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Total Woman Vignettes 08



Barbara dressed and left the office as Bradley logged in to complete Barbara's interview file. He was not content with her level of participation. She had complied with his instructions but had left him to perform most of the exertions. She had not invited Debra to stay and join them or help out. Her natural instincts needed maturing before she could become a good assistant or later on, a field operative. He gave her middling scores and did not recommend a hire, citing her need to gain more openness in her sexuality. He expected his assistants to be livelier in their roles and duties.


Barbara was nearing Krista's office when Anna skipped out. In the doorway, she brightly turned and gushed her gratitude.

"Thank you for hiring me into the training program. I'm going to work long and hard every day to echo TWS's faith in me. See you Monday."

Barbara watched Anna leave. She knew there were two openings and hoped she got selected for the other one. She knocked tentatively on Krista's open door.

"Oh, Barbara, please come and close the door. Let's debrief your interview and practicum."

Barbara sat as Krista quickly scanned the onscreen form.

"I see you were unexpectedly disturbed during your practicum. How did that go?"

"Well, I was polite to Debra and Mr. Bradley waited until she left to continue."

"I see...have you ever been interrupted like that before during sex... or had an audience?"

"Not that I recall. I was usually someplace more private and secure."

"So... that was a new kind of experience?"

"Yes, I guess so."

Krista was getting a sense of shyness and reluctance from Barbara. Krista would need to end this gently.

"I am sorry about this but I don't think that the interrupted practicum was a true test of your abilities and aptitudes. I want to reschedule you for another practicum later. Unfortunately, our schedule is pretty full right now. Can we call you when a time slot arises?"

"Yes, ma'am. "

Barbara looked disappointed and didn't cover it very well. Krista understood why some of Barbara's evaluation comments were not the best. TWS hired junior assistants with future operational potential in mind. They provided robust training and unending practice. But some things needed to be instinctive: initiative, persistence and stoic demeanor. Krista rose behind her desk.

"That's good. In the meantime, you should keep in top shape for the next practicum. Strive for diverse practice sessions with any man you meet at work, at the market or in your neighborhood. Three times a day can be very beneficial. Age is not important; older men can often teach you a new trick or two. Try some furtive, semi-public venues. When our call comes, we want you to be in tip-top shape to really nail your practicum. Good luck, good hunting and we will be in touch."

Krista guided Barbara out of her office. As she watched Barbara head to the elevator, she thought about her advice. Yes, the buxom Barbara wasn't yet TWS material. But some lucky men in her world would soon be savoring a tasty new treat named Barbara as she sought out specialized work-skills development opportunities.


Present Day

Barbara exited the revolving lobby doors of the building housing Total Woman Security Headquarters. She had coveted this interview opportunity for months after she had graduated from the associated Total Woman Academy. It had been going okay until the practicum. As one of the executives was putting her through her paces, his secretary had unwittingly disturbed them as Barbara was bent over his desk about to be mounted. Darn the Luck! After greetings and introductions, the secretary had departed and the executive had finished her off. Apparently though, it had been not enough to suitably complete the interview process and she had not been hired... yet.

Krista, the Chief Executive, had been considerate, advising Barbara to remain 'tuned-up' for her out of the blue makeup practicum. Barbara was committed in her heart to follow that plan. She headed for her loft apartment downtown.


It was late night in the upscale hotel bar. Barbara was sitting alone at a remote table near the idle baby grand piano, watching the bar empty as the lingering patrons wandered up to their rooms for what sleep was available for the remainder of the night. It was late and a lone tuxedoed gentleman and the bartender were the only ones left, in quiet discussion at the oak and brass bar as they occasionally glanced her way.

The bartender walked to her table and set a drink before her. "Complements of the gentleman at the bar" he said. She tipped her glass to the gentleman who responded from across the room with a reflective tip of his head and glass. The bar tender asked if she needed anything else; his shift was ending and he was closing up the bar service. She was welcome to stay and unwind as long as she wanted.

Barbara declined anything more from the bar. The bartender cleaned up and rolled down the security screen, locking the liquor up for the night. He whispered briefly to the tuxedoed gentleman before departing and closing the brass and dark oak doors that separated the bar from the hotel lobby. The gentleman finished his drink. He climbed off his stool and headed for the lobby doors; Barbara thought he was leaving her alone in the room. Instead, he threw the deadbolt lock and sauntered back towards her table. Standing tall before her, he quietly spoke to Barbara.

"You're out late; any particular reason or just chilling the night away?"

Barbara wasn't sure how to respond but found some words. "Just a girl out on the town."

"Want some company?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

The gentleman took the dining room seat on Barbara's left and they lightly chatted away about everything and nothing, their interests and quirks. Barbara even got his name: Eddie. Finally Eddie took on a serious face.

"Really, Barbara, tell me the truth. Why are you here tonight?"

Barbara appreciated the way Eddie was polite and attentive. She was mildly attracted to him, his mature bearing and confident style. She remembered Krista's advice: 'older men can often teach you a new trick or two. Try some furtive, semi-public venues'. This place, time and man seemed furtive and semi-public, safe and secure, yet exposed and naughtily dangerous.

"I am interviewing for a special position with a private security firm. The final stage of my evaluation was interrupted but it unveiled deficiencies they want me to correct before I get a retest. I'm new in town and while I'm waiting for the retest summons, I'm looking for scenarios where I can get some skills practice."

Eddie took that in. Barbara was being vague. Eddie probed for specifics.

"What particular skills are you trying to improve?"

Barbara went all in; better to own up now than continue the dodge and drama.

"The position I'm interviewing for uses sex to entrap the target party. I do fabulous with secluded rendezvouses but not so good with intercourse in public places. I need to learn how to swiftly get past my underlying timidity and hang-ups. I need to act quickly as soon as the man becomes aroused and pliable."

Eddie was a little taken back by her direct admission.

"And how do you intend to get that practice?"

"Well... I was hoping you might help me. You're a new acquaintance and this is a semi-public place. I know I'm asking a lot but there it is."

Eddie wanted to see where this was going. If she asked for money, he would know this was a setup. If not, Barbara was knockout gorgeous in her glamorous cocktail dress with the matching makeup and flirty hairdo. He figured she had been waiting on her 'sugar daddy' but had been stood-up. If so, that was one dumb SOB. Eddie aspired to be her stand-in 'sugar daddy'. Being a true gentleman, he could generously spare some time to help out this damsel in distress.

"Okay... so where do we go from here?"

"You don't go anywhere" she said.

Barbara stood and sidled beside Eddie's chair. As he looked up, she leaned down and kissed his lips. Eddie moved one hand behind Barbara's ass and drew her closer. They smooched; not a deep tongue kiss or a furtive peck but a soft steady rolling of lips on lips.

Eddie tasted her cherry lipstick and inhaled a minty aroma. His hand rubbed her ass over the sheer silver cocktail dress wrapping her buxom body. His hand slowly swept the terrain and found no pantie line. His other hand caught her dark tresses, just holding her lightly against his lips. She didn't move in or away.

Eddie let his hand slide down her neck and her bare back. He realized she had no bra strap either. He broke the kiss and tilted his head forward, peering down her cleavage. Her nipple nubs were poking at the thin dress bodice. She kissed his shaved head.

Barbara's skirt was short, barely covering her lovely butt. Eddie used both hands to smooth it up to her waist. Yep, she wasn't wearing panties, her shaved cunt forming a fleshy slotted V between her legs. Eddie pulled her into his lap, sidesaddle. She was face to face height now, an inviting position to resume the kisses.

One hand smoothed her bare ass cheek; the other bounced her handful of fabric covered tit. Eddie thumbed the popped up nub. Barbara reacted with a tongue dart between his lips. Eddie assumed she liked the brush; maybe Barbara liked bare nipple play even more. It was time to try out a new escapade in their hasty liaison.

Both Eddie's hands found the tab behind her neck, unfastened it and pulled down her top. The elegant cocktail dress was now a bunched band of silver fabric wrapping Barbara's waist. Eddie was captivated by the vista. He paused in the foreplay to ogle her physique. Eddie tilted her body this way and that, getting a circumferential view of her nudity in motion. He patted her breasts lightly, watching the fleshy packages jiggle. He drummed his fingers on her smooth ass cheeks. Eddie liked what he felt and saw.

Barbara saw Eddie's mounting curiosity and moved to sit astride his knees, her spread legs exposing her pink. She loosed Eddie's bowtie, and worked downward, unfastening the shirt's stud buttons. Barbara's unfettered breasts jiggled as she worked. At Eddie's waist, she found the pants closure and unclosed it. She leaned in for the delicate work at his groin. Her jellied breasts with pouty nipples swayed even more. The fly zipper rasped as it split open to well below his balls. Except for his boxers, Eddie was bare from neck to scrotum.

Barbara dismounted his legs and really leaned in. Her breasts swung almost vertical from her chest. They maintained youthful spheroids; her hair obscuring her face. She tugged at Eddie's waistband. He propped his ass above the chair seat so she could pull pants and boxers down his hairy legs to pool around his shoes. Now Eddie was bare from scalp to ankles. Eddie saw Barbara's eyes and grin brighten as she perceived his groin.

Barbara remounted higher up his thighs this time. Her hands circled his tubular meat. She squeezed and released rather than stroked. Eddie grew past her one palm width and she used two hands now to compress and stimulate his erection. It became fully two hands long and plenty around. She could just barely cross thumb and fingers.

Eddie fondled Barbara's boobs, his hands cupping, bouncing, and kneading the masses while his fingers toying with her nipples. Barbara appreciated Eddie's consideration to her arousal but her natural moisture was already flowing from the nerves knotting her stomach. She uneasily glanced around the soft lit room. No disturbances were likely; the door was locked and it was awfully late in the night for casual wandering patrons. She deemed this a good spot for her first training drill.

Eddie let one tit go as he pulled her head in for another kiss. Then he held back but still whispery close to her face.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be; how about you?"

Barbara responded by smoothing Eddie's exposed hairy chest. She hugged his neck as she squashed her soft pliant boobs to his tanned chiseled pectorals. Eddie helped elevate her hips and scooted one hand under to align his cock with her juicy cunt. The penetration was as smooth as the feel of Barbara's silk dress. Eddie hugged her torso as they wormed their hips to promote mutual stimulation. The room was quiet except for their bodies' squishing sounds and the tick-tock of the ornamental wall hung coo-coo. They were well into their rise when the clock announced 3 AM. The three loud brass gongs startled Barbara. She yipped, froze and hugged her face into Eddie's neck. Her nerves were on edge from the tawdriness of their public coupling. Eddie gently pushed her upright to check her condition.

"Are you okay?"

Barbara's flush face nodded with embarrassment. "That was sudden" she said.

"Stuff like that happens in public places. Do you want to continue?" Eddie wasn't sure why he asked that stupid question. He sure wanted to continue and would have a major case of blue balls if she said 'No'.

"I think so...Yeah."

Barbara resumed her chest massaging boob hug. The pair resumed their genital massaging strokes. And Eddie resumed his massaging handgrip and release on Barbara's ass.

They rose easily to their previous erotic level and kept climbing. Barbara's juices flowed, sloppily wetting both their groins, augmenting the squishy sounds. She was emitting other sounds: little ughs at the bottom bump, little ohh's and ahh's when they stuttered at the top before reversing stroke direction. Eddie was grunting through his exertions.

The dark oak door rattled, keys jangled and the bolt thudded. The door opened wide and a man entered. Barbara was facing the door, saw it and froze again. Eddie impatiently spanked her ass cheek a resounding 'crack' and motioned her to continue bobbing her butt. He was too far along to stop now, disturbance be damned. Barbara buried her face in Eddie's neck. She peeked fearfully between her face obscuring curls, trying to hide her identity.

She need not have bothered. The barman had returned for a forgotten whatever. He saw the familiar pair in deep seated coitus and paid them hardly another glance. Barbara tried to concentrate on her hip jogs as she buried her face in Eddie's neck. She sensed the barman retrieve the 'whatever' and depart, locking the door behind him. Barbara consciously relaxed and let herself go. The thrill of exposure and escape set her off and she wailed out her orgasm as Eddie shot his load in her vagina. They jerked and shuddered to an eventual standstill.

Barbara was silently weeping, her forehead pressed on his shoulder. Eddie rubbed her warm flushed back, shushing cooing sounds to comfort her. He kissed her cheek and helped her sit upright, still pinioned on his fleshed out cock.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing really, just nerves."

Eddie smoothed her hair back to survey her face and eyes. He held one cheek in hand and stared, concerned.

"So are you feeling well enough to get home okay? I can get you a cab."

"Yeah, I'm okay. You've been very nice to me, just being a random guest and all."

"Guest? No, I'm not a guest; I'm the hotel security supervisor. We wouldn't leave a random guest with a lone woman in a public place like this."

Barbara droopily pulled off Eddie and rose from his lap. She stood and refastened her neck band, smoothing down her skirt to hang at high thigh. Eddie stood and hiked up his pants, buttoned up and leaned in for a last kiss. Barbara still tasted of cherry and smelled of mint with a heavy musk overtone. She retrieved her purse as he donned his shirt. Eddie held her arm as he asked her the obvious question.

"Can I see you again?"

"I don't know about that Eddie. I need to practice with strangers in public places. I know you now so you're not a stranger. That would break the rules."

"Okay, then, let's try this. Come by every Wednesday at midnight. I have contacts with security at all the other downtown hotels. I can arrange for you to meet different strangers each time. If you need a variety of public places, you can meet them at the other hotel lobbies and choose a setting. Will that help?"

Barbara considered the offer and agreed it would be a big help. Eddie escorted her out of the bar, through the hotel lobby and stayed with her while the doorman flagged a cab. Eddie held Barbara's door as she got in, and then leaned in for a parting exchange.

"Be here next Wednesday midnight and I'll have a few men you can flirt with and choose from. Okay? Is it a date?"

Barbara confirmed the arrangement. She asked Eddie if there was anything she could do for him.

"Sure... got any friends looking for skills development? Bring them by and introduce them to me. I always enjoy meeting mysterious ladies in strange public places. I've decided to make it my newest hobby."

Barbara said she definitely would check around among her friends and pecked Eddie a kiss goodbye. The cab pulled away and she gave the driver her address. She mused on the novel plan. Here she was, a stranger to him but Eddie had volunteered to impose on his friends' time and trouble just to help her out. She thought she was going to like it here. This sure was a friendly city.


Weeks went by and Eddie was true to his promise. Every Wednesday, Barbara received a text message to come to his hotel or was given another hotel name and address. Sometimes Eddie introduced her to her 'stranger of the night'. Other times, she entered the newest hotel lobby and a handsome young man approached her with a simple introduction like "I'm Eddie's friend". He would lead her to a semi-secluded spot, either inside the hotel or a cab ride away: a park or subway station. The sexual encounters were titillating and Barbara was getting bolder with her new found attitude.

With prompting, Barbara had confided in her roommates. Samantha and Lana were intrigued. Barbara sent them to see Eddie. He was magnanimous in his welcome. Samantha and Lana joined the mid-week rendezvous, though they were willing to repeat dates with the particularly endowed partners.

The weekends found them trolling the nightclubs outside the circle of Eddie's acquaintances. Disco music thumped its mind numbing beat as Barbara danced with her two best girlfriends. Her translucent stretchy maillot was low cut and what there was of it, barely covered her large nipples, shadowing through the thin fabric. The dark spots were orbiting rhythmically on her chest, almost waving hello, as her breasts bounced in tempo with her hips and the hard drumming of the house dance mix music. Her pleated plaid skirt fluffed against her toned butt, barely concealing the chink where ass met thigh. Those two items and her heels comprised her outfit; she was braless and commando.

Several young men had tried to attract her attention. Barbara understood their interest; who wouldn't be? But they were overgrown boys, post-teenaged youngsters, not yet mature. Not her cup of tea.

As Barbara teased the jammed crowd, her eye caught a tall slender man standing along the wall, his thumbs tucked into his tight jean's pockets. His well-built biceps and pecs strained his tight black tee. He was looking steadily at her. She stuttered a little in her step, touched her neck below her ear and slid back her wavy hair to expose a flash of neck in his direction. He continued staring blandly.

Barbara turned away and showed him her best booty bump dance move. The skirt flittered and cavorted on her toned ass. As she rotated to the music, she looked back his way. He continued to stare without expression.

The song ended, transitioning into the next tune. Barbara tapped her friends arm and gestured in the dark man's direction. Her friend agreed with her choice and watched her sashay away.

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