tagMind ControlTotal Domination Ch. 02

Total Domination Ch. 02


This on-going novel is my first work of fiction as all my other stories are real life experiences. Hope everyone likes it. I enjoy feedback and if there is any one, who would like to give ideas on how you would like the story to continue, do drop me a line. I'll try to fit your idea in if I like it.


I woke up bright and early the next morning, feeling totally satisfied. I had finally fucked Melissa, the fantasy object for me for so long. The thing was, with my new power, I could have any woman I wanted. The attraction for Mel dropped a notch since there were now so many better choices out there. I washed up and packed my bag for school. After all, I still had to attend my lectures.

I went downstairs to find my mom alone in the kitchen washing the dishes. I went up behind her and gave her a hug and a peck on her cheek. "Where are dad and Felicia?" I asked her. "Your dad has an early morning meeting with a customer so he had a very early breakfast today. Felicia got a ride from one of her gal friends, so she's off to lessons already," my mom replied.

"Hmmm, your tummy is getting a little fat mom, you need to watch those calories," I teased her while patting her tummy. "Yeah, we've been eating too much rich food lately, not to mention the late night snacks which me and your dad have been eating recently," mom replied sadly. "I'm going to go on a diet starting today, I weighed myself this morning and I've put on two pounds since the last time I weighed. Well, you have breakfast yourself, I need to go shower and get to work." With that, mom left me alone in the kitchen to have my breakfast.

I quickly gobbled down my breakfast, as I was running a little late. After quickly washing my plate, I scrambled into my car and drove off to university. I just managed to make it for my lecture at eight thirty exactly. As I sat down to listen, my mind started wandering back to the amulet hanging around my neck. The world seemed so different now. I could select any female I wanted in this room and she would be mine. Instead of seeing them as females, I now saw them as targets for me to satisfy my lust.

My head turned around the lecture hall to search for potential targets. My view finally stopped on the lecturer herself, Miss Wong. She was my structural mechanics lecturer and a good one too; I always managed to understand what she was teaching. She looked pretty today, her shoulder length hair curled nicely around her ears and it shone, she must have washed it last night. She was slim and of average height but as she walked around the lecture stage talking, her huge breasts bounced around enticingly. She was in her late twenties. I decided that I would take her sexually before the day was out.

She was in a pleated knee length flowery skirt matched with a beige long sleeved blouse. She looked awesome! From the faculty gossip, I also knew that she was due to be married in a month and she would be on marriage leave then. I planned to look for her in her office after lunch, as I knew she had no lectures in the afternoon. I would have plenty of time to enjoy her body. As she completed her lecture, I went out to take a smoke before my next lecture.

I bumped into Lance outside the lecture hall; he had the same module as me after this. "Hey man, the tanning yesterday really put Melissa in a sexy mood. Do you know when I went over to fetch her to lessons this morning; she made me fuck her twice before coming to classes. I'm totally drained out man," Lance said. "You are one lucky fellow!" I replied him. I was actually bursting with laughter inside. She must have got so horny after my fucking yesterday that she had to fuck him twice.

Just at that moment, Miss Wong came out of the lecture hall to go for her next lecture. I gave her a smile before saying "Hi Miss Wong, could I come over to your office sometime this afternoon around two? I have some questions regarding the formula you taught today."

"Of course, just come along then. I have no lessons after one," she replied with a smile. With that, she walked off to her next lesson. "I would really like to fuck her one day," Lance said with a silly grin while looking at Miss Wong's ass as she walked away. "Her boobs are HUGE."

As I mentioned, Lance is a pure breast fanatic. He would fuck anyone with huge breasts even if she were ugly, I think. "Stop those perverted thoughts, Miss Wong is a nice woman and a great teacher as well," I said, thinking of what would happen this afternoon. "Let's go for classes already."

The rest of the day passed uneventfully with me constantly fantasizing of Miss Wong's body even through out my other lectures. I had a short lunch with Alicia on campus before proceeding to Miss Wong's office while Alicia went home. Her classes had ended for the day.

I knocked on Miss Wong's office door. "Come in," she called out cheerfully. I opened the door and went into the room. She was not alone; there was another girl in there with her. "Take a seat for a moment; your faculty mate Connie here also has some questions. I'll answer your questions after I'm done explaining to her, " she said. "Sure, I'll wait for you. I'm not in a hurry," I replied.

As I sat on the other chair to wait for Miss Wong, I studied the body of the other girl slowly. She was slightly plump but not fat, and her face was rather cute. She had long black hair down to her waist and she was wearing a light blue spaghetti strap top with a pair of Levis jeans. I decided to try out my power on both of them instead of waiting for Miss Wong to finish teaching her.

I stood up and walked to her office door to lock it. "What are you doing?" Miss Wong asked as she and Connie both turned towards me. "Pagawator Putasar," I spoke to both of them. They both went quiet and remained in their chairs looking at me. The next moment the familiar words "What do you wish of me?" echoed from both females. Apparently my amulet's power worked on multiple females, I would have to test its limits next time. Strolling over to them, I moved aside her table and asked both women to stand up so that I could also move their chairs aside. I decided I wanted both females to put on a show for me instead of just fucking them. As I sat on the one remaining chair, I told both of them "I want the both of you to have a competition. You are supposed to strip all the clothes of the other female off her. The one who strips off all the clothes of the other will be allowed to suck my cock."

The two women started at each other for a second before lunging at each other. The bigger and heavier Connie easily pushed down Miss Wong with the first lunge. As Connie sat astride Miss Wong and pinned her down with her knees, her arms struggled with unbuttoning Miss Wong's blouse. She had only unbuttoned two of the four buttons on Miss Wong's blouse before she was pushed off with a sudden burst of strength from the petite lecturer.

Connie rolled onto her front and before she could get up, Miss Wong was on top of her and effortlessly pulled the young girl's spaghetti strap up over her head and threw it on the floor. Connie's strapless baby blue bra was immediately revealed; I saw the lace covering the entire bra and my cock immediately gave a jump. Before Connie could react, Miss Wong had also unclipped her bra and forcibly pulled it out from under her. Miss Wong then rolled her over in preparation to unbuckle her jeans. Connie's ample breasts were revealed in all their glory. That was Miss Wong's mistake, as she was turned over Connie had sufficient leverage to push the older woman off her.

As Miss Wong fell to the ground, her skirt fell up revealing her beige brief panties. "Kinky!" I thought to myself, such a young lady wearing such mature style panties. She was probably the only woman I had seen below forty who wore briefs. As Miss Wong struggled to get up, Connie was on her again, and locked Miss Wong's arms with her heavy knees. This time, all the buttons were unbuttoned and the blouse pulled off her. A matching beige bra was shown covering her huge breasts. "Throw her bra to me once you take it off," I instructed Connie. Without even bothering to unclip it, Connie just ripped the bra off Miss Wong breaking one of the clips before throwing it to me.

I looked at the label on the bra; the number 75D stared back at me. Wow, what huge breasts she had for such a petite lady. The number seemed to fit more on the heavier built Connie that on Miss Wong. Her areola covered a huge area; they were as big as quarters and pinkish in color. As the lecturer was struggling, Connie reached behind her and deftly unzipped the skirt before easily pulling them down those slim legs. I now had a full view of the beige briefs I had glimpsed earlier. With a sudden effort, Miss Wong managed to free one hand from under Connie's knees and pulled the young girl's hair hard.

As Connie tried to get her hair free from her grip, Miss Wong used her other hand to get a grip of Connie's breasts and gave a hard grasp. Eyes' tearing with pain, Connie was unable to react when Miss Wong released both hands and unbuckled Connie's jeans before pushing the other girl onto her back and pulling the jeans off her legs. Connie was wearing a light blue g-string, fitting nicely into her ass from all the wriggling around. However, the winner was still Connie as after recovering from the hair pulling she had received, she flipped the older woman over with her legs and pinned her on her front this time. Miss Wong was lying flat on her breasts with her legs splayed apart facing me. I could detect a slight wet spot between her panty crotch and I knew the amulet's power was causing it. With a victory cry, Connie pulled the panties off Miss Wong's ass and whirled it over her head before throwing the trophy to me.

I caught it and gave a deep whiff. Miss Wong's panties smelt so nice and fresh with just a slight tinge of pee. Miss Wong's pubic hair was relatively thick; I could see that she didn't shave though she wasn't that bushy. "Come here Connie, for winning the contest, you will get to suck my cock," I told the younger girl. "Strip off your panties and stuff it up Miss Wong's nose. Miss Wong, please smell it while Connie is sucking my cock," I instructed both of them. Connie obliged, rolling down her g-string and pressing them to Miss Wong's face. Miss Wong held on to the g-string and kept it at her nose, taking deep sniffs of it. Connie's pussy on the other hand was totally bald. "Another boring shaved pussy," I thought to myself.

Connie walked over to me and unzipped my jeans, pulling down my jeans and underwear together. My hard cock sprung out, all prepared to be licked. Connie kneeled down between my legs and swallowed my cock into her mouth at one go. I could feel her sucking hard at it before releasing it to seductively lick up and down the shaft. This girl was an expert cocksucker. "Do you suck cock very often, Connie?" I asked her. "I suck my boyfriend all the time, and I've also sucked Prof Tan last semester when I failed his module," she answered me.

I reached down between her legs while she was sucking me and felt for her pussy. It was dripping wet, the juices causing a tiny pool on the floor. I plunged two fingers into her pussy, encountering no resistance. This girl obviously fucked a lot. My fingers coated with her cunt juices, I smeared it all over my amulet. Once again, I saw the bulging eyes of the sex demon inside glow red for a second. Connie's tongue was doing all kind of tricks to my cock and I really savored the feeling, but it was Miss Wong who was my real target. I turned towards her, and saw her gleefully still sniffing Connie's g-string; her pussy was also glistening wet. "Now it's your turn to sniff Miss Wong's panties," I said to Connie while handing her the beige briefs and pushing her gently off my cock. Though I enjoyed her sucking, I had enough of fun with her; I wanted my lecturer's body.

Connie happily took Miss Wong's panties and lay down on the floor sniffing them, while stroking herself between her legs. I took Connie's panties away from my lecturer and made her lie down on her office table. Her huge breasts bounced enticingly when she lay down. I positioned myself between her legs and bent down to lick those huge melons. As I licked, I used both hands to fondle one tit. They were so big that I needed two hands to fully grasp one. I freed one hand to feel between her legs; I didn't even have to push my fingers in to get any juice. Just by fondling her pussy, my fingers were covered in juices. I happily smeared all of her love juices onto my amulet. This time I was sure I saw its eyes glow red. I wondered why that happened.

Still fondling her massive tits, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her delightfully pink cunt and pushed in. She was tight! I had only managed to get the head of my cock in before I hit a barrier. "Miss Wong was a virgin!" I thought to myself. I had just hit her virgin head in my penetration of her cunt. "Are you a virgin, Miss Wong?" I asked her. "Yes, I have been saving myself for my future husband. I have never allowed him to fuck me though he asked for it many times," she replied. "Well, I'm sorry to take this pleasure away from him, but I'm going to take away your virginity," I whispered.

Pulling back out a little, I suddenly plunged forward to break through her hymen. She gave a loud moan of pleasure mixed with pain. After breaking her hymen, it was easier to fuck her and I plunged in and out of her, a little blood mixing with her pussy juices helped to lubricate my entrance. She was still very tight and it was not long before I could feel the familiar feeling of my sperm about to shoot out. "Come over here Connie and lie down on the table next to Miss Wong," I instructed. As Connie dropped the panties and squeezed next to my lecturer on the table, I fucked Miss Wong harder and faster. Her moans made me all the more excited. "Open both your mouths wide," I instructed them. They looked so comical doing that, my lecturer and a fellow faculty mate lying on their backs on an office table with their legs spread and their mouths open. As I was about to orgasm, I fucked Miss Wong harder and faster. I pulled out just before spurting, and quickly climbed on top of both women before letting loose my sperm into both of their open mouths. I came gallons, shooting tons of cum into both women's mouths.

They swallowed it all and I slid my cock into Miss Wong's mouth. She lazily licked it up and down to clean off all the cunt juices. After my cock had been thoroughly cleaned of sperm and cunt juices, I got off the table and dressed myself. I instructed both of them to wear their clothes and forget that this incident had ever happened. At least in her mind, Miss Wong would still remain a virgin for her future husband and no one would be the wiser. I placed the table and chairs back to its original position and also erased their memory of me entering the room. They would just remember that Connie was asking Miss Wong some questions, which she didn't understand. As I left the room, there was such a strong smell of sex in the air that I wondered if they would notice anything. Laughing to myself, I picked up my bag and left the office, going towards my car. My lessons had ended for the day.

Before meeting Alicia for dinner, I decided to pop by the nursing home on the way to Alicia's house. My grandma Nancy lived in a nursing home as her health was not too good and there were nurses there to look after her. She didn't want to burden any of her children, including my mother by living with them. She was a very nice and considerate woman. It was rather unfair, I felt, that my grandma Nancy who was so nice was having health problems and my grandma Agatha who was such a horrible person was so healthy.

As I went along the corridors to grandma's room, most of the nurses there greeted me. "Hi Eddie, are you here to see your granny again? You're such a nice grandson," my grandma's personal nurse Juliet said. "Don't forget, my grandma is very nice to me too," I replied her. I had meant to give my grandma a surprise but instead I was the one being surprised. My granny was fast asleep when I went into her room, her short graying head supported by two pillows. Even while sleeping, her wrinkled face was giving a nice smile. She was a nice person. I wrote a note to thank her for my birthday present of my car's body kit and left the nursing home.

I drove over to Alicia's house to meet her for dinner. Even with all the great sex I was having, Alicia still meant a lot to me. I really loved her! I parked in her driveway and rang the doorbell. Alicia opened the door and gave me a big hug. "I missed you the whole afternoon, baby. How were your lessons today?" she asked. "I was the usual, boring lectures. Sometimes I think I'm smarter than the lecturers. I can probably teach their classes better than them," I replied. I didn't tell her that I had missed all my afternoon lectures while I was fucking the two females. I never missed any lectures in my life.

"Come on in. Mom just got home from work and she's cooking right now. We don't have to go out for dinner. There's this nice drama on the television I'm watching. Come join me," Alicia invited. I went in and we spent half an hour watching the drama before her mom called us for dinner. "Hi Eddie, dinner's ready. It's always better to eat at home instead of always eating out. Home cooked food is always healthier," her mom said. Alicia's mom looked quite nice today even though she had just come back from work an hour ago. Her short curly black hair was tied up in a bandana; she always wore a bandana to cover her hair when she was cooking. Besides that, she was in a light orange t-shirt and a pair of brown Bermudas, which managed to hide her plumpish stomach quite well.

We had a great dinner together making conversation over the table. As I said, Alicia's mom was always polite and civil to me, no matter what her true opinions were about me. After dinner, both Alicia and I went back to the living room to eat some fruits while her mom washed the dishes. She had just fed me a piece of watermelon when her left hand slowly moved to my jeans and started stroking my cock through it. Even with all the sex I had been having, my cock responded immediately and it erected. I was enjoying the feeling when we heard the water turn off in the kitchen. Alicia quickly released her hand just before her mom walked in to the living room.

"Is the watermelon sweet, Eddie?" Alicia's mom asked. "Oh yes, Mrs. Heng. It's very nice. Have some too," I replied. Alicia's mom sat down on the couch next to us and we chatted again while eating the watermelon. However, the stroking Alicia had given me made me very horny. I couldn't resist any further. I needed to fuck, and it wasn't my girlfriend I wanted to fuck this time. It was her plumpish middle-aged mom. I wanted all the variety of pussy I could get now, and I didn't care whose pussy it was.

"Pagawator Putasar," I said as I got up from the couch and faced both Alicia and her mother. Both of their faces went blank for a moment as they stopped in mid sentence. "What do you wish of me?" the two women said. I didn't need to use the amulet to fuck Alicia; my girlfriend was perfectly willing to let me fuck whenever I wanted to. "Alicia, go up to your room and masturbate till orgasm. After that, you will fall asleep and forget all this ever happened. You will remember that I went home after finishing the watermelon," I instructed her. "Yes dear, I will enjoy myself masturbating," Alicia said. With that, she went upstairs to her room and closed the door leaving me alone with her mother downstairs.

"Take off all your clothes and lie on the couch, Mrs. Heng," I instructed her. I didn't want to waste any time on foreplay with her. I was just horny because Alicia had turned me on by stroking my cock, if not this probably would not have been happening now. "Ok, Eddie. But please call me Nora, not Mrs. Heng. It makes me feel so old when you call me that," Nora said.

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