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Total Woman Mentors 01


Evelyn cuddled her nose in Mr. Walden's ear. She gently inscribed circles over the closed zipper of her visiting daddy's tuxedo pants. His bulge underneath was obvious and throbbing. Mr. Walden was not disinterested in his daughter's warm embrace but he was more interested in the forthcoming stage show that was about to begin.

Total Woman Academy Father Daughter Senior Weekend's first evening was getting underway. The annual event was an exclusive venue. The daughters had acquired a superb education in exchange for the large pledge donations provided by their parents over the past few years.

Earlier, the formally dressed fathers were welcomed by an arrival cocktail party. Their daughters were wearing their most flattering fashions, albeit some rather fetish in nature. Each TWA senior academy student wore a numbered medallion on a satin choker that would become useful during the following phases of the festive weekend. This opening event was an opportunity for the fathers to circulate, fantasize and savor the select bounty of beauty soon to be accessible to them. Evelyn steered her father to clusters of guests and students where they idly chatted with her classmates.

After all the fathers had finally arrived, each was escorted by his daughter into the small theater where number-labeled lounge recliners were arrayed before the stage. Each pair took their assigned seat corresponding to the daughter's choker number. Most of the couples kicked the chairs back and cuddled together as they awaited the show.

"So, Daddy, which of my classmates is your favorite so far?" Evelyn held her motionless finger hard against her father's groin. She felt his cock pulse a heartbeat even through the layers of cloth.

"Well, I haven't picked a favorite. It doesn't matter what I like; the pairings are random."

"But there must be one you like better. How about Maureen, the redhead? You always like redheads. Is she the first one you want?"

Brandi giggled as she swirled her finger again on Mr. Walden's pants covered erection.

"Maybe I would prefer to do you first, my dear. What do you think of that?"

"Sorry, Daddy, but that's not possible this weekend. What about Karina? Do you like her?"

Mr. Walden remembered being drawn to the sari wrapped Karina and her mesmerizing eyes. Karina was an outstanding specimen of her Hindu heritage. He felt his cock twitch at the off-chance of being paired with her. He spoke softly to his daughter.

"I don't want to risk disappointment by pre-choosing. The raffles will pair up whoever the fates decide should be together. Every one of your classmates is a knockout beauty and I know they are eager to show off their acquired abilities. I've got the whole weekend for comparisons. I'm not going to choose a favorite...yet."

"Okay, daddy, we'll see what destiny has in store for you."

The house lights dimmed and a spot light focused attention on the housemother, Mrs. Smith, as she took the stage.

"Welcome, fathers and daughters to the Total Woman Academy Father Daughter Senior Weekend. This weekend is a Transition Time for your daughters. During the last four years at our elite Academy, they have immersed themselves in our curriculum of intelligence, beauty and poise. They have refined those qualities through vigorous workouts and rigorous evaluation-assessments performed by our roster of expert coach-tutors.

"But now, just weeks before graduation, the students hope to hone their skills through genuine life encounters replicating the real world. Those encounters are their final steps in the transition from Academy Students to Total Women. The students have been tittering for weeks about this opportunity to prove the value of your support and investment in their future.

"A full demonstration of their skills is best rendered without the inhibitions of assimilated familiarity. As such, we will periodically re-shuffle the father-daughter pairs. The abundant variations will help refresh the fathers' curious nature and maximize the daughters' receipt of frequent manly largesse.

Fathers will never be paired with their own daughter. However, you will soon discover that the Academy Seniors have been comparing notes. Those little complicities will enlightened their efforts to sustain sensual stimulation regardless of the random father-daughter pairings.

"When your number is called, please proceed onstage. From then on, the fathers are encouraged to share their expertise and experience the sensual proclivities instilled in our students. We hope each father departs Sunday night with a suitable appreciation of our students' exceptional charms. We will begin with Daughter No. 3. Please come forward, dear."

A blonde arose from her spot on a nearby recliner. She leaned in and pecked her prone daddy on the cheek and, with a smile and skip, jaunted towards the steps and mounted the stage. She was dressed in a long sleeve beach wrap with a hem well above the knees. Her toned thighs flashed as she pranced onstage in her heels. The light fabric bounced in time with the long wavy blonde hair teasing her butt and her generous breasts rippling under the cover.

Mrs. Smith took the young lady's hands to buzz her with bijou cheek kisses before turning her to face the rapt audience. Mrs. Smith retrieved a large fish bowl containing numbered disks and held it behind the blonde who reached back unseeing and selected one. With a bright smile, she held the disk high for all to see and called out: "No. 1."

Evelyn gasped and cheered. "Oh, Daddy! That's perfect! You get to go first!"

Evelyn gave a final rub to Mr. Walden's crotch and kissed his cheek. She pushed him up and out of the chair. He shuffled between the other recliners as the occupants applauded. Stepping on stage he was quietly greeted by the blonde.

"Hello, sir. My name is Brandi. This must be my lucky day. Evelyn has told me so much about you. I look forward to discovering whether what she told me is true."

Walden gave a small cough. "Well...I'll try not to disappoint. So...what's next?"

"Come sit center stage. We will act out a little skit for the audience before departing to our private 'get-to-know-you-better' time. Just follow my lead."

Brandi guided Mr. Walden to a straight wooden chair facing the audience. After he was seated, she placed the tassel to her beach wrap belt in his grasp. Brandi slowly pulled away and the belt slipped through its loops and fell from the garment. She pirouetted and the wrap flashed open momentarily to peek-a-boo her teal string bikini underneath. Walden heard approving growls from other fathers in the audience. Brandi also caught the sounds and, with a seductive grin in their direction, paused momentarily to pose for affect. Smiling broadly, she turned back and pranced in her heels to her newly selected patron.

Brandi recessed her hands up into the wrap's long sleeves and, turning backward, invited Mr. Walden to grip the cuffs. When she sensed his firm grasp, she slowly walked forward letting the wrap fall off her arms into Mr. Walden's hands. She stood front center stage and let the audience admire her bikini-clad body as she rotated to give a slow 360 view. Her legs were long, firm and tanned. Her abs and ass was toned and tight. Her sequined heels and matching dangling earrings glittered in the spotlight. Her generous breasts bulged beneath the cups of the undersized bikini top.

Mr. Walden liked this enhanced view. He felt a hard twitch in his groin and shuffled his feet trying to get some extra room for his constrained erection. Brandi noted the movement. She orbited the seated Mr. Walden, dragging her palm amorously around his neck and shoulders. Standing behind him, she reached around and undid his bowtie, pulling it out theatrically before unbuttoning his collar. She leaned in, squashing her boobs into the back of his neck and unzipped his crotch. That helped ease the pressure on his cock.

Standing again in front but facing away from the other fathers, she positioned her fine-looking ass astride Mr. Walden's lap and tilted back with her fingers interlocked behind his neck.

Brandi whispered "Undo the ties in the back of my bikini top, then pull it off towards you and toss it away. Make it look risqué, okay?" Mr. Walden dumbly nodded. He reached around and fumbled beneath her tresses for the neck tie. He pulled the knot and the strings parted. The back ties followed. He gripped the center strap between Brandi's tits and drew the fabric over his head, dropping it behind the chair.

Mr. Walden gawked at the magnificent sight! Her teardrop breasts were topped with large, smooth areolae, color contrasted by makeup. Her stage performance had aroused her and her nipples were molded into little erect cylinders. As Mr. Walden stared at the nubs, Brandi turned her head and twisted her torso towards the auditorium viewers. Her right boob rolled aside on her chest and presented a profile view to the audience. Enraptured by its beauty, Mr. Walden's hand rose autonomously and caressed, weighed and bounced her bulbous treasure. He pinched the point. He hefted the mass toward his face and puckered to kiss the attractive disk. Brandi used a gentle hand on his cheek to arrest Mr. Walden's bold move. She grinned at his macho treatment of her breast and addressed the audience with a half-giggle.

"I think it's time we leave and continue our 'get-acquainted' session in private."

That said, she gave Mr. Walden a quick sugar-lip kiss and rose off his lap. Taking his hands, she helped him stand as she turned stage front. Now the captivated fathers got a gallant view of what had attracted Mr. Walden's tactile attention a moment before. Her boobs faintly jostled on the pivot. Another collective low growl arose from the crowd. Brandi took Mr. Walden's nearest arm in a grand two-armed boob-hug. They departed in step stage left. The pair drew up just out of sight off stage and turned to watch the follow on action.

Evelyn had discretely taken position at the base of the stage steps during her father's just concluded warm-up session. She now mounted the stage. Striding to the fishbowl, she dipped in and quickly retrieved a numbered disk, holding it high overhead for all to see.

"Number 6." she announced with a jolly air.

A cheer came from Lounge No. 6 as the father-daughter couple disentwined and the happy man rose to his feet. He caressed his daughter's cheek and whispered 'see you later, honey'.

Applause accompanied Mr. Rubin as he marched to the steps and mounted the stage. Evelyn met him near stage right and took his hands to draw him close for a hasty whispered one-on-one.

"Hello, sir, pleased to make your acquaintance...and undoubtedly much more soon to come. For now, we must give them a little tease before we depart. Let's keep it simple; just strip me naked piece by piece. Sound okay?"

"Sure thing, little lady!"

Evelyn led Mr. Rubin to center stage and stood in front of him facing the stage front. The auditorium was obscured by the glare of the spotlight. Mr. Rubin stared into the shadowy auditorium over top of Evelyn's dark pinned up coiffure. He was easily a head taller than the curvy female even though her feet were elevated on stiletto heels. Between hairdo and heels, Evelyn wore a navy bare shouldered evening gown with tight abdominal sheaf above which, for now, triangular panels hid the promising mounds on her chest.

Waggling her hips to call for attention, Evelyn reached behind her neck and fiddled with the neck strap clasp. She feigned difficulty with the catch and looked back timidly at Mr. Rubin. He took over and after a moment held the separated twin tops above her shoulders. Evelyn smiled at the auditorium and shimmied her hidden shoulders and tits as the signal for Mr. Rubin to let go. The panels floated down and revealed Evelyn's bare breasts to the audience. A gasp of admiration filled the stage. Evelyn acknowledged the compliment with another shimmy. She took Mr. Rubin's hands and placed them on her boobs. She showed him how to cup, bounce, squeeze and fondle the fleshy globes in the style she thought the audience would favor. Mr. Rubin willingly obliged her wishes. The audience voiced their appreciation.

From stage left, Mr. Walden watched Mr. Rubin strip and fondle his daughter, Evelyn, onstage for an approving audience. Brandi rubbed his arm to get Mr. Walden's attention. She spoke softly to him as he continued to gawk.

"Don't worry. It looks like Evelyn is in good hands. Let's go out to the pool deck and continue our own rendezvous." She took his hand and pulled him gently towards the backstage exit. They stepped through onto the deserted night-lighted pool deck.

Brandi was already down to topless pool attire but Mr. Walden was still in his tuxedo. She disrobed Mr. Walden in detail. She laid the folded pieces on an umbrella topped table. She stooped to draw down his boxer shorts and was delighted to come face to face with Mr. Walden's large cock. It was exactly as Evelyn had described during the preceding weeks' paternal cross-briefings.

Mr. Walden was now properly nude. Brandi continued her own preparations. She bent forward stiff kneed and removed her high heels, setting her suspended breasts shaking to Mr. Walden's delight and enjoyment. Standing barefoot, she locked his eyes with hers as she pulled the bottom bikini ties and let the scrap of cloth flop to the deck at her feet. She led him to the Jacuzzi hot-tub.

"Let's pick up where we left off."

Mr. Walden sat on the submerged bench and Brandi resumed her most recent onstage position astride his lap. She circled his neck with her arms as he palmed and kneaded her nipple adorned orbs. They resumed their sugar lip kissing and Mr. Walden stiffening cock tapped up against Brandi's groin in the swashing water. As Walden got harder the tapping evolved into a tenacious press. Brandi nudged her hips to settle the tumescent rod firmly between her lower lips. She wanted to demonstrate her ability to simultaneously engage both sets of her sensuous lips to stimulate her male partner.

The paramours wriggled about, fondling groins, faces, arms, hands and chests in a cacophony of stimulating caresses. On one particularly erratic motion, Walden's erection slipped free and stood straight up between them. Both partners eagerly accepted the chance to escalate their lovemaking.

Ceasing all other actions, Brandi remained kiss-locked and neck-hugged as her hips rose and found Mr. Walden's tips with her sensitized nether lips. She lined up and pressed down, one smooth drop taking him all in, bumping her cervix and pubic bone at the same time. Their mutual loud moan faded into the each other's captured mouths. They tongue tagged with the sweetness of the moment.

Mr. Walden moved his hands to grip Brandi's ass cheeks and guided the cycles. She in turn aligned her nipples with his and crushed her boobs between them. The up and down rhythms rolled her tits about his chest as his engorged cockhead excited the full length of her tight spongy tube. The deep tingling in their genital nerves felt like a mild electric buzz.

With eyes squeezed tight, they concentrated on the intense tactile sensations. Their repeated moans mingled with the slosh of the warm water. Brandi's impeccable perfume surrounded them with a floral balminess. The world beyond the hot-tub disappeared with their total fixation on this act at this time in this place.

Mr. Walden could feel the blood pulsing in his temple as it rushed downward to his throbbing rigid shaft. Brandi felt a heat prickle dance from her toes, up her body to her head and pass back down to her cunt. Their corporeal tingling ripened even as they strove to prolong the onset of their onrushing orgasms. They alternately exuded louder and louder moans.

Perceiving the imminent culmination of their labors, the pair amplified their final efforts. They were rewarded with intense orgasms that lit fireworks beneath their eyelids as they howled their satisfaction. Their strokes ceased as body vibrations locked them in a crushing grip of ecstasy and plunged them into twilight dream state. Even then, Brandi felt Mr. Walden's numerous bursts of semen blast the farthest depths of her womb. She exulted in the power to elicit such a forceful spermatic bombardment from her mate.

The foggy mental bliss slowly dissipated; reality relentlessly reentered the drained couple's little world. Mr. Walden stirred but still leaned back against the hottub edge. Brandi had become cognizant sooner. She waited dutifully for Mr. Walden to enjoy the full spell of his genital afterglow. His hands released her ass and moved to her breasts. She pulled back enough for him to thumb and twist her nipples. Despite her recent incredible orgasm, his tit twitching sent pulsations to her still hypersensitive clitoris and she was content to let him play.

As each regained their sense of place and time, they gingerly uncoupled. Mr. Walden was still quite hard. Brandi slowly pulled her warm pussy up his shaft. As the crown passed her nether lips, she hand cradled his shaft. She wanted nothing to cause him displeasure during final withdrawal. She carefully lowered the large organ to rest underwater between his thighs.

The night was young. Brandi exited the hottub and Mr. Walden followed. At the umbrella table, Mr. Walden's folded tuxedo had been replaced with fresh fluffy towels. Neither had noticed any staff wandering about. But then during their time in the hottub, they wouldn't have noticed an elephant wandering about. They dried each other and, slinging the towels over their shoulders, promenaded hand in hand to their guest suite for the rest of the night.

Mr. Walden awoke in the night with Brandi cuddled asleep against his side. His erection had returned. He gently caressed her arm splayed across his chest. She stirred awake and nuzzled her head deeper into his pillowing bicep. He took her hand and laid it on his fully engorged cock. She smiled and thumbed the underside of his crown.

"How do you want me?" she asked.

"I want to feel your tits roll under my chest as my cock hammers your pussy. Just lay back and relax as much as you can. I'll ride your saddle and do most of the work on this one. Is that okay?"

"Of course, sir, whatever you desire."

Mr. Walden rolled her on her back and took a knee in each hand. As he rose over her, he lifted and separated her legs.

"Do you want me to help place you for insertion?" she asked.

"Yes, please do the honors."

Mr. Walden shifted his hands beside Brandi's shoulders and braced his upper body as he lowered his groin towards hers. Her delicate hand gave his shaft a slow stroke. She held the corona between thumb and index as she maneuvered his tip to her cunt entrance. Mr. Walden adjusted his body lower and implanted the crown to just inside her wet nether lips. He lowered his upper body until he was resting his full weight on Brandi's soft tit-mounded chest. He pushed his face into the space betwixt her tresses and her ear. Her perfume was still heavenly. His hands descended her body until he was cupping her toned ass cheeks.

With an intake of breath, Mr. Walden forced his cock inside Brandi's tightness, making consecutive stutter thrusts to stimulate his corona as it journeyed to the bottom of her vagina. Half way, he heard several gasping moans from his mate and noted the position of her G spot. He would return there as often as possible during this session. A gentleman learns to share.

His cock tip bumped her cervix and his pubic bone banged against its counterpart. Mr. Walden returned his arms to beside Brandi's upper body and braced his elbows to carry his upper body weight. His hands were entombed beneath her back so he hugged her boobs tight into his chest. Preliminaries completed, he got down to business.

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