tagTransgender & CrossdressersTortured by the T-Girl Tutor

Tortured by the T-Girl Tutor


Duncan didn't quite know how to handle it. He'd planned on a quiet Winter Break. Sleeping til noon, watching too much television and eating tons of junk food. That kind of stuff. He had a whole two weeks off from community college.

At school, he was an outcast. They say life gets better after high school. That hadn't been the case for Duncan. Things were the same. He was an introvert, shy and self-conscious; qualities which didn't lend themselves to making friends. Duncan's plans for Winter Break were shattered earlier in the day when his mom told him she'd hired a tutor. His grades were bad. He wasn't the least bit thrilled about having a tutor, but he couldn't reason with his mom once she had her mind settled. Duncan knew she had her heart in the right place. She just didn't understand that he and his little sister, Emily were too different people. Emily was naive, but she excelled at school and making friends.

His mom jumped at the chance to hire a tutor when her friend recommended someone. Her name was Miranda. She was also off from a nearby university and could use the money. Duncan felt a little more panic when he realized his tutor would be a girl around his age. That panic worsened when his mom told him she'd be coming over today.

Duncan cleaned his room as best he could. He shoveled clothing into his closet and threw out empty soda cans. He was feeling more apprehensive with each second that ticked by on his clock. He heard his mom call up the stairs. She told him that Miranda had just phoned and she'd be here in five minutes.

He hid some plastic models he'd painted in high school under his bed and pulled out his school books. Duncan laid them on the table opposite his bed and then sat down. No more than a couple minutes passed before he heard the front door open and shut, then a short conversation, and finally, the loud thump of steps heading up the stairs. Duncan crossed his floor quickly and opened his bedroom door. He got back to his chair just as Miranda entered.

Duncan had pictured a skinny girl with freckles and glasses. Instead, a large, beautiful young woman walked into his room. Duncan's heart beat faster. He hadn't expected anything like her. Miranda had to be over six tall. She was broad-shouldered and full-figured. Miranda was both physically and sexually intimidating. Her blouse and figure-hugging jeans did nothing to hide her immense curves.

Miranda, keenly aware that Duncan's mom was listening at the bottom of the stairs, extended her hand and said, "Hello Duncan. You probably already know I'm Miranda. Are you ready to get to work?" Duncan lifted his jaw from the floor long enough to shake her hand and mutter something incoherent in response. Her over-sized hand closed around his tight. She giggled about his sweaty palm and then closed the door.

"I got my books out. I, umm, don't know where you want to start."

Miranda looked around his room. "Is that the new Assassin's Creed? Let's start with that," her professional tone had disappeared. She scooted her chair over to the television and grabbed the controller, then turned his game system on.

Her sudden change in behavior was a curveball to Duncan. "Aren't you supposed to help me with this? I mean, my mom is paying you, right?"

Miranda looked at Duncan. Seeing her strikingly beautiful face made him even less confident. "I have to get to know you a little bit first. Otherwise this wouldn't work. So just chill out." She looked at him with a new glimmer in her eyes. "Hey, what do you weigh?"

"What?" he said, perplexed by her question, which seemed to come completely out of the blue.

"You couldn't be much more than a hundred pounds."

"One-forty," he told her defensively.

"Maybe soaking wet," she chuckled, then turned her attention back to the screen. Miranda started a new game and skipped every cutscene she could with little patience. Duncan wasn't happy about spending one of the first days of his break like this. He picked at the books he'd set out, not much knowing what to do with himself.

"Have you made it past this part?" Miranda finally broke the silence. "I keep getting killed."

Duncan watched what she was doing on the screen. Miranda had her tongue sticking out of the right side of her mouth as she tried to evade enemies. Her fingers mashed buttons frantically. "I think you have to hide for a while or they'll kill you before you can finish," Duncan finally told her.

Another couple minutes passed before Miranda pondered out loud, "How come nobody in the seventeen hundreds even blinks an eye when a guy comes crashing down from a building into a cart full of hay?"

"Because you wouldn't have a game otherwise," he answered.

"Touch­é." Miranda paused the game and told him, "Go get me a snack."

Duncan used the game being paused as his opportunity to ask, "Aren't we going to do any work? That is what you're here for... so shouldn't we--"

"I said get me a snack," she cut in with a sharp edge in her voice.

"I'm not your maid or your cook or something!" Duncan bristled. "Go down and get your own damn food if you're just gonna play Assassin's Creed all day," he unloaded.

Miranda's reaction wasn't what he expected. She smiled at him, baring her pearly white teeth. "Showing some spine, huh? I'm surprised. It looks like I'm dealing with more than I expected here." Her tone was smooth and complimentary. Duncan showed a hint of a smile himself and that's when Miranda's demeanor suddenly changed. Her tone was harsh again as she grabbed his arm and told him, "If you don't get your little ass downstairs and fix me something to eat right now I'll call your mom up here and tell her you've been refusing to work. You wouldn't listen to me, and then you got on that game system of yours!"

Duncan nearly swallowed his tongue. He realized he'd walked right into that. His mom was going to believe Miranda and not him. Duncan begrudgingly asked her what she wanted from the fridge and she replied, "Now that's better," then told him. His mom was in the living room hard at work as he pulled a dish from the cupboard downstairs.

"How's it coming honey?" she called into the other room.

Duncan knew that Miranda would lie through her teeth and end up getting him in trouble so he answered, "Good. Just getting a snack and it's back to work." He hated having to bring the plate of food back up to Miranda. "Here," he told her coldly. Duncan grabbed one of his books and threw himself back on the bed.

Miranda picked through his game collection over the next couple hours. They exchanged barbs. Duncan found himself attracted to her despite himself. Even though she'd treated him so rotten, she was still a beautiful girl and she was right there in his bedroom. All the same, he couldn't help but be glad when Miranda was ready to leave.

They got downstairs and his mom greeted them. "Oh you two worked together so long. Miranda, you have to stay for dinner. I'm almost ready to serve. I insist."

Duncan's ears perked up. He wanted to protest, but couldn't. Miranda gave his mom a smile and replied, "That's sounds wonderful. Thank you."

"You can use our phone to call your aunt if you need to tell her." Duncan's mom smiled at Miranda and then at him.

"No, that's all right. I don't need to. Thank you, though."

Miranda helped Duncan's mom set the table. They giggled and joked together in a way which left Duncan beside himself. Finally his mom told him, "Go get your sister. We're ready to eat."

Just a little after five all four of them sat at the table together. Miranda introduced herself to Emily and the three girls talked. Duncan poked at his plate. He'd barely touched his food by the time Miranda was already on her seconds.

"You go to MU?" his sister asked Miranda.

"Mmmhmm." Miranda put her fork down and took a drink.

"I was thinking of going there next year once I graduate. How is it?"

Duncan grumbled to himself in obvious disinterest with the conversation. Miranda answered, "Great. I bet you'd like it. You know, I'd be happy to show you around sometime." Duncan looked up at her. What the hell was she pulling? He noticed his mom giving him an observant stare and so he settled down.


Duncan's mom had set up another tutoring date the day after next. He couldn't seem to find a way out of it. Duncan felt trapped in the arrangement. He woke up the morning of his next tutoring session hoping that maybe there had been a big snow while he slept. He crept over to the window and saw that not so much as a flake of snow had fallen during the night.

He decided during breakfast that the best course of action would be to not fight it. Let Miranda play video games and get her food when she asks, he told himself. By early afternoon he started to think about Miranda again. But this time his hormone-ridden mind was thinking about her body. Looking past her intrusive, abrasive personality, she had to be the hottest girl he'd ever spent so much time with. Duncan stroked his cock thinking of her curvy body and dreaming of ways he could be the one controlling her instead of the other way around.

In no time at all he heard the newly familiar sound of her loud clopping feet climbing the stairs. She was wearing a red sweater which fit quite snugly over her tits and a pair of black slacks. Duncan had his game system controller sitting on the chair pushed up to the television and a variety of snacks. He wanted to make this as easy as possible. "Let's play basketball," she said unexpectedly.

"Basketball? I don't want to. It's freezing outside."

"Don't be a baby. Yes, basketball! You have a rim on your garage, don't you?"

"Yeah," Duncan replied. "My dad put that up before he left."

Miranda, with sudden interest, asked, "So your mom's divorced. She's single, huh?"

"Ahh... I guess." Duncan was visibly uncomfortable with the question. "How are we going to play basketball when you're being paid to tutor me and my mom's right downstairs?"

Miranda opened his closet without asking and pulled a coat out. She threw it at him. "Get this on you big baby. Don't worry about your mom. I told her about this great one-day sale downtown. Emily and her will be gone for hours." The front door slammed only seconds after Miranda finished speaking.

Duncan reluctantly put his coat on. He wasn't good at sports and basketball was no exception. Plus Miranda was practically a full head taller than him. He didn't want to lose to a girl. Duncan thought of a quick game, which might limit his embarrassment. They got outside. "Do you want to play H-O-R-S-E?" he asked.

"One-on-one," she told him in a way that left no room for negotiation. Miranda began to bounce the ball she'd picked out of his closet and remarked, "Just enough air left in this thing to play a game. You take it out first." She thrust the ball hard into Duncan's chest.

It was only about ten minutes before Duncan went numb. Not from the cold, but from her brutalization. She manhandled him. She pushed, shoved and physically dominated him in every sense of the word. Duncan's resolve to hold his tongue for fear she'd put him in hot water with his mom was in jeopardy. On one possession, Duncan's head ended up on the driveway pavement, then under her sweaty arm and finally against the garage door as she pushed him away and laid the ball softly in. "Think I should spot you ten points, lightweight?" she gloated with a big smile.

Duncan muttered something nasty low enough that he knew she wouldn't hear it and took the ball. He started to dribble up the driveway. Miranda pushed her big, broad body into him in such a way that he couldn't get by. She pushed herself into him so hard that he fell backwards on his butt. "Foul!" he cried out at her finally.

"I don't see no refs." Miranda pulled the ball from his grasp. "We're playing street rules," she told him.

"So what am I supposed to do when you foul me?" He got up off the ground.

"If you get fouled then you foul back, Einstein," she laughed at him.

"Yeah, all right. I get it." Duncan rolled up his sleeves and readied himself to play more physically.

"But remember," Miranda started to dribble the ball, her tits bouncing hypnotically as she did, "If you foul me, I'm gonna punch you in the fucking face."

Duncan wouldn't have imagined these words coming out of a girl that looked like her until now. But getting punched in the face would be worth it to be rid of this domineering bitch. "Then I'll show my mom and you'll be out of here. Do it. Go ahead."

He thought what he said might have cautioned her to at least play less aggressive defense. Instead, Miranda laughed in his face. She wagged her finger and said, "Oh no. You'll be in deep shit. Just listen to this. 'Miss Farmer! Miss Farmer! I was helping Duncan on math when he grabbed my breast! I slugged him on a split second reaction!'" Duncan could barely stand the arrogant smile coloring Miranda's face. "'I only took this job to make a little extra money for my aunt, Miss Farmer. What's that? You're so sorry and you want to pay me the full amount for tutoring him even though I obviously can't continue anymore? I shouldn't, but okay--I will. Thank you so much, Miss Farmer.'"

Thoroughly beaten on that subject, Duncan wrenched the ball from Miranda. "Fine!" he barked at her. He lifted the basketball up to shoot it but Miranda slapped it out of his hands. Duncan scrambled to it again and started dribbling, with her poking at the ball from all angles. Duncan held his back to her to keep the ball as far from her reach as he could. His butt rubbed against the front of her slacks and that's when he stopped dribbling.

His butt had pressed right against the thick end of a baseball bat in her pants. No wait, it was more like the trunk of tree. Duncan froze in place, his backside still in contact with the mysterious shaft in her pants. He was so shocked that it took him a few seconds to put it all together. Miranda had a cock in her pants! It was a definitely a cock. And that meant... she was one of those girls--those t-girls!

"Are you just going to stand there like that or are you planning to give me a lap dance? We could go inside for that." Miranda's unashamed laughter brought Duncan back to semi-consciousness. He jumped forward, his face burning red.

"You're a fucking... I mean you're--holy fucking hell!" he wailed.

"Well, tell the whole neighborhood, why don't ya?" Miranda seemed remarkably relaxed. She picked up the ball, took a dribble and then threw it up at the hoop. And then in an all too characteristic change in demeanor, she asked him in a threatening voice, "Got a problem with it?"

Duncan shrugged. Even if he had, he couldn't admit it to her. Did he? He'd just jerked off earlier in the day thinking about her! This was all too much to handle. "No. No problem," he answered quickly in what amounted to a high-pitched denial.

They went back in. Miranda looked through his CD collection and acted less antagonistic than usual. Duncan found himself looking over her body. How could she have a cock? Yeah, she was a bigger than most girls, but she was hot too. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it--or rather, felt it himself. How could she have a dick and have tits that looked like that, he wondered. The two didn't go together, or did they? Duncan was feeling a little calmer about the situation when Miranda asked, "Have you ever sucked cock before?" It was another one of her out of the blue questions which sent Duncan off the rails.

"No! I've never done that!" Duncan blurted out. He tried to lighten the mood by telling her, "You ask the craziest stuff sometimes." Then his thoughts came full circle, adding, "And I don't plan on it either."

"Easy there boy," she told him as though she hadn't meant any of it. "Never been fucked in the ass either?" she asked in an equally shocking manner.

Duncan's gaze fell to her crotch and then shot back up to Miranda's eyes. "Hell no! Guys don't do that!"

"I was only making conversation." Thankfully, Miranda didn't carry on in that same line of thought. Duncan's mother and sister returned home not long after. Miranda got up to leave, but then she leaned into Duncan and remarked, "I bet I made your ass clench up so tight when I asked you if you've ever been fucked." Miranda smiled and walked out of his room, her round feminine ass swaying with each step. He listened to her descend the staircase and then his mom and his sister and her talked for a good ten minutes in the downstairs hall before she finally left.

The fact that Miranda had a cock and then the things she'd asked him were still sloshing around in his brain by dinner. His mom and Emily talked back and forth. Duncan hadn't heard a word of it until his sister said, "I'll take those with me when school starts and Miranda shows me around her campus."

"That girl is so nice. I'm thrilled we found her," his mom responded. "Duncan, did you two have a productive day today while we were gone?"

"Yeah, mom. First she threw me around playing basketball. Then I found out she has a DICK! Then she asked me all sorts of questions like, 'Ever been ass-fucked?' Real productive day," Duncan imagined himself saying. Instead he muttered, "I guess."


It was another two days before Miranda went over to Duncan's for another tutoring session. His mom and her talked for a while in the kitchen and then she came up the stairs. Miranda passed right by Duncan's room and continued on to Emily's room, who was out with friends. Duncan's interest was piqued but he stayed in his room reading a book. Miranda walked into his room a few minutes later. Duncan's eyes lingered on her body. He chastised himself for looking, but a nineteen year-old can't help himself.

With a sneaky grin on her face, Miranda asked him, "Want to see something awesome?" Duncan was quite skeptical, so he didn't answer. Miranda pulled a pair of panties from her pocket.

His face turned crimson. "I don't want to see your underwear."

"You think these are mine?" Miranda giggled. She spread the notably tiny pair of panties between her fingers and asked, "You think these would fit me?" Miranda brought them to her nose. "I swiped them from your sister's room."

Duncan, who thought he'd heard everything out of this girl, nearly fell out of his chair. "Gross! What the hell are you doing with them!"

"What do you think?" Miranda took a long whiff.

Duncan's eyes were drawn to the bulge in her pants. She was really getting off on this! The instinct of a brother trying to protect his sister kicked in. "She just turned eighteen! My mom isn't going to pay you a cent more. Put those back!"

"Not so fast," Miranda told him coolly. She brought the crotch of Emily's panties to her mouth and rubbed them against her lips. "I admire your fight," she chuckled at him. "But you better think twice. Want to know why? 'Miss Farmer! Come up here quick. I was walking by Duncan's bed and I found these sticking out from the mattress!' How long before she figures out they're Emily's?" Miranda had a look of such satisfaction on her face. "You're a real perv, Duncan." She took another sniff.

"But... But... I didn't. It was you! ...You took them." Duncan's tone told her that he was defeated.

The pleasure Miranda gleaned from his defeat was apparent, even to Duncan. She started adding salt to the wound, "I wonder if your sister's a virgin. Fuck, my horse cock would destroy her tight little virgin pussy."

"I'm not going to listen this!" Duncan, awash with emotions, headed for the door. Miranda caught his arm and pulled him back.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. It'd piss me off. Do you want me pissed off?" Her eyes were ice as they stared threateningly into his.

Duncan didn't say a word. He fell flat on his bed and pulled his pillow over his head. Miranda kept talking. "Then I'd demolish her ass. She'd lose her voice from screaming. I love virgins! You're a virgin, aren't you?"

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