tagIncest/TabooTouch Me - 2006

Touch Me - 2006


This story was originally posted on Literotica back in January, 2003. However, since November, 2005 marked my three year anniversary of being a published writer, I thought it might be cool to bring out some of my fans past favorites. I hope you enjoy!


Reegan and Josh were not your typical brother and sister. But then again, Reegan wasn't the typical sister either. She was 19 and a goddess standing 5'9 with legs that went on for eternity, long, curly brunette hair and hypnotic brown eyes. She never had any trouble attracting attention. Of course, her large tits didn't hurt either. They were round and bounced with every step she took. And her gorgeous nipples always seemed to be standing at attention.

Josh worshipped the ground Reegan walked on. He loved to watch her drying off from her evening shower or watching her slip seductively from the family's backyard pool. And, it seemed, that Reegan knew Josh was watching her because sometimes she would add an extra few minutes here and there while drying off. He was lost in another daydream when .....

"Would you turn that fucking music down please, Josh!" yelled Reegan from her bedroom, "I'm on the phone!"

Josh responded by turning his music up to deafening decibels, further antagonizing his sister.

Of course, this angered Reegan even more.

"Josh! What is your fucking problem?!?" she yelled, storming into his room.

"Ya know you're not the only one who lives in this house, you're 18 years old, stop acting like a little kid and grow up!" she growled.

"Fuck you Reegan, get out of my room, don't you knock?" Josh yelled back.

Reegan let out a scream and left the bedroom, slamming the door and heading downstairs.

She found a note on the counter :

Dear Reegan, I've been called away on an emergency business trip. I know this is short notice, I'm sorry. I left $200 in an envelope on my desk for you and Josh. I'll be home on Monday.

Love, Dad

Damn, she thought to herself. Two whole days in the house with Josh, she would certainly lose her mind.

She immediately grabbed the phone to call her friends. She wasn't going to let an entire weekend with no Dad around go to waste.

"Who are you calling?" asked Josh, startling his sister.

"Does it matter?" asked Reegan.

Josh rolled his eyes and headed for the refrigerator.

He noticed that Reegan looked especially sexy today in a white cotton t-shirt, obviously no bra and the shortest of cut off jean shorts he had ever seen. With her beautiful brunette locks pulled tightly into a ponytail and just a few strands of hair from her bangs falling down her forehead.

He watched her as she took a seat on a stool in the kitchen. Her long, golden tan legs crossed perfectly leading up to what, he was sure, was a beautiful tight pussy. Her long slender fingers wrapped around the telephone cord as she giggled with her friends on the other line.

"We're having a party!" she squealed, hanging up the phone.

"Oh I'm so excited," said Josh sarcastically.

"Why don't you call up some of your friends then Josh, see if they wanna do something tonight," offered Reegan.

"I don't wanna go out tonight," he whined.

"Well then I guess you're stuck here with me and my friends!" giggled Reegan.

"What time are your losers, I-I mean, your friends coming over?" he asked, laughing at his word fumble.

Reegan glared at him, before answering, "Don't call them that! And they should be arriving in about an hour or so."

"I've got to go get ready!" she said before heading upstairs.

Josh watched her gorgeous long legs as they took each step carefully. Then moving his eyes up to her ass, her perfect heart shaped ass. Many times he had imagined pounding that ass with his cock. Someday, he thought to himself, someday.

A few minutes later Reegan yelled down to her brother.

"Josh, I forgot my towel, would you bring me one?"

He put down his soda and took off upstairs. He chose a short little skimpy towel, hoping she wouldn't notice.

"Thanks," she yelled over the running water.

Josh just stood there for a moment, soaking up her beautiful scent. The smell of the shampoo she used and the scented oils she used to cleanse her gorgeous body. Her smell was intoxicating and Josh got an instant hard on.

He was startled out of his zone when Reegan ripped the shower curtain open unexpectedly.

Her eyes immediately went to the massive bulge he had in his jeans.

She smiled coyly before stepping out of the tub and walking past him, the towel leaving little to the imagination.

Josh decided this was his moment. How much more perfect can it be? he thought to himself. Dad's gone for 2 days and my sexy sister is naked in her room. So before he had a chance to talk himself out of it, he barged into her room.

She turned around, startled, to find Josh staring at her naked body.

They both just stood there for a moment, staring at each other.

He slowly walked towards her, his eyes carefully examining her flawless body.

Reegan felt her heart start pounding, her nipples were getting hard, just knowing her little brother was staring at her.

"What's on your mind Josh?" she asked.

"Oh I think you know," he said, licking his lips.

He walked up behind her, pressing himself against her wet body.

His hands wasted no time sliding down to that perfect ass he had fantasized about for so long.

She moaned as he caressed it gently, sending chills up her spine.

His breath was warm on her shoulders, she could hear him breathing heavily.

"Tell me you want me Reegan," he whispered.

"Josh, this is wrong," she said, "We can't do this."

"Tell me you want me Reegan," he repeated.

She could no longer deny the hidden passion she had for her brother any longer. She had to admit that she loved knowing he watched her. And she had watched him many times, when he thought he was alone, jerking off to porn in the living room. His cock was so thick for a man of 18. She had often fantasized about him fucking her.

"Yes Josh, I want you,"she moaned, finally giving in.

He came around to face her, taking her beautiful face into his hands and kissing her. It was a passionate moment between the siblings, one they had both wanted for so long.

As they kissed, Reegan reached down and unzipped her brother's jeans, freeing the massive hard on he had had since before entering her room.

Her warm hands cupped his shaft, making him moan thru their kiss.

Slowly, yet firmly, she began stroking him. They kissed harder, both breathing heavily as they slowly made their way to Reegan's bedroom floor. She released her grip on Josh's cock as he layed on top of her.

He broke the kiss to tell her to spread her legs.

She obeyed quickly, watching to see what he would do.

He wasted no time exploring her slit with his long tongue. She moaned, spreading her legs as far as they would go. She watched him licking her, his tongue dancing all over her bare pussy. It darted in and out of her puffy pussy lips, then back inside, fucking her hole like a tiny cock, then up to her clit, sending waves thru Reegan's body.

He then slid his tongue down to her beautiful asshole. Mmm it smelled and tasted so good as he licked around it, sliding his tongue inside. She moaned louder as she had never been rimmed before and she was enjoying it immensely. Josh drove his tongue in deeper, pulling her body down by her hips to get her closer to his mouth.

Reegan closed her eyes and slid her hand down to her clit. She started rubbing gently at first, circling the swollen button. Then gradually getting faster, raping her clit as her brother rimmed her deeper. Josh slid 2 fingers inside his sister, pumping them in and out while she fucked herself.

She began bucking her hips wildly, riding his face and their fingers. Her moans became squeals as she rubbed harder, her body beginning to shake.

"Oh Josh! Josh! Mmmm make me cum!" she begged.

Josh responded by pulling his tongue out of his sister's ass. He began kissing her asshole, sucking it as he fingered her harder. Her body sliding up and down on the plush carpet underneath them.

Reegan's eyes rolled up into her head, her body began shaking harder, her breaths became pants as she neared her climax.

"Oh god Josh!! I'm cumming!!" she yelled, flooding her brother's face with her sticky sweet cum. He kept pumping her, letting her ride it out.

After a few minutes, she calmed down, pulling her hand from in between her legs.

Josh stopped rimming her and withdrew his fingers from their hiding place inside his sister. He took them to his mouth, hungrily sucking her sticky sweet nectar.

Reegan watched him, knowing he was enjoying her taste.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" she asked.

"No," answered Josh.

"Lay down and I'll show you what you've been missing," giggled Reegan.

Josh obeyed his older sister, lying back on the floor.

She wasted no time taking his massive rod into her warm mouth, tightly gripping the tip with her perfect lips.

"Oh my god," moaned Josh, reaching down to grab Reegan's hair.

He gently tugged each time she would come back up. She seemed to be an expert at this, he thought to himself.

He watched her head bob up and down, watching his cock disappear inch by inch into his sister's mouth.

He spread his legs as she reached down and began rubbing his balls while she sucked his cock, gradually picking up the pace until he was fucking her mouth.

Faster and faster she slid her warm mouth up and down his cock. Her tongue massaging the veins that bulged from either side.

He bucked his hips, pulling her hair tighter.

"Oh shit Reegan, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled, "Oh oh oh goddddddd!! oh fuck Reegan, yeah fuck me baby, oh fuck yes!!!!"

Thick ropes of his cum coated her mouth, sliding down her throat.

She looked up at him with his cock in her mouth as he exploded. And this only made him cum harder.

After sucking every drop from her brother, Reegan opened her mouth. Josh's cum was in a large, thick pool on his sister's tongue. This drove him crazy knowing she was about to swallow his seed. And with a quick gulp and a smile, she did just that.

"Oh shit!" she said, jumping up, "Everyone's gonna be here in a few minutes, I need to get dressed!"

She helped her brother up off the floor as they shared another passion soaked kiss.

They were interrupted by the doorbell.

"I'll get it, you get dressed," said Josh smiling.

"Thanks sweety," she said, opening her closet doors. Josh ran down the stairs to greet his sister's friends.

"Oh hey Joshy!" they all squealed in unison.

"Hey," said Josh, rolling his eyes.

"Reegan's getting dressed, she'll be down shortly," he said, walking away and leaving them in the living room.

People started pouring in pretty quickly over the next 30 minutes or so, filling the 2 story house to capacity.

The night wore on as Josh and Reegan would exchange glances across the crowded room.

She looks so hot, he thought to himself. Her hair was put up in a bun with little ringlets of brown curly hair falling down her neck. She wore a hip hugging, strapless red dress that barely covered her thighs. And her tits were beautiful all snug behind the red material.

His cock throbbed just looking at her.

Some of the guests had become rowdy when someone finally piped up and suggested a game of football in the backyard.

Josh had no interest in sports, well not playing them, that is. So he opted to go up to his room and play his own music and daydream about what had happened between he and Reegan earlier.

He took his cock out from his jeans and began stroking it. Thoughts of Reegan's asshole jumped into his mind again and he began stroking faster.

Downstairs, Reegan was in the middle of being referee between her 2 best friends. They had begun arguing when they both realized they were dating the same guy. Well naturally women won't get angry at the guy, just at each other. The 2 became physical and Reegan tried to intercede when one of them spilled their drink on her.

"Fuck!" she yelled, "This is a brand new dress you bitch!"

The girls didn't stop fighting to even acknowledge Reegan.

She ran upstairs to the bathroom, trying to get the stain out before it set.

Josh heard someone running up the stairs but wasn't sure who it was until he peeked out of his bedroom door.

"Reegan?" he asked.

"Yeah it's me," she answered angrily.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, that bitch Amy spilled her drink on my dress and now I don't know if I can get it out," she answered, patting a wet washcloth on the stain.

Josh watched her in the mirror. The huge wet spot was right over her left tit, causing her nipple to become rock hard.

"Well if you're just gonna stand there watching you might as well come in and shut the door," she said, looking at Josh in the mirror.

Josh didn't hesitate. Not only did he shut the door but he quietly locked it as well.

"Damn," she said, "I'm gonna have to change, will you get my zipper?"

Josh again came up behind his sister.

Again his warm breath on her bare shoulders sent chills down her spine.

His hands trembled as he slid the zipper down her back.

She turned around to face him.

"Thanks," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

She walked towards the door, reaching for the doorknob when Josh grabbed her.

He turned her around again and kissed her hard. The force sending her against the bathroom wall.

As their tongues danced, Josh reached down and slid Reegan's dress up over her hips. With his other hand he unzipped his jeans.

He quickly slid down her body to his knees, reaching up and slidng her lace panties aside.

He drove his tongue inside her slit quickly, flicking her clit.

She moaned as she reached down, grabbing handfuls of his hair.

After a few minutes of licking his sister's pussy again, Josh stood up.

He leaned in to kiss her again, smearing her juices all over their mouths.

He picked her up and mounted her against the wall, placing the tip of his cock inside her.

Reegan responded by wrapping her legs around Josh's hips, pulling him into her closely.

The force of his body held her in place as he grabbed her hips, sliding her tight pussy down on his cock.

He began fucking his sister almost with force, making her body slam against the wall with every thrust. Her long nails dug into his shoulders causing him to yell out once in awhile.

"Oh god Reegan, you feel so good," he moaned, continuing to pump her.

They kissed as they fucked, the harder the thrusts, the harder the kiss until finally Josh could hold out no longer.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna fill you up Reegan!" he moaned, pumping her faster and harder.

Within seconds he exploded inside his sister, coating her insides with his thick warm cum.

He kept her against the wall as the last of his load emptied inside her, still pumping, slowly, yet firmly.

She slid down, trying to stand on her wobbly legs.

They kissed again before she turned to reach for the door again.

And again, Josh grabbed her.

Still behind her, he walked her over to the sink, raising her dress again over her hips.

"Josh, I can't, I have guests downstairs," Reegan whispered.

"This won't take long sis, you can't leave yet," said Josh.

He began kissing the back of her neck, slowly sliding his tongue down her back, stopping at the crumpled fabric of her dress wrapped around her hips.

Her tits were beautiful hanging between her arms as they rested on the sink, Josh thought to himself.

"Watch yourself in the mirror," said Josh.

Again he went to his knees, this time wasting not a second licking her asshole again. His warm hands spread her ass cheeks apart, massaging them as he rimmed her.

Her moans echoed off the bathroom walls. Josh knew his sister was enjoying this.

After a few minutes, he stood up again. They looked at each other in the mirror as Josh came closer to her. She could feel his cock pressing into her ass and she knew what he wanted.

She leaned over a bit and poked her ass out as if to say "Fuck me now Josh." He responded by sliding the tip of his massive cock into his sister's puckered asshole. She moaned and tensed, tightening around his cock tip. He gently grabbed her hips and guided her back against him. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into his sister's ass.

They watched each other in the mirror as Josh began pumping. Slow at first, then rapidly picking up the pace.

"You like my cock in your ass, don't you Reegan," he hissed.

"Mmmm yes Josh, I do, I want you to fuck me in the ass everyday," she moaned.

This drove him crazy and he began pumping harder, pushing Reegan's pelvis into the sink.

He watched her close her eyes and lick her lips, obviously enjoying her brother's cock buried up her ass.

Their bodies slammed together as she tightened her asshole around his cock, then released, then tightened, totally milking him.

His grip on her hips became tighter as he dug his nails into her flesh. His balls slapped against her pussy, making his sac wet from her juices.

"I've wanted your ass for so long Reegan and fuck! you are tight," Josh moaned, breathlessly, pumping even harder then before.

Reegan reached down and began finger fucking her clit while her brother fucked her ass.

"Mmmm yes Reegan, cum with me," he moaned.

Soon their bodies were lost in total sexual abandon as they both neared climax.

When Reegan began shaking again, Josh knew she was close.

He pumped her harder, with more force, causing her to rub her clit harder.

"Oh fuck Reegan, I'm gonna cum again!" he yelled, slamming his body and cock into her forcefully.

"Ooh ooh ooooh!!!" yelled Reegan, "I'm cumming Josh, I'm cumming!!!"

In perfect sync the brother and sister climaxed. Their cum mixing together like a fine wine as they moaned, riding their orgasms.

Soon the moans were replaced with heavy breathing and panting as they tried to regain their composure.

Josh slowly withdrew from his sister's ass and a small droplet of cum oozed out.

They both tried to catch their breath as they stood there.

"Now you can rejoin your guests sis," Josh said, smiling and zipping his pants back up.

Reegan just smiled and kissed her brother before exiting the bathroom.

By the time they had finished and Reegan changed dresses, the party goers had all left, leaving them with a mess to clean up.

Somewhere between picking up beer cans and throwing away used cups, the brother and sister fell asleep.

They were awakened by their father who had unexpectedly returned home a day earlier.

"Wake up!" he yelled.

The pair was startled from their slumber to find their father standing over them, glaring.

"I won't ask what happened here, I can obviously see," he began, "You 2 clean up this mess and you're grounded."

They both began giggling.

It was worth the punishment, they had quite a party in the bathroom upstairs.

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