tagLoving WivesTouched on the Train Ch. 02

Touched on the Train Ch. 02


This story can be read on its own, but it will make more sense if you have read Part 1 first.

* * * * *

I woke with a start. The bedside clock glowed red in the darkened hotel room. It was 8:23 am and I could hear Paul moving in the bathroom. Probably that was what had woken me. Straight away the events of last night rushed into my head.

I wriggled slightly in the bed as vivid memories came back of that crowded tube train and the stranger's hand sliding up my dress and touching me in the most intimate of places. I remembered parting my legs to make it easier for him and the illicit thrill of being finger fucked in public. Then back in the hotel room my husband's unbridled lust as I described what had happened.

It had turned us both on and incredibly I'd said that tonight I was going to sleep with another man.

Was that really what I wanted to do? Sexually I was very inexperienced and Paul was the only person I'd ever slept with. I was in two minds about this. Part of me wanted to stay faithful to my husband, even though I had his permission to take a lover. But I couldn't deny there was a voice in my head saying "You're forty-eight and you've never done anything sexually adventurous. Have a fling now before it's too late, then at least you will know what it feels like to have a different prick inside you."

Just then Paul came out of the bathroom and smiled at me.

"Sleep well?"

"Yes, fine."

"Good. Well there's no rush. We can have a leisurely start and head down for breakfast when you're ready."

* * * * *

It was nearer ten o'clock before we sat down for breakfast and the dining area was rather quiet, so we were able to get a window table.

I had expected Paul to raise the subject earlier, but we were largely finished with breakfast before he asked me how I felt about doing something tonight.

"Why?" I asked warily.

"I just wanted to say that I would like to do it, but it's totally your decision. I don't want you to feel under any pressure."

"Do you really not mind if I take a lover?"

"No, I don't. To be honest I do fantasize about seeing you with another man. Our sex life is fine, but just for once I'd like to be more daring and try something different. Life isn't a dress rehearsal and I don't want to be looking back in later years and thinking we should have been bolder."

That struck a chord with me and I looked Paul in the eye.

"Alright, but how are we going to do it? I'm not going to walk up to some guy and ask him if he would like to have sex with me."

"Well we could go out for a meal as planned, but then come back here. I'd leave you in the bar and we'd see if anyone approaches you."

"What if no-one does?"

"That's always possible," admitted Paul with a shrug of his shoulders. "If they don't then it obviously wasn't meant to be, but you're a beautiful woman so I think that's unlikely."

"OK I'll go into the bar alone tonight, but I'm not dressing like a slut and I want you to be watching discreetly from the opposite corner of the bar. I'm definitely not doing anything unless it's a man that I find attractive."

"Of course," said Paul. "That's fine."

We talked some more and agreed that if I found someone suitable then I'd fiddle with one of my earrings. After that I'd excuse myself and head to the loo and Paul would then come across and introduce himself.

Discussing those details I could feel butterflies in my stomach and more importantly there was a definite moist feeling between my legs. I realised then that I did want to do this. It wouldn't be for Paul's sake. I did want to have an erotic adventure.

The rest of the day passed relatively slowly. A bit of sightseeing and a light lunch meant we were back at the hotel not long after 4pm. We lazed about for a while, but by 8pm we were showered, changed and off to a nearby restaurant for a meal.

I was wearing a red dress which went to just below the knee, a semi-transparent black bra and pants set and black lace top hold-ups. I had on a pair of red shoes with moderately high heels. Paul thoroughly approved of it all, assuring me that it looked completely classy - "not even remotely slutty" was how he put it.

Still all through the meal I was on edge and very nervous. I was continually wrestling with conflicting desires. One minute I was on the verge of telling Paul that this really wasn't me and I wasn't going to go through with tonight. The next I was imagining some handsome guy pounding into me and the explosion as we climaxed together.

I was a bag of nerves and partly to try and calm myself down I drank a bit more wine than usual. I thought it might relax me, though I didn't get carried away and I was nowhere near drunk.

Towards the end of the meal Paul asked me if I was still up for tonight.

"I think so, but I am nervous."

"That's hardly surprising. We've never done anything like this. Mind you who knows, when we get back to the hotel the bar might be empty. What an anticlimax that would be, if you'll pardon the pun."

By the time we returned to the hotel it was 10pm and some of my nerves had worn off. Perhaps it was the wine - I hardly ever get drunk, but I do find that a few drinks have a relaxing effect.

"Do you want to go into the bar? I'll wander through in a couple of minutes. Don't forget it's up to you what we do. You can call it off at any time, though I'm hoping you won't!"

I looked at Paul, said OK and we headed our separate ways. The bar was through an archway and I felt oddly conspicuous going in on my own. I ordered a drink and then sat at a table in the far corner. I felt less noticeable there and it enabled me to see the whole room.

Like many hotel bars the lighting was very subdued - a few recessed ceiling lights but with a cool glow cast by the rather eye-catching blue lighting which highlighted the optics display. It wasn't particularly busy - maybe thirty people at the most. I scanned the tables and inevitably looked to see if there was anyone I found attractive. It soon became obvious that most of the tables were couples, presumably on a weekend away like us, and that wasn't what I was after. It dawned on me that if I really wanted to look for a lone man then midweek with businessmen around would have been a much better bet.

At that moment Paul came in. He got a drink, there was the slightest of eye contact between us and then he sat at a table in the opposite corner.

I wondered if like me he would look round the room and realise that this wasn't going to work. I felt a real mix of emotions - relief that nothing was going to happen, but also disappointment that nothing was going to happen.

I glanced at my watch. It was 10:15. I'd wait a bit longer, until about 10:30. I couldn't see any point waiting beyond then, it would just be too boring and anyway I already felt a bit stupid sat alone in a corner sipping my drink.

One of the men at a nearby table got up and glanced at me. I hurriedly avoided eye contact - he looked older than me and was distinctly overweight so he was a non-starter.

I ran my fingers down the outside of my glass. A few more minutes and we'd head back to the room. No doubt we'd have sex, but I wondered how disappointed Paul would be - he'd seemed very keen on this.

I drained the last of my wine and looked at my watch again. It was 10:33. I rose and headed towards Paul.

"Sorry," I said. "There's no-one suitable and I'm not sitting here all night, I feel stupid."

Paul was obviously disappointed.

"I thought you'd manage longer than this. Couldn't you give it a bit longer?" he grumbled.

"Well I've come over to you now. I can hardly go back to sitting on my own, it'll look odd."

He shrugged.

"OK, well at least we tried, even if it didn't work." He picked up his drink and took a swig.

"Tell you what you go back first. I'll come up in a couple of minutes and pretend I'm room service and you can seduce me."

I looked at him and wondered what to say. We did occasionally go in for a bit of role playing, but I wasn't in the mood for it just now. Still I didn't have the heart to disappoint him, so I said OK, told him to give me five minutes and headed out of the bar.

I passed reception, smiled hello to the woman on duty and then went along the corridor to the lift. On the way I passed the door to the swimming pool and to my surprise it was open. I decided to have a quick look as we had spoken about having a dip after breakfast tomorrow.

The main lights were turned off, so the room was only lit by the underwater lights in the pool. I was guessing that the door should really have been locked and was a bit underwhelmed by the small size of the pool, then with a start I realised someone was sat quietly in the shadows. I must have jumped because the young man apologised for startling me.

"Sorry I didn't mean to alarm you. I should have said something as soon as you came through the door."

"No, that's alright," I said. "I don't think I should actually be in here. Are you one of the staff."

"No, I've been kicked out of my room," he said and laughed with a touch of bitterness.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm here with my boss. It's a new very small business and we're sharing a room. Only he's picked up a woman and I've to wait here until he's finished and gives me a ring." He gestured at the phone by his side. "Sorry, I shouldn't have told you that, you can't be interested."

Actually I was interested - it was an intriguing situation. I may not be very experienced sexually, but I've got some idea of what young men are like and I could imagine his frustration sat here like this, knowing his boss was upstairs screwing the arse off some woman.

"Not how you wanted to spend Saturday night," I commiserated. "And not very fair on your bosses part."

"No, I'm not really annoyed with him. I'm more jealous. He's got a way with women. I wish I had. I'm useless, I get all tongue-tied and don't know what to say."

"Well you seem to able to talk to me."

"That's different, you're older. You're not some young woman that I'm trying to chat up."

"Well thanks for that," I said. "That's put me in my place!"

"Sorry," he said shooting me an embarrassed look. "But you know what I mean."

I did know what he meant and in truth I wasn't offended. Because of the poor lighting it was difficult to be sure, but bearing in mind what he'd said I reckoned he was in his late teens or early twenties and I was more than old enough to be his mother.

In fact I think the poor lighting was helping. It gave us a certain anonymity which made it easier to talk; I don't think either of us would have been as forthcoming in a brightly lit room. He looked up at me.

"If you don't mind me asking how old are you?"

"I think you ought to tell me first," I parried.


I thought for a second.

"How old do you think I am?"

"Early thirties - thirty five at the most."

I sighed with relief and was grateful for all those sessions at the gym which had kept me fit and toned.

"I'm thirty seven." Alright I know it was a lie, but I just couldn't bring myself to tell the truth. Besides an obvious thought was crossing my mind. I'd been looking for someone and here was a young man in desperate need of some female company. To my surprise and annoyance I found I was trembling slightly.

I decided to seize the moment, so before I could change my mind I took a couple of steps and sat next to him. I put one hand on his thigh.

"You don't have to be alone you know."

The surprised look on his face was almost comical.

"What...You mean..."

"Yes," I said and leaned across and gave him the lightest of kisses.

"You can make love to me, but you have to come to my room in five minutes and my husband will be present."

"Your husband!"

"Yes. He wants to watch me have sex with another man and if you want you can be the one."

I took his left hand and placed it on my right breast. I'm a 36d and I was wearing a soft lacy bra of the sort men like so I knew he'd be able to feel the firm weight and the hard point formed by my (very) erect nipple.

"Alright," he gulped nervously. "What's your room number."

"Three five seven. And don't forget to turn your phone off - we don't want your boss interrupting us do we."

There was no need to say anything further, so I stood up and left the room. I scooted down the corridor to the lifts and suppressed a giggle as I stood there. I'd just seduced a young man! I could hardly believe it. It was so out of character for me.

The lift reached our floor and I hadn't got far along the corridor before I met Paul coming the other way. He looked quizzically at me.

"Where've you been? I was knocking on the door for ages, but there was no reply, so I let myself in, but you weren't there, so I went back to the bar, but you weren't there either."

"It's a long story, well no it isn't. Here open the door quickly and I'll explain."

Paul slid his key card through the lock and we entered the room.

"I've been talking to a man and he's coming here in a few minutes."

Now it was Paul's turn to look surprised.

"You mean you've found someone."

I looked him straight in the eye.

"Yes, but he's only nineteen and I think he'll be very nervous. He doesn't seem to have much experience with women, but I think I can cope with that."

Paul looked at me.

"Well I never thought of you as Mrs Robinson, but there you go."

"Mrs Robinson?" I said blankly.

"Mrs Robinson. The older woman in The Graduate who seduces Dustin Hoffman."

I had to smile at that.

"Well I never thought of myself as Mrs Robinson either, but it seems I am. Anyway I must get ready."

I popped into the bathroom, ran a comb through my hair, put some fresh lipstick on and freshened up my perfume. I came back out and saw that Paul had flicked the switches so the only light was a lamp on the desk. He was sat in one of the two chairs by the window, but with it turned to face the double bed. Almost immediately there was a knock at the door. I exchanged a look with Paul and opened the door. My young man was stood waiting.

Fortunately in decent light he looked better than in the gloom of the pool room. He was reasonable looking, dark hair, probably a shade over six foot tall and luckily he wasn't flabby and had a broad, firm chest.

"Hi come in," I shut the door behind him. "I'm Kim and this is my husband Paul. Sorry, but when we were downstairs I never asked your name."

"I'm Mike."

"Hi," said Paul and got a cautious nod in return. Mike looked a bit tongue-tied, so I thought I had better set the ball rolling. I stepped up to him.

"Would you like to kiss me?"

Rather self-consciously he put his arms round me and we kissed. At first he was stiff and awkward, but once I slipped my tongue into his mouth he loosened up remarkably. Soon one of his hands started to explore my breasts and I moaned softly to encourage him. It obviously worked because his other hand roamed freely across my backside.

The evening wasn't turning out as I'd expected, but I think that made it more, not less, exciting. I'd assumed that if I scored it would be with a man much nearer my own age and it wasn't really like me to initiate something and be the assertive one. Normally I saw myself as a rather submissive person, but with Mike I felt as though I was in charge of events (and in truth I guess I was).

I know I was wet between the legs and if Mike cared to explore in that area he would find my knickers distinctly damp. I was keen to move on to some more intimate contact, so, in keeping with my newfound boldness, I slid my hand down and rubbed the front of his trousers. There was a very promising bulge and I ran my fingers along the outline of a lovely stiff prick.

I was right by the edge of the bed so I sat down and tugged impatiently at his belt. Once that was done I unzipped him, then grabbed hold of the waistband of his trousers and boxer shorts and pulled them down. His erect prick sprang into view and dangled lewdly in front of me. I've always found the sight of an erect penis a big turn-on and tonight was no exception - a wave of love juice surged to my pussy. Mike's eager young cock was pointing stiffly upwards and size wise he had nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything he was bigger than my husband.

I reached out with my left hand and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. I know Paul likes that and Mike was obviously the same judging by the appreciative groan he gave. I took my right hand and grasped his shaft - he felt so hard and so hot. It was a real turn-on to think that it would soon be inside me. I began a very gentle pumping action.

Looking back perhaps I should have guessed what might happen. Mike made an agonized sound - part gasp, part groan - then sperm shot from his prick and splashed across the bed. His hands went to his cock, knocking mine out of the way, and I saw more sperm gushing into his hands and seeping between his fingers.

For a couple of seconds I was frozen to the spot, then I had the common sense to grab a box of tissues from the side, pass a handful to Mike and use some more to wipe the bed.

He was obviously mortified and wiped himself down as quickly as he could.

"I'm sorry, I'm useless, that always happens, I just can't do it."

I could see he was very upset, but what I'd really picked up on was the way he said "that always happens". If it was already a problem for him, then tonight was going to turn it into a huge issue unless I did something.

I was guessing that he'd only ever been with teenage girls who couldn't handle a spot of premature ejaculation. There were several occasions when Paul had got over excited and had cum much quicker than either of us wanted. I knew it was no big deal; in a way it was a compliment because it meant I'd got him very excited.

So I decided to assert my position as the senior one in this sexual partnership. I took hold of Mike's wrist and stopped him moving towards the door.

"Stay there."

I sat back down on the edge of the bed and again unfastened his belt. He tried to stop me, but I slapped his hand away. I did it lightly enough for him not to take offence, but hard enough for him to know that I meant business.

I tugged his boxers down again and his prick hung down miserably, looking oh so different from the rampant monster I had stroked a few moments ago. I leaned forward and took him into my mouth.

I make no claims to be especially good at oral sex (after all I've only performed it on one man), but I was confident I could get him hard. In fact it was very easy - within seconds there was a noticeable stiffening and I was soon struggling to cope with a cock that was a real mouthful!

Possibly a sex therapist would have advised moving to the next stage a bit more cautiously, but this had got me very, very hyped up. I was enjoying the unexpected thrill of being the dominant person and was desperate to have Mike inside me.

I pulled his trousers and shorts off, and then told him to lie on the bed. He pulled his shoes and socks off and lay back with his head on the pillow. While he did that I reached under my dress, hitched my thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and pulled them off.

They were very sexy black ones, but now they were hardly given a glance and I carelessly tossed them to one side. I should have unzipped my dress and taken it off, but I looked at Mike laid there with his cock sticking arrogantly up in the air and got straight on the bed. I hitched my dress up round my waist and was rewarded with a lustful gaze as Mike stared between my legs (I'm rather furry down there and Paul often says what a lovely bush I have).

I straddled Mike and lowered myself towards his waiting prick. I knew I was very wet, but nevertheless I took hold of his cock and gently rubbed it against my cunt lips. So this was it - after nearly thirty years of married life my previously faithful cunt was finally going to yield to another mans' prick.

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