Touch of a Hand


The girl's hips pushed up, either trying to expel him or trying to help him go deeper. When her hand quickened on his cock, he guessed it was the latter, and started pumping his finger in and out of her pussy.


In the darkness, she felt the touch.

The touch of a hand, first brushing through the strands of her hair, then finding her cheek.

She was supposed to stay still, but when he touched her mouth, she couldn't help kissing his fingers.

Their hands met briefly, and then his returned to her face. To her mouth. Again, on undeniable impulse, she drew his finger between her lips and sucked on it, rolling her tongue around it, making him have to speculate on what it would feel like if she had something else in her mouth.

He thought it was some kind of a trick, but she could tell by the wanting-to-be-convinced tone in his voice that he was curious. Curious and excited. Not able to believe it, not thinking that such an unexpected thing could really happen to him ... but if it was happening to him, that he'd never forgive himself if he walked away from the opportunity.

She had been apprehensive, lying here naked as she heard the gym fill with families, dreading the moment of shocking discovery. But it had aroused her, too. A wild reckless arousal, the daredevil titillation of the exhibitionist.

Not very much of an exhibitionist, true, since no one was seeing her ... but someone was feeling her. Oh, yes.

And then the touch of a hand on her breast.

His hand paused, very still, as if the information was racing up his nerves to insist to his astonished brain that yes, it was true. She wished she could see the look on his face.

Her nipples hardened. She had never been touched there before, not without a few layers of clothing in between.

He stroked, he squeezed. He toyed with her nipple, gently pinching it, rolling it. She smothered a gasp by clapping her free hand over her mouth.

It was all she could do to stay motionless. She wanted to shift and writhe, to squirm and press her thighs together to alleviate the deep pulsing tingle of heat that spread through her pussy. It both alarmed and excited her to know what could be next ... to what the next hole in the side of the box would allow him access.

And then, his hand left her breast. She tensed, holding her breath.

Fingers on her hip. Creeping slowly, trembling. She had time for a dozen worries to flash through her mind, everything from what am I doing, am I insane?! to did I wax well enough?

He touched her pubic hair, and she sighed warmly into her silencing hand. Her legs were apart enough to let him reach between them, if he wanted. If he dared. Would he? How far would he go?

That question was answered a heartbeat later as his finger slipped down. He unerringly found her clitoris, and the sudden jolt of pleasure made her cry out audibly despite having a hand over her mouth.

She felt like she was about to spontaneously combust. He left his finger where it was for a few seconds, making a delicate circular rubbing motion that sent waves of melting ecstasy through her. Even her cousin's vibrator, experimented with one night on a family camp-out this past summer, hadn't felt so good.

When he abruptly took his hand away, pulled it out of the box altogether, she could have screamed with frustration. She hadn't know it would affect her like this. She'd thought it would be fun, yes, and darkly exciting, but she hadn't dreamed it would get her this hot.

She heard a peculiar sound that she couldn't immediately identify. It wasn't until a moment later, when something smooth and fleshy bumped up against her left hand, that she understood what he'd done.

The sound had been his zipper, and the smooth and fleshy thing ...

She grasped it, she heard a strangled groan and felt the whole table shake as he staggered. But he steadied himself, and she had hold of his cock. It was the first one she'd ever touched, but she had read books and she knew what to do.

It felt nice, too ... a warm and firm length ending in a bulbous tip, with just enough loose play of skin to enable her to move her hand back and forth with ease. She felt his answering motion, a slight rocking of his hips.

His fingers returned to her pussy, and before she even registered the fact that they were slick with saliva, they parting her labia to slide wetly over her most sensitive places.

She jumped, clamping her mouth shut to turn her startled "ooh!" into a whimper. He found her clitoris again and with a superhuman effort she refrained from screaming and drumming her heels on the table.

Then one of his fingers penetrated her, and on instinct she shoved up with her hips to try and take it deeper. She rubbed him faster, incoherently wishing that it was his cock and not his finger inside her, that he was fucking her. As if returning the sentiment, he began pushing his finger in and out.

Her head flung side to side, tangling her hair. She gasped through clenched teeth, aware that their movements were probably vibrating the whole table, making the box shiver and the curtains ripple, but she didn't care. All she cared about was his cock in her hand, and his finger plunging into her pussy.

If there had been a way in the confined space, she would have twisted herself around to get right up against one of the holes, so that he could stick his cock through and fuck her properly. He was doubtless thinking the same thing, and his thrusts into her curled fist became harder, faster, shaking the table.

In the flush of her burning desire, she almost hoped that the table would topple and dump her out naked and disheveled onto the gymnasium floor. If that meant he would drop down onto her and impale her with the hot, throbbing length she gripped so urgently, then it would be worth the scandal and outrage.

As she started to come, her hips rolling and shimmying, her pussy contracting around his finger, she had to bite the heel of her hand to keep from crying out at the top of her lungs. Intense thundershocks of sensation blasted through her body.

She bore up hard against his hand, her buttocks lifting entirely off the table. If she hadn't already lost her hymen last summer to her cousin's vibrator, that would have done it for sure, but she was far beyond worrying about her vestigial virginity.

He thrust two more fingers into her, and either he had already been on the edge or the knowledge that she was coming sent him there. His cock swelled even more stiffly in her grasp. She heard him moan something incoherent. His fingers spontaneously curled, bringing their tips to press squarely against a spot on her inner vaginal wall, triggering a new and unbelievable wave of orgasmic crescendo.

Hot liquid gloved her hand and splattered her side as he came explosively, shooting jets of it, his body shuddering against the table so fiercely that it almost did topple over.

Then it was over, the enclosed space in which she lay now drenched with the scent of sex. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath, and by the sounds of it, he was gasping desperately for air as well.

In her hand, he slowly began to soften and she let him slip away. He eased his fingers out of her as she settled her ass back onto the table.

Her ears were ringing, her head fuzzy and spinning. Gradually, the normal noises of the gym and the Halloween carnival seeped back into her consciousness.

Voices moved nearer. She recognized Deb's, which sounded as though her cousin were smiling that glinting wicked-witch smile of hers. "Well, is that more like what you were hoping to feel?"

"Told you we'd get you some action," Deb's new boyfriend added.

"You ... you set this up?" He was hoarse, still breathing heavily.

"With my cousin's help," Deb said.

"Your cousin? What cousin?"

"She's had a crush on you for years, but you never asked her out. Isn't that right, cousin?" Deb called, rapping on the table.

She pulled aside part of the curtain and stuck her head out, red hair falling in long tousled waves. The lights were bright enough to make her blink, but she still saw his jaw drop and his eyes widen in utter shock.

"Hi, Jeffrey."

His mouth worked. He was so cute, standing there with his face still flushed and his curly dark hair falling over his forehead, that she had to giggle.



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