tagLesbian SexTops are Off, Girls will Play

Tops are Off, Girls will Play


It was a joy writing this story. I worked with a fellow Literotica member to create it and I think it turned out pretty good. Please give feedback.


TJ and Luke were best friends. They did everything together. Well, almost everything. The two were headed out to get a drink and Luke had one thing on his mind, TJ's wife Laura. Little did he know that TJ was thinking about Luke's wife Sarah.

TJ and Luke found two spots at the bar and ordered their usual brews. They got into talking about work and other stuff worth bull shitting about and by the time the conversation was winding down, they had downed a few beers a piece and were ready to call for the last round.

When the bartender came over, they asked for top shelf. The shots arrived and the two fellows toasted to the women in their lives. On the way home, in the taxi, Luke must have been feeling a good buzz because he asked TJ about Laura, his wife. He wanted to know if her fake tits were better than his wife's real tits.

Without missing a beat, TJ told Luke that he'd like to find out too. The rest of the way home, they devised a devious plan to get their wives to do a sexual competition. Well, maybe devious isn't the right word for a BBQ and pool party.

The next day, TJ called Luke and asked when the BBQ was and what to bring over. Luke told him to bring his hot wife and bathing suits. The little shindig was going to be just the four of them with TJ and Luke hoping it to end in some sort of group orgy.

Luke was getting the grill ready when his wife, Sarah, came out and jumped into the pool. He felt the splash and jokingly threatened her with the grill scraper. She climbed out of the pool and pretended to spar with him until they finally embraced each other and took to each other's mouths.

Luke loved his wife very much and it wasn't just because of her looks. She was into kick boxing and working out and had some tattoos, all things Luke loves. Of course, her looks did help. Her natural tits are a 36DD, she has beautiful, fair skin and always looked extremely sexy.

As Luke and Sarah broke their kiss, it became obvious that Luke was becoming hard and Sarah offered to take care of it before their guests arrived. He wasn't going to say no.

Sarah kneeled down and dropped Luke's trunks. His cock was near full hardness now as Sarah engulfed him. She started bobbing her head slowing and Luke was in heaven. When she finally pulled away, he was harder than ever.

Sarah started licking Luke's balls and took them into her mouth while stroking his shaft. As she went back to blowing him, Luke could feel an orgasm approaching. She felt it too and deep throated her husband's cock. His cock hit the back of Sarah's throat and he could no longer hold in his cum.

He told her to get ready and she planted her lips at the base of his cock. She felt his cock spasm and then the cum rush into her mouth. Sarah swallowed what she could and Luke pulled out of her mouth. She licked her lips to grab whatever cum had been left there and pulled Luke's trunks back up just as TJ and Laura came out to the pool area.

They both gave Sarah and Luke a knowing look and they all started laughing. TJ then asked when food would be ready and Luke said not for about a half hour. TJ then responded by pushing his wife into the pool and then pushing Sarah in the pool before jumping in himself.

Laura wasn't wearing her bathing suit yet so when she came up from under the water, it became very evident that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her 34DD enhanced tits stood clearly from her shirt, showing off her pierced nipples.

Luke turned away from the grill to watch as Laura climbed out of the pool. He thought she looked so damn hot and nearly started drooling after what she did next. Laura stated that there was no reason to put her suit on since she was already wet and everybody could practically see her tits. She then peeled her shirt off right in front of Luke and tossed it aside.

Sarah saw this and decided to take off her bikini top as well. TJ watched as she did and couldn't believe his luck. His best friend's wife and his own wife were topless and wet. Unfortunately, Sarah found herself to be a little jealous of what Laura was now doing to Luke.

Luke had his head between Laura's tits and was doing what is only known as motorboating. Sarah knew that that was his favorite thing to do and felt a little slighted when it wasn't with her tits. Her only way she could respond was allowing TJ to do the same to her.

She waded through the water until she reached TJ and pushed out her chest towards him. TJ knew what she wanted and obliged her. As he did this, she called up to Laura, asking if she liked seeing her husband motorboat some REAL tits.

Laura turned away from Luke and asked her what she meant by that. Laura was proud of her tits and hated it when someone harassed her about them being fake.

Sarah then stepped away from TJ and climbed out of the pool. She then shouted that TJ liked her REAL tits over Laura's FAKE tits. That's when Laura tackled her to the ground and luckily they landed in grass.

TJ climbed out of the pool and joined Luke in watching their wives wrestle topless, screaming things like bitch, skank, whore, slut, and anything else you can think of. They were going to stop them but decided against it since really all they were doing was grappling and cursing at each other.

What the boys didn't know was that the girls were just doing this as a show for their husbands. All of a sudden, Sarah sat up and said that she actually liked Laura's tits. Laura was underneath her and told Sarah that her's were nice as well.

Luke smelled something burning and quickly checked the grill. The food was cooked, some more than enough, so he turned off the grill but left the food on. He didn't want the show to stop.

The girls apologized to each other and Laura asked if she could feel Sarah's tits. Sarah said it was okay as long as she could feel Laura's tits. With Sarah still on top of Laura, the two girls were feeling each other's tits and growing to like each pair.

It was Sarah's turn to be dangerous now. She told Laura that she had always wanted to kiss a girl, using her tongue and making it the hottest, sexiest kiss ever. Laura told her to do it and Sarah bent down, took her head in her hands and locked lips with Laura. They were using plenty of tongue and Sarah was becoming very wet.

Laura was becoming very hot as well and tried reaching for her pussy. In her way was Sarah's bikini covered crotch but that didn't stop her. She pulled the panties aside and started rubbing Sarah's pussy. The two were still kissing and moans from Sarah were trying to escape.

The two finally broke the kiss, gasping for air. Sarah started moaning from Laura's rubbing and she begged her to finger her. Laura did as Sarah wanted and shoved a finger into her friend's pussy. She moved it in and out, eventually adding more fingers until she was using her whole hand.

By this time, both TJ and Luke had dropped their trunks and were jerking off to the scene taking place in front of them. They were ecstatic at how things had escalated so quickly and loved the lesbian action.

Laura was pumping her hand in and out of Sarah's pussy and could tell Sarah was close to orgasm, but she wanted to orgasm as well. She pulled her hand out and suggested a 69 to Sarah. Sarah agreed and they assumed the position.

For the first time, both girls got their taste of pussy and they loved it. Laura picked up right where she left off, fingering Sarah while she tongued her clit. Sarah was trying her hardest to do the same to Laura. Both girls were very close to orgasm.

Laura pulled her mouth away from Sarah's pussy as she was about to cum and warned the girl going down on her. Sarah continued her job and added some ferocity to make sure Laura had one of the best orgasms ever. Sarah was still being fingered when Laura's body began to convulse and she came over Sarah's face.

Sarah licked up the pussy juices and couldn't control herself anymore. She told Laura she was cumming and she knew it too. Laura pulled her fingers out and tried to catch all the juice oozing out of Sarah's pussy.

The guys were still playing with themselves until they saw their wives climax and couldn't hold in their own orgasms. TJ stepped up to Sarah and Luke to Laura. As the girls finished cleaning each other's pussy they felt the splash of sperm hit their faces.

Once the guys unloaded their cocks, they collapsed onto the grass and watched as the women licked the sperm off their faces, trading cum back and forth and eventually swallowing it. They continued that until both faces were clean and collapsed alongside their husbands.

After a few minutes, TJ asked if dinner was ready and the rest of them laughed. Luke said yes and they went into the house to eat, taking the food from the grill with them. The two couples ate in the nude and talked about the little competition and orgy they were going to have after dinner.

To be continued...

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