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Touch: The New Axe


Pete Night and his mother, Jo Ann Night, had just finished unloading all their stuff into their sixth and brand new house in Los Angeles, California. The reason why Pete and his mother had moved so many times is because of Pete's weight problem. At 18, Pete stood at 5'7 and weighted over 230 pounds. He was picked on and bullied at every school he attended. His mother kept moving from place to place with him so he could finally fit in somewhere. She thought that sending him to a private school in Los Angeles would finally be the answer for Pete to regain his self-esteem and confidence.

Pete was one of those teens that at any moment could snap and commit suicide for being picked on all his life. He never had a girlfriend nor had many friends in his life. Pete was sure that he was going to die alone and a virgin.

The first day at Pete's new school, none of the other students wanted anything to do with him. They would hide up in the corners making jokes about his weight not quietly but laughing out loud so he could hear them.

Even at lunch, the lunch ladies only gave Pete small amounts of food so he wouldn't get any fatter or bust right in front of them. So they thought.

As the school day ended, Pete tried to get on the bus but the male bus driver closed the door as soon as the student in front of Pete got on to the bus. The bus driver said there wasn't enough room for Pete on the bus.

"You should walk some weight off that fat ass," he said as he drove off.

Pete saw that there were some empty seats on the bus, but he didn't sweat it. He decided to walk home alone.

As he was walking, a red 2005 Mustang pulled up on to the curve next to him.

"Get in," said a high pitch female voice.

Pete had his head down and immediately looked up to see that it was Lita from the World Wrestling Entertainment who had offered him a ride. Pete thought he was dreaming and felt his heart skip a few beats.

"Come on silly. Hop in," Lita repeated.

Pete didn't know what to do. He just stood in shock, not moving a muscle. A pool of drool formed around his mouth and Lita shook her head at the pathetic fat kid.

"Are you going to just stand there or do you want a ride?" Lita asked again.

Pete finally snapped out of his daze and slowly got into Lita's Mustang. Lita drove off in a hurry before the media could see and spread rumors about her with the fat kid.

"What's your name?" Lita asked.

Pete looked over at Lita. She had on a tight army tee shirt that showed off her beautiful brown stomach and naval piercing. The shirt made her enormous tits look rounder. Her jeans were baggy and combat boots rounded off her outfit. She looked like she was ready for war. Pete licked his lips and gazed back at Lita's face and started drooling again.

"Gees kid, you act like you never drove in a Mustang before or perhaps you never have? Either way kid, we're neighbors. I live next door to you, and I saw your mother and you moving in. I was going to welcome you guys, but I had some unfinished business to take care of with a movie of mine," Lita explained.

Pete still didn't say a word as they arrived at Lita's house.

"Home sweet home," Lita said as she got out of the Mustang and opened the door for Pete.

Pete's mother came out of the house and greeted Pete and Lita.

"Thank you for picking up Pete. I hope he wasn't too much for you, I mean, being such a female wrestler and all. I'm sure you can take care of yourself. I'm glad to see that some wrestlers are as nice as you are," Pete's mother said thanking Lita.

"No problem, ma'am. I know how it feels to be an outcast," Lita responded.

"Hey, if you're not busy, why don't you come over for dinner? I would love to have you over, and I'm sure Pete will be more talkative around dinnertime," Pete's mom suggested.

"Sure. I'll be over around let's say...six?" Lita suggested.

"Six it is," Pete's mother agreed. "Come on, Pete. We have to get dinner started."

"Goodbye, Miss Lita," Pete finally spoke and continued to drool at the luscious female wrestler.

"Goodbye, Pete," Lita responded and blew a kiss at him from her full red lipstick coated lips.

Pete's heart sank to his stomach. He felt himself falling in love with the beautiful Spanish wrestler.

As Lita was walking to her house, Pete watched her huge boobs bouncing up and down without the support of a bra. He just wanted to reach out and touch them. Although Lita's tits were implants, they bobbed and swayed like real huge natural breasts.

Pete immediately ran upstairs to his room and pulled out a few WWE magazines with posters of Lita inside them. He locked his door and pulled out his 6-inch hard cock and started jerking off like there was no tomorrow. Pete came within a matter of minutes, spraying his goo all over the Lita posters.

Dinnertime had arrived and the doorbell rang. Pete quickly rushed downstairs and answered the door before his mother could.

Lita stood in the doorway dressed in a spaghetti strapped tank top, covered by a see-thru sheer top, and a pair of tight fitting black jeans.

"I hope I'm not too late?" Lita said with a smile at Pete.

Pete wore a pair of large overalls and said, "Of course not, Lita. Come right in please."

Lita came into the house and Pete's mother greeted her. They took Lita into the dining room and Pete pulled out her chair.

"Thank you, Pete. You're such a sweet boy," Lita responded.

Pete smiled and gazed at Lita throughout dinner not even bothering to eat his hot meal for the first time in a long time.

As dinner progressed, Lita got to know Pete and his mother a little bit better. She told Lita about the problems he has been having at different schools and cities. Lita told them about a similar childhood she used to have. Lita ended her speech by saying if it wasn't for the WWE and her fiancé, Matt Hardy, she'll probably be dead right now.

After hearing Matt's name, Pete's world came crashing down like the twin towers. He had forgotten about her relationship with Matt Hardy, one of the male wrestlers she works with.

"Thanks for the dinner, Ms. Night. It's been a while since I had a home cooked meal since I'm on the road most of the time," Lita said.

"You're very welcome, Lita," Pete's mother replied.

"I'll talk to you later, Pete," Lita said as she was leaving the house.

Pete had a depressed look on his face as he headed upstairs to his room. His mother was worried about him and knew she couldn't do anything to bring him out of his funk.

It got darker and Pete was ready to hit the hay. He changed into his pajamas. He put his hands on his huge belly and started jiggling it, wishing it never existed. Pete went over to his computer and logged on to his email. Out the corner of his eye, he could see right into Lita's bedroom. The curtains were wide open, and he was hoping to see her get undressed. Lita came into her room already wearing a pair of skimpy panties and a loose tank top that hung away from her body due to her enormous titties.

Pete's cock started to get hard while Lita was walking around her room. He watched her huge boobs bobbing up and down inside her top. He wished his head were between them. Suddenly a pop-up came up in front of Pete's computer. It was selling this new body Axe deodorant called Touch.

Pete started to remember about the things he heard about the Ax deodorant. It gave a nerd the power to seduce a busty German girl and her mother. He heard about the deodorant turning a trailer park family into a giant orgy stable. Pete wondered if the deodorant could work for him and get Lita to seduce him.

Pete kept fantasizing about fucking Lita's brains out and was about to blow a huge load inside his pajamas until he saw Matt Hardy enter Lita's bedroom. Pete got angry but continued to watch to see what would happen.

Lita removed Matt's shirt and pushed him down on the bed. Matt sat up and immediately squeezed Lita's mountainous jugs while kissing her flat, brown stomach.

Pete was wishing his hands were squeezing Lita's enormous breasts.

Lita got down on her knees and started to unzip Matt Hardy's jeans. His huge 9 1/2-inch cock sprung out from the slit inside his shorts and right at Lita. Lita took his huge white cock and started stroking it.

Pete got closer to the window sill to get a better view. Lita started bobbing her head up and down Matt's monstrous cock. Her small hands were fondling Matt's large balls while she impaled most of Matt's huge cock down her throat.

Matt run his hands through Lita's silky red hair and started helping her head sink down more and more of his cock meat. Lita had about 7-inches of his manhood down her throat.

Pete pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it while watching Lita give her fiancé the blowjob of the year.

Matt's eyes looked over to the open window in Lita's room. He told her to hold on a second. He pulled his monstrous cock out of Lita's slobbery mouth and walked over to the window with his huge wet rod bobbing up and down between his legs like a Billy goat club. Matt closed the curtains, blocking Pete's view from all the action.

Of course, Pete got angry with Hardy and sat in his chair pissed off. That's based, arms folded over his large stomach and man boobs. Then it hit Pete. He looked at his computer and saw the ad for the Touch body spray still up. He logged on to Amazon.com and brought a can of the Axe spray called Touch. It would take at least 2-3 business weeks for the Axe to arrive to his house. Pete didn't know if he could last that long as he fell asleep in his king size bed, thinking about the wonderful fucking Lita and him were going to do.

To get home from school, Pete took the same route he took the day Lita picked him up. He was excepting Lita to arrive and pick him up every day since then but Lita was a no show. He had forgotten that Lita had to go back on the road for the WWE for a while.

One Thursday evening, Pete got out of school and headed home. He was surprised to see Lita's car parked in front of her house, and Matt Hardy's car happened to be across the street.

Wanting to know what was going on, Pete set his backpack on his pouch and started looking around Lita's house for an open window. Lita's living room window was slightly open, and Pete was stunned at what he saw.

Matt Hardy was behind Lita, thrusting his huge cock between her ass cheeks. Lita had a painful facial _expression and was clawing at the carpet. Her gigantic melons looked like they were about to get rug burns from dragging up and down across the carpet.

Pete's cock instantly grew hard as the vision and sound of Lita moaning were turning him on. He saw the way Lita's ass jiggled as Matt pounded her ass. His cock looked balls deep in Lita's asshole. Lita's face showed the pain and agony she was in.

Pete whipped out his cock and started jerking off. He continued to watch Hardy pound Lita's backside while his hands worked her soaked cunt.

Pete heard his mother open the front door and before he could cum, he shoved his cock back into his jeans and his cum started flowing down his thighs and legs.

"There you are, Pete. I was getting worried that you didn't make it home on time," Pete's mother told him. "Don't go bothering our nice neighbor. You'll get a chance to see her later. She's coming over with a big surprise for you."

Pete cracked a smile, but he didn't know why. He didn't know what the surprise was, but all he knew was that Lita was coming over later and he was happy about that.

Pete was up in his room, waiting for Lita to come out of her house. He saw her front door open up, and Matt Hardy came out with a huge grin on his face. Lita came out next wearing what looked to be just a huge, long tee shirt with the words "Grab Theses" stretched across her massive chest. Hardy gave Lita a hug and a kiss before taking off in his car.

Pete's cock hardened just at the sight of Lita standing on her pouch, barefooted with just a long tee shirt on. The "Grab Theses" logo didn't help Pete's horniness any.

Pete jumped on his bed, nearly breaking the mattress underneath it and started stroking his cock until he had cum all over his fat, chubby hands. His cum even spurted up to his large belly.

After 15 minutes of lying in his bed, his mother called for him to come downstairs.

Pete immediately knew Lita had arrived. He rushed downstairs, belly flopping and all and was greeted by his mother and Lita.

"Hey, Pete, long time no see," Lita said smiling at him.

"Hey Lita," Pete responded, making a few glances down Lita's tight tank top that bulged her oversized breasts out.

"Listen, Pete, I am going to be wrestling at the Los Angeles Stapables Center this weekend. I was wondering if your mom and you would like to attend the event?" Lita asked while holding out two front row tickets and backstage passes to the wrestling event.

Pete started gasping for air and was about to faint. His mother had to respond for him.

"I think he means yes," Pete's mother told Lita.

"Great. I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow night. Bye Pete. Bye Ms. Night."

Lita left and headed back to her house. Pete finally came to and his mother handed him the tickets and backstage passes.

"Hold on to these, Pete. Don't lose them or we won't be going to the show tomorrow. Also Pete, a package came for you. It's on the kitchen table. I must have forgotten to tell you about it when you came home."

Pete's eyes got wider, and he knew it had to be the Axe body deodorant. He went into the kitchen and picked up his package. He went upstairs and entered his room. He closed the door and locked it. He immediately ripped open the package and his Touch body spray was inside a box labeled "Warning. This body spray known as Touch is a very dangerous and lethal spray that if fallen into the wrong hands, could lead to some serious trouble. The Touch Axe Deodorant causes women to be seduce by anything you touch or do that will lead them into a sexual behavior."

Pete didn't really care and ripped open the box. He held his Touch body spray high into the air and pretended God was shinning down a white beam of light, giving the body spray his blessing.

Pete was enthusiastic about using his body spray that he wanted to make sure that the spray worked before using it on Lita. Pete sprayed some of the Touch deodorant on himself and decided to go down to the corner store where a busty store clerk works.

Once Pete got to the corner store, he hid in back where he could still see the busty blond store clerk. She was wearing her very tight flannel shirt and helping a customer check out their things. Pete was ready to try out his new "superpowers" so to speak. He took a bag of chips and ripped them open. Soon after the bag of chips ripped open, so did the busty clerk's shirt. Her buttons came flying off and her huge bare boobs sprung out like the worms in a joke can. Her bare trembling breasts outraged the costumers. Well at least the women were outraged. The men seemed to be entertained by the clerk. The busty clerk tried to cover herself up, but her boobs were too big to hide in her arms. She ran into the back while the manager came out and had to calm down the customers.

Pete was giggling and headed out of the store. His cock did get hard when he saw her huge boobs busting out of her shirt. That was the first time Pete has ever seen real boobs. He was happy and wanted to satisfy himself. He hid over behind a Dumpster and released his cock and started jerking.

Suddenly, the big boobed clerk rushed out from the back of the store and into the alleyway. She was surprised to see a fat kid with his pants down, holding his small cock. She licked her lips at Pete who just stood there staring at her.

The clerk pulled off her coat and bared her big breasts to Pete once again. This time she did it willingly. She walked up to Pete and smashed her huge tits against his own huge man boobies. Pete didn't know what to do. He was in shock and waited for the girl to make her move. The clerk dropped down to her knees and immediately swallowed Pete's entire cock down her throat.

Pete had no idea what it felt like having his cock sucked until now. This busty store clerk was giving him his first blowjob. He felt his first pair of huge boobs against his own besides his mother always hugging him.

Pete just rested up against the store wall as the clerk sucked and teased his cock with her mouth and tongue. Pete felt her hands fondling his big balls. She took Pete's cock out of her mouth and started stroking it while blowing her hot breath against his swollen nuts. Then Pete felt her incredible warm mouth engulf his balls and her tongue swirling around each of them. Pete was ready to cum but tried to fight off the urge.

The busty clerk released his cock and balls and placed them between her enormous hooters.

"OH G-G-G-GOD!" moaned Pete as the busty clerk started banging her huge breasts against his huge thighs while rubbing his thick and small cock up and down between her tits.

Pete never felt a female near his genitals until today. He moaned and groaned loudly. People walking by the alleyway could hear his cries but ignored them.

The busty clerk held her big tits together and rapidly thrusted Pete's dick between her soft melon tunnel.

"I'M-M-M-M-M GOING TO C-C-C-CUM!" Signaled Pete as he felt his cock throbbing to the breaking point and his balls starting to release his white milk between the busty clerk's cleavage.

The clerk dropped her tits and took Pete's cock back into her mouth. Pete's peehole gushed out thick and enormous loads of hot cum. The clerk swallowed every gush that sprayed the back of her throat. A tingling feeling surged through Pete's body especially in his cock and balls as he unloaded down the clerk's mouth. Once his cock was empty of cum, the clerk kissed his cockhead with her gooey mouth and passed out right in front of Pete.

Pete had gotten off his tingling feeling and saw the clerk down. He didn't know what to do so he pulled up his pants and ran home as fast as his fat ass would take him. Half way through the running, he had to stop and take a breather. It only took him 10 minute to get to the corner store and 20 minutes for him to return home.

The next day arrived, and Pete had gotten up from a good night's sleep. He was so excited about the wrestling event that he went to school with a huge smile. The students and teachers around Pete didn't know why he was carrying a huge grin on his face throughout the entire day. Even the students who picked on him couldn't get Pete to crack under fire.

Some of the students were shouting, "Did the ice cream man come into town" or "Is the Duncan Donut's guy your father and you're taking over his business" or "He‘s happy because he finally got to see his feet". Everything the students could throw at Pete didn't affect Pete throughout the entire day.

Pete arrived home from school, and Lita's car wasn't there.

"She must have been at the Stapables Arena already," Pete thought.

He rushed into his house, ate dinner with his mom, and killed time until it was time for them to head over to the Stapables Arena where Pete was going to finally score with the beautiful Lita. Or so he thought?


Pete and his mother arrived at the Stapables Center and were lucky to find an empty parking spot close to the arena. Once Pete and his mother entered the building, a security officer had their names down on a piece of paper that Lita had given him. He took Pete and his mom to the wrestlers' locker rooms where they got to meet all the WWE wrestlers from Raw's Triple H and Evolution to Smackdown's Booker T and the legendary Undertaker. Pete was so excited about tonight.

The security officer led Pete and his mother to Lita's locker room. There, Pete got to see all the beautiful Divas of the WWE. From Trish Stratus being in just a towel to Torrie Wilson fixing her bra cups to bulge the tops of her beautiful breasts over them. Pete thought he was the luckiest man alive to be in the Divas' locker room. He started gasping for air and thought he was dying and going to heaven. Pete has never been around beautiful busty girls in his life. His face was blushing red and his cock was working overtime not to become hard and explode in his jeans.

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