tagNonHumanTouch of the Wolf Ch. 04

Touch of the Wolf Ch. 04


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi guys

I'm just going to warn you that after this part there is only two more parts to Touch of the Wolf, when I wrote Touch of the wolf I intended it to be a short story, doesn't stop it from being over sixty pages long. I hope you enjoy this part and as normal all feed back is welcome.

Also a big thanks to all those who send feedback, except the people who send anonymous feed back with questions, if you want me to answer you give me a way to get back to you. Oh and thanks to my editor who gave up time studying for her exams to edit this.

Have fun.

Part 4

Terri growled as she finally got Becky into their room. She grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. Becky rolled over and grunted as Terri used her body to pin her to the bed. Becky tried to squirm free but Terri growled warningly. She didn't actually want to make love to Becky at the moment, they still had a few things to do. What she wanted was to obliterate Amy's scent from her mate's body.

"TERRI!" Becky complained and tried to push the taller woman from her. She wasn't much taller than Amy or much larger in mass. Her light brown, almost sandy blond hair had a natural tendency to curl spread out around her head and her hazel eyes; more brown than green, watched the woman she loved with surprise.

She had been totally stunned when Terri sought her out during the gathering, had been flattered that the glamorous Scotswoman was attracted to her. She had been hesitant but Terri wouldn't back away, had kept chipping and chipping until finally Terri had gotten her way and very soon after, to share her bed. When Terri had to leave, she had felt almost physical pain because of the separation and gone into a kind of depression.

Seven months ago, Amy made the suggestion that she should go and visit Terri. Terri hadn't even let her put her bags down before she tossed Becky over her shoulder and raced her to the nearest comfortable surface to rekindle their sexual relationship. She had been welcomed by the pack, seeing that the foul mood their Alpha had been in for the last year and a half had evaporated because of this one woman, they went out of their way to make her feel at home.

Terri had been okay for a little while, pleased to just be with her and let her explore her pack but quickly the jealous side of her personality came forward. She didn't want her to be alone or with anyone else, she didn't even want her out of her sight! Terri asked her to be her mate and she agreed, but the longer the elders delayed the mating ceremony, the more erratic Terri's moods swung.

Becky had always wondered how Amy could remain so calm in the face of Wolfgang's fury, but she now knew why. Terri is like Wolfgang, the dominant Alpha, Amy is an Alpha too but she is his support, his guiding light. She brought calm and understanding to the volatile nature of the beast. Much the same way Becky could calm Terri and get her to see reason.

"Terri, enough!" She snapped.

A growl was her only response.

"You better cut this out now." She demanded as she tried to wriggle free again.

"Mine," she declared as she tightened her arms around Becky.

"Not if you keep this up." Becky warned, she knew that threat worked on Wolfgang more often than he would like. "Let me go, NOW." She demanded, a finality in her voice.

Terri hearing the tone she used, released her, surprised both with her tone and the fact she released her without a fight. Becky rolled out from under her and got to her feet, turned and put her hands on her hips, glaring at the woman she loved. "Enough. I said yes, that I would be you your mate, but you have to let me stand on my own two feet, my freedom or you will lose me because I won't be the woman you fell in love with." She paused. "I understand your instincts have kicked in, that until we are bound you can't keep tabs on me. However, if you were human, you would have to trust that I love you and that I won't deliberately hurt you."

Becky waited for Terri to react, to say something. Terri rubbed her face as she gathered her thoughts. She knew Becky was right, for her Becky was almost always right but that didn't solve her problem. When they got home she would get her elders to correct this, she can't wait much longer or she'll drive her soul mate away.


Becky smiled as she lifted Thais up. He smiled at her as she pulled him close and took a deep breath. She suddenly grimaced and pulled away. "I think you need a change mister."

Amy chuckled, "Here… I just changed Serenity." She took Thais, passed her Serenity and promptly walked to the changing table. In no time, a new nappy was in place and he had a new change of clothes. She then picked him up and put him down on the floor so he could crawl around.

Terri watched as Temperance attacked her brother. "Boisterous little girl, isn't she?" she remarked.

"Temp is like that. She is always wanting to fight and wrestle with her siblings. Thais and Serenity fight back but they only do it in defence. They never start the fight, she does." Amy sat, nodding towards Temperence.

"Why did you name her Temperance?" Becky asked as she put Serenity down, joining her siblings.

She shrugged. "It felt right. Besides, I think she will have a volatile nature, one she will have to learn to temper. Her name will help her."

"They are beautiful, Amy." Becky said wistfully.

Terri smiled and took Becky's hand. "Soon we'll start a family." She smiled in response. They would either adopt or find a sperm donor but she hoped for the latter, wanting to experience pregancy and that special bond that forms between mother and child.

Amy smiled. "You watch the cubs, I'll get us some…" She glared at Bastion as he walked in carrying a tray loaded with food.

He gave her a smug look as he put the tray down. He then retreated, knowing she would yell at him later. She glared daggers at his back. Becky chuckled as she helped herself to a biscuit. The cubs crawled towards her, having spotted the treat in her hand.

"It's an attack, hurry!" Terri teased.

Becky glanced to Amy, silently asking if it was okay to give in to the three pleading looks. Amy pointed to the toddler biscuits next to the cream biscuits. Becky reached forward, the cubs followed her hand while curbing their natural desire to attack the moving object. Becky grabbed three biscuits and offered one to each cub. They sat up, sucking and gumming the biscuits Becky had given them.

Becky smiled as she ate her biscuit. "I wish I lived closer. I would love to watch them grow." She sighed wistfully again. Thais growled gently as Temperance tried to snatch the biscuit out of his hand. Becky quickly moved Temperance away. "Then again, maybe not." She added as Temperance attacked her hand instead, frustrated that a source of pleasure is denied of her. "Oi… stop that." Terri chuckled as Becky did her best to free her hand from Temperance's hands and mouth. She finally managed to extricate herself from the almost octopus like persistency.

"You should have seen Serenity the day before. She got a hold of Cass's skirt and dumped her into Grey-hawk's lap. It was hilarious." Amy told them as she poured out the tea.

Terri chuckled. "I wish I had seen that."

Cass chose that moment to walk in. She smiled at Becky. "Hey Becky, how's it going?"

"Cool … except I have cub slobber all over my hand."

Cass smiled and tossed her a tea towel. "I've gotten used to having at least one on me at all times to clean up the mess." Cass then went serious.

"Amy the president would like the first outline…" Cass was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Grey-hawk who wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck, suckling and nibbling at her throat giving her a love bite. Her legs turned to jelly and she moaned. She couldn't help her body's response to his presence.

Shannon stormed into the library through a different door, too angry to notice the additional occupants. She turned and leveled a glare at Roberto. "I am perfectly safe here, you do not need to hover like an over protective mother duck. Go pester Wolfgang." She turned finally noticing the people in the room and smiled at Becky. "Becky!" Shannon jumped onto her.

Terri felt a sliver of jealously surging up but she forced it back down. She stood and left to follow Roberto, knowing that as long as she wasn't around she wouldn't get violent with Becky's friends. She grabbed Grey-hawk's shirt collar and gave it a tug to get him to release Cass. He released her reluctantly and let Terri drag him away.

Cass moved to the nearest chair and sunk down into the soft chair before her legs gave out on her.

Shannon smirked at her as she took her own seat, they sat in a circle facing each other. "How much longer until you let him jump you?" She asked.

Cass blushed as the others laughed.

Becky lent over to Shannon and tugged her collar down. "Shit… what did he do, maul you?"

Amy snorted as Shannon shrugged off Becky's fingers.

"Look who's talking," Shannon snapped back, she didn't need to be teased. Today had been a nightmare with Roberto hovering over her all day as she tried to do her job. Hell, he even hovered when she went to the bathroom, giving her no time to herself to let everything that had happened over the last two days sink in.

"Feisty…" Becky retorted.

"Bite me." She snapped back playfully, trying to take the edge of her earlier ouburst.

"Hey…" Everyone turned to Amy. "Enough." She turned to Cass. "You were saying..."

"Was I?" She asked confused.

Everyone chuckled.

"The president…" Becky prompted.

Cass snapped back to attention. "The president…"

"Bob." Amy interrpted.

"The president…" She said firmly, she had voted for the man and held him in high regard.

"BOB." Amy, Shannon and Becky called back teasingly.

She rolled her eyes. "He wants a draft on the Were, Other and Human bill of rights."

Becky frowned. "What have I missed?"

"Just some small issues, whether Were and other law should be recognised in a human court of law, whether human law should have precedent over Were law when a human breaks a Were law. Those kind of things." Amy answered.

Becky frowned. "But Electra is with the FBI…"

"Were liaison. She works with a human and is trying to bridge gaps between Were and Others with humans. But without some form of guideline she is just pretty much a good PR point." Amy explained.

Cass grabbed a voice recorder and waited.

"Why can't the law of the species apply? Humans deal with humans, Were deal with Were and Others deal with others." Shannon asked.

"Because what would happen if a Were killed a human?" Becky asked.

"He would be killed," was the reply.

"And if a human killed a Were?" Amy added.

Shannon frowned.

Amy smirked. "See, not so simple. Were would be crying for death, a death no human would condone." She paused for a moment. "Welcome to my nightmare."


Cass felt nervous as she waited for Grey-hawk to pick her up three days after the afternoon tea with Amy, Becky and Shannon. She tugged at her clothes, quickly checking them for the hundredth time and was tempted to change again. He had told her casual, but what did casual mean to a man who could equal Wolfgang in wealth? Rose glared at her.

"Stop fussing. He'll be here soon." She snapped. "You're making Me nervous." She stood and poured herself a stiff drink.

Cass sighed and checked her neck to see if the love bite was completely covered.

"Hey, I'm good! It's covered." She snapped again, exasperated.

Cass frowned. "I don't know how he'll react to seeing his love bite covered." she countered. Amy had never attempted to cover her bites. "Quick, take it off!!!" she said in a panic. The door bell went off and Cass looked at the door like a deer caught by headlights.

"Too late." Rose squeaked, suddenly nervous. She tried to straighten the wrinkles from her clothes as Cass let Grey-hawk in. Grey-hawk smiled as he looked Cass over and her heart did a back flip. She didn't think she had ever seen him in anything but a suit but tonight he was wearing faded jeans, boots and a shirt left partially open to reveal a muscle shirt. A black leather jacket was flung carelessly over a shoulder. He was Hollywood heartthrob material.

Grey-hawk kept looking her over, pleased by the form hugging jeans that emphasised her firm thighs and behind. The tight shirt was almost like a second skin and flashed an ample amount of cleavage. He kept his face neutral as his eyes scanned her neck, the love bite he had given her a few days ago was covered with make up.

"Hi. Ready to go?" He asked.

She nodded and grabbed her bag and jacket. Grey-hawk guided her down to the car. He fought his natural desire to grab her and remove the make up that covered his mark and give her another love bite. He let her into the car and went to his side, got in and gripped the wheel to ease his tension. He started the car and pulled out into the street.

She could feel his tension as they drove in silence until she couldn't stand it any longer. "What's wrong, Grey?"



He smirked and while they stopped, he reached out to touch the spot where he had given her a love bite. "You covered it." He said gently then the car started to move again.

She nodded a little apologetically, "well, Rose did."

He pulled over. "Do you not like my bite?" He asked.

She sighed. "It's not like that."

He felt his beast roar in his mind. "Explain."

"I don't know how," she pleaded.

He sighed. "Let's just leave this for now and have fun."

She nodded. She helped herself from the car and jerked in surprise. She had been so intent on the silence and then how she was going to answer that she hadn't noticed where they were going. They had pulled into a mall.

"Let's go check out the showing times and what's on then we can make up our minds as to what we want for dinner." He said as they walked in. He wrapped an arm around her, staking his claim on the hot redhead. She felt herself leaning into him, wanting to be close to him, to feel his warmth and strength. He leant his head in, pressing his nose to her hair, and took a deep breath. He growled gently, sending a shiver down her spine.

"You pick. I'm just going to get some cash."

She nodded and he left her. She glanced up the wall of the maxi-plex, there were a lot of good movies on offer. She thought about a comedy, something they could have fun watching. She spotted the new Adam Sandler movie, it wouldn't be screening for another hour and a half, giving them time to eat.

She felt an arm wrap around her. She instantly tensed, knowing that the arm around her was not Grey-hawk's. She tried to pull away but he pulled her to his body.

"Let me go." She demanded.

"Now what's a sweet thing like you doing alone?" The stranger asked as he leant into her neck. His friends laughed meancingly. She didn't know what had her so on edge. Once upon a time she may have considered him hot, his pale hair was long, almost down to his elbows and left loose, his skin pale, his features flawless. He was dressed completely in black. She realised where his nose was leading him, to the love bite, Grey-Hawk's bite. She tried to shy away to keep his lips from her skin. Only Grey-hawk was allowed to do that, her body and mind reasoned.

Grey-hawk noticing this as he was walking back, raced to her. "Oi," he said getting their attention. "You have my date."

"Why would she want you over me?" The strange man asked, he groped her arse and licked her throat even as she tried her best to avoid him.

Grey-hawk's eyes shifted trying to keep from reaching across to tear the stupid man apart. He studied his opponent for a moment as him mind sorted out his scent. He placed it quickly, having fought his kind before. "She prefers the living over the dead, Vampire." His voice was soft, deadly with warning.

"How would she know?" He asked as he took a deep breath, filling his nose with her scent. "She smells so sweet." His fangs appeared to taunt the Were before him. Before the mass outing almost two years ago, he never would have bared his fangs in public. Now he was safe, he could even feed in a public place and as long as he planted the right thoughts he would get away with it. He had figured out what Grey-hawk was the moment Grey-hawk had placed his scent. He wondered what the woman's relationship with the Were was; the Were's scent was on her clothes but not on her skin, and how much more Grey-hawk would take before he snapped. Playing with a Were's often volatile nature was a favourite past time for him, even if it was considered a... death wish at times.

"My mate…" he growled, his body tight, ready to attack.

That was all it took, she was released and the men vanished. They knew better than to try to take a woman claimed by a Were, they would be dead in moments and an outright war would ensue, one the Were would win. He shook with rage he barely contained. She flew into his arms. He held her firmly, offering the comfort she sought, he squeezed tighter.

She felt as if her ribs were about to snap. "Grey." She cried out softly. Hearing the note in her voice he released her.

"Sorry. Please can we just go back to your place or my place and watch a movie and order in?" He asked shakily as he tried to calm his beast.

"Okay, whichever is closest." She replied quietly.

He knew that her place was closer but he didn't want to share her with her roommate. They walked back to his car and he drove to the hotel, they got out and offered the keys to the valet. He ignored everyone as they walked through the lobby and got into the vacant elevator with her and pressed his floor. Several other patrons went to walk in but they backed away having sensed his anger. They would wait for the next lift rather than be subject to a possible attack when his beast was riled up the way it was.

The doors closed. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. She didn't talk, hoping that he would calm down. She didn't know that the only way to calm him would be to sleep with him and to completely put him at ease, she had to mate with him.

The doors slid open and in moments they were in his room. "I'm sure there are at least three in-house movie channels. If not there are at least a hundred and fifty channels. I'm sure we can find something to watch. There should be a channel guide here somewhere." He started to gather the papers strewn across the coffee table in the small sitting room, he handed her the guide and put the papers away. She tossed her jacket away and sat to read the guide as he got the room service menu.

He sat down near her. She tucked some hair behind her ear. He felt the need to lean in and nibble at the column of her neck, he fought the temptation knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop if he did.

"That one." She declared and pointed the movie out to him. He smiled and offered her the in-house menu. She didn't bother looking, she knew if she wanted cookies and ice-cream and pickles she would have a jar of pickles and a tub of ice cream within twenty minutes. "Super supreme with extra olives, garlic and no anchovies."

"What my lady wants my lady gets." he told her firmly.

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