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Torturous Romance


It was late one March night, and Jess decided it was time for her to head to bed. She got up from her place at the couch and walked down the hallway, where to her surprise she saw a flickering yellow light coming from Chris’ room. Curiously, she walked in and peeked around the corner and as she looked in she had a blank, bemused look on her face. All she could see were three red candles burning peacefully on his dresser and him sitting at the foot of his bed.

"What is all this?" she asked with a puzzled grin on her face.

"It is for you mistress." Chris answered softly. Jess sat down beside him and when she did she noticed that his sheets felt different. They were satin and there were rose petals on top of them, "All of this is for you mistress," he explained, "and I thought I would like to try somthing new," he continued.

"Oh ... well what did u have in mind my slave?" she asked, eager with anticipation.

"Let me show you, " he moved closer to her and started kissing her neck ever so softly, and with one swift motion he laid her down with her head facing the foot of the bed. As he did this Jess started to feel something was up but let her slave continue what he was doing. Chris pressed his lips against hers and started to flirt with her lips with his tongue ring like he was begging to get in. She gave in and he started to explore her mouth, then his tongue found its way to hers for a moment before pulling out, "Let me see your hands mistress," he whispered into her ear. She did what he asked and gave him her hands. Chris laced his hands with hers over her head, "Please mistress keep them there," he begged. She gave a simple nod and waited to see what he had planned to do with her. Chris was standing at the foot of his bed, "Now mistress with your permission, I would like to take your shirt and bra off, " Jess nodded, obliged to do so, "Now mistress please place your hands back at there place over your head," again Jess agreed and did so. Chris now started nibble her ear and made his way to her neck. As he did so he could feel Jess start to stir and arch her back, "What is the matter Mistress? Want me to stop?"

"No, no I just love the softness of your lips on my skin ... please proceed," she commanded him. Chris continued and as he did so he had a strange grin on his face. Jess felt him bend over for a split second and she got suspisious, "What are you doing my pet?" she asked.

"Oh nothing Mistress, no need to be afraid," he says, then quickly grabs her wrists and with one graceful move locked her into a set of hand cuffs that were already secured to the bottom of the bed, "So mistress who is in control of who now?" he whispered into her ear

"How dare you do this to me Slave, let me go this instant I order you!" she demanded.

"I am sorry Mistress I cant do that," he responded Chris was proud of him self and very entertained watching his former mistress struggle in her binds.

"Christopher Alan Profeta when I get out ..."

"What, Jess? What the fuck are you going to do?"

"As of the looks of things, you're not in control this time," he started to bind her thighs and ankles to the sides of the bed, "I don’t want you going anywhere, Mistress."

"Christopher Alan you'll let me go if you know what's good for you," she threatened.

"Fuck Jess I am going to have to shut you up. I will be right back," As he left the room Jess opened her mouth and spit a hand cuff key over close enough to her hands. She grabbed it and started to work on the cuffs.

"No one ever gets the jump on me especially my slave and gets away with it, " she thought to her self as she was untieing her last foot bind. Chris walk back in, quite proud of himself. As he turned the corner Jess grabbed him and wrestled him to the bed, immediately cuffing him.

"How did you ..." Jess interupted him with a violent slap across the face.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" You have no idea how much trouble you are in."

"Ow! Mistress please! I'm sorry! I was going to let you go, I swear!" he winced in pain, his cheek still stinging from the slap, and he was in complete shock that she'd acually struck him.

"Like hell you were going to let me go!" She grabbed his hair roughly, making him look at her, "Did you actually think I was going to let you turn the tables? That I would let you win?!"

"I just ... "

"You just WHAT, bitch?"

"I swear, I just ... "

"SHUT UP, " Jess yelled. Chris closed his mouth and kept it closed, "if you move, I swear you'll regret it more than you already do now, " she hissed at him. She pulled off his pants and his boxers, since his shirt was already off, and then got off the bed, walking over to the closet, searching in her little bag of reinforcements she'd kept nearby. She pulled out some ankle cuffs, and using the same method as the handcuffs, secured them under the bed, so he absolutely could not move, his legs spread. Chris knew right then that he was in for it. He wished over and over again that he hadn't tried his little trick, and that he'd just been a good boy and pleased his mistress.

"Ugh, " Chris groaned softly.

"What? Is that uncomfortable?" She asked him sweetly, looking angelic.

"Yes Mistress, " he nodded, looking terribly embarrassed and completely helpless.

"Too fucking bad, " she growled, "you know Christopher, you were doing really well. You know ... with the whole candle and roses thing. I was actually thinking about rewarding you and letting you fuck the living shit out of me. But now, " she laughed devilishly, "now you're fucked to hell."

"Please Mistress, " he begged, "please don't punish me."

"I think I told you to shut up, " she glared at him, and then reached into her bag, pulling out a long piece of black satin fabric. She went back over to him and kneeled over him, "Open your mouth," she demanded. Chris hesitantly opened his mouth, and Jess gagged him, tying the fabring tightly behind his head, so he could barely speak.

"Unh! Mmm!" He tried to mumble something.

"Quiet, my pet, " she stroked his cheek affectionately and grinned, "I won't even do you the favor of blindfolding you. I want you to see every little thing I do."

"Uunnh, " Chris groaned, really wanting to move.

"That's right baby ... I want you to suffer ... " She whispered in his ear, and then began kissing on his neck, gently sucking on his skin, immediately beginning to rake her nails down his stomach and his sides, using more force than usual and leaving light red marks. Chris squirmed uncontrollably as he fought relentlessly against his restraints, groaning into his gag, "It's too bad too, doll ... I wanted you so bad, " she moaned sexily into his ear, grabbing his hips and gently grinding herself into his groin, "I wanted to feel your hands all over my body ... and your lips ... oh those lips of yours, Chris ... I wanted you to kiss me everywhere. I wanted ... I wanted you to taste me ... and to feel you inside me ... " she whispered in his ear, licking his ear lobe and whispering even more seductively, "so deep inside ..."

"Uuggh, " Chris groaned loudly, trying to turn his head away from her torturous medly of teasing.

"Mmm ... it could have been so good baby ... Chris ... so good ... " she sat on the bed between his legs, slowly taking off her jeans and tossing them to the floor, then getting on her knees and turning her back to him, giving him a perfect view of her ass as she pulled off her thong, tossing it on top of her pants, then sitting between his legs again. She put her feet on either side of his stomach and lifted her hips to rub her pussy against his already throbbing erection, making sure to then lift her hips higher to give him a better view of what he was missing out on. Chris groaned again and closed his eyes, putting his head back, biting down on the gag.

"Mmm ... unh!" he made undeciphered noises, which were supposed to be words, but came out as merely grunts of despair.

"Let the games begin ... " she smirked, sitting up on him and leaning really close to his face, looking into his brown eyes, which were undoubtedly gorgeous, but at the moment in time, filled with an unexplainable fear, "don't close your eyes. You might miss something," she grinned. Chris just stared up at her, giving in to the fact that he was defeated. Jess grinned proudly as she sat up on him again, sitting right above his pelvis, her hands rubbing his chest, and her nails dragging down his skin. She leaned down and started placing light kisses on his right shoulder, kissing across his chest to his other shoulder, squeezing his sides as she did so, "your body is absolutely hot. I would hate to do anything to desecrate it, Christopher. It would be a shame to mess up something so beautiful, " she moved her fingertip in a circular motion around his belly button, looking innocent, then looked up at him with the same look, "don't you think?" Chris just looked at her with wide eyes, his fear growing by the second. Would she actually bring harm to him? After what had already happened to him so far, he wouldn't put it past her. He whined softly into the gag, squirming again, "Now now my pet ... there's no need to fear. If ... if you're a good slave ... then no harm shall come to you. Do you understand me?"

"Mmm!" He nodded quickly, telling her with his eyes that he promised to behave.

"Good boy ... " She leaned down and sucked on his neck softly, as she massaged his hips, moving her own hips downwards and onto his groin, gently grinding into him. Chris moaned softly and watched her, as she continued to back up, her butt ending up between his legs again. This time, though, she put her feet up on her thighs, and pulled a pillow under her ass to levitate her a little more. She looked up at his face and licked her lips, "pay attention now, my slave," she said sweetly, as her delicate hands reached up and massaged her breasts in her hands, licking her lips again as one of her hands crept downwards towards her center. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she began to rub herself slowly, feeling how wet it had made her to have complete control over someone who was normally amazingly strong, both in body and in mind. She opened her eyes to watch his, as she pushed two fingers inside of herself, whimpering as she did so. She rubbed her clit with her thumb, her hips grinding in a ellipse motion into her own fingers, "I bet this is what you wanted to do, isn't it? Wouldn't you like to ... " she pulled her fingers out and brought them to her sultry lips, giving him a lustful stare as she licked her fingers, "taste it?"

"Mmm ... " came another muffled groan from Chris' lips as he watched her. Jess grinned and reached her hands back down, starting to run herself again. Chris couldn't take it, and he turned his head, closing his eyes and groaning. Jess saw this and became angry, sitting up immediately and grabbing his hair, turning his face towards hers roughly.

"Were you closing your eyes? Didn't I tell you to watch me? Why weren't you watching me, Christopher? Didn't you like what you saw?!" She yelled at him. Chris nodded his head quickly, trying to hard not to get in trouble again, "I'll teach you to not watch me when I say to watch!" She looked around and saw the still burning candles. She grinned evilly and got up, walking over with the candle. She stared at him as she withdrew one of her hands and opened it, palm up over his chest, pouring the wax into her own hand, grunting softly as the hot wax burned her hand slightly. She then looked down at his dick, and grabbed it with her hand full of hot wax, squeezing it enough for him to feel it, but not enough to really hurt him.

"UNH!" Chris groaned extremely loud, trying to move his hips, but it was absolutely no use. He bit down hard on the gag and closed his eyes tightly, now breathing extremely heavy from her rash actions. When she removed her hand, the was was dried, and she smirked slightly, peeling it off and letting it fall to his floor.

"You can clean all that up later," she grinned, "now are you going to watch me next time I say to watch me?" Chris nodded enthusiastically in response, "Good, " she looked him over, as if she were deciding his fate, "You disgust me, bitch. Trying to take me over like I was some stupid girl. I think I want to leave you in here for a while, to think about what you've done. If you want me to treat you good, you need to learn to respect your Mistress. Do you want your Mistress to leave you and be bitter with you forever for not being a good boy?" Chris shook his head, not wanting to lose her in any way, shape or form, "That's what I thought. Now ..." she pulled on her panties and jeans, and one of his t-shirts, "when I get back, I expect you to show your Mistress the love and respect she deserves. Understand?" She gently stroked his face, kissing his cheeks softly, giving him butterfly kisses, then grabbing his face and making him look at her. Chris nodded again, and sighed into his gag as he watched her walk out of the room, shutting the door behind her, and leaving him there in the dark.

At least an hour or so much have passed, before Jess finally walked back into the room. She was eating one of Chris' Jello's.

"So slave ... are you ready to behave?" she asked, walking closer.

"Mmm ... " Chris nodded, looking at her. Jess smiled, setting her Jello on his side table, and sitting beside him.

"Good, " she smiled, reaching back and untying his gag, taking it off, "better?" she asked, and Chris nodded, moving his mouth around.

"Thank you Mistress. "

"Yes, " she nodded, leaning down and kissing his lips, "now I'll release you, but don't move until I give you permission. "

"Yes ma'am. "

"That's my Christopher, " she kissed his lips again, then went to the other end of the bed, untying his ankle restraints, which she was sure didn't hurt his ankles cause they were special ones, lined in fleece, but his legs were slightly sore from bring stretched for so long. She then went up towards his head and unlocked his handcuffs, then proceeding to sit on the side of the bed, "You may move now, " she said, watching him. She leaned down and picked up his boxers, tossing them to him. He immediately bent his legs and arms to get them circulating again, then pulled his boxers on, looking at his wrists and wincing a little.

"Ow, " he grimaced at his red wrists, which were a little scratched from pulling on the cuffs so much.

"Come here, " Jess said to him. Chris looked at her, and crawled to her, as she laid down on the bed. She pulled him to her, laying his head on her chest, "Let Mistress see your wrists, " she said to him.

"Okay, " Chris answered, giving his hands to her.

"Aw, my poor baby, " she pouted slightly, kissing his wrists and rubbing them lovingly, "Mistress is sorry, but you understand that you needed to be taught, " she looked at him, then kissed his forehead, "do you forgive your Mistress?"

"I will always forgive my Mistress, " he said, and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her shoulder, "I couldn't ever stay mad at you."

"That's what I like to hear, " she smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Is there anything you'd like me to do to make things up to you?" he looked up at her with vulnerable brown eyes.

"I'd like you to kiss me, " she smiled.

"You ask too little of me, my Mistress. I would be willing to do so much more to ensure your happiness.

"This is true. But yet, the only thing I need of you is your sweet kiss, and your loving eyes. You should know better than anyone that it doesn't take much to satisfy me, " she smiled, rubbing his cheek gently.

"I know ... and I would be obliged to kiss you every minute of the day, and if you were ever to ask anything more of me, I would do it on a whim, " he whispered these words, as he looked into her deep blue eyes, and kissed her so softly, his fingers sliding up into her hair. He kissed her slowly and prudely at first, but his kiss began to deepen, as he gently laid her head in his pillow, and he parted her lips with his tongue, exploring more of this taste which he had become quickly addicted to.

"You know exactly what to do to make things up to me, " she smiled at him, pulling the covers over him, "lets go to sleep now, Chris. I'm tired from the excitement of tonight, " she laughed a little, cuddling close to him.

"Yes, my Mistress. You sleep. I think I'll stay up a while. I like to watch you sleep, it makes me smile, " he said softly, stroking her hair. Jess smiled too, looking up at him.

"I love you Chrriiiiss, " she cooed at him,

"I love you too, my Mistress, " he smiled and tickled her gently, then kissed her once more. Jess giggled a little and then curled up to him, closing her eyes.

"Sleep, beautiful ... tomorrow ... tomorrow is your day ... " he smiled, laying close to her and watching her as she fell into a peaceful slumber.

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