzy once found out the hard way).

Nicola sauntered into the West Hollywood National Bank dressed in what could charitably be described as a business suit. But it was cunningly tailored to make sure the busty Aussie beauty always had the upper hand in any business negotiations. The skirt was miniscule, a brief strip of navy-blue material that didn't even come down as far as her black stocking-tops. The matching jacket was sleeveless, baring her beautiful arms. It was buttoned up halfway, with Nicola's tanned bosom straining to burst out of its tight confines. Every step she took set her tits visibly jiggling.

The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that Nicola was wearing just the jacket with no blouse or bra underneath, because... well, she was only wearing the jacket with no blouse or bra underneath.

Nicola's black high heels tap, tap, tapping across the bank's threshold heralded her arrival and all eyes turned to gawp at the gorgeous starlet. She greeted them in return with a cheery smile, and with several strides of her deliciously long stocking-clad legs she made her way through to the manager's office.

The secretary, Elaine, looked up from her desk and did a double take. Nicola leaned forward and gave her a sultry grin. "Good morning," she breathed in her husky, Australian accent. "Nicola Baron, here to see Mr. Winterbourne."

"Do you have an appointment?" Elaine asked, her gaze darting from Nicola's face down to her chest. As she was bent over slightly, Nicola's jacket was open, offering tempting glances of her bare boobs.

"No, but I think he'll want to see me anyway," Nicola replied. Still a little gob-smacked, Elaine punched the intercom.

"Uh, chief, there's a 'Nicola Baron' here to see you."

From the speaker came an excited voice. "Nicola Baron! Jesus, send her right in and cancel my 10 o'clock appointment!"

Elaine shrugged. "Please go through, Ms Baron."

Nicola stood up straight, smoothing down her suit to make it (barely) decent again. "Better make that all his appointments for the rest of the morning," she whispered. Elaine stared after her with a look that might well've been envy as the starlet sauntered into Mr. Winterbourne's office.

As soon as he clapped eyes on her, Mr. Winterbourne leapt to his feet. "Nicola!" he cried, practically drooling with delight, "wonderful to see you again!"

Nicola beamed. "Oh Mr. Winterbourne! It's my pleasure."

When she first arrived in Hollywood almost a year ago Nicola had no money, nowhere to live and no contacts. Her agent had arranged some wealthy businessmen to 'invest' in the stunning starlet and her career. One of those men had been Mr. Winterbourne, manager of the West Hollywood branch of the National Bank. Nicola had long-since repaid their generosity (and not necessarily with money) and hadn't needed their help for anything- until now.

"It's been so long," he whined, his big puppy-dog eyes staring longing at the beautiful Nicola.

Or rather, at her tits.

She strutted around to his side of the desk and with a slight push sat him back down in his big leather chair. Then Nicola plonked her bottom down on Mr. Winterbourne's lap and with a wriggle of her shapely rump made herself comfortable.

The horny old banker's cock sprang to attention, poking Nicola's backside. His eyes glazed over with desire, one hand around Nicola's waist and the other resting gently on her knee.

"I've missed you so much," he drooled. "I can still remember the last time we were together."

"It was at the mansion," Nicola replied. "That big client from that Alaskan oil company was in town and you badly wanted him to open an account here at the bank."

Mr. Winterbourne nodded, recalling that memorable night. "He and I drove there by limo straight from the airport. And you were waiting for us there at the front door."

"I was wearing that adorable little French maid's outfit," Nicola giggled. "At least, I started out wearing it."

Mr. Winterbourne's cock was throbbing furiously. "God, I've missed having you around." His hand crept up her knee to rest on the inside of her thigh.

Nicola smiled, her elegant little hands fiddling with his tie. "I'm sure a handsome and wealthy man such as yourself would have no trouble in replacing little me."

"No way! Everyone in Hollywood knows there is only one Nicola Baron."

Nicola blushed, playfully swatting him. "Oh Mr. Winterbourne! You're always stroking my ego... amongst other things."

A big dumb grin spread across his face. His gaze wandered down from Nicola's angelic face to her cleavage threatening to burst out of her jacket at any moment.

"It's just like the old days," he murmured, his hand caressing Nicola's naked thigh just above her stocking-tops.

"Well," breathed Nicola, "I've got a business proposal for you. One that could make you and the rest of your fellow investors relive those oh-so fun days." She leaned forward more, presenting her barely-concealed boobs to his lecherous gaze.

"Let's hear it," Mr. Winterbourne replied. He tried to sound focused, like the hard-headed businessman he was, but his gawking down Nicola's top gave him away.

"I've got this friend, Alison. She's trying to launch a new company and wants some investors."

"What kind of company is it?"

Nicola smiled. "Let's just say... it's entertainment related."

Mr. Winterbourne dragged his attention away from Nicola's chest and looked quizzically into her deep blue eyes.


"Yes, the sort of entertainment I used to provide for your business clients."

Realization dawned on him. "Ooooh. That kind of entertainment."

Nicola produced the brochure Alison had showed her earlier. She opened it up, holding it open for him so that Mr. Winterbourne's hands could carry on groping her.

"That's your friend Alison? She's gorgeous."

"I was thinking... you could get the old gang together again. Alison and I could put on a special demonstration of the unique services the company has to offer. And then you can decided how much you're willing to invest."

Mr. Winterbourne's eyes shone. He recalled the 'special demonstrations' Nicola used to put on. A memory popped into his head: Nicola, bare-ass naked except for a blow-tie and splashes of champagne on her boobs, dancing on a table, a crowd of men clapping wildly.

His hand crept upwards from Nicola's thigh, under her miniscule skirt, seeking the warmth radiating from her crotch. Her silky locks of pubic hair brushed against his fingertips and Mr. Winterbourne realized Nicola wasn't wearing any panties.

"It sounds like something I'd be very interested in, if this Alison is half as good at business negotiations as you are."

"Even better," Nicola replied. She wiggled her bottom into his lap and was rewarded with the unmistakable feeling of his throbbing erection straining to break free of his pants.

Mr. Winterbourne went back to staring longingly at the swell of Nicola's cleavage, licking his lips. "Sweetheart, anything you want you got. But could I just, for old times sake..."

"You want to see my boobs?" Nicola asked. Mr. Winterbourne nodded dumbly.

"Sure," she said perkily. Nicola's nimble little fingers undid the few buttons that held her jacket closed and her magnificent breasts popped into view. Mr. Winterbourne moaned. Nicola had perfect tits: large, round, tanned twin globes of delight, topped by delicious pink nipples that just begged to be suckled. He let out a sigh of delight and buried his face between Nicola's boobs.

The starlet giggled. "Oh, Mr. Winterbourne!"

"Please let me fuck you a little?" he begged, his hands gently stroking her bare breasts.

"Naughty boy," Nicola admonished him, waggling her finger. "You've got a little job to do first."

"OK, OK," Mr. Winterbourne replied. "I'll get everyone together on Friday night. It's going to be tough, they're all pretty busy these days, but I'll do it!"

Nicola grinned. "Good boy!" She jumped up from his lap, giving his cock a playful pat through his trousers. She pulled her jacket shut, once again covering up her glorious hooters.

"And Friday? If I set everything up?"

Nicola tossed back her chestnut-colored hair, considering his request. "If you do this for me, I will personally make sure that Friday night will be a night you'll never forget." Her baby-blue eyes twinkled suggestively.

"Oh, thank-you thank-you thank-you!" Mr. Winterbourne cried, his tongue hanging out.

Nicola gave a small smile of satisfaction. It wouldn't be long before Alison's company would be up and running...


Once again, Traci's eyes nervously skittered across the ad in the paper:

Were you a cheerleader in high school?

Girls aged 18-25 wanted for new company specializing in corporate entertainment

Requires adventurous, fun-loving and outgoing personality

Willingness to go that extra mile a must!

Open auditions 9 AM June 19 at TCI offices,

Suite 17, 1556 San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood.

The buxom brunette had been in Hollywood a month, and as she'd yet to be discovered by a movie producer it was time to find a second job. Waitressing had zero appeal for her. And that's when she'd come across the ad.

Traci had been a cheerleader in high school. She liked to think of herself as outgoing, fun-loving and adventurous. But what exactly was 'corporate entertainment'? And just how far was that 'extra mile'? She wasn't quite sure, but she was intrigued.

She'd been a little nervous about what to wear, and her friends had suggested that she dress in something a little sexy. Traci didn't want to seem too outrageous, so she settled on an outfit that was raunchy yet decent at the same time: a pair of shorts to show off her long legs and a white t-shirt cut to reveal her bare midriff. She dithered over whether or not to wear a bra, and in the end decided that she didn't need one as her boobs always looked fabulous without one, and unless it was really cold or they were planning on dousing her with water she'd still remain chastely covered.

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